Bootcamp Instructor Resumes & Writing Guide

Welcome to our guide on how to create the ultimate Bootcamp Instructor’s resume! This guideline will give you all the tips, info, and examples you need to impress the socks off recruiters!

Whether this is your life’s career choice, or you just secretly really want to blow the whistle all day, our guideline will have you receiving interviews in no time!  

Let us get started with our guideline on how to create a Bootcamp Instructor Resume.

21 Bootcamp Instructor Resume Examples

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Bootcamp Instructor Resume Writing Guide

Resume Sections:

  • Contact information
  • Profile Summary
  • Work History
  • Achievements
  • Education
  • Skill Section
  • Certification & licensing
  • Extras: Languages/Awards/Publications/Volunteering/hobbies
  • > Professional information

What to Highlight in a Bootcamp Instructor Resume

We’re about to help you create that kick-ass resume but keep this in mind. You’re qualified, fit as hell, you can crush a watermelon between your thighs, and your industry is growing by the year. Surely, you’re getting the job?

Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. Getting the dream job with flexible hours, full dental, and medical takes some serious work.

Even if you have the skills to turn Honey BooBoo into Brooke Wells, no recruiter will take you seriously or even read your resume if it isn’t formatted correctly.

To stop this from happening to you, write your resume in reverse-chronological order. It puts all your best and recent info at the top for the recruiter to read. 

Ensure you use a font that’s simple and clear, make the headings bigger, and use some white space on the page to allow the eyes to rest.

When the resume is done, save it as a PDF unless stated otherwise in the job advert. PDFs keep the document looking pristine on all devices.

In some states, like California, it’s illegal to photo/ headshot with your resume, so you will want to research this depending on the states you plan to work in. some applicants add their picture anyway in an attempt to stand out.

Still, it’s a gamble not knowing how the recruiter will interpret that action, so as a general rule, give what they ask for in the job description and no more.

Make sure you use action verbs when explaining what your experience and skills in the resume. Using terms like “accountable for” or “knowledgeable of” doesn’t highlight what you’ve accomplished and can.  

Lastly, you should provide your social media URLs, including Instagram and Facebook. These sites are now being used for professional reasons so take advantage of that fact if you have your own business pages. Also, include sites like LinkedIn for networking.

Career Summary & Objectives

This section is essential for your resume. It provides the reader with an overview of your entire resume. Recruiters use it to determine if it’s worth their time taking a closer look at your resume.

It is a concise paragraph about 4-6 sentences long. If it takes longer than 25 seconds to read, you’ve overcooked it.

Many fitness-based facilities now use applicant tracking systems (ATS) to scan and sort the resumes emailed to them. They do this by scanning your resume for keywords and phrases used in the corresponding job description.

If you didn’t use any of the keywords and phrases from the job advert in your resume, the ATS will discard your resume faster than you’d drop the bar after a PR attempt, so make sure you include those words and phrases! It will increase your chance of getting that interview.  

Picture this, Jenny the gym owner, is awesome to work for! Her gym is kitted out, good pay, free food for staff, kindergarten for small fries, and works. Everyone wants to work for Jenny. One thing she doesn’t have, though, is the time to read through 350 resumes. So, how can you stand out to her? Your career summary/ objective will with just the right amount of curves and flex!

If you’ve been in the industry for a while, a career summary is the one for you. Highlight your experience, skillset, achievement, and education.

If you’re a bit green with work experience, either at zero or very little, an objective is what you want. It focuses on your skillset, achievements, and career goals.


Bootcamp Instructor Summary 1

Highly efficient Certified Bootcamp Instructor with 8+ years experience. Looking to surpass client goals for Skyible Fitness. At Dominic Fitness, topped sales goals by 29% and received 25+ letters of thanks from clients. At Big Box Gyms, I acquired a 97% positive customer comment score.

Bootcamp Instructor Summary 2

Passionate, entry-level Bootcamp Instructor with experience in freelancing assisting clients to reach tough fitness goals. Assisted one client to decrease chronic A1C blood sugar levels from 230 mg/dl to 110 mg/dl. Assisted another client in designing a routine to decrease body mass into healthy ranges over eight months.

Bootcamp Instructor Summary 3

Highly skilled Bootcamp Instructor with nine years of experience in the industry. Enjoys making creative solutions to problems and getting exposure on numerous projects and would thrive in the collaborative atmosphere on which company A prides itself.

Employment History

Jenny is still going through those resumes. She’s on her third coffee, and a yawn is imminent! When it comes to what she’s looking for in employment history, she really only wants to see what is relevant to her job advert. Which means yours must fit the bill tighter than Gym Shark.  

Peruse the job advert and write down what they want regarding duties, skills, and qualities. Then lay them out as we have shown you below:

Certified Bootcamp Instructor at Dominist Fitness Inc.

(Jan 2019- Jun 2022)

Ran daily tasks, staffing, and marketing for the group fitness programming. Upheld an active rapport with members and improved group-class utilization by 18% by redesigning class schedules, approximating annual program budgets, analyzing and reporting program statistics.

  • Instructor and sales associate in a fast-paced fitness business environment.
  • Performed personalized fitness assessments for clients. Received letters of thanks from 50+ happy clients after surpassing their fitness goals.
  • Exceeded sales goals by 29% average per quarter due to creating incredibly positive interactions with clients, producing active word-of-mouth.
  • Used active listening skills to design personalized routines for clients.  

Bootcamp Instructor at Curves Gym

(Jan 2017- Dec 2020)

Gave new gym members a comprehensive outline of the equipment, going over safety and advantages of a wide array of exercises.

  • Trained individual clients, helping them to achieve their fitness goals with a combination of healthy exercise, lifestyle choices, and nutrition.
  • Created and led strength and conditioning classes every week for up to 20 members, highlighting high-intensity training and education.
  • Designed and instructed stimulating group cycling workouts based on the five heart rate zones.

But what if you don't have experience?
If your experience is so weak it couldn’t bench a spaghetti noodle, try and beef it up with volunteer work you’ve done in the past or any freelance work. For example:

Freelance Bootcamp Instructor

(Jan 2015- Dec 2016)

  • Decreased a client's chronic A1C blood sugar levels from 240 mg/dl to 130 mg/dl with committed coaching and recognized nutritional principles.
  • Assisted a client in designing a nutrition and exercise regime to decrease body mass to healthy levels over one year.
  • Designed a daily exercise schedule for a client to increase her energy levels and help increase her self-esteem.

*Pro tip: It doesn’t matter if these clients were family members, friends, or random people. It’s the concept behind them and the experience that counts.

Job Descriptions Examples

Below is a list of typical duties a recruiter would expect to see in your resume regardless of your experience levels:  

A Bootcamp Instructor’s job may include:
  • Creating strategic regimes of weightlifting for clients.
  • Developing adapted fitness programs for individuals and group clients.
  • Implementing, developing, and supervising personal training routines, profiles, and results for 78 clients.
  • Transitioning clients into modern, more efficient exercises.
  • Implementing individualized exercise programs for all clients and encouraging exercise prescriptions for clients.
  • Teaching arranged classes, starting and finishing on time, providing sufficient warm-ups, stretching, exercises, and cooldowns.
  • Instructing clients on efficient workout methods, explaining correct techniques, demonstrating exercises, identifying various muscle groups, and teaching suitable methods to strengthen certain muscles.
  • Preparing proper music, equipment, and handouts for every class.
  • Assisting clients, answering questions, and maintaining an encouraging exercise experience for members and class participants.
  • Ensuring that standards of safety are adhered to.
  • Organizing class space.
  • Providing appropriate information about safety and precautions of working out, especially during strength training.
  • Adapting exercises for the specific level of strength/ frailty of every client.
  • Participating in training opportunities offered by EnhanceFitness sponsors.
  • Completing admin record-keeping includes health history forms, class roster reports, physical notification letters, and assessments.
  • Instructing members on the importance and significance of fitness testing and conducting fitness tests per approved protocols.
  • Storing all equipment and returning the room to its original arrangement.
  • Exhibiting professional behavior during any circumstance.
  • Promoting correct group fitness constituents like warm-ups, flexibility, aerobic exercise, cooldowns, etc.
  • Expert in dynamics and techniques of group classes.
  • Proficiency in many group- exercise classes.
  • Maintaining the group- exercise room and equipment.
  • Participating in all obligatory fitness staff pieces of training and meetings.


Absolutely do not copy and paste some of your daily duties in this section. Those aren’t accomplishments, and recruiters know what your duties are. Accomplishments are the positive results that come from doing your duties well!

So, think back into your past roles and think of everything you’ve achieved, from being a bad-ass instructor to surpassing sales goals, etc.

They must be relevant to this job, though, and Jenny really doesn’t care what you achieved in primary school. Don’t be modest. Sell yourself using solid action words, and always provide numeric proof of your achievements!

This is called quantification. If you give numerical values to your achievements, they provide the recruiters with an objective measurement of your proficiency. It also sounds way cooler when you flash those numbers.

Examples of Bootcamp Instructor accomplishment statements (we no likey):

  • Headed group exercise classes in HIIT training, outdoor fitness, and boot camp. Increased participation in class numbers.
  • Managed and trained clients for the “Stair Climb for Los Angeles” Event.
  • Developed, implemented, and supervised training programs, profiles and results.
  • Took advantage of social media platforms like Instagram, recruiting more class participants.
  • Developed advanced circuit-style programming integrating variations for all levels of fitness.

Examples of Bootcamp Instructor accomplishment statements (We likey!):

  • Headed group exercise classes in HIIT training, outdoor fitness, and boot camp that increased participation class numbers by over 110%.
  • Managed and trained more than 140 clients for the “Stair Climb for Los Angeles” Event. 100% of those clients competed in the challenge.
  • Developed, implemented, and supervised more than four training programs, profiles and results for over 70 clients.
  • Took advantage of social media platforms like Instagram, recruiting five new clients weekly over six months.
  • Developed three advanced circuit-style programs, integrating variations for all levels of fitness.

Education Section

Education is incredibly important for a Bootcamp Instructor. How you display it in your resume is even more important. It must grab the recruiter’s attention like a catchy song! We suggest laying it out like this:

  • Years you studied
  • Degree’s full name
  • Institution’s name and location

If you have any other certificates or qualifications, list them all! Although for these you only need to mention the finishing date.

If you have fewer than 4-5 years of working experience, feel free to add your high school diploma in the same way we suggested above.

Here are some examples of a Bootcamp Instructor Resume in terms of education:

2020- Present. Pursuing Bachelor's Degree in Exercise Science. Concordia University – Chicago
Surpassing expectations in Personal Training coursework.
CrossFit Level 1 Instructor. Coach’s Prep Certified.

2017- Advanced First Aid Diploma, National CPR Foundation, Miami, FL.

2007 – 2011 High school diploma. Barlow High School, Tennessee.
Varsity track athlete.
Leader of the varsity cycling club.

See? Not so hard, right? Your education section will show you fit the job description better than a weight belt with the right format! We’re not saying you absolutely must have a degree to be a Bootcamp instructor, but listing it properly goes a long way if you do have one.

*Pro Tip: If you’ve mentioned your high school diploma, you can mention your GPA only if it was higher than 3.5.

Bootcamp Instructor Skills

And Jenny is at it again! Her “Just Do It” mug full of coffee, her Strong Curves magazine next to her, and she’s looking at a monstrous pile of resumes in front of her. She isn’t looking for a skillset the length of the bible, she just wants to see the ones she asked for in the job advert, and she wants proof, that’s all! 

So, that’s what you do. Make a list of your skills, read the job advert to see which ones the recruiter wants and if any of yours correlate, include them in the list phrased in the same way as in the job advert.

Try not to use bullet points. It’s old news. Put your skills in a skills matrix like the one below. We suggest creating a column for each set of skills in the skills matrix (hard skills, soft skills, and physical skills).

Physical SkillsTechnical SkillsSoft skills
YogaFitness AssessmentInterpersonal Skills
Weight TrainingCreating Exercise ProgramsCreativity
Aerobics TrainingExercise PhysiologyLeadership
Spin ClassesAED/CPR CertificationDiscipline
Trail RunningRecord KeepingEmpathy
Road BikingSafety TechniquesPassion
Swim TrainingNutritionEnergy
Free WeightsCrossFitCommunication
Step ClassesPilatesSelf- Motivated
ZumbaSpecific Fitness TrendsListening

If you follow this advice, your resume will look like Tia Toomey sat down and wrote it for you!  

*Pro Tip: The kind of work you’ll be doing may dictate the skills you include in your resume. You may be able to speak to animals, but if the recruiter doesn’t want that skill, don’t mention it.

Qualifications & Certifications associated with Bootcamp Instructors

American Red Cross Water Safety Instructor (WSI)Current lifeguard first aid adult CPR/AED certificationCPR Professional Rescuers and Health Care Providers
NASM Certified Bootcamp Instructor (CPT)AED/CPR and First Aid  Bachelor's Degree in Physical Education
International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA)The National Council on Strength & Fitness (NCSF)Fitness Mentors – Personal Training and Online Personal Training Certification
American Council on Exercise (ACE)National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)ISSA – International Sports Sciences Association
NASM – National Academy of Sports MedicineACE – The American Council on Exercise  FM – Fitness Mentors  
NCSF – National Council on Strength & FitnessNSCA – National Strength and Conditioning AssociationNESTA – National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association  
NCCPT – National Council for Certified Personal TrainersAFAA – Athletics and Fitness Association of AmericaNFPT – National Federation of Professional Trainers

Optional Extras for your Bootcamp Instructor Resume

If you think all that matters are education and skills, that’s about as correct as thinking a single log will make a sturdy raft! Recruiters want well-rounded applicants. They don’t want robots. They want people!

Including extras sections show the recruiter who you are as a person:

Additional Activities

  • Completed the Boston Marathon 2018.
  • Teach Pilates classes twice per week at the local studio.


  • Article on keto diet published in “Fitness on Toast” 2017.
  • Article on efficient changes in lifestyle published in “Fit Bottomed Girls” 2018.


  • 2017 NASM Live Workshop Maryland.
  • 2013 NASM Optima Conference, spoke on a panel concerning motivation.

Professional Information on Bootcamp Instructors

Sectors: Sports, Tourism, Exercise Sciences, Recreation, Gym, Fitness, Leisure, Training, Aquatics
Career Type: Training, Teaching, Supervisory, Instructing, Servicing, Coaching
Person type:  Supervisor, Teacher, Rescuer, Coach, Responder, Trainer, Safety Professional,
Education levels: Post School Diplomas, Accreditations, Certifications, Licenses, Associate Degrees
Salary indication: $59 555 per annum (ZipRecruiter)
Labor market: 15% growth between 2019 – 2029  (BLS)
Organizations: Gyms, Universities, Cruise Ships, Recreational Facilities, Fitness Facilities, Outdoor Events

Bootcamp Instructor Resumes in PDF

Bootcamp Instructor – Resume (20).pdf