Beauty Advisor Resume & Guide

It’s that time again! Time to write up a resume because you’re looking for your next adventure, but you’ll need a Beauty Advisor resume that stands out like… well, everything about Cardy B.

And we got you! Our guide will show you how to make a resume better than 9 of 10 other resumes. In addition, we’ll help you to attract more interview offers with lots of info, tips, and examples for setting up your resume correctly.

Lets delve into our Guideline for creating a Beauty Advisor Resume below.

Finding a Beauty Advisor job with great clients, minimal pressure, and a decent salary is tough, but our passion is helping you find your dream job.  Have a look at our Beauty Advisor Resume Guideline below for extra tips.

20 Beauty Advisor Resume Examples

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Beauty Advisor Resume Writing Guide

Resume Sections

  1. Contact information
  2. Career Objective & summary
  3. Employment History
  4. Achievements
  5. Education
  6. Skill Section
  7. Certification & Licensing
  8. Extras: Languages/Awards/Publications/Volunteering/hobbies
  9. > Professional information

1. Contact information

  • First Name and Last Name
  • Email
  • Physical Address
  • LinkedIn Profile / Portfolio Link

What to Highlight in a Beauty Advisor Resume

Your dream of having that high-end job in a recognized salon/ spa is closer than you think! A professionally formatted resume goes a long way to getting you there, or at least one step closer.

This part of the guide gives you tips on what to highlight throughout your resume.  If you work in this industry, you focus on assisting clients in bringing out their inner sparkle, and you help a lot with self-esteem. You may be cutting and styling hair or demonstrating your Michelangelo-level painting skills with makeup or skin treatments.

You can work at events, weddings, on movie sets, etc. You may even be the cosmo- the badass who can provide all these things. Along with all this, salons expect you to sell their products as well. So you need to be able to highlight that you can do all these things.

You want to demonstrate your experiences providing your beauty services, such as hair color, cutting hair, waxing unwanted hair, completing manicures, and literally anything Makeup.

  • Showcase your customer service skills, explaining your methods for making them feel happy having helped them.  
  • Give proof of your efficiency in selling salon products. This is a major part of your job, so it’s important.
  • Provide lots of specific data/ numbers when listing your accomplishments so recruiters can measure your proficiency levels objectively.
  • In the end, give a small section over to hobbies/ interests, anything that helps recruiters to see you as a human being.

If you’re wondering why we are taking so much interest in the format of the resume, let us put it this way:

A bride getting married wouldn’t dare face anyone ever on the planet if her eyeliner wasn’t even and her lipstick looked like she was putting it on in the car and the driver hit a bump, right? “Good enough” just won’t do. Your resume reflects you as a professional.

Use reverse-chronological order for basically everything. You want the most recent stuff seen first. Keep everything concise, simple, and easy to read. Avoid the fancy fonts.  

Once it’s complete, save your resume as a PDF unless stated otherwise. It helps to keep the format the same when it’s viewed on different devices.

2. Career Objective & Summary

According to our research, HR only looks at your resume for a total of 6 seconds on average. Let that sink in. You have 6 seconds to make them want to read further into your resume. Potentially the best way to do this is to write a cracking resume summary/ objective statement. It should go at the top of your resume just under the contact info, and you can make the font a little bigger or bold to help it stand out.

But which one do you write and how?

If you have an outrageous amount of brush time, cutting experience, or all-around experience in the industry, write a career summary. It highlights your experience, skillset, maybe an achievement or two, and your education. Keep it concise and about 4-6 sentences long.

If your experience levels leave something to be desired, write an objective statement instead. This focuses on who you are as a person, your career ambitions, and what you have to offer to the team. But, again, keep the format similar to the summary.

The whole point of this, is that if you were a recruiter charged with reading hundreds of resumes and all looked the same, you’d probably want to quit. So, make yours interesting and professional so that yours sticks out in their mind.

*Pro tip: you should quantify any statements/ achievements mentioned in your summary/ objective. This adds that extra pizazz needed to wow HR.


Beauty Advisor Summary 1
"Adaptable and competent cosmetologist with 11 years of experience in the beauty industry. Excellent professional with skills in hair coloring, haircutting, hairstyling, makeup application, skincare, and nail services procedures. Pioneering and creative person with a solid background and understanding of the latest trends in Makeup, beauty, and hair. Laidback personality to help clients feel comfortable during their appointment. Enthusiastic worker with a regular following of customers and deep knowledge of sales and marketing."
Beauty Advisor Summary 2
"Experienced Beauty Advisor with 5+ years experience. Outstanding verbal and written communication skills, with a talent for detail. Enormously productive in a high-stress, high-volume setting. Initiative with a can-do attitude; eloquent and persuasive when dealing with all levels of management, staff, peers, and customer relations. Expert use of Microsoft Office: Excel, Outlook, Word, and PowerPoint."
Beauty Advisor Summary 3
"Assistant Beauty Advisor/ Counter Manager with 3+ years of experience can sell, problem-solve, market, and create solutions for customers in an entrepreneurial setting. Fast learner when mastering new skills, passion, and leadership skills with a positive attitude. Excellent communication and can thoroughly explain technical information so that possible clients can understand."
Beauty Advisor Summary 4
"Active Beauty Advisor/ Counter Manager with a deep understanding of the retail industry. Superb customer service, listening, and communication skills with cash management and experience with POS systems. Capable and effective with multi-tasking and maintaining a friendly attitude under pressure. Resourcefully builds long-term relationships and loyalty with customers while achieving individual sales goals."

3. Employment History & Samples

The usual requirements recruiters expect from Beauty Advisor Resumes include prior work experience, broad knowledge of hair care, skincare, and makeup products; skills to exhibit beauty product on the spot to clients; have a deep understanding of which product would suit customers’ skin best, the skill to deal with troublesome customers and brilliant communication skills.

Two issues will keep your phone from ringing off the hook. The first may be your experience level (or distinct lack thereof). The second being you included so many bullet points that you turned the recruiter’s eyes square.

What you want to do instead is this:

Reverse- chronological order, begin with your most recent/ current job.

Then include 3-6 bullet points that communicate your killer ability to perform your work duties.

Even if your experience is part-time or vocational, the more experience you give, the better your chances are of getting that interview call. Don’t stress if your experience is light, because this is one of those rare moments where you can include jobs that aren’t related to this industry. It helps to prove you’re a hard worker.

Below are a few examples:

Beauty Advisor at MAC

(March 2012- May 2018)

Gave professional facial cosmetic and hair removal services according to state, local, and company health and safety guidelines.

  • Provided Makeup and hairstyling services to brides at their wedding location, which enhanced their natural features and optimized their look for photographs.
  • Discussed potential hairstyles and Makeup look with clients before their event, assuring everything complemented each other.
  • Raleigh Area Chamber of Commerce named me a top hair and Makeup professional by popular vote of the community.

Beauty Advisor at Sorbet

(January 2019- March 2021)

Gave confident and honest feedback to customers concerning products. Built lasting relationships with clients by following up on them after purchases, suggesting new products, and inviting them to upcoming events.

  • Mixed ingredients created an exclusive hair color for clients and applied said color to attain a new look, eliminate gray hairs, or showcase their natural features.
  • Performed wax removal for unwanted body hair, shaped eyebrows for the desired look regarding face shape.  
  • Achieved a solid following of reliable clients who needed Makeup, hair, or waxing services during a time at the salon.

So, you don’t have experience for your resume for Beauty Advisors?

All right, so maybe you haven’t had a Beauty Advisor job. But we bet you a pound of caviar concealer you’ve got accomplishments.

If you have done any of these things informally, you can add them into your experience section:

  • Volunteered your makeup skills
  • Done Makeup for friends/ family
  • Filled in at a salon
  • Done Makeup for a couple of weddings, maybe?
  • Put up pictures of your talent on your Instagram page and received shares/ likes
  • Performed non-makeup artist jobs that utilize transferable skills such as customer service, product knowledge, good communication, or sales

Job Descriptions Examples

Your future employer will want to see all the duties you had and performed in your previous roles, whether they were standard ones or spontaneous ones. There are as many duties in this industry as there are makeup products, so we have only included a few examples in the list below that you can use to assist you in writing up your list.


 A Beauty Advisor’s role may include:
  • Accountable for suitable price changes for clearance and sale items weekly.
  • Engaging with the public directly, promoting services, giving demonstrations, and advertising promotional material, increasing sales noticeably.
  • Doing methodical inventory counts, stocking products, and amending pricing controls.
  • Complimenting the clients' skincare/ makeup needs after a consultation.
  • Organized the counter from a dysfunctional area to running smoothly.
  • Following up on clients to check how they're doing with their products.
  • Going to meetings every month to evaluate the incoming new products to the store.
  • Assisting clients in finding the best products for what they need and selling clients as many products as possible.
  • Functioning at a fast pace to make the clients and department happy and the store's needs.  
  • Welcoming clients, helping them with their checkout.
  • Maintaining testers and stock, accountable for presenting department cleanliness and standards, boosting sales, and achieving daily/ monthly goals.
  • Accountable for treatment and skincare sales, using skin hydrometer to evaluate customers’ skin condition (normal, dry, combination), advising the best skincare regiments for clients’ skin condition, helping to advise best cosmetic products taking clients’ wants, needs, and condition, showing clients how best to use the products and which products are best to use together.

4. Accomplishments

The temptation to copy and paste this section from resume to resume is overwhelming, we know. Please do not do this. All you’re going to do is show the recruiter how lazy you are, and your resume will be discarded.

Having read through the job advert, your goal is now to set yourself apart from the competition. First, think of all the things you’ve achieved in your work experience that make you super proud of yourself.

Quantifying Your Resume

This process is essential as it provides recruiters with the means to evaluate your proficiencies objectively. It is merely the process of adding numbers or values to prove your statements. If you can answer questions like “How often?” or “How long?” then you’re on the right track. For example:

  • How many Beauty Advisership jobs have you had?
  • How long was the Beauty Adviserships?


  • Sold branded products every week.
  • Have a favorable write-up in the Makeup + Me blog.
  • Coached makeup advisors.
  • Did several client assessments and makeup applications every week.
  • Became a consistent Beauty Advisor of the Montana Film Office.

What you MUST do:

  • Sold $8,000+ of branded products every week.
  • Became a consistent Beauty Advisor of the Montana Film Office in 2020.
  • Have a favorable write-up in the Makeup + Me blog for three months running.
  • Have coached six makeup advisors.
  • Performed over 40 client assessments and makeup applications every week

5. Education & Examples

This isn’t rocket science! It’s just Makeup, right? So surely an education section isn’t even needed. Haha, lol, wrong! Every resume must have an education section! Consider this: it’s between you and another applicant. Your experience and skills are similar, so how will the recruiter choose between you? Yup, the education section.

Start with:

  • Years studying
  • Degree
  • School Name and Location

You can even match your education to the requirements on the job advert like the foundation to skin tone. Examples below:

We suggest that if you have little experience and your education is more impressive, put your education above your experience section. Of course, if you’ve been in the industry a while, put your experience section before your education section.

It’s all about displaying the best-looking info first, and we are sure that concept is pretty engrained in you guys.

Examples of Technical Assistant’s Education Section:

2021 Cosmetologist Licensure Certificate. North Carolina State Board of Cosmetic Art Examiners, North Carolina.

2020 Associate of Arts in Cosmetology. Raleigh Community College, Miami, FL.
Relative coursework: basic anatomy, a function of skin, nutrition, exfoliation.

2013–2015 Associate of Science, Esthetician, and Skin Care Specialist. Bitterroot School of Cosmetology, New York, NY.
Relevant coursework: facials, extractions, aging skin, applying masks, cleansing.

2012 High School Diploma. Ridgefield High School, Ridgefield, NJ.

6. Resume Skills

In this section, your soft skills and technical skills are as important as each other to employers. Your technical skills are the physical things you can do, and the soft skills are your interpersonal skills and personality traits.

Make sure you read the job advert, because this will tell you what skills the employers are most interested in. Use these skills if they apply to you in your skills resume. You don’t have to use all of them, and this is a special gamble, so choose only the best of those skills you possess. This will go a long way to convincing the employers that you are worth the interview.

Make sure your skills correspond with your accomplishment section earlier in the resume. The accomplishment statements will quantify your skills, proving to the recruiters that you’re not just hiding mediocre abilities under an air-brushed resume.

Soft SkillsHard Skills
Interpersonal SkillsMakeup
Customer ServiceWaxing
CommunicationSkin Care
ListeningFacial treatments
Creative thinkingRetail
Detail OrientedSales
PatienceProduct Knowledge
Time managementInventory Management

We seriously advise you do not to copy and paste your skill section for every resume. This is considered lazy by the recruiters, and they will know you did that if your skills section doesn’t match the skills advertised in the job advert.

7. Qualifications & Certifications associated with Beauty Advisors

Licensed Cosmetologist, Montana State BBCCertified MAC ConsultantMASA CERTIFICATE – In Professional Beauty Advisory and Hairstyling
Level 4 Certificate in LASER & IPL TreatmentsLicensed Nail TechnicianBeauty Salon Management Online Course

8. Optional Extras for Beauty Advisors' Resumes

Ok, your resume has all the necessary bells and whistles, but so does everyone else’s. Set yourself apart from the rest by adding an extras section to show the recruiter you’re a human being. For example:

Include your social media page info:
Social Media Following
Instagram: 3,698 Followers.
Twitter: 5,211 Followers.

Networking Events:
Presented the “looking professional” talk for Women in Leadership.
Presented talk “dressing for success” on Women's Business Accelerator.

Additional Activities:
Professional Beauty Association member.
Routine listener of This Week in Makeup podcast.
Teach Pilates classes 3x per week for fun & fitness.

Professional information of Beauty Advisors

Sectors: Tourism, Childcare, Education, Hospitality, Recreational
Career Type: Childcare, Au Pair, Counseling, Fitness, Adventure, Sports, Coaching
Person type:  Worker, Helper, Assistant, Facilitator, Coach, Implementer
Education levels: Post school and upwards
Salary indication: Average of $ 19.60 per hour (Indeed)
Labor market: 10% Growth from 2019 – 2029 (BLS)
Organizations: Various

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