Privacy Policy

Last Updated: 30th of October 2023

Thank you for visiting our website. This Privacy Policy outlines how we handle data on our website.

1. Purpose of Our Website and Data Collection

Our website provides information and guidelines to jobseekers regarding the making of their resume, cover letters. We also provide general advice for the whole of the job-seeking process. We do not collect personal data from our website visitors.

2. Data Collection and Storage

We use Google Analytics to measure website traffic and improve our content. While we do not collect personal data directly, Google Analytics may collect certain data. However, we update its settings to be GDPR compliant and stay that way.

3. Use of Collected Data

We collect visitor data to understand our broad audience's preferences and improve our website content. We do not use collected data for personalization or communication.

4. Data Sharing

We do not share any personalized data with third parties.

5. Data Protection

Since we do not collect personal data, only anonymized web user data, we do not have specific data protection measures in place.

6. Data Retention

The retention of non-personal data, such as website traffic information collected by Google Analytics, is determined by Google Analytics' policies.

7. Data Breach Policy

Data breach notification does not apply since we do not collect personal data.

8. International Data Transfer

International data transfer does not apply since we do not collect user data.

9. Opt-in/Opt-out Mechanism

There is no opt-in/opt-out mechanism on our website since we do not collect data and are GDPR compliant.

10. Contact Us

If you have any privacy concerns or questions, you can contact us via our [email protected], our contact page or by phone at +1 (646) 583-2761.

11. Updates to Privacy Policy

We may update this Privacy Policy as needed. However, since we do not collect user data or contact details, we cannot notify users of these changes.