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We reviewed back in 2019, which was quite some years ago. Let's dive into its resume builder again and see how we think about their resume builder this time, now being 2023. 

We will go through its completely overhauled resume-building tool, its pricing structures, how to use it, and the hands-on experience, inspect the added free tools such as their matching cover letter builder, pros and cons, and overall experience from a user's standpoint. resume example templates review


Diving into the resume builder is not difficult. You won't go around leaving your email address, before starting. However, this lets you make one free resume download, which is a happy start.

(Tip: In case you are not willing to pay, you better check your resume a 1000 times before you go about downloading it). 

We think this free giveaway is enough to give you a free hands-on experience of their resume builder and its capabilities, to see if It's something for you. 

Just by the designs of their resume templates, I am all eyes to see if I can make one of these designs my own for my, if ever, next job application!

Pick one of the 27 Resume Templates

Step one is to pick a template to work on! (you can change the design at any point, keeping your same details where they are, no worries!)

A quick view at some of their templates. Compared to its competitors, we find mostly unique designs, which on its own is delightful. Loads of modern, well-designed templates that would mostly appeal to the younger generations, we assume. Ideal for the younger generation to show who they are, entering the workforce with their own touch? Or more aimed at workers in tech, design, and creative sectors? Or for the person who wants to stand out in general? It doesn't matter who you are. You will succeed with this resume builder, if you ask us. Let's continue with the ‘Why”!

Unfortunately, it's quite undeserving traditional resume formats. We could “only” count two. resume template review

The Resume Builder

resume builder review

What a change from their previous  resume builder version!

Right when you are in the flow of setting up your resume doc with your details, you naturally continue with the Summary section. This is where we got excited, really excited!

Instead of copying and pasting a somewhat matching summary from Google and editing it, we found ourselves AI (?) suggested profile summary lines. The builder knows your job titles and suggests relevant sentences to make up your own summary. It even incorporates similar job position titles related to your position you are applying for. Sorted by experience level, so you can compose your own stunning profile. What a game changer! 

Compared to the other resume builders out there, this in unique and highly personalized. We highly value this, because so far, the process to craft our resume, has been smooth and flawless.

Employment History

Employment History Suggestions ResumeIO

Coming to our Employment History section, we are quickly faced with AI (?) suggested job descriptions and responsibilities. For every job title you give, we find 10 suggested job tasks, with 3 ‘popular' ones. 

Even though this might not completely take away your own constructed input efforts, it's a big aide into setting up the big structure of your resume. These suggestions help you to not forget common tasks & responsibilities but get you a really far going with a great initial setup, before you would go into the fine work at a later stage (once you have a concept resume document, we suppose).

Adding Skills and Other Sections

Adding Skills and other sections ResumeIO

Adding skills is made easy. With the resume builder having thousands and thousands of resume files in their database, they know very well to suggest you relevant skills for your history of employment. 

Downloading your File

Download your files in word pdf or text resumeio

You can download your file once you are ready, in Pdf, but also DOCX and even TXT file!  

We tried and tested it, successfully.

Unfortunately, there are currently only 4 designs that can be downloaded as a Word document. The ones that did work as Word file, worked and didn't get ruined using Word 2023. 

The Results:

Before you are downloading your file, you have to adjust your resume to the A4 size, with the “+” and “-” selector buttons in the tool, if necessary. This enables you to line out your resume sections perfectly across one or two (even three, four) pages. This way you are in total control of all sections (and their order) on your resume and on what page. 

Made for the review resume
Made for the review resume 2

Our Impression

Our impression? It's results are as smooth as the images on their main pages, but now it's our self-made resume we are looking at! We are absolutely impressed with the result and the effort it (didn't) took. Not finding errors or bugs along the way. (This is quite a different experience than my past struggles with templates and document adjusting in Word..).

We had close to 0 frustrations (what a relief!!) making this design resume for our possible future career as a fictional accountant. 

In the past, personally, I have been fighting with Photoshop documents, layers, messed up results. Hours, days, even of frustration to get the design right how I wanted it. Then after printing, discovering mistakes and having to have the horror continue.

Well, now, that is history! 

I genuinely think this is the best hands on resume builder tool that is out there. You can try it out for free, without dropping your payment details down there. But trust me (this is personal), the ease and happiness of using this tool is worth a lot to me. I think that, everyone making a resume, should give this tool a try (if the designs are to your liking), to see it for yourself. It's a time saver and the output even greater because finding a job just a little sooner with an impressive resume, is worth a ton and saves a lot of frustration and disappointment in a job hunt timely finished. 

Yes, we are promoting this tool on this website. We could choose to promote other resume builders, but we get better sales, promoting a better product, that people actually want, and use.* 


Pricing of ResumeIO resume builder 1

You can see the pricing structure here above. Online, we found complaints about people being unsatisfied with their subscriptions being charged. Now, we tested this with an anonymous account, and can conclude it worked for us as mentioned here above. If you go for a trial, which is priced very attractively, if you ask us, it becomes a monthly subscription after seven days. 

We cancelled inside our account profile, on days 6, before the charge, and got our refund for the trial payment. Working as mentioned here above.

Now if you can manage to make your resume, make multiple versions, apply, and find a job in one week, which is doable, the price is absurdly low. If not, the expense is worth the joy of making resumes like this on the fly! 

Resume.IO Reviews of customers

With a mission to help jobseekers grow their careers, boasts over 30,4 million resumes built to date and more than 34,000 signups a day. They have a 4.6/5.0 rating on Trustpilot with over 47,000 reviews to date.

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