review 2019 – One of the TOP RESUME BUILDERS ranks as our Top Resume Builder for 2019 coming in at an impressive 8.9 / 10. is on a mission to help you rapidly build a professional resume that wins job offers. They offer a sleek user interface that is both quick and easy-to-use, yet consistently produces good results.

With an effortless resume duplication function, is ideal for quickly customizing your resume for each specific job application, without having to reinvent the wheel each time.

Their resume building tool is based off research-based “resume rules” that have been proven to attract hiring manager’s attention. While building your resume, the interface gives you a real-time “resume score” so you know how your resume stacks up to others. Your goal is to get your resume to 100 pts!

Application Tracker
One of our favorite features, that we haven’t seen on any other resume builder, is their Application Tracker. When searching for a job, you might be juggling 20+ applications at a time and it is extremely important to know where you stand with each one.

No more searching through your emails for your last contact with a company- Everything you need to keep your job search organized, from creating a custom resume to tracking your application, is right here!

The Review:

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User Interface

10/10 has one of the sleekest and most easy-to-use user interfaces that we have seen. From the very beginning of the login page, their website is uncluttered, modern, and straightforward. No guessing where you need to go or what to click on here.

User interface of the resume builder

Ease of Use

10/10 offers a seamless 3-step resume building process. First, you add content using fill-in-the-blank prompts. Second, you choose your colors and template style. Last, you download! How easy is that?
With there is no way you could get writers' block, making this perfect for those who are overwhelmed with the resume writing process. is designed to walk you through everything from beginning to end.

ections you can add to your resume



With, you can easily add sections allowing you to customize your resume for each application. These additional sections are also great to use if you feel your resume is lacking information or you are struggling to fill in an entire page.

On the downside though, only offers 12 resume templates, which is significantly less than other resume builders. That being said, for a lot of people (including us) too many options can be overwhelming, and with, at least you know that the format you are using has been tested with real hiring managers and is proven to get results.

Options of many resume templates on



With, we love that you don’t worry about the formatting or design until after you fill your content in. Once you have the information on your resume that you need, you move on to the Preview & Download phase, where you can see what your resume would look like formatted into their 12 resume template options.

All of the formats are predefined though, and there is no editing tool available that allows you to move things around on the template. This means that you cannot rearrange or delete the given sections. Again though, while this does limit you a bit, it also leaves less room for thinking and playing around with different styles, which goes back to their mission of offering a quick and easy-to-use resume building tool.

Show how to edit your resume on

Downloading & Duplicating

9/10 allows you to download your resume in PDF and TXT format. We hoped, starting with the review, to finally have found a Word doc download option in their 2.0 version, we are yet unfortunate to find this much-desired option.  However, they allows you to make an unlimited number of resumes, so you are highly encouraged to make duplications and customize each version for the specific job you are applying for. You can literally make and download 10 customized resumes in less than a minute!

Job Search is a feature of

Additional Tools

10/10 offers two amazing additional tools that we have yet to see with other resume builders. We would give this an 11/10 if we could!

The first is a Job Search function. Right there on your main dashboard is an interface that is integrated directly with so you can search for your perfect job right there on the portal.

The second is the Application Tracker. Once you search for and apply for that dream job on Indeed, you can enter in your application information, so you know exactly where you stand with each job. There is nothing worse than getting a call from a recruiter and not remembering when you applied, or which resume you used. This way, you have everything you need for a quick and organized job searching process right at your fingertips.

The contact page of


10/10 review offers quick and painless support for those that have questions about pricing, billing, or their account in general. They also welcome feedback on your experience with their resume builder, as they are always looking to improve their tool. You can reach almost any time during the week or weekends, making them one of the most accessible resume building companies we have seen.