Engineering Technician Resumes & Writing Guide

If you are scouting for an Engineering Technician role, it is advisable first to review a top-notch Engineering Technician resume sample.

You want to make sure your resume stands out from the rest by being both informative and interesting to read, without overwhelming the recruiter or hiring manager with irrelevant information.

How you create a resume into an interview-winning document, we will explain to you in detail below with our: How to Make a Resume Guideline for Engineering Technician Roles?

Engineering Technician Resume Sample

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Engineering Technician Resume Writing Guide

Resume Sections

1. Contact Information:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Alternative contact details such as your  LinkedIn
  • Driver's license

2. Profile Summary:
View this as the introduction to your resume and include 1-3 sentences giving a broad overview of your background, years of industry experience and the industry sectors of interest (profile summary examples are found further down in this guide).

3. Qualifications Summary: Engineering Technicians typically hold associate's or bachelor's degrees.
Provide accurate details of the qualifications completed with the institution, qualification name, and dates. Don’t forget to include qualifications you are currently completing too (See examples).

4. Relevant Technician Experience:
Clearly state your employment history from your apprenticeship duration up to your current position. Use brief sentences with bullet points to list your most important daily activities under each role you have had.

5. Other Employment Experience:
Include projects or work history outside of the formal engineering field, but which may be of interest to the hiring manager. This section is especially relevant if you are on a level slightly more junior than an Engineering Technician.

6. Skills Summary/Key Skills:
Incorporate phrases, terminologies, and keywords from the job posting and your specific skill set. These add much-needed credibility to your resume.

7. Education/Licenses/Certifications/Relevant Coursework/Training:
Most companies that employee engineering technicians seek candidates with vocational training or an associate's degree, but post-school training is also offered in the form of short courses, technical programs, and accreditation workshops to supplement professional development.

What to Highlight in an Engineering Technician Resume

Engineering Technicians work in many industries and a variety of engineering disciplines. They fulfill functions such as product design, prototype development, installation, repair, quality control, monitoring, and testing to name but a few.

The first aspect to highlight relates to the discipline you are in, for instance, electrical, mechanical, industrial, or civil, which constitutes the main types of engineering technicians. However, Engineering technicians can also specialize in Aerospace, Environmental, Fieldwork, Pharmaceutical, Electronic, Sound or Nuclear fields to name but a few.

Next, you need to elaborate on the purpose of your role in laymen's terms ‘’what am I here for?

  • Engineering Technicians with a mechanical specialty would be responsible for modifications, development, testing, and calibration of machinery and equipment. You may also be part of a research and innovation team in this type of role.
  • If your days are spent designing PCB boards, creating circuitry or wiring cables and conduits, you are probably an Electrical Engineering Technician. You may work in product evaluation and prototype testing of electrical components or installations and commissioning. Remember to mention whether you have experience in high voltage or low voltage systems.
  • Are you working mostly in a suit and tie? Industrial Engineering Technicians are the brains behind continuous improvement practices, business continuity management, and project efficiencies. Designing floor layouts, performing motion studies, or implementing disaster control methodologies are essential functions in this role.
  • Civil Engineering Technicians work in construction and are usually the right hand to engineers and site managers during construction activities for bridges, roads, buildings, tunnels, and other structural projects. Indicate the scope of projects you were involved in by size, value, and time frame.

Finally provide insight regarding your working environment, whether in a plant or factory, in the outdoors or even underground. This is especially important if you work around dangerous chemicals, hazardous materials, high voltage machinery or in extremely sanitized environments

*Cool Tip for a stellar resume

An engineering technician's resume is not complete without explaining competencies in software applications, system tools, and electronic technologies.

A skills matrix will take your resume from ordinary to extraordinary in a jiffy.

Mechanical Engineering Technician:

Scientific/Mechanical Software

ANSYS Mechanical, Spectral Dynamics, MathWorks, MATLAB
CAD Software *Design
Autodesk, Revit MicroStation Dassault System
CAM Software *Mechanical
CNC Mastercam, 3D

Product Development Software
Visual Basic LabView
Industrial Control SoftwareCNC, Soft Servo Systems LadderWorks, PLC

Electrical Engineering Technician:

Scientific/Analytical Software

Cadence PSpice, CAE software, PID software
CAD Software
Altium Designer, Autodesk, Revit OrCAD Capture

Design Software
Assembler; C; Microsoft Visual Basic, Verilog
Industrial Control Software
Rockwell RSView, SCADA, Wonderware, HMI
Object/Component Orientated SoftwareC++, CASE tools, Python

Industrial Engineering Technician:

Scientific Software

ProModel, Wilcox

CAD software

Autodesk, AutoCAS, SOLIDWORKS, PTC Creo Parametric
User interface/Query SoftwareMicrosoft Access, VBA, SQL
Graphics SoftwareMicrosoft Visio
Industrial Control SoftwareCNC, EPLAN, Siemens SINUMERIK, SCADA

Civil Engineering Technician:

CAD Software

Autodesk AutoCAD, Microstation
Development Software
Visual Basic, LabView
Map Creation Software
Bentley Systems, InRoads, ESRI ArcGIS
Spreadsheet software
MS Excel
Project Management SoftwareTrello, Asana

Engineering Technician Career Summary Examples

Hiring managers in the engineering field are typically responsible for plants, facilities, and engineering divisions; therefore, their time to screen and shortlist is limited. Your career summary is the first thing people will look at and often means the difference between landing on the HOT pile versus the NOT pile. Your goal is to hook them within the first few seconds and then reel them in to read the rest of your resume.

Use 3-4 lines at most and keep sentence concise and to the point. Your aim is to summarize your experience, skills, and qualifications in one impressive paragraph.

Examples of Engineering Technician Career Summaries:

Career Summary 1

Meticulous Engineering Technician with proven experience in electrical system wiring and installations for industrial commissioning projects. Adept in system upgrades and redesigning complex circuitry for power plans and alternative energy storage farms. Completed an Associate Degree in Engineering Technology and holds a Certified Engineering Technician (CET) accreditation.

Career Summary 2

Mechanical maintenance engineering technician with excellent knowledge of production processes and required preventative and reactive maintenance strategies. Completed a Six Sigma Black Belt certification and a Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering. Always abreast of new regulations about ISO, GMP, and FDA standards.

Career Summary 3

Versatile Industrial Engineering technician with extensive technical aptitude in implementing Kanban, Kaizen, and Scrum methodologies. Completed various ABET courses and in process of attaining an Associate Degree in Industrial Engineering.

Engineering Technician Job Descriptions, Responsibilities and Duty Examples

A hiring manager would be looking for specific duties in an Engineering Technician’s job description. These would depend on the engineering discipline that the candidate is qualified in. You are welcome to use the job descriptions below as guidance verbiage to get you started.

A Mechanical Engineering Technician may:

  • Validate drawing designs for tools and machinery by checking dimensions and comparing to original specifications
  • Create a process flow with step by step guidelines for product assembly
  • Conduct and record testing procedures per production specifications
  • Responsible for quality audits and control measures of all production lines in the facility

An Electrical Engineering Technician may:

  • Develop prototypes for electrical and electronic circuitry
  • Build, calibrate, and repair testing equipment and calibration instruments
  • Troubleshoot electrical system design faults and create solutions
  • Install, maintain and fix electrical systems, PCB boards, and electronic components

An Industrial Engineering Technician may:

  • Responsible for process improvement and business continuity strategies
  • Implemented Kanban principles to solve inventory issues and improve cash flow resources
  • Design production layout schematics to enhance the flow of fabrication
  • Embark on cycle item studies and comparative analysis against TAKT time frames to improve line balancing and production output

A Civil Engineering Technician may:

  • Supervise CAD Draftsman for multiple design projects from draft schematics to final drawing proposals
  • Write infrastructure safety reports by analyzing mechanical and electrical blueprints
  • Approve statements of work from all site managers
  • Design specifications and protocols for construction projects including estimation reports and monitoring processes to execute appropriate quality control

Highlight Your Accomplishments

Accomplishments should not be hidden in your experience section. If you want to attract the interest of a hiring manager, your accomplishments should be written in a separate part of your resume (preferably on the first page underneath your profile summary). These are little teasers that prompt the reader to look further; you’re your resume.

Do a little introspection for a moment: Why are you different to the other applicants?, What have you achieved that sets you apart from other engineering technicians?, Which job activities are you most proud of?

Now think about how you can quantify these accomplishments by focusing on metrics, numbers, frequencies, percentages, scores, and ratios.

Let’s get you started with a few examples that you may customize to create your own unique Engineering Technician accomplishment statements


1 – Mechanical Technician Accomplishment Statements
Implement mechanical verification and reliability test protocols for 60 prototypes in the last ten months.
Record 2200 safe hours and a zero-downtime record for three years running.

2 – Electrical Technician Accomplishment Statements
Boosted production efficiency by 35% following the redesign of machine and equipment electrical maintenance scheduling.
Implemented parameter amendments to circuitry schematics which increased production output by 42%.

3 – Industrial Technician Accomplishment Statements
Incorporated Kaizen methodology into facility management practices which resulted in safety scores improving by 18% without adding any additional worker resources.
Worked directly with HR to develop an online eLearning course to automate the onboarding process for new workers and reduce manual HR activities by an average of 100 hours per week.

4 – Civil Technician Accomplishment Statements
Managed up to five construction projects simultaneously supporting a 4-billion dollar expansion project of an oil refinery in Houston.
Technical Lead supervising a team of 14 CAD Draftsmen, responsible for producing 50 final draft drawings per week.

Engineering Technician Education Section Example

Just as every engineering technician's resume is unique, the education requirements may vary for every role that you apply to. The education section carries significant weight in your application process; hence, the more educated you are, the better your chances of securing an opportunity. Always list your highest credentials first. Please don't hesitate to add major subjects or curriculum topics to give your resume an extra boost.

For diplomas, associate degrees, and bachelor degrees, indicate commencement and completion dates. For courses, you can just provide the date of completion. Indicate the full name of the qualification, followed by the institution, city, and abbreviated state name.

Engineering Technician (Electrical) Education Example:

2012-2014 Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology, Kaplan University, FL
Major Subjects: Engineering Analysis, Circuitry, Linear Networks

2010-2011 Associates Degree in Electrical Engineering Technology, Alfred State College, Alfred, NY

2009 Certified Engineering Technician, National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies (NICET), Alexandria, VA

Engineering Technician (Mechanical) Education Example:

2013 – 2015 Associates Degree in Mechanical Engineering, Blue Field States College, Bluefield, WV
Majors: Thermodynamics, Machine Design
Overall GPA: 3.4/4.00

Engineering Technician (Civil) Education Example:

2018 – Construction Safety for Civil Engineering Technicians Course, Northcentral University, Scottsdale AZ

2017- Diploma in Structural and Civil Engineering, MIT, Online

2016 – Ridgefield High School, High School Diploma, Ridgefield, NJ

Engineering Technician (Industrial) Education Example:

2013-2017 Bachelor of Industrial Engineering, Louisana University, LA

2012- Certification in Six Sigma Green Belt, American Society of Quality, Online

Engineering Technician Resume Skills

In the engineering field, significant emphasis is placed on specific technical skills, and rightly so, but employers also look for other skills, called soft skills. These are features or personalities that indicate to your fit as a potential employee at the company. Include them into your summary, and your accomplishment statements.

Technical Skills Examples

  • Educational Attainment: An Associate degree in the engineering discipline required for the role (Electrical, Civil, Mechanical, Industrial) would be to your advantage. Some companies would also consider candidates with post-school diplomas or other forms of certifications attained via training programs, short courses, and workshops.
  • Technical Aptitude: Engineering technicians perform analytical or scientific functions which entails competence in statistical design, data assimilation and industrial control software (ProModel; Statistical software; Wilcox Associates PC-DMIS, Autodesk, AutoCAD, SQL. Excel, SCADA, CNC, Siemens and SOLIDWORKS). Technicians should be highly adept in analyzing, repairs, development, and maintenance functions. Process orientated with a technical mindset is valuable core traits for these types of roles. Exceptional knowledge regarding rules, regulations, and compliance standards are integral in an Engineering Technician’s job. Furthermore, hard skills such as inspection processes, setting and coding machines, implementing process flows, interpreting schematics, and designing prototypes are vital to this role.
  • Other Technical Skills: Report Writing, Split Testing Methods, ERP Systems, World Class Manufacturing, Lean Manufacturing, Quality Control, Engineering Processes, Machine Maintenance, Safety Standards, Troubleshooting, Root Cause Analysis, Report Writing, Mathematics, Feedback, OHSA Mandates, Blueprints, Technical Drawings, Production Methods, Coding, Programming

Soft Skill Examples

  • Dependability
  • Leadership
  • Attention to Detail
  • Integrity
  • Initiative
  • Empathy
  • Self-Control
  • Stress Tolerance
  • Cooperation
  • Analytical Thinking
  • Adaptability/Flexibility
  • Persistence
  • Independence
  • Achievement/Effort
  • Social Orientation
  • Accurate
  • Deadline Driven
  • Focused

Qualifications/Certifications associated with Engineering Technicians

Bachelor of Engineering (by discipline) Six Sigma Advanced Diploma in Production Management
Engineering Technician Certificate OSHA Certification Associates Degree in Engineering Technology (by discipline)
CET (Certified Engineering Technician) CTech ABET Accreditation
Kanban MS Excel Master User SPSS
EPA Certified Advanced Course in AutoCAD OHSA
Project Management Diploma Labor Relations CertificateHigh School Diploma

Action Verbs for your Engineering Technician Resume

Coordinating Scheduling Monitoring

Controlling Estimating Improving
Accumulating Detecting
Classifying Certifying Calculating
Labeling Calibrating
Modifying Simulating Prioritizing

Professional Information of Engineering Technicians

Sectors: Various
Career TypeManufacturing, Engineering, Production, Research & Development, Quality, Product Development, Maintenance, Scientific
Person type:  Technician, Operator, Worker, Analyzer, Producer, Controller, Interpreter, Assembler, Designer, Developer, Tester
Education levelsFrom High School Diploma to Bachelor’s Degree
Salary & Labor Outlook:

$27.04 hourly
$56,250 annual
5% to 9% growth
$30.93 hourly
$64,330 annual
2% to 4% growth
$26.66 hourly
$55,460 annual
No Change
$25.28 hourly
$52,580 annual
5% to 9% growth

Organizations: Plants, Factories, Production Facilities, Manufacturing Operations, Government, Laboratories, Pharmaceutical, Mines, Construction, Consumer Goods, Banks, Financial Services, Retail, Technical Services, Professional Services, Oil, Gas, Exploration, Medical

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