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Are you on the lookout for a job as a cashier? We put together a cashier resume examples that you can download and edit in Word. In the light of the resume writing tips in this article, you will confidently end up with a professional resume after reading this full resume guide.

We provide examples for each section of the cashier resume to use for yourself.

As a cashier, you are responsible for handling transactions quickly and accurately. While at the same time, the cashier is representing the business.

Providing excellent customer service is a significant aspect of the job. Definitely a great feature to add in your resume. More on this later.

18 Cashier Resume Example Downloads

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Creative Your Resume

The Great Cashier Resume Writing Guide

Resume Sections

1. Contact Information:

  • Name, Last Name
  • Address
  • Cell Number
  • Email
  • Be sure to include alternative contact channels like your LinkedIn profile or Facebook URL details.

2. Resume Objective:
Recommended, should be specific and state what you are applying for

3. Qualifications Summary:
Provides key points related to the position

4. Work Experience:
Shows the employer your work experiences, if possible work-related and retail related.

5. Education/Licenses/Certifications:
List any professional development that better prepared you to work in the healthcare field

6. Skills Summary:
Incorporates keywords from the job posting and your specific skill set

Choose a Career Summary or Resume Objective

A brief career summary should be at the top of every resume.

It makes no difference if you have decades or no work experience at all. This section is where you shortly introduce yourself.

Titles you can use here as a header are: ‘Professional Summary,' ‘Career Objective,' ‘Summary of Experiences' and also an ‘About me' title can perfectly serve the purpose.

Career Objective – You can use a career objective when you are not applying to a specific job advertisement and are applying to a variety of jobs listings. When don't have a lot of professional experience, a career objective can be helpful. Also when you are on a big job hunt and emailing many applications, the career objective tells what you ares capable of and what job interests you have. See the examples below.

Career summary – A career summary is not much more than a brief and concise overview of your work history. Potential employers read here instantly what you are competent and experienced with. At the same time, this section serves as an introduction to the rest of your resume. See the examples below.

First – The first thing to remember is that your resume summary should instantly and positively engage the hiring managers to convince him/her that your resume is worth reading. The objective/ summary statement is essential when reading a resume. By all means, take your time to write it correctly to get your resume the attention it deserves!

Summary & Career Objective Examples

Cashier Summary & Objective with Experience:
“Enthusiastic cashier with two years experiences looking for the next challenging opportunity. With a solid track record of accuracy and high levels of customer service while providing a fast and effortless checkout process in busy environments. Quick learner and interested in new systems and technologies that help contain high levels of customer satisfaction. Proven flex ability, including night and weekend shift.”

Cashier Objective without experience:
“To obtain a Cashier position at Target using exceptional customer service skills and the ability to use the cash register effectively.”

 Cashier Summary with experience:
“Proficient, experienced cashier looking for an opportunity in a results-driven workplace. Motivated team player with a proven track record of providing a fast checkout while maintaining high levels of accuracy and customer service. Quick to learn new technology and develop in-depth product knowledge. Verifiable reliability, including weekend and night shifts.”

Cashier Summary without experience:
“A hard-working, happy and friendly high school graduate looking for a cashier position in retail or other industries. I show a clear understanding of customer service, maintaining good communication skills. Confident with math and on the spot calculations.”

Cashier Summary without experience:
“Motivated and reliable team player looking to find a cashier position in a part-time role to utilize my customer service skills.
My organizational, math and”

Cashier Resume Job Description & Responsibility

Most cashier position requirements are much alike. In other words, there is only a slight difference in the payment systems used.

Similarly, you may be aware that any cashier job will come with a variety of other duties and responsibilities.

A new employer seeks additional skills for you to provide extra value. To point out that you possess any valuable skills, make sure to list them! Either list them as work experience or otherwise in your skill section.

Cashier Job Descriptions & Responsibility Examples:

  • Provided excellent customer service.
  • Direct and help customers to where items are
  • Redeem stamps and coupons
  • Answered the company's phone calls
  • Demonstrated accuracy in cashiering, cash handling and credit card processing
  • Operated and balanced a cash register, stocked shelves, and utilized FPOS
  • Maintain clean and tidy checkout areas
  • Provide customer service to match customer needs
  • Checking prices to ensure they are correctly listed
  • Bag items correctly
  • Responsible for verifying and recording register balance at the close of business
  • Answered telephone inquiries, referred callers to the specific departments
  • Restocked Storage areas, replenished items on shelves
  • Participates in the training of junior staff
  • Processing returned articles: checking for damages and refund
  • Pleasantly engage with customers to ensure satisfaction
  • Assist other departments and functions as required
  • Directed clients to the appropriate person within the company
  • Greeted and directed customers to locations of products.
  • Cash handled; authorizes credit charges, balanced register, issue receipts, refunds, credits, or change due
  • Maintained refrigerator temperature logs
  • Process customer transactions
  • Maintain an accurate cash drawer while following company policies and procedures
  • Adhere to, and implement all applicable company standards

Cashier Skill Examples

There are essential skills and traits that a job-seeking cashier should state when they are looking for a cashier position.

  • Basic Math Skills
  • Communication skills
  • Positive attitude
  • Ability to efficiently and prioritize tasks
  • Strong product knowledge
  • Professional telephone manners
  • Ability to resolve customer disputes calmly and professionally
  • Flexible with working times
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Time management
  • Able to keep up my patience when customers are in odd terms
  • Reliable
  • Punctual
  • Comfortable standing for long periods of time
  • Attention to Detail

Cashier Resume Sample in MS Word. Docx

Cashier Resume Template

Action Verbs for your Resume


Cashier Cover letters

We suggest the following cashier cover letter examples if you need inspiration writing your very own.

Application Tracking Software

Beat Applicant Tracking Systems
Example of Applicant Tracking Software interface

Will you be applying for larger companies such as Target, Walmart, or other retail and supermarket chains?

The chances are high your resume passes Application Tracking Software (ATS). If that is the case, you want to check the job listings requirements.

You need to make sure you include at least several of the relevant keywords from the job posting, into your resume.

Why? Big corporations use computer that scan resumes they receive. They look at the most important word matches (‘customer service', ‘reliable' etc) from the job posting with your resume.

Not enough similarities? Then your resume can get rejected before even humans can take a look at it.

Even smaller companies may be using such ATS software.

Even though you might use the above cashier resume samples, we strongly recommend studying keywords from the job listing (and your own qualities). Then carefully implement them in your own resume.

Cashier Salary & Employment

The average retail cashiers' salary averages $9,13 per hour in the United States. Generally speaking, the salary of head cashiers can top this as the head functions require more duties and responsibilities.

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