Childcare Worker Resumes & Guide

When it’s time for your next Childcare worker job, it’s crucial first to check out what a top-notch Childcare worker resume sample looks like. Making sure your resume gets recruiters interested instantly is the name of our game.

Just think about this for a second. You’re applying for an incredibly difficult job, and getting this job is almost as hard! Daycare centers only want the best, and so do the parents. Our Childcare worker guidelines to a kick-ass resume will help you make a resume so good, and they’ll want to put it on their fridge.

20 Childcare Worker Resume Examples

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Childcare Worker Resume Writing Guide

Resume Sections:

  1. Contact information
  2. Career objective & Summary
  3. Employment History
  4. Achievements
  5. Education
  6. Skill Section
  7. Certification & Licensing
  8. Extras: Languages/Awards/Publications/Volunteering/hobbies
  9. > Professional information

1. Contact information

  • First Name and Last Name
  • Email
  • Physical Address
  • LinkedIn Profile / Portfolio Link

What to Highlight in a Childcare Worker Resume

It takes a recruiter an average of 7 seconds to skim a resume and decide if it’s a yes or no. this means your resume has to be flawless. Childcare workers educate and assist in the childhood development of children between the ages of 4 and 6 (Basically their first school years).

Both private and public schools hire Childcare workers to deliver education that forms the base of physical, cognitive, mental, and emotional building blocks.

So, what do you actually put in a Childcare worker's resume, considering the multifaceted nature of the job?

Below are several highlights you should include in your resume that will make everyone involved very happy and confident:

  • Begin with a smashing resume summary/ objective to catch everyone’s eye.
  • Follow that up with work history, with your latest position first.
  • Include a section for education, skills, and accreditations to attract the recruiter.
  • End it with additional sections to help you stand out from the competition.

The order of the sections can vary depending on your experience level, but we’ll get to that shortly.

*Pro Tip: Please save your resume in PDF format!! This will guarantee it will open on every device, still looking amazing, not warped.

Your lovely resume may even be deleted straight away if you don’t use the correct format, so pay attention to the guidelines.

  • Don’t forget to mention any guidance, mentoring, and discipline experience. You’ll be expected to introduce and maintain standard rules of acceptable social behavior, social skills, table manners, and personal hygiene. Discuss your methods for disciplining children to the right any inappropriate behavior and motivating trust and self-esteem.
  • Provide the particular duties/ KPIs you were accountable for. Because the resume length limits are restrictive, give 6-8 specific daily obligations and don’t generalize. A great way to do this is to detail the more important aspects of your “normal workday.” Explain the main purpose of your job.

*Cool Tip for a stellar resume: Including any drawings/ thank you cards from previous learners or letters of recommendation from parents and teachers will help give your resume more professional credit. Create an account on google drive/ Pinterest with all of these things and attach the link to the account in your resume.

2. Career Summary & Objectives

This section may just be the most critical section in your resume, as it gives the recruiter a summarized version of what the entire resume holds. You want to smash this section out of the park because if the recruiter isn’t impressed by this section, they won’t read your resume.


A clever little trick is copying and pasting the job advert’s wording to guarantee your application is aligned with the job description. For instance: if the job advert asks for empathy, the capacity to motivate learners, and passion, utilize these exact phrases and words in your career summary.

After that, add in 1 or 2 exceptional qualities like your ability to connect with kids who are differently-abled or to assist struggling learners to better their writing skills. Then, to top it off, the last sentence should include your highest qualification and licensing credentials.

Your career summary/ objective should be at the beginning of your resume under the contact info and preferably in a slightly bigger font to make it stand out. It should be 3- 5 sentences long.

You’ve noticed there are two options: resume summary or resume objective. Which do you choose?

If you possess several years’ experience in childcare, create a resume summary.

Your introduction is with your best qualities: the main accomplishment, applicable experience, and core skills. The best career summaries are quantified, so add in those numbers.  

If you’re a little light on experience with childcare, create an objective instead.

The career objective introduces your ambitions and utilizes numbers to quantify your achievements. However, as your proficiencies, experience, and accomplishments may come from a different field, make sure what you write applies to childcare.


Childcare Worker Summary 1

Enduring and reliable childcare specialist with 4+ years of experience in creating quality care plans and organizing childcare programs. Achieved monthly increases in program assessments of 17% and decreased childcare service complaint investigation time by 23%.

Childcare Worker Summary 2

Empathetic high school math teacher with five years’ experience, meticulously supervising young adults and communicating efficiently. Looking to leverage an honest passion for child enrichment with top-tier satisfaction scores (100%) to grow with Donald’s Daycare as the newest childcare taker.

Childcare Worker Summary 3

Empathetic, meticulous childcare worker with a wealth of patience. Have delivered nanny care for five different clients. Received five written recommendations from parents for proficiency and good-naturedness. Non-smoker. Qualified in First Aid and CPR.

Childcare Worker Summary 4

Empathetic, non-smoker childcare worker with 6+ years experience. Looking to improve daily care for Jimenez's family. Worked as a live-in nanny for 3+ years. Guaranteed physical activity 330 days/ year. Boosted math scores by 39% through tutoring. Drove children daily with a 100% clean driving record. Qualified Child Development Associate (CDA).

*Pro Tip: Create your summary/ objective last. When you write the whole resume first, you’ll be able to compile all the best info for your summary/ objective.

3. Employment History & Samples

If you can calm a colicky baby, you can pacify the recruiter. It’s basic science. How, you ask? With an intriguing work history section.

Probably the best way to accomplish this is to list your amazing experience, so you highlight your proficiency. Don’t forget to include the verbs and keywords straight from the job advert. When listing your work experience, do it in reverse chronological order. This is so that your latest and best work experience is seen first.

Child Care Coordinator Livelihood Planning Commission, New York, NY

(Jan 2014- Dec 2019)

  • Guaranteed a professional standard of care while monitoring the quality of services delivered through methodical formal supervision, consultation of the case, and staff meetings monthly.
  • Supervised collecting and analyzing program data timeously to produce reports, evaluate program performance, and determine needs.
  • Founded training programs and staff development to guarantee professional, informed service by upgrading staff skills.

Child Care Provider St. Thomas Early-Learning Center, New York, NY

(Jan 2013- Dec 2016)

  • Gave support and assistance to teachers in the academic areas.
  • Created activities that allowed children to initiate activities, solve problems, experiment, explore, question, and master notions through active learning.
  • Prepared and managed children on adventures and outings.

Job Descriptions Examples

Potential employers will expect to see several core skills and duties in your resume. Below is a fairly long list of examples you may use to tailor this section in your resume.

A Childcare worker’s duties may include:

  • Providing social and emotional support to parents and families.
  • Supervising and guiding volunteers/ student workers, guaranteeing daily schedules and procedures are followed.
  • Establishing and maintaining high-quality relationships with learners and their families.
  • Participating in assorted admin tasks of the developmental play program.
  • Ensuring a safe area for playing, including childproofing the play area, choosing safe toys, and cleaning the toys.
  • Supervising learners inside and outside the classroom.
  • Providing personalized infant and childcare educational programs to parents/ families.
  • Providing oversight and caring for a group of children according to the credential and licensing requirements of the state.
  • Maintaining a developmentally applicable curriculum within the classroom.
  • Attending staff meetings, workshops, and training.
  • Maintaining professional conduct and licensing standards.
  • Understanding of fundamental operations and personal computer terminology, knowing how to use e-mail and the Internet.
  • Providing for the individual care and needs of every child registered in the classroom.
  • Planning, organizing, and implementing developmentally suitable tasks for children aged 12 to 30 months.
  • Providing training, supervising, and monitoring student workers, teaching staff, and volunteers, guaranteeing adherence to daily schedules and routines.
  • Communicating with parents/ families verbally and in writing concerning the progress of their children and conducting parent meetings as required.
  • Providing and maintaining a motivating environment that meets 3-STAR guidelines.
  • Maintaining daily, weekly and monthly records.
  • Planning, attending, and participating in extracurricular programs.
  • Collaborating with director and other staff members in organizing and maintaining environment to support aims of the program.

4. Accomplishments

Your accomplishment statements are super important as they highlight your teaching, coaching, supporting, and guiding abilities in shaping the minds of tomorrow. Make sure you quantify (add numerical values to your statements) your statements, though, because this adds a level of measurement to your statements that showcases the extent of your proficiency.

You must choose 3-6 achievements you think set you apart from the competition. If this is difficult, just try to think of moments in your career that make you the proudest because of their benefits for the learners/ workplace. Then just add an action verb to give it a bit of oomph.

This section is your time to impress the recruiters. If you can’t present your accomplishment statements well, they will assume you’re just another generic application. So, spending a bit of time to craft this section perfectly will go a long way in improving your chances of securing the job.

Quantification 101

This is simply adding numbers and values to beef up your statements. It helps recruiters decide how valuable you really are. Things like time frames, volumes, and frequencies are what we are talking about. Check out the examples below:

Examples of statements that have NOT been quantified:

  • Achieved “Childcare Worker of the Month.”
  • Accomplished monthly increases in program evaluations.
  • Improved time of childcare service complaint investigation.
  • Guaranteed children participated in physical activity on most days.
  • Helped children by tutoring math. As a result, learners’ test scores increased considerably.

Now, look at the change when quantification is added:

  • Achieved “Childcare Worker of the Month” for three months consecutively.
  • Accomplished monthly increases in program evaluations of 14%
  • Improved time of childcare service complaint investigation by 29%.
  • Guaranteed children participated in physical activity 325 days per year.
  • Helped children by tutoring math. As a result, learners’ test scores increased by 39%.

5. Education Section

This section should include comprehensive details of your qualifications, certifications, and courses completed.

Your post-school qualifications may be listed as follows:

Write it up like this:

  • Begin with the starting and end date for bachelor’s degrees, diplomas, and associate degrees.
  • Full name of qualification and institution you went to.
  • Give the location and state name (especially where licenses and accreditations are concerned, which may be state-specific).

If you have fewer than five years’ experience, provide your High School details as well. Then, beef it up with your GPA scores, academic honors, extracurricular activities, and leadership roles.  

If you’ve finished your tertiary education, forgo the high school info. However, if your degree is still in the process of being completed, give your high school info as an “extra” below it.

Basically, if your education is more impressive than your current experience, then you’ll want to put your education section before the work experience section straight after the career summary/ objective.

*Pro Tip: If you provide Coursework applicable to childcare, you’ll make a great impression. Such courses include child advocacy, childcare, family planning, youth programming, and early education.


2020- Master’s degree Majoring in Early Care and Education. Brooklyn College, Brooklyn, NY.

2014- 2018 BS in Child Development. Hunter University, New York, NY.
Minor: Early Childhood Education
Relevant Coursework: human development, human environmental sciences, family studies.

2012 – Early Learning Program Accreditation, National Association for the Education of Young Children, Miami, FL.

2016 – Member, National Kindergarten Alliance, Online.

6. Skills

This industry is expected to grow up to 7% between 2015 through 2025, by roughly 87,000 jobs in the US alone, and there’ll be more competition too.

It doesn’t matter if this is your first resume or your 10th. Provide the skills they are asking for.

Firstly, write the vital child-caregiver hard skills and soft skills. Hard skills are skills that can be taught and measured objectively, like Microsoft Office. Soft skills are learned as you develop (e.g., instructional skills, empathy, etc.).

It’s obvious that Childcare workers must be passionate for children, be role models, improve their learning/ development and act as key figures of authority, making them feel nurtured and safe. These all need many soft skills, but also technical competencies.

A clever way to begin this section is to make it personal by integrating it into the roles you play every day:

  • Instructor: Teaches physical, social and mental skills. Instructing students in reading, maths, art, and music. Facilitating the practice of skills and preparing students for the first grade of elementary school.
  • Disciplinarian: Enforcing rules of standard behavior and reprimanding/ course-correcting actions of students where necessary. Providing routine environments and boundaries.
  • Private Tutor: Assisting learners with learning difficulties in private, after-class environments to better understand and conduct extra revision tasks.
  • Counselor: Calm emotions, comforting and supporting students who are susceptible to stress during the change from pre-school to kindergarten. Listening to problems and helping them deal with their sad feelings, anger, and issues with self-esteem.
  • Nurse: CPR- certified with basic first aid knowledge to deal with injuries on the playground/classroom.
  • Cheerleader: Motivating, inspiring, and encouraging students to contribute to classroom activities, overcoming difficult tasks and enhancing self-worth, building their inner confidence in their capabilities.
  • Liaison: Communicating with parents and providing them with an open ear and supporting structure to assist their children in achieving their best potential. Enhancing parental involvement/ working together for the holistic education of the child.

Next, you should focus particularly on presenting your soft skills. Please don’t use a massive bullet point list. It’s boring and out-of-date. Instead, write them up in a skills matrix like the one shown below. If you have any hard skills or tech skills, make separate skills matrix tables for each.

Interpersonal Traits


Do yourself a favor, in any case. DO NOT bombard the recruiters with a skills section so big that it makes their eyes hurt. They don’t want that, and neither do you! Instead, go check out the job advert and see what skills they are looking for.

Then, if you possess those skills, write them into your resume word for word because there is a computer system tracking your application looking for those keywords! Can you believe that?
If you don’t use those keywords, the tracking system discards your resume.
So, keep it concise and specific to the job advert for the job you’re applying for.

*Pro Tip: Even though the most sought-after skills are soft skills, be sure to look for any hard skills (CPR & First Aid). They are super vital for the employers and your resume.

7. Qualifications & Certifications associated with Childcare workers

Diploma in Education ManagementMaster’s in Business AdministrationPraxis ParaPro Assessment
Bachelor of Special Needs EducationBlackBoard Super UserDiploma in Peer-to-Peer Learning Principles
Project Base Learning DiplomaCourse in Differentiated Instruction MethodologiesMaster’s Degree in Childhood Psychology
BED: Licensure: Elementary EducationNew Jersey State CEASPre-Professional Skills Test (PPST)

8. Other Sections for Childcare Workers

Oh? So, you love working with kids? Then, get in line, because so does everyone else competing against you for the job.

We’re begging you, please don’t be generic and boring because you have to stand out! Additional sections in your resume will help you to do that:

  • Certifications- it doesn’t matter if you have a degree or not. You must have at least certification for childcare jobs and daycare workers.

This is a list of the more recognized ones:

  • American Red Cross Advanced Child Care License
  • Child Development Associate (CDA) Credential
  • Certified Child Care Professional (CCP)
  • CPR and First Aid
  • Early Childhood Generalist from the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) via National Board Certification (NBC)

Check these organizations out for more info:

  • International Nanny Association
  • Child Care Aware
  • National Association for the Education of Young Children
  • National Association for Family Child Care
  • National Early Childhood Program Accreditation
  • Council for Professional Recognition

Volunteer Work- A fantastic idea to beef up your resume if you don’t have much experience yet.

Languages- Parents love their children learning additional languages during these years, so childcare jobs always look for someone with the skills.

Hobbies & Interests- Pastimes help recruiters to see you more as a person, which is crucial if you’re working with children. Try and add hobbies/interests relevant to childcare if you can (playing instruments, drawing, etc.).

*Pro Tip: Put volunteer work and language abilities in their own sections. You don’t want them to get lost in the other sections during the skimming process.

Professional information on Childcare workers

Sectors: Education, Training, Childcare
Career Type: Differentiated Instruction, Children-Centered Learning, Early Childhood Development, Peer-to-Peer Learning, Project-Based Learning, Counselling, Childminding, Child Safety, Child Security
Person type:  Supervisor, Cheerleader, Disciplinarian, Liason, Helper, Tutor, Counsellor, Coordinator, Instructor, Guide
Education levels: Post School Education orBachelor’s degree and upwards
Salary indication: Average of $ 33 129 per annum  (
Labor market: Average growth of 2% between 2019 – 2029 (BLS)
Organizations: Childcare Centres, Hospitals, Creches, Private Families, Kindergarten Centers, Private Schools, Public Schools, Charter Schools

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