Architect Resume & Writing Guide

Are you searching for a new Architect role? But are you unsure how you can write a resume that will land you the job? Then look no further!

With our resume samples, and guide, you’ll write an engaging architect resume that will set you apart from the competition. So, you can land your dream Architect job.

How do you create a killer resume? See our Resume Guide for Architects. Here we’ll explain in detail how you can build your killer Architect resume step-by-step.

19 Architect Resume Examples

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The Architect Resume Writing Guide

1. Resume Sections:

  • Contact information
  • Career objective or profile summary
  • Qualifications summary
  • Relevant Experience
  • Other employment experiences
  • Skills Summary
  • Education, Certifications, Licenses, and Training

Contact information

Name, Last Name
Cell Number
Be sure to include alternative contact channels like your LinkedIn profile.

What to highlight in an Architect Resume

Besides your experience, there are a few other details that the hiring manager wants to know about to make sure you are a good fit for their team.

As an Architect, you are a creative and innovative problem-solver. Your primary focus is to realize the vision or your client. You need to have an overview of all the possibilities and the possible issues before they even arise.

Make sure to highlight in your resume your experience with creativity, innovation, and problem-solving. Do you have the required responsibilities and skills to have a helicopter-view and to be a problem-solving Architect?

Be explicit in your writing and use the job description as your guide.

Next, Architects defines what their clients want to build. You present options they might never have considered, and you help them get the most for their investment.

You can create total environments, interiors, exteriors or functional or exciting places in which to work or live. In which area do you have experience? Are you specialized in functional architecture? Or are you more of a total environment architect? Make sure you highlight your expertise within specific architectural areas.

And lastly, as an Architect, you have the responsibility to discuss the objectives, requirements, and budget of a project with clients. Highlight the types of projects you have managed. Include the types of projects you have worked on in both the summary as well as within each job description. Employers also want to see the variety of budgets you have experience supervising.

Make sure you include the following details:

  • At which university did you study and what is your GPA?
  • Your professional degree in architecture
  • Your completion of the paid internship
  • Did you pass the Architect Registration Exam?
  • Are you a member of The American Institute of Architects (AIA)?
  • Your experience with computer-aided design and drafting (CADD) programs
  • Your experience with building information modeling (BIM) programs
  • Your experience with projects, budgets, and clients

Architect Profile Summary Objective

Hiring managers are swamped with thousands of resumes. They’ll have limited time to actually read them all. Do you want your resume to be thoroughly read? Then put the most important information first. By showing your value early on in your resume profile, a hiring manager will be more motivated to read the rest. Also, don’t forget to keep your profile summary short, sweet and to the point.

Begin your architect resume summary with your years of practice as an Architect, your primary clients, the type of projects and the variety of budgets you worked with. Use the job description as a common threat when deciding which information to add. If the description mentions “Assists the client with review and approval of contractor’s submittals”, make sure you state your experience with this in the same words. This will give you the benefit of being identified as a suitable applicant for the position.

Also add a line about your skills that will help the company, the team and of course the clients. A hiring manager would want to know if you have “professional communication skills to interact with all levels of management” or that you have the ability “to create and implement innovative high-quality solutions”. Make sure that you give evidence of these skills in the professional experience part to strengthen your message.

And close with your degrees and any certifications you have that are relevant to the job.

Resume Summary Examples:

“A professional, creative and innovative Architect with 10 years experience. I provide best-fit architectural solutions for 5 projects a year with an average budget of $10 million. Technology consultation, assisting in defining scope and sizing of work, support opportunity identification and pursuit processes are the essential parts of my role as an Architect. I have professional communication skills to interact with all levels of management and clients”.

“I am a hardworking and problem-solving professional with 2 years experience in creating and implementing innovative high-quality solutions for 20 clients a year. I lead and participate in sales (projects with a budget up to $2 million) and pursuits focused on our clients' business needs.”

Job Descriptions, Responsibilities, and Duties

Depending on an applicant’s educational level and career stage, an employer anticipates the following skills sets and experiences of an architect at different career stages:


An intern Architect may have the following responsibilities:
  • Under general supervision modify and create documents and drawings
  • Apply standard architectural techniques and procedures
  • Perform routine architectural assignments and had limited design responsibility
  • Perform design computations
  • Work with Architects in the development of projects
  • Support Architects in the development of presentations
  • Assist in developing design through sketches, electronic models, physical models, massing studies, diagrams, and other visual formats
  • Conduct space planning, block planning, and adjacencies in coordination with building a program.
  • Prepare and revise documentation in various architectural phases
  • Coordinate building systems to ensure compatibility with the design intent
  • Assist in the evaluation and selection of building methods and materials
  • Attend project coordination and meetings with internal team members and external consultants
  • Participate in value engineering and basic cost estimating
  • Assist in site analysis, research of concept, benchmarks, typology, and precedents
Entry-level architect job descriptions:
  • Meet clients to define goals and requirements for structures
  • Provide reviews of designs to support the achievement of client goals
  • Support the approval process of the designs
  • Recommend changes to increase the design value and constructability
  • Guide quality assurance and the quality of contractor works
  • Generate and maintain documentation necessary to the design process
  • Prepare specifications with drawings and appendixes
  • Solve problems and makes recommendations as appropriate
  • Facilitate drawings through the approval cycle
  • Make changes, updates, and modifications as necessary to the design process
  • Perform design, documentation, analysis and modeling tasks using appropriate software packages
  • Apply knowledge of relevant rules and regulations to the design process
  • Utilize computer resources to generate a variety of reports and communications
  • Attend industry-specific training
  • Work together with specialists from diverse disciplines to develop designs
  • Develop designs that adapt to existing contexts
  • Illustrate design options using two-dimensional graphic and three-dimensional modeling tools
  • Organize the work to efficiently develop and deliver contract documents including drawings and specifications
Mid-level architect responsibilities examples:
  • Provide technical review and oversight of the design-build process for new projects
  • Ensure that designs are within federal and local codes concerning health, safety, and environment of real property facilities
  • Study and recommends equipment and design solutions for various projects
  • Oversee various stages of the construction process
  • Troubleshoot multiple issues and suggest solutions to problems
  • Develop and prepare reports and records relating to particular assignments or projects
  • Confer with other staff members to coordinate departmental efforts
  • Support department procedures to provide effective coordination between departments
  • Adapt, develop and refine designs and other development details to ensure durable, weather tight and energy efficient projects
  • Develop and edit construction specs employing your growing knowledge of building construction materials, products and systems
  • Design projects in compliance with building regulations, energy codes and other requirements
  • Assist the multi-disciplinary team in understanding and achieving these specs
  • Provide development phase project support by reviewing the submittals
  • Response to contractor questions
  • Manage the aspects of construction changes
  • Observe construction projects at construction sites

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Senior architect job responsibilities & description:
  • Assist the client with review and approval of contractor’s submittals
  • Apply knowledge of relevant International Regulations regarding the design of projects
  • Perform operational support and analysis for an assigned area
  • Participate in the development of specifications, policies, and procedures for the assigned area
  • Ensure that architectural design work is organized with project staff
  • Apply engineering disciplines by keeping clear and frequent communication
  • Review projects to ensure that applicable codes, standards, and procedures are followed and that quality is satisfactory
  • Provide oversight in the development of required project scopes and cost estimates for construction contract purposes
  • Prepare estimates for fees and construction contracts
  • Provide technical and administrative guidance to colleagues in preparing construction drawings and specifications
  • Seek new work by marketing and giving presentations
  • Prepares and provide high-level briefs to senior leadership
architect drawings

Architect Resume Accomplishments

Many applicants will match their experience section to that of the job description. This, however, will not set you apart. Especially when, other applicants with similar experiences are doing the same thing.
If you want to be memorable, you’ll need to consider: what makes you exceptional? What are you proud of? What are your biggest achievements? Write these down, and formulate these in action-packed statements, that is persuasive.

Flat, Simple Duty:

  • Provided technical review and oversight of the process for a new, large-scale facility
  • Supported the design approval process and recommended design changes

Accomplishment Statement:

  • For a new, large-scale $10 million project, I provided the client and the multidisciplinary team with technical review to ensure we realized a highly satisfying outcome.
  • I supported the design approval process by reviewing the design and recommending changes for improvement. My main focus is to improve the design value and constructability and to help my colleagues understand these changes.

Quantifying Your Resume

Always include numbers in your resume, to quantify your experience. Answer the following questions:

  • How many projects were you responsible for per year?
  • What is the average budget for a project you worked on?
  • How many colleagues did you supervise?
  • How many clients were in your portfolio?

“I provided architectural solutions for 5 projects a year with an average budget of $10 million. While managing these projects, I supervised the multi-disciplinary team of 8 junior colleagues, 4 senior colleagues, and 7 external contractors.”

“Under the supervision of the Senior Architect, I created and implemented 20 innovative high-quality solutions per year. I led and participated in 3 sales projects per month (projects with a budget of up to $2 million) and met 2 potential clients a month.”

Architect Education Section Example

1994 – 2002 Ridgefield High School, High School Diploma Ridgefield, NJ

2002 – 2007 Bachelor of Architecture, University of Cambridge

2011 Architect Registration Exam, New York

Architect Resume Skills Section

Educational attainment: To become and work as an Architect, you need three main steps: complete a bachelor's degree in architecture, gain at least 3 years of relevant experience through a paid internship, and pass the Architect Registration Exam. Make sure you include these educational requirements in your skills section.

Designing and drawing skills: As an Architect, you need to able to draw and design buildings and structures on programs for computer-aided design and drafting (CADD) as well as by hand. Can you create drawings and three-dimensional models of designs with an emphasis on structures?

Problem-solving: as an Architect, you are trained to solve problems by creativity. You propose ways to get more for the investment than your client imagined possible. You are creative within the limitations of the project and you will create a desirable solution at any time.

Additional Architect Soft skill Examples:

Critical thinkingCommunicate effectively
Interpersonal skillsReliable
Attention to detailAble to multitask
ProfessionalMaintaining relationships
Time management skillsDetail oriented
Good listenerInterpret instructions
Visualization skillsTechnical skills

Certificates associated with Architect Resume's

  • Computer-aided design and drafting (CADD) technology
  • Building information modeling (BIM)
  • Certification from the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB)
  • Architect Registration Exam

Specialization and types of Architect

  • Registered Architect
  • Technology Architect
  • Navy Architect
  • Product Architect
  • Senior Architect
  • Junior Architect

Action Verbs for your Architect Resume

Detail orientedAdministered

Professional information of Architect

Sector: Commercial
Person type: Creative, analyst, technical, bigger picture
Education levels: Minimum a bachelors degree
Salary indication: $80.000 – $150.000 per year
Labor market: Good perspective with an above average expected growth of the market
Organizations: Architect firms or self-employed

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