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Last Updated on July 21, 2021

Digital marketing manager

Are you seeking a new job as a Digital Marketing Manager? Pause for a second and review our stellar Digital Marketing Resume samples and accompanying write-up below!

In our Guideline on how to write a Digital Marketing Manager Resume, we will explain in step by step format, the most important aspects that hiring managers and recruiters would be looking for in your resume before they make the decision to invite you for an interview.

Digital Marketing Manager Resume Samples

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Digital marketing manager Resume Writing Guide

What to Highlight in a Digital Marketing Manager Resume

Companies wanting to fill an opening for a Digital Marketing Manager will look for someone who can design and implement an integrated digital marketing strategy with all the know-how and confidence in execution and management.

Practical skills will include a solid management style, designing websites, creating content that will boost the product and company, running marketing campaigns via social media and emails, and analyzing social media and digital marketing information, data, and feedback. 

This is an exciting and sought-after career, but the industry is challenging, ever-changing, and cut-throat, so you will have to pull out all the stops and add all the bells and whistles to get noticed. 

Being the marketing manager, you will do more than just writing and executing strategies; you will also manage budgets, people, and expectations.  Your resume has to reflect these, and many other qualities of your driven personality and career path that will stand out and shout ‘hire me’ above the heap of other applications. 

Start with all the digital channels you are familiar with and have experience in utilizing. Explain, for instance, how you are using these channels like your company’s website, the social media channels used, search engine rankings, email marketing campaigns, online display ads, and corporate blogs in efforts to create brand awareness and attract more business.

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Analytics is a crucial part of the Digital Marketing Manager. Now you can enhance your competencies by mentioning measurable analytics used to identify where improvements in these channels are needed.

Explain how to implement methods to turn channel weaknesses into channel strengths to improve overall performance. For instance, if you use Google Analytics, elaborate on how you interpret its data and spot weaknesses and strengths. 

Hiring managers will also be very interested in your SEO & SEM experience. The third step is showcasing your expertise and understanding of how vital online searches are for a product and service when pushing digital ads. 

As a manager, you also have to be able to unleash and analyze the data of the digital strategies you are responsible for. You need to use data to set up goals and monitor client conversions.

Give examples of how data helps you understand customer behavior, such as their needs and concerns, and tracking their behavior while using marketing channels and other platforms. It is essential to mention how the above can help a manager develop better solutions where necessary and find ways traffic can be improved for different media channels. 

Then it is time to elaborate more on the audio-visual side of your experience and explain to hiring managers how you produce necessary video content, create scripts, and conduct editing activities. Remember to mention the software you and your team are using.

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People in marketing are creative, and the next up is to glance over your creative writing skills when producing marketing content. Brag a bit about your creativity, especially if you can give examples by including URL links to blogs, articles, case studies, guides, and ebooks you have written. 

Design Thinking and Consistency of digital channels are vital to attracting and retaining customers. Explain to recruiters how you measure user experience to ensure they keep coming back. Do you use Live Chat on your web page to check if customers find it simple and effective to use? Also, explain how you, as the manager, analyze this feedback from customers. If you have implemented successful concepts and strategies for improving the customer experience, mention these as well. 

Finally, with all the digital activity under wraps, you also need tangible objectives and engagement principles to be a manager, therefore in closing, mention your talents that will add value to the position. Maybe you are an eloquent writer with an arsenal of words and ideas writing marketing material to influence and interest potential customers. 

*Cool Tip for stellar resume

Visually show potential employers what you have accomplished in the exciting digital marketing environment! Create a portfolio of strategies, plans, campaigns, and ideas that you were instrumental in implementing and executing. Include visuals, links to blogs, Instagram posts, and tweets by you. And to get them hooked, brainstorm a few new and creative growth strategies that might benefit their company. 

Digital Marketing Manager Summary Examples

Let your career summary grabs hiring managers’ attention by giving them an overview of your career path, highlighting your managerial skills, marketing expertise, and experience in the digital marketing environment. 

In 3-6 sentences, stand out as a candidate with all the competencies, skills, and attributes that will add value to their company. Study the keywords in the job advertisement and make sure you use words and phrases that support and reflect those in the ad.

You want hiring managers to be so interested in what they read about you that they want to dig deeper into your resume and career background. You want them to write your name on their shortlist, so make an impressive first impact with the summary. 

Three Examples of career summaries for Digital Marketing Managers:

Summary example 1:

“Organized digital marketing manager with 13 years of experience and proven success in digital, print, and social media publishing. An expert in leading the design and development of multiple concurrent media channels and executing several successful digital strategies. Proven ability to build and maintain ongoing client relationships. Strong leadership skills and strategic problem-solver with excellent influential skills. Degree in Marketing Management and in the process of completing a course in Digital Marketing Specialist.”

Summary example 2:

“Digital Marketing Manager with five years’ hands-on experience for upcoming online publisher and looking for a more senior position. Top graduate of BS in Marketing at the University of Pittsburgh, courses in e-commerce, force management, and consumer behavior. Part of the planning and executing of digital marketing campaigns. Strong expertise in pricing strategies to attract potential customers, a strong focus on the client relationship, and an excellent retention rate. Passion for acquisition strategies and SEO. I work independently but also in a team.”

Summary example 3:

Digital Marketing Manager with strong leadership skills and managing teams of up to 50 people. A decade of experience in managing challenging marketing strategies and building strong teams. Manage a budget of 349M and driven for significant ROI. Recent highlights include a 200% increase in leads and a 45% boost in sales: results-focused, strategist, and an excellent communicator. “

Digital Marketing Manager Job Descriptions, Responsibilities, and duty Examples

An employer would expect to see specific job duties and skillsets in a Digital Marketer resume. Below are a few job descriptions that can help you to write your employment section in your resume.

Digital Marketing Generic: 

  • Manages digital marketing department and operations.
  • Ensure marketing effectiveness by identifying goals for the long and short-term.
  • Recruits, manages, and develops staff in the digital marketing department.
  • Plans and executes all web, SEO database marketing, email campaigns, social media, and display advertising.
  • Understand customer behavior by using analytical tools and thinking.
  • Enhance brand awareness.
  • Drive digital traffic and manage the acquiring of leads.
  • Responsible for growing social media presence.
  • Optimize social media presence 
  • Drives performance on all campaigns concerning ROI.
  • Ongoing market research to investigate trends, customer behavior, and to gain industry insight. 
  • Ensure the optimization of funds spent. 
  • Email marketing– oversee databases, writing, and answering emails. Give guidance to the team. 
  • Marketing Managers oversee PPC campaigns and regularly have to monitor ROI scores from conversions received.
  • Optimize landing pages.
  • In-depth website analysis.

Digital Marketing – SEO Management:

  • Understand search analytics to advise content creators on various enhancement strategies for performance on Google, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and company websites.
  • Manage and oversee content creation and copywriting activities of the marketing department. 
  • Transform raw data into business insights and data models.
  • Present analytical findings to senior managers. 

Digital Marketing – Content Marketing:

  • Deliver an effective content marketing strategy to meet business goals and objectives. 
  • Responsible for the creation of all content to be presented in blogs, posts, white papers, online newsletters, websites, and digital brochures.
  • Measure the drive traffic, engagement, and leads regularly and consistently.
  • Receive customer feedback and increase customer engagement. 
  • Manage the planning of storylines, and give guidance in content outline and graphics.
  • Adapt content of marketing channels in a way that reflects optimum alignment to algorithms and by doing so, can increase traffic and search engine rankings.
  • Manage the copywriting of team members.

Digital Marketing – Social Media Management:

  • Create a social media marketing strategy and manage creating content, copywriting, budget planning, and implementing schedules and timeframes. 
  • Exploit all digital marketing aspects of social media to gain audience engagement and website traffic, and revenue. 
  • Oversee the scheduling of posts across all social media platforms.
  • Approve and edit content where necessary.
  • Research strategies to create content that is best suited for the target audiences and potential customers.

Digital Marketing – Marketing Automation:

  • Analyze what the effects are of your digital marketing campaigns on the customers. For instance, how do they react and do they engage? 
  • Responsible for tracking and monitoring campaigns’ performance by monitoring open rates, unsubscribe requests, and delete actions by clients and visitors.  
  • Implement tools to answer client requests and questions as soon as possible and in a standardized manner. 

Highlight Your Accomplishments

Bring out the big guns by using your skills as an excellent marketer when you write about your accomplishments under this section of your resume. Any of your accolades, achievements, awards, titles, published papers, and research and achievements associated with digital marketing will boost your chances to receive an invitation for an interview. 

See the readers of your resume as the customers you are trying to lure with your company’s digital marketing strategies. Be strategic and consider what questions they will ponder on when reading about your accomplishments. Answer the crucial questions of ‘why they should hire you?’ and ‘what value will you add to their company?’ Also, focus on telling the readers what you achieved, not the duties you performed. 

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Last but very important to this section is to quantify your accomplishments. This smart trick will impress the hiring managers and has been proven to boost applicants’ credibility ratings. 

Examples of accomplishment statements for a Digital Marketer’s resume:

  • Optimized lead-to-customer conversion rate, which increased sales by 110% in just over six months. 
  • Increased online sign-up conversions from 20% to 61% with a new brand awareness campaign stretching over three months.
  • Wrote a blog for SEO purposes as part of a new product launch, which generated a monthly organic visitor growth of 200%. 

Digital Marketing Manager Education Section Example

Although there is no definite path to follow in becoming a Digital Marketing Manager, a Bachelor’s Degree in marketing disciplines and other digital marketing courses in IT can show hiring managers that you have validated your skills. Many digital marketing managers also obtain a Master’s degree.

Digital marketing is ever-evolving. Therefore, additional programs and courses, certifications, continuous learning, and industry memberships are essential credentials that recruiters would look for in your resume, showing them your commitment to keeping ahead and on track with what is happening in the industry. 

Keep the format of your education clean and straightforward. List academic credentials in reverse chronological order starting with the most recent qualifications first.

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Below is an example of what a Digital Marketing Manager’s education could look like:

Current – MBA, Santa Clara University, CA

  • Emphasis: Marketing Concentration, Digital Marketing, and e-Commerce

2015 – 2018 – Master’s Degree of Science in Digital Marketing, Rutgers Business School, Newark, NJ

  • Main Course Curriculum: Marketing Research and Consumer Behavior

2011 – 2014 Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, California State University. Dominguez Hills, CA

  • Courses: Managerial Accounting,  Written Communication, Operations Management.
  • GPA: 3.80

2018 – Certificate in Hootsuite Social Marketing, Udemy, Online

2016 – Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing Institute, Online

2015 – Online Digital Marketing Course, Keystone Online Studies, 10-weeks Online

Tech & Tools

Below is an example to best describe the skills of all the tools and technical experience you have. Do not leave anything out and include web coding and content management, which are also imperative to be a competitive applicant in the digital environment.

Trello, Basecamp, Wrike, Mopinion, KissMetrics, Asana, Slack, Jive, Evernote, MixPane
Facebook, Facebook Insights, Twitter, Twitter Analytics, Tweetdeck, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+, Reddit, Tumblr
WordPress, Drupal CMS Platforms, Adobe Photoshop, InDesign
Campaign Monitor, SendGrid, Insightly, InsightSquared, NetInsight, AWeber, 
BuzzSumo, Hootsuite, Social Render Forest, Buffer, Sprout, Sugar CRM
Salesforce, Qwilr, Salesforce CRM, CPQ, proposals, Proposify
Pipedrive, Mailchimp, Zoho CRM, PandaDoc, Salesfusion
DART, Atlas, Hootsuite, 
Working knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

What to Write in a Digital Marketing Manager Resume Skills Section

Although the digital marketing field requires specific technical competencies related to your creative writing competencies, campaign analysis, and strategic planning, companies also look for soft skills and interpersonal traits in this field.

After all, as a marketer, your focus is on people. You want to engage with them, win people over, entice them to listen to your message and therefore, when writing your resume, think about your audience, e.g., the company you are applying to. 

Let your resume stand out and market yourself with it! Remember, you have the skills and technical knowledge to circumvent the Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and screening bots.

These applications are designed to pinpoint specific keywords in resumes related to the job advertisement requirements and populate a list for recruiters to review. If you want your application to be chosen, the skills used in your resume should reflect those appearing in the job advertisement.

A smart way to do this is via Skills Matrix Tables, such as the ones below. Note that we divided skills into technical competencies and interpersonal traits.

Technical Competencies:

Content StrategyOnline StrategySEO
SEMIdentify Target AudiencesContent Creation
Video EditingDigital Marketing ObjectivesOptimizing Website Structures
Analyze Traffic PatternsE-Commerce SitesUser Interface Design
Social NetworkingGoogle AdWordsEngagement Strategies
Landing PagesDisplay AdvertisingCampaign Management
Viral MarketingMobile AdvertisingPay Per Clicks
ZapierTag ManagerHotjar
User FunnelsServicing ToolsWebsite Analytics
WebTrendsNetInsightFinancial Planning
Manage budgetsJiraAutopilot
CampaignerHootsuiteGoogle Adwords

Interpersonal Traits:

ReceptiveHighly CreativePrioritizing
EnthusiasticDeadline DrivenTime Management
EnergeticPattern IdentificationTeam Player
Self-MotivatedCollaborationResults Orientated
CommunicationIntellectual CuriosityAccountable
MeticulousAttention to DetailPersuasive
Strong Analytical SkillsData-DrivenFocused on detail
Coaching SkillsTime managementPersistence

Qualifications/Certifications associated with Digital Marketing Managers

Certified Planning ProfessionalGoogle Analytics DiplomaFacebook Certified Buying ProfessionalHubSpot Content Marketing Certification
Facebook Blueprint Certified Buying ProfessionalHubspot Content Marketing CertificationAMA Certified Professional MarketerHubspot Inbound Marketing Certification
Google Ads CertificationCopyblogger Certified Content MarketerFundamentals of Digital Marketing CertificationHootsuite Social Media Certification
YouTube CertificationBing Ads Accredited Professional CertificationCertified Digital Marketing ProfessionalGoogle’s Digital Garage Suite
Associates Degree in Digital MarketingBachelors Degree in Online Marketing AnalyticsCertified Sales ProfessionalWeb Coding Expert Certificate
Master Degrees in Digital MarketingMBADiploma in Strategic PivotingMasters Degree in Content Marketing

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