20 Jobs at Risk of Being Replaced by AI

A futureistic view of a library in a time of AI

AI and advanced language models like ChatGPT-4 are revolutionizing various industries. Now with the newest version of AI (ChatGPT-4) released this March, things are speeding up even faster.

As you might know, the more people use AI, the better it gets trained and generates results. Now, even us,: web writers, editors, and career advisors are not sure if our jobs will even exist a few years from now. Maybe our jobs would still be around, but will be done way different?

I, (yes, human thinking!) assume productivity will increase with a magnitude the coming years for wide avierty of jobs. Increase of productivity usually leads to lower demand for such jobs. However, AI will also generate new jobs that are just not around yet!

However, AI will be making certain jobs and human traits increasingly replaceable. With the help of AI (yes, ironic, isn't it?) we created a list of 20 jobs that may be significantly impacted in the near future, along with the human skills and traits need for these jobs that could be replaced by this technology.

List of Jobs That might be Replaced soon by AI

Please note that the employment figures provided are based on data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) for the year 2020. Some numbers may have changed since then.

No.Job TitleAffected Human TraitsNumber of People Employed
1.Customer Service RepresentativesCommunication, empathy, problem-solving2,864,000
2.Data Entry ClerksAccuracy, attention to detail, organization160,600
3.TelemarketersPersuasion, communication, resilience174,900
4.Manufacturing and Assembly Line WorkersManual dexterity, precision, speed1,553,000 (Production Occupations)
5.Retail CashiersBasic math, customer service, efficiency3,635,000
6.Bank TellersCustomer service, attention to detail, financial transactions471,800
7.TranscriptionistsTyping speed, listening, accuracy58,400 (Medical Transcriptionists)
8.BookkeepersNumerical skills, organization, attention to detail1,491,000 (Bookkeeping, Accounting, and Auditing Clerks)
9.Travel AgentsTrip planning, communication, salesmanship62,200
10.Inventory ManagersOrganization, logistics, attention to detail125,600 (Storage and Distribution Managers)
11.Taxi DriversDriving skills, navigation, communication178,300 (Taxi Drivers and Chauffeurs)
12.ReceptionistsMultitasking, communication, organization1,026,000
13.ParalegalsLegal research, document preparation, attention to detail345,600
14.ProofreadersSpelling, grammar, attention to detail8,600 (Proofreaders and Copy Markers)
15.Market Research AnalystsData analysis, report generation, critical thinking678,500
16.Loan OfficersRisk assessment, financial analysis, customer service322,200
17.Insurance UnderwritersRisk assessment, decision-making, attention to detail97,400
18.Payroll ClerksData entry, calculations, organization190,900 (Payroll and Timekeeping Clerks)
19.Real Estate AppraisersProperty evaluation, analytical skills, attention to detail57,900 (Appraisers and Assessors of Real Estate)
20.Toll Booth OperatorsCash handling, customer service, attentionData unavailable (Included in the larger category of “Bridge and Lock Tenders”)

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