Brand Ambassador Resume & Writing Guide

Creating a resume from scratch can be a daunting task at the best of times, but it can be especially challenging for brand ambassadors because the role is so diverse. Fortunately, we have created a Brand Ambassador resume sample taking into account the fluid and sometimes unstructured nature of a Brand Ambassador’s job description.

Brand Ambassador Resume Samples

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Brand Ambassador Resume Writing Guide

Resume Sections

1. Contact Information: Apart from the usual (first name, last name, email, contact number), include a professional headshot of yourself next to your contact details section (preferably a smiling one). Also, add all your social media URLs, and because you are a Brand Ambassador you should have at least 3-4). This is also the place to add a link to your portfolio on Instagram, Pinterest, or DropBox.

2. Career Summary: Think of this as an influencer pitch. You want to grab the attention of the hiring manager with your core areas of expertise, qualifications, and special skills. Use verbiage and phrases similar to those listed in the job advertisement. The career summary should be between and three sentences in length if you use a paragraph format. When opting for bullet points, make use of one powerful opening sentence and then 4-5 bulleted statements underneath.

3. Qualifications Summary: Brand Ambassadors come from such a wide range of academic backgrounds from Associate Degrees through to even Doctorates. You can also land a job with just a completed high school diploma too. Regardless of your academic level, make sure to include all relevant qualifications and list them by date of completion, qualification name, institution attended and location. Feel free to elaborate on your majors and minor subjects, GPA scores if higher than 3.5, and extracurricular activities participated in during the duration of your studies. Then continue with professional development or learning activities that better prepared you to work in the brand management field such as networking training, public speaking workshops, and proposal design courses

4. Relevant Brand Ambassador Experience: Formulate your working experience section by categorizing each job reflecting the agency names or brands that you have represented in the past. Then divide further by job title/level in reverse chronological order (last position first) and duration of employment (month/year) of that specific job. Finally, subcategorize each campaign or event or project according to Name, Brand, Agency, City, and State. Then continue to outline particular responsibilities and use bullet points and brief sentences to keep the format neat and tidy.

5. Other Employment Experience: Not every Brand Ambassador appointee has had previous experience as a Brand Ambassador. Prospective employers still need to know about your career experience, in any case. This will include projects or work history outside of brand management but still related to the field like, for instance, marketing internships, running promotions for your company, working as a direct sales consultant, or having a YouTube Channel or Instagram Profile with substantial followership.

6. Skills Summary/Key Skills: Make a list of all your skills and proficiencies that you deem relevant to the role of a brand ambassador. Now compare this list to the one from the job advertisement, and if you have similar skills but used different words or phrases, change those to reflect the verbiage from the job ad. This approach is called Resume SEO and will aid tremendously in beating the screening bots and applicant tracking systems.

7. Personal Website and/ Professional Social Media Profiles: In this section, you need to showcase your experience with visual examples. Include the link to your own webpage if you have one or to a portfolio page with examples of the campaigns and projects completed in the past. Social Media is a must, therefore include links to your Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Linked and Facebook URLs.

What to Highlight in a Brand Ambassador Resume

Did you know that Agency Managers or Brand Directors spend less than 6 seconds scanning a resume before deciding on whether or not to shortlist that particular candidate. Therefore you need to ‘’dress’’ your resume to impress without typing pages and pages of information. The ideal resume length is 1-2 pages. There are a few essential factors that employers and recruiters look for in a Brand Ambassador Resume to ensure you would be a good fit for the job and the team.

First up is the classification of your role. Mention whether you are working full time for one brand or part-time as per the event you are needed for. Some brand Ambassadors may work for multiple clients, especially relevant to the online web or Instagram influences. Brand ambassadors can be a complex, full-time position or a part-time, event-specific job. Let’s review the main types of Brand Ambassador programs.

  • College Brand Ambassador Program: Probably the one people think of first. Typically in this role, a brand or the company representing the brand will partner with students and reward them for using their internal network to create awareness about a product or service offering.
  • Affiliate Brand Ambassador Program: This position is aligned to network marketing where the ambassador would already have a following and then introduce or promote certain brands via blogging, or during their live streams on youtube. Affiliate Brand Ambassadors will also punt products via Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram, and they get paid a commission for every successful sale originating from those sites or pages. This type of role is not limited to one brand or product.
  • Requirement-Driven Brand Ambassador Program: If you are tasked with performing certain activities for branding in a specific time frame, your role is requirement based. You may be responsible for writing reviews of new products or making how-to guides on the product’s usage and benefits. For your efforts, you would receive free products or stipends from the brand.
  • Informal Brand Ambassador Program: Some companies run their awareness strategies on a less formal basis, calling up consumers and clients already using their products to encourage others in their network to buy the product or service. They get compensated with discounts or free sample size products for their marketing efforts to friends and connections.

The next aspect to highlight is the scope or purpose of your role, and Brand Ambassadors are categorized as follows:

  • Specialist Brand Ambassador: They typically permanent employees of the brand and have functions customized explicitly for them with corresponding social media platforms and tools.
  • Brand Activist: In this role, brand promotion takes place offline in other words, the influencer with promoting face to face by speaking to people introducing them to the brand and organizing brand-building events.
  • Marketing Partner: These brand gurus are not merely there to implement the strategies and marketing activities as directed by the brand manager. They get extensively involved n brainstorming and suggesting the most appropriate market and promotional strategies to create awareness and build brand followership.
  • Licensed Informant: Sounds a bit like cops and robbers, but licensed informants have particular knowledge and expertise that they use in conjunction with product promotion to build the brand. This could be, for example, a Dermatologist promoting a new pigmentation serum on behalf of a skincare brand, or a Professional Gamer promoting the latest augmented reality devices while interacting with other gamers.
  • Reputation Manager: These candidates are responsible to jump in when things go south by defending the brand's reputation when there is a public complaint or ‘’name & shame’’.
  • Promo Model: These are Brand Ambassadors who are recruited for their specific appearance and style that is similar to the image that the brand wants to convey.
  • Alcohol Sampler: Safe to say, probably the happiest of Brand Ambassador jobs. Alcoholic beverage companies are always looking for testers to try out their new products at parties, wine-tasting events, clubs, and bars. You would basically be going around armed with two or three bottles of sample products and give out free shooters and tastings to patrons for a couple of hours per night.
  • Costume Character/Mascot: When it talks like a duck and walk likes a duck, is it a duck? In this role, you get dressed to reflect the particular brand’s mascot think of Tiger Brands or KFC. Your sole purpose is to entertain customers, take selfies with them, and create a vibe around the brand.

The role of a brand ambassador can vary quite substantially from job to job or brand to brand. Therefore, make sure to provide information about the nature of your position. Are you tasked with demonstrating merchandise, and if so, is this face-to-face in-store or at an expo, or do you create videos for the brand’s Youtube channel? What kind of products do you demonstrate to customers, how long does a demonstration take, and which tool do you use to create your videos? These are all questions that a hiring manager would expect to see answered in your resume.

Further functions may include distributing samples to the public so you can mention whether you walk down the street and dish out products or organize for courier companies to deliver the sample products at the consumer’s home. Your expertise and advice are imperative to educate customers after they become aware of the product. Mention your educational strategy, for instance, Q&A webinars, giving a guest slot at ta radion station once a week, or responding to questions and inquiries on social media platforms.

Another topic to address is your ability to build the brand and generate sales. Brand Ambassadors often have products or merchandise that they transport with them to events and gigs to affect sales on the spot. Provide quantification here regarding your sales targets and actual products sold in terms of dollar values.

Time to mention your work setting and how you would interact with a target audience. For example, if you work for a company that sells craft beer, you may attend festivals like the October Fest or have a routine presence at sporting events. Explain your public interaction to show employers that you are a confident speaker with active listening skills and expert knowledge about the product.

*Cool Tip for a stellar resume: Finally, you can create an excellent first impression by including a snapshot of your successes on Social Media in terms of increased subscriptions or followerships, likes, thumbs-ups, and commentary from the audience. Use numbers and percentages and time frames.

Brand Ambassador Career Summary

The demand for Brand Ambassador roles (job seekers) and the supply (available openings) is reasonably balanced. However, you still only have 6 seconds to make an impression on the hiring manager. Get off to the right start with a fantastic career summary indicating your exceptional networking, presentation, and engagement skills for example. Add to the mix your highest qualification years of relevant industry experience, a wow factor or two, and that dream Brand Ambassador job has just become a step closer.

Examples Summaries:

Career Summary 1
Enthusiastic Ambassador with a unique capability to engage large crowds and have a product stand out in any scenario. A proven track record of boosting sales of existing products and creating quicker-than-normal uptake of new product lines via word of mouth and social media promotions. Completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and a course in Google Marketing Analytics.
Career Summary 2
Spunky College Brand Ambassador with 3+ years’ experience on the university campus, creating awareness and promoting an energy drink range in fraternity houses, dorm rooms, and the university canteen. Conduct brand building exercises during weekends in clubs and pubs around the campus grounds. Also responsible for direct promotions at major university sports events. Well versed in the competition’s product features to give a comparative analysis between a competitor product and the representative brand. 
Career Summary 3
Creative Copy and Content Writer with five years of experience in creating product reviews for a small base of niche clients in Women’s Sports Apparel. Has an established YouTube channel with over 100k subscribers watching a weekly live streams about innovation in women's fitness fashion. Actively engaging with audiences on Instagram and built up a brand followership of 500k within 12 months. Creative copywriter with three years of experience reviewing products and services. Fluent in English and Spanish and currently busy with brand building initiatives in Latin America.

Brand Ambassador Job Descriptions, Responsibilities and Duty Examples

The primary purpose of a Brand Ambassador is to raise brand awareness and increase sales. However, there is much more to the role than that.

The job descriptions below provide an overview of job duties for different types of Brand Ambassadors in a few selected industries. This list is not all that is out there, but will give you a foundation to create your own unique job description section.

A Brand Ambassador in Retail Advertising may:

  • Analyze business needs and compare with potential customer pools
  • Collaborate with sales manager on account activations and trial subscriptions
  • Communicate new developments with cross-functional teams
  • Conduct staff training to ensure proper brand representation
  • Create marketing plans based on regional business needs
  • Drive sales with trade-focused educational programs related to brand and product category
  • Engage store personnel and conduct product training (features and benefits) to boost brand awareness
  • Identify and secure venues for product displays (trade shows, markets, festivals, special events)
  • Interact with new clients to promote brand
  • Perform competitor research to supplement business planning
  • Promote market growth and profitability with innovative awareness campaigns
  • Negotiate shelf-spaces, instore competitions, promotions, and product line visibility


A Brand Ambassador with a focus on Sampling may:

  • Represent the “face” of the beverage brand
  • Seek out information on the pricing models of competitors and corresponding marketing strategies
  • Establish and maintain business relationships with vendors, suppliers, local trade communities, and distributors
  • Sampling product demos in high foot traffic areas within stores
  • Distribute marketing materials such as posters, banners flyers, and pop up signage to various outlets stocking the brand
  • Conduct direct marketing activities such as sticker bombing and direct sampling at clubs and sports events
  • Participate in event marketing where the brand is the main sponsor

A Brand Ambassador / Online Influencer may:

  • Initiate online word-of-mouth marketing with various competitions and lucky draws
  • Coordinate Snapchat takeovers and posts on message boards, forums and online community groups like Reddit and Google+
  • Invite friends, connections and associates from Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest to like the brand’s page and give reviews
  • Sharing content and links regarding new products, brand’s social responsibility events and upcoming specials on social media
  • Coordinate reviews generation on Yelp and Trip Advisor
  • Communicate the product value in terms of features, benefits, and price to customers
  • Track customer feedback, complaints, and compliments and deal with unsatisfied customers appropriately

Highlight Your Accomplishments

Do not be tempted to rehash your duties as achievement statements; no space for ‘’doubling up” in this section. Accomplishment statements and accolades amplify your personal brand, and they serve as proof that you are excellent at your job and would be a sought-after asset to any future employer.

Boost credibility with your accomplishments by highlighting numerical values as part of each statement.  These is called resume quantifications and are the microphones broadcasting your proficiency as a brand ambassador.

Below are examples of accomplishment statements for a Brand Ambassador Resume:

  • Experimented with innovative awareness and engagement techniques (online and offline) that increased sales of the flagship energy drink and limited edition products by 76% in 18 months
  • Successfully accumulated more than 150 solid leads for future outreach and marketing activities
  • Reduced customer complaints by 20% in the first 12 months with an automated response function on social media platforms
  • Built-up a digital call list with more than 750 influential fashion industry contacts and associates
  • Wrote over 150 articles related to fitness and leisure fashion merchandise and accessories

Brand Ambassador Education Section

Most Brand Ambassador positions require a minimum high school diploma qualification, but in some instances, current school pupils over the age of 16 may also participate as Brand Ambassadors depending on the labor laws of that specific state. In some other cases, associate or bachelor degrees are required, especially if the brand requires technical aptitudes such as engineering or IT products.

The education section forms an essential part of your resume because it points to your theoretical knowledge. When listing qualifications, be sure also to include, self-learning, training programs, courses, certifications, or other credentials attained.

Start with commencement date and completion date for diplomas, associate degrees, and bachelor degrees. For courses, you can just list the date of completion. Next comes the full name of the qualification, then the full name of the institution, and then the city or abbreviated state name. List your high school diploma details similarly, but only include this when you have less than five years of working experience.

Education for Brand Ambassador Resume:

2019 – Certified Inside Sales Professional (CISP), American Association of Inside Sales Professionals (AA-ISP), Dallas, TX

2019 – Brand Ambassador Certification, Brand Ambassador Institute, Online

2019 – The Brand Ambassador Blueprint Programme, Brand Ambassador World, Online

2018 Certified Key Accounts Manager (CKAM), Udemy, Online

2018 – Current Master’s Degree in Strategic Marketing Management, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

2012 – 2014 Bachelors Degree in Marketing Management, University of Illinois, IL

Coursework: Marketing Strategies, Marketing Planning, Research Methodologies, Buyer Behavior Fundamentals, Strategic Brand Marketing.


  • Achieved Summa Cum Laude
  • First Class Honours Society
  • Academic Excellence Award for 2014
  • Activities: Drama Club, Writers Club, Golf Club, Riding Club
  • Editor of Campus Newspaper

What to Write in a Brand Ambassador Resume Skills Section

Although the brand management field requires specific technical skills or core competencies, companies also look for other skills, called soft skills or interpersonal traits. These are the primary indicators pointing to your fit as a Brand Ambassador who has adequate knowledge and sufficient potential to boost sales by expanding client territories and increasing client retention. A smart way to present your skills is using a table format, such as the examples given below:

Core Competencies

Public SpeakingRelationship ManagementMarketing Intelligence
Product MarketingWeb Traffic GenerationProduct Demonstrations
Brand DevelopmentSocial Media StrategiesMarketing Tools
Executive Customer InteractionWebsite MarketingSeasonal Promotions
Trade Show PresentationBelow the line marketingBrand Awareness Campaigns
International Brand RepresentationAbove the line marketingSales & Expense Reporting
Product SalesCustomer InsightsReview Generation

Personal Traits

HunterCustomer RelationsConflict Handling
FarmerStrategic ThinkingInitiative
ListeningTime ManagementPersistence
CreativeProblem SolvingPersuasion
Detail OrientatedCrises ManagementTeamwork
PassionSocial PerceptivenessCollaboration

Tools & Tech

AmbassadorZuberanceDynamic Signal
Influitive’s AdvocateBrandBassadorTap Influencer
Hootsuite AmplifyBrand AmbassadorMobilize

Qualifications/Certifications associated with Brand Ambassadors

Bachelor of CommunicationMasters in Business AdministrationRISE Up Sales Certifications
Certification in Contract NegotiationsCertified Marketing Management ProfessionalCertified Professional Sales Person (CPSP)
Masters Degree in Marketing ManagementCertified Key Accounts Manager (CKAM)Certified Inside Sales Professional (CISP)
TIPS (Training for Intervention ProcedureS) CertificationField Marketing CertificationGraduate Certificate in Marketing & Brand Management
Certified Social Media MarketerGraduate Certificate in Brand and Product MarketingCertified Digital Marketer

Professional information for Brand Ambassadors

Sectors: Sales, Marketing, Advertising, Product or Service Dependent
Career TypeCustomer Retention, Client Acquisition, Networking, New Business Development, Marketing, Promotions, Sales
Person type:  Marketer Networker, Influencer, Communicator, Persuader, Negotiator, Pioneer, Reviewer
Education levels: High School Diploma to Masters’ Degree, Post School Certifications
Salary indicationFrom $7.25 – $35.25 per hour (*Indeed), From $42,526 to $64,657 per annum (
Labor market: Estimated 9% growth between 2014 – 2024 (*
Organizations: SME, Corporate, Commercial, Fortune 500, Multi-National, NPO’s, Federal, Government, Online, Ecommerce, International

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