Customer Service Executive Resume & Writing Guide

Last Updated on November 4, 2022

Customer Service Executive

Looking for your first, or next, job as a Customer Service Executive can seem like a daunting task. That’s where we come in to help you. 

A great way to start is to check out a solid example of a Customer Service Executive resume sample. Competition out there is tough, and you want to be sure your resume will stand out from the rest.

Our “How to Make a Resume Guideline for Customer Service Executive Roles guide will help you do just that.

Customer Service Executive Resume Examples

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Customer Service Executive Resume Guide

Resume Sections:

  1. Contact information
  2. Profile Summary
  3. Work History 
  4. Achievements
  5. Education 
  6. Skill Section
  7. Certification & licensing
  8. Extras: Languages/Awards/Publications/Volunteering/hobbies

What to Highlight as Executive

Irrespective of your experience level as a Customer Service Executive, there will be several things managers and recruiters must know about you to guarantee you’ll make a good fit for their team: 

  • You must describe all of your experience regarding an area of industry or type of product. It’s always best to be specific when explaining this because there are millions of different businesses in the world offering everything you can imagine. Don’t make the recruiters guess. 
  • Concisely explain which methods and platforms you use to communicate with clients, as Customer Service Executives liaise with clients in many different ways. Examples would be CRM systems such as Austin Logistics Blackbaud The Raiser's Edge, CalTech, Telemation, Salesforce Software, e-CRM.
  • Explain the meaning of your job in detail. Customer Service Executives handle clients and customers, providing information in response to questions regarding services and products and handling and resolving complaints. These roles can be separated into three categories of clients: new customers, existing customers, and retention clients (customers about to cancel their subscriptions). Sales experience and negotiation skills are needed for retention clients as the goal is to offer them competitive alternatives to keep them as clients. 
  • As before, be specific when explaining which tools you use to present these presentations (PowerPoint, Airtable, Zoom, WebEx). After the connection is made in person, online, or over the phone, the Customer Service Executive explains how a certain service or product will meet the specific client's needs. A Customer Service Executive’s day is spent mostly tending to client queries, complaint resolution, order-taking, and signing clients up for specific services.

*Cool Tip for a stellar resume

Quantifying the information surrounding your core responsibilities will create a fantastic first impression on potential employers. An example would be surpassed target number of calls taken daily by 28%. 

Career Summary & Objectives Examples

Potential employers have a mountain of resumes to look through and a very limited time to do it. Help them out by keeping your career summary/objective concise and pointed. The most applicable info must go first to catch their attention. They must see instantly that you’re great at interacting with clients, especially the really difficult ones (we can all think of at least a few of them, can’t we?) 

Let’s see about how we can create a proper career summar/objective:

Also called a resume profile, the resume summary or objective statement is a short 4-6 sentence introduction paragraph. It provides recruiters with a brief summary of your resume, works goals, experience, background, and achievements. But which one (summary or objective) do you use?

If you have over three years of work experience, do a career summary. The resume summary concisely “sums up” your work experience and proficiencies in customer service and management. As a cherry on top, provide achievement in your previous job with a quantifiable number to highlight the job's efficiency. 

If you have little or zero work experience, the career objective is the one for you. You may still provide achievements in previous “alternative experience” related to customer service. Still, instead of explaining your experience and background, you win the recruiter over with your career ambitions and enthusiasm. 

Begin the career summary/objective with your years’ experience in the industry and your key responsibilities. Using the job advert as a guide when choosing which tasks to include is invaluable. Should the job you’re applying for state need someone who can manage large call volumes or travel to client locations, utilize those exact same words and phrases? 

REMEMBER: If your resume relates to the job advert, you’ll seem like a good fit for the job. 

Make sure to include a line that highlights your exceptional features that will add value to the team. Recruiters are interested in knowing if you possess solid people skills, excellent negotiation abilities, creative engagement abilities, and a talent for resolving queries. You absolutely have to prove these qualities in your experience section to boost your cred. 

Lastly, finish up your summary with any educational degrees/ diplomas certified courses/ professional memberships you might have that are relevant to the job.

Pro-Tip: Create your Customer Service Executive Resume Summary or Objective last, after you have composed the rest of your resume.

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Lively Customer Service Executive with 5+ years’ work experience in solving complicated customer queries. Passionate about constructing sustainable customer relationships, increasing brand loyalty, and improving customer engagement.

Likable Senior Customer Service Executive with 14+ years’ experience in a fast-paced call center environment. Proficient at converting angry customer feedback into practical solutions that increase income, better customer loyalty, and improve processes. Seeking a senior Customer Services Role at VVX Ltd.

Devoted Customer Service Executive who continually employs customer service ideas towards the creating a larger profit margin. Skillful at training and developing customer service professionals, examining customer service problems with customers, and collaborating with executives to develop the customer experience. Concentrates in technology and service product providers.

Capable and experienced customer service executive. Well-versed in problem-solving, managing product training, and acting as a go-between for customers and industries. It is ready to guarantee customers are always happy with services and products, resulting in increased company profits and greater reputation.

Employment History & Examples

In customer service, you want that 10 Net Promoter Score. You want the same thing here. For the recruiters to give you that score of 10, give them a job experience section that gets their blood pressure going like Black Friday does! 

Here’s how to do just that:

  1. Start by providing your most recent job and work backward through your other jobs from there. 
  2. Give your title, employment dates, name of the company, and 4-6 bullet points explaining your obligations. 
  3. The less recent your job, the fewer bullet points you should provide. 
  4. Begin each entry with solid action verbs (e.g., corresponded, eliminated, etc.).
  5. Provide 2 or 3 quantifiable achievements to prove you’re competent in this role. 

Learn to mold your resume to the specific job you’re applying for. Recruiters can’t stand standard resumes. 


Customer Services Executive at Mediatrix

February 2014 – December 2017

Liable for monitoring relationships with hotels, offering quality levels of customer service and account management backing. Partnered with local management to develop and improve customer service organization design, including systems and process design.

  • Handling customer communications and guaranteeing all new admission call activities are following set guidelines.
  • Sharing best information and practices with colleagues and teams helps achieve the set sales targets and monitors apt collection procedures, maintaining the customer service focus.
  • Overcoming clients’ objections/ rejections of company products and attended calls professionally, offering total information about products, obtain details about complaints, and taking/order cancels. 
  • Keeping records of customer communications, complaints, transactions, comments, and actions taken, forms and applications, and processing orders. 

Customer Services Executive at Invok Brands

February 2014 – January 2019

Accountable for revolutionizing and observing monthly metrics for customer service for every service professional, re-designing the company’s customer service strategies to focus on the customers’ experience.

  • Built Customer Relationship Management database for company, utilized by management and the other customer service associates in tracking and resolving customer queries.
  • Coordinating with shipping department concerning customers’ address changes, exchanges, and refunds.
  • Organizing customer service and fulfillment department arrangements, increasing customer sales, and responding more proficiently to customer queries.
  • Mentoring 10 associates in creating a customer service team, which led to promotion to head of customer service department in December 2013.

Pro Tip: If you have limited- to- no experience in customer service or management, include the management/ customer service experience you do have, even if it’s from a different industry. These skills are transferable, and recruiters will like reading that. 


Job Descriptions, Responsibilities, and Duties

The recruiter will expect to read about the following proven core responsibilities and proficiencies in your resume, obviously depending on your experience level. Below are several examples of face-to-face, telephone, and live chat customer service roles.


A Customer Service Executive in a Face-to-Face setting:
  • Constantly building up knowledge concerning company services and products.
  • Building reliability with customers by engaging with them in an amicable, friendly, and professional manner, delivering excellent service, and nurture viable relationships.
  • Responding quickly to customer queries about orders, quotes, status requests, product returns, complaints, and warranties.
  • Keeping daily recordings and logging tickets for inquiry resolutions in the electronic database. 
  • Identifying and addressing customer needs, aiming for total client satisfaction.
  • Providing expert answers to queries regarding pricing, products, and availability and explaining the value of services and products to customers.
A Customer Service Executive in a Telephone-based/Call Center environment in the Banking Industry:
  • Handling calls from credit card cardholders. 
  • Assisting cardholders with billing questions, account inquiries, payment actions, financial planning, and service promotions.
  • Helping customers with credit line increases/ decrease queries, discusses, and account education.
  • Collaborating with clients to fix credit card arguments, written or verbal.
  • Allocating payments into customers’ accounts directly, observing customer and company stipulations.
  • Maintaining and exceeding the bank’s recognized compliance, quality, and customer service standards.
  • Documenting every customer's account access with the information provided, which includes the result of the call.
A Customer Service Executive in a Live Chat:
  • Handling message inquiries from customers via the live chat platform.
  • Assisting subscribers with account inquiries, billing problems, and payments. 
  • Aiming to solve every problem that arises, by responding to messages within 1 minute. 
  • Answering customers’ questions quickly, and should the inquiries be more intricate, keep them in the loop with feedback and expected waiting time.
  • Following protocols when resolving issues or answering the question.
  • Documenting written chats and the results, classified as “query solved” or “query escalated” to call center department.
  • Providing real-time support and giving customers useful links to Q&A sites, assisting them with their questions.
  • Offering customers access to company URLs for more information regarding the latest services and products.
  • Keeping track of common patterns when talking with customers, and sharing the patterns with the service department.

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Highlight Your Accomplishments

 It’s very tempting to do the whole “copy and paste” thing from the list of responsibilities you do under the experience section. DO NOT DO THIS. It’s lazy, and it will come back to bite you, as you won’t stand out from the other applicants. No standing out means no interview, which means no job. 

The whole point is to identify what makes you special. What have you done in your previous jobs that makes you proud? Communicate those achievements with punchy statements that grab the recruiters’ attention…


Flat, Simple Duty:

  • Answered customer questions punctually. 

Accomplishment Statement:

  • Focused on solving every problem that may appear by replying to messages within 1 minute, improving customer service ratings by 29%.

Quantifying Your Resume

Did you notice how awesome the accomplishment statement above sounded when you added some numbers to it? That’s what we mean by quantifying your resume. The trick is, if you can answer the “how much?” and “how many?” question about your statement, you’re winning. Using numbers can prove to the recruiter how well you work and if you’ll add value to the team. For instance:

  • How many customer calls do you answer on a weekly basis?
  • What is your query- to- resolution ratio?
  • What does your monthly retention figure look like?

Now, below are statements without quantification (snooze fest, what not to do):

  • Assisted customers every month to refinance their mortgages because of personal problems such as health complications or retrenchment. 
  • Engaged with numerous customers daily via the live messaging system to resolve their inquiries.
  • Achieved several awards for excellence in service from the company. 
  • Executed a waste reduction strategy. 
  • Cut customer service staff turnover after a promotion to team leader.

Jazz them up with numbers, and you are halfway through to the shortlist pile:

  • Assisted an average of 27- 36 customers every month to refinance their mortgages because of personal problems such as health complications and retrenchment. 
  • Engaged with 78 clients daily via the live messaging system, resolving 93% of inquiries.
  • Received the 2016 “New York State Customer Service Executive of the Year” from Wall Mart.
  • Initiated a waste reduction strategy, reducing waste by 56% over one year.
  • Cut customer service staff turnover by 30% after a promotion to team leader.

Education Section

Normally, all you need to be a customer service executive is a high school diploma. Today though, potential employers are becoming more interested in associate degrees.  

Regardless of that, your education section should still be written up correctly, regardless of your educational level. 

This is how you write a killer education section: 

  1. If you have a degree, include the starting and finishing dates and the degree name, college name, and location of the college.
  2. Suppose you have completed high school but no degree, no problem. Give the date of your graduation, high school diploma, your school’s name, and location of the school. 
  3. If you’ve completed university, don’t put your high school details in.  
  4. If you’re in the process of finishing a degree, give your high school diploma details as above, as well as your degree in-progress. 

Pro Tip: Applicable coursework in a customer service manager resume doesn’t have to be only customer service-related classes. You should include courses associated with leadership and business as well. 

If you have more than one degree, add them both. Please remember to include any courses/ workshops you may be completing as we speak. Just make sure the courses/ workshops are relevant. Recruiters don’t care about your baking classes. 

Below are examples of it when laid out:

2018 Bachelor of Science in Retail Management. University of Florida, Florida, FL.

Relevant Coursework: Management Communications, Retail Purchasing, Sales and Sales Management, Consumer Behavior, Project Management, Supply Chain Management, Business Leadership, Organizational Behavior, Retail Store Operations.

2016 High School Diploma. Eastwood High School, California, CA. 

2015 Customer Service Management Certificate—American Public Power Association Online. 

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Resume Skills Section

Yes, this work field requires certain technical skills, but potential employers also look for your soft skills. These skills are your personality traits/ skills that show the employer if you are a good fit for their team who will add value by achieving targets, is knowledgeable and experienced enough to handle, attract and engage with customers? Integrate these skills into your summary, and into your accomplishment statements.

For this reason, make sure to list all your technical AND soft skills in your job skill list. 

You’ll want to have the job advert open in front of you for this one. In order to find the proper keywords to use in your resume, take a look under the “job requirements” part and use those words.

If you see any noted skills listed in the job advert that you happen to have, include them in your skills list! 

Pro Tip: Remember molding your resume? As best you can, use the exact words from the job ad to guarantee you match their requirements. 


Verbal & Written Communication SkillsTask DelegationHelp Desk Software (Zoho Desk, Salesforce Desk, etc.)Decision Making Skills
Critical ThinkingWorks Well Under PressureCustomer Satisfaction SkillsFront-End Supervision
Retail OperationsPeople SkillsEscalation ManagementNet Promoter Score (NPS)
Product / Service KnowledgeProblem SolvingLeadership SkillsClient Support Tickets & Ticketing Systems
Patience EmpathyCustomer Experience SkillsCost-Reduction Strategies

Qualifications/ Certifications associated with Customer Service Executives:

BA in Retail Service ManagementBA in Customer ServiceBA in Service Management – Non-Profit Enterprise
ISM Diploma in Sales and MarketingBA in Service Management – BankingCertified Client Service Specialist (CCSS)
Associates Degree in Marketing ManagementICM Certification in Sales & MarketingCertified Client Service Professional (CCSP)

Optional Extras for Customer Service Executive Resumes:

There’s a fair chance of many people applying for the same job you are, and their resume will have the same section. How will you make yourself stand out?  

You can include a few “extra” sections in your resume! This will help you stand out and alleviate some of the boredom the recruiters feel reading resume after same old resume. 

For example:


2013 Bullseye Mart New York State Manager of the Year

2015 Tarzhay Stores Friendliest Customer Service Agent


2014 Customer Service Management Certificate—American Public Power Association


Spanish: fluent

Arabic: Conversational Proficiency


National Customer Service Association (NCSA)

The Association of Support Professionals (ASP)

The Institute of Customer Service (ICS)

Customer Services Executive Resumes

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Professional Information of Customer Service Executives

All industries
Career Type: Service, Customer queries, Client Service, Client Relations
Person type:  Negotiator, Engager, Assistant, Fixer, Problem Solver
Education levels: High School Diploma to Masters’ Degree
Salary indication: Between $201,857 and $290,712 per annum (
Labor market: Average of 2% decline between 2019 – 2029 (BLS)
Organizations: Unlimited including SME, Fortune 500, Government, NPO, Corporate, Commercial