Amy Scott


Hi, I am Amy, a content writer for Resume Viking and part-time bookworm and ballerina. I graduated from the University of Singapore with a B.A. in Journalism. Throughout my career, I have mastered copywriting, blog articles, journalistic writing, academic writing, and now resume writing.
Man leaving his work with his belongingsResignation Letter Examples

Resignation Letter Examples

When it comes to resigning from a job, there are several things you need to consider. One of the most crucial aspects…
Interview process written with animated top down desk view backgroundWhy Are Personality Tests Taking Over the Hiring Industry?

Why Are Personality Tests Taking Over the Hiring Industry?

In this competitive world, finding the perfect match for an open position can be quite challenging for an organization. Most organizations want…
Instructor Word Resume documentInstructor Resume & Writing Guide

Instructor Resume & Writing Guide

Successful learning requires a solid foundation on which knowledge can be built, and as an instructor, this is something you know very…
Farmhand Word Resume documentFarmhand Resumes & Guide

Farmhand Resumes & Guide

So, you’ve decided it’s time to hunt for a new (or your first) Farmhand role. Good on you! Checking out good examples…
Marketing Assistant Word Resume documentMarketing Assistant Resumes & Guide

Marketing Assistant Resumes & Guide

When searching for your first/ next Marketing Assistant job, checking out an example of what a good resume should look like is…
Travel Agent Word Resume documentTravel Agent Resume & Guide

Travel Agent Resume & Guide

When looking for a new job as a Travel Agent, it is time to start compiling all of your most impressive work…
Building Laborer Word Resume documentBuilding Laborer Resumes & Guide

Building Laborer Resumes & Guide

Is it time to find that new Building Laborer job? Check out our Building Laborer resume sample that explains everything you should…
Example Resume Cafe Worker 11Café Worker Resumes & Guide

Café Worker Resumes & Guide

If you intend to search for a Café gig on Google, be prepared for a plethora of job advertisements. There will always…
Building Cleaner Word Resume documentBuilding Cleaner Resumes & Guide

Building Cleaner Resumes & Guide

When you seek a Building Cleaner job, it is essential first to check out a top-notch Building  Cleaner resume sample. You want…
CEO Word Resume documentCEO Resume & Writing Guide

CEO Resume & Writing Guide

When you are a CEO and scouting for a new position or on senior management level applying for a Chief Executive Officer…
Service Crew Word Resume documentService Crew Member Resume & Writing Guide

Service Crew Member Resume & Writing Guide

Getting a job as a Service Crew Member is a great option if you’re looking for your first permanent job or just…
Site Supervisor Word Resume documentSite Supervisor Resumes & Guide

Site Supervisor Resumes & Guide

Site Supervisors are responsible for monitoring all operational duties and directing and coordinating all workers on site. It would be best if…