The 5 Best Resume Fonts To Use

A resume is your selling point to your future employer: it provides them with the information they need to decide if you’re a good match for the job. Aside from listing down your qualifications and academic experience, choosing the right resume font is one of the most important choices you should make when writing your resume. The font you choose says a lot about your personality as well as professionalism.

The 5 best resume fonts for your resume:

Arial Font Sample

1. Arial

Arial is one of the best sans-serif fonts for your resume. It’s a great choice for a resume font because it has clean lines, and makes reading your resume much easier. Arial is a classic, tried-and-tested font and is also considered a standard for resume writing, clearly making it a safe choice.

Cambria Font Sample

2. Cambria

Cambria is considered another popular default choice when it comes to writing resumes. Many recruiters are already familiar with this font style. It’s not as formal as other kinds of fonts, but it’s just as easy to read.

Calibri Font Example

3. Calibri

Calibri is the default font used for Microsoft Word, and for good reason. Calibri is considered as generally safe particularly because it reads well on most kinds of computer and even tablet screens. The size 12 Calibri can produce an ideal two-paged resume, consisting of 550-750 words.

Didot Font Sample

4. Didot

Students who are interested in starting a career in creative industries such as photography, fashion, or interior design can use Didot as a means of showcasing your sophistication and style. Didot is a resume font that is both classy and distinctive because of its upscale yet delicate look.

Garamond Font Sample

5. Garamond

If you are looking for a timeless, old-style font for your resume, Garamond is highly recommended. Garamond has the feel of a simple elegance that helps make your resume look polished whether it’s read on a screen or in print.


Keep in mind that your resume communicates your assets and skills. If a recruiter has a difficult time reading your resume because of the font you choose, they may not give you a second look. It’s important to invest time in crafting a resume that that is easy to read and scan on all forms of media: computers, tablets, and mobiles.