How to Successfully Answer the Question: “Why Should We Hire You?”

You’ve nailed the interview and you’ve come to the end of your meeting. A common question is presented. No matter how many times you’ve been asked, you struggle to find the right dialogue; the magical words that will woo them into presenting an employment offer. But, you’re stuck.

Why should they hire you?

Confidently and effectively conveying your worth can be quite difficult. It is normal to instinctively humble oneself and dilute the value of our achievements because we’ve all been taught good manners and boasting to do not go well together. It is very important to display social grace in an interview, but you can prove your value without being perceived as a braggart.

Research your market

The first step in successfully answering why a company should hire you is identifying their market. You can find crucial information by researching a company’s Mission Statement and Core Values. Read all the relevant information you discover. Perhaps by reading their corporate vision, you find that efficiency is the most valued trait. Maybe their website discusses their plans for expansion, and you know that they will need creative ideas on controlling the expenses involved.

Market your “Brand”

The second step in successfully answering why a company should hire you is to define your image.

Change your thought process. Interviews are not given so that we can make friends. One must be friendly and engaging, but making a new pal isn’t the objective. Your goal is to define your “brand.” Your brand is your image. Once you view yourself as a commodity, it will be easier to provide supporting “facts” or accomplishments.

Think of 1-3 sentences that describe you as a professional. Are you the person who always takes on more work? Do you make processes run more smoothly? The description you provide opens the conversation to why a company should hire you.

Solicit information on the company’s needs throughout the meeting by asking questions.

A few great inquiries are:

  • “What do you expect from me in the first 90 days?”
  • “What is the company’s goal for the next 1-5 years?”
  • “What are the most critical needs that are not being met currently?”

These answers will provide insight on their particular objectives.

Support your “brands'” highlights

The next step is to translate how your skills will benefit their process.

Because this is a common interview question, you should prepare your answer ahead of time. Use quantified accomplishments or data you’ve researched. If you are the person who makes processes run more smoothly, explain how these skills improve efficiency. If you always take on more work, explain how this reduces payroll costs. Your answer should always be structured to resolve a common or specific problem. Your goal is to provide a service that your prospective employer needs to be fulfilled.

Why your brand is the best

The last step is to prove that your brand is better than all others.

You must convey that among all other candidates, you are most suited to meet and exceed their expectations. You do this by answering the question: “Why Should We Hire You” better than you did before.

Since this is typically one of the last questions an interviewer will ask, you should remember clues from the previous conversation. The answers they provided to your inquiries give insight on where to focus your qualifications. Now, you must describe why you meet these needs better than the other interviewees.

Most employers are looking for 3 things: To Save Money, To Save Time, and To Improve Deliverables. If you are great at creating better processes, perhaps you improve efficiency by increasing production 40% over the last year. Research the average, and you may find that this increase is 20% than the average competitor.

Your success in answering the question “Why should we hire you?” depends on 4 basic factors: identify their market, define your brand, present your achievements, and tying in these 3 actions to prove why you are the ideal candidate for this opportunity.

Remember, you are your product, and the interview is your opportunity to market your features and benefits! ©2019