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Our top-notch Events Assistant resume samples will show you how to create the perfect resume that highlights only the most relevant information and gives you the best chance of landing an interview.

18 Events Assistant Resume Examples

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Events Assistant Resume Writing Guide

Resume Sections:

  1. Contact information
  2. Profile Summary
  3. Work History 
  4. Achievements
  5. Education 
  6. Skill Section
  7. Certification & Licensing
  8. Extras: Languages/Awards/Publications/Volunteering/hobbies

What to Highlight as an Events Assistant

Whether you have extensive experience in hospitality, corporate events, or restaurants, or just starting out, there are several essential pieces of information that recruiters need to see in an applicant’s resume.

  • Firstly, you need to highlight the Events environments you have worked in previously. The three main Events include:
    • Hotel/Restaurant Events
    • Private Events
    • Corporate Events
    • Public Events
    • Mobile Events

Remember to be specific about the types of events you have worked at within the above categories. Examples include birthdays, weddings, banquets, and Christmas parties. This information allows the reader to gauge your level of competency.

  • Secondly, you need to outline the scope of the previous events you have worked at in terms of size, headcount, and how frequently you work. Clearly explain your normal working hours and the typical size of the events you work at or have organized.
  • Thirdly, it would be best if you showed the reader what you could really do. Create a portfolio that outlines the events you have worked at and the intricacies of these events regarding the food, the layout, and the headcount. This is a considerable amount of information that would exceed the 1–2-page limit of a resume, so we recommend that you create a document and upload it to Google Drive, Dropbox, or Microsoft One Drive and simply provide the reader with the link to access it.
Lastly a few Tips and Tricks

Your resume is all about creating the best first impression possible, and there are ways to really knock the socks off of the reader. A great way to do this is by breaking your job description up into the key areas of responsibility. See the examples below:

Food Preparation and Plating:
Events Assistants can be found in the kitchen, assisting with food preparation, plating, and washing up.

Schedule Events Orders
Events Assistants can be responsible for tracking orders scheduled for an event. This entails tracking the order, collecting the order, and notifying clients about the order’s status.

Event Set-Up
When it comes to the setup of any event, Events Assistants can be found at the heart of this operation and will often be required to coordinate with other staff members and helpers.

Inventory Management
One of the most important aspects of any event is ensuring that the event is sufficiently stocked. This requires effective inventory management skills. An Events Assistant will be required to keep track of inventory and order the necessary items to ensure the event runs smoothly.

Billing Enquiries
When an Events Assistant organizes an event, they will always need to invoice the client correctly and quote clients truthfully.

  • Final details to include:
    • Where you can work and if you are happy to travel from event to event.
    • Any high ratings or outstanding achievements you have obtained.
    • Any special skills you have obtained, such as knowing how to prepare specialty cocktails, knowing how to prepare sushi, if you understand wine parings, and even if you have master baking skills.
    • A list of all the industries you have worked in.
    • Your events experience layouts such as rustic, fine dining, outdoors, cocktail, buffet cheese, wine, or gourmet meal courses.

1. Contact information

  • First & Last Name
  • Address
  • Email

2. Profile 7 Summary

As previously mentioned, you are going to have some serious competition in this industry. Recruiters and hiring managers have to look through hundreds of resumes that are almost identical.

The trick is to capture their attention from the first sentence they read and make them want to read on. A great way to achieve this is by creating a captivating career summary/objective statement that is concise and to the point. This paragraph should be situated at the very top of your resume document to see the first thing the reader sees.

The trick, however, is knowing which one to choose. Below we have made this process easier for you:

An Event Planner Resume Summary

If you have an extensive amount of experience, we recommend that you use a career summary. A career summary allows you to summarize your most impressive experience, highlight your most impressive skills and qualities, and show off your most admirable achievements, all in less than six lines. It will serve as an introduction and will allow the reader to ascertain if you are a worthy candidate for their position or not.

An Event Planner Resume Objective

If your experience is on the thinner side, we recommend that you rather use a resume objective paragraph. Here you can highlight your career goals and aspirations while still highlighting your most impressive skills and qualities. When mentioning your achievements, be sure to add quantification so that the reader can measure your abilities.


Events Assistant Summary 1

Recent culinary graduate with two years of part-time restaurant experience looking to apply confectionary skills as an Events Assistant with aspirations to grow within the ABC events brand by applying theoretical knowledge gained during ABC Chef School Training into practice.

Events Assistant Summary 2

Dynamic individual with six years of Events experiences with large-scale events. Seeking an Events Assistant position at the ABC company that will benefit from knowledge concerning food preparation, event organization, and a two-year Diploma in Business Management and Administration.

Events Assistant Summary 3

Diligent and results-driven assistant with 4+ years experience at a large retail store. Received high customer happiness scores (100%) and return mitigation (96.7%). Looking to utilize transferable skills and switch careers by joining Queens Creative team as a junior event planner.

Events Assistant Summary 4

Personable Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) Events Assistant with 5+ years of expertise in a fast-paced agency in a large city. Managed 55+ events with parties that exceeded 200 attendees and had budgets over $60,000. Seeking to advance an event logistics career by growing with the Queens Creative team.

3. Employment History

When listing your previous experience, the aim is to knock the socks off the reader. However, if you are just starting out, and have limited experience, do not stress. There are ways you can still impress potential employers.

  • Firstly, if you have extensive experience, we suggest that you list your experience in reverse chronological order so that your most recent work can be seen first. Once your experience is ordered correctly, you can grab the reader’s attention by formatting your information in a visually pleasing way using different fonts and font sizes.
  • Alternatively, suppose you have not yet obtained event experience. In that case, we still recommend that you list your information in reverse chronological order. Instead of job experience, you are highlighting responsibilities and duties you were given in previous jobs that relate to the events field.

Events Assistant at Leceor Events

February 2018 – Current

Responsible for managing pre-event phone calls and correspondence and handling post-event feedback and follow-up emails and letters.

  • Planned events while managing all event project elements within allocated time constraints.
  • Organized events according to the best venues, catering, freelance staff, and MCs.
  • Encouraged relevant and timely package upgrades for events as necessary.
  • Actively sold wine club memberships and wine through DTC and winery retail stores, off-site events, and markets.

Events Assistant at Five Star Motions

December 2014 – December 2017

Cooperated with Winemakers and Marketing Managers to facilitate competition submissions for all brands and worked with Winemakers and Marketing Managers.

  • Supported the Manager in the growth and development of the Great Estates Okanagan Wine Club.
  • Assisted with on-site event execution as necessary.
  • Helped manage the reservation and booking process for internal and consumer visits.
  • Helped process wine club transactions and followed up with members timeously.
  • Aided communication with local partners regarding upcoming events, promotions, programming, and hours of operation.

Job Descriptions Samples

Employers in the event field expect to see the following proven foundational duties and skills within an applicant’s resume:


  • Work in a restaurant or hotel, collect menu requests from patrons, and occasionally serve meals and collect dishes and cutlery afterward.
  • Help out in the kitchen or dish room.
  • Assist with the general table set up and clean up.
  • Transport all materials to and from the event area.
  • Follow all health and safety guidelines for food and serving ware.
  • Clean dishes, peel fruits and vegetables, and prepare raw food items in preparation for the cooking process.
  • Clean and sanitize all equipment, utensils, dining ware, serving ware, linens, and workstations.
  • Restock clean equipment, utensils, and equipment to proper storage areas while listing any damages and items to be replaced.
  • Organize event details and client data files.
  • Coordinate various services from third parties so that the facility and equipment are set up correctly, according to the client’s requests.
  • Assist with marketing tasks such as answering phone calls, doing follow up calls, meeting with customers, and creating marketing documents.
  • Handle customers' concerns or complaints and provide solutions.
  • Set up, decorate, and prepare serving and dining areas according to specific directions and layout plans established by the events manager.
  • Prepare, make and plate food according to the caterer’s instructions.
  • Complete simple and complex administrative tasks, including invoices, order forms, audio-visual specifications, schedules, menus, and budgets.
  • Purchase a list of food items from the caterer or the company’s chef for an event.
  • Work at exhibitions and conventions.
  • Create centerpiece samples and set up décor examples to show prospective customers.
  • Work with local graphic designers or ad agencies to create and distribute finished brochures and flyers.
  • Handle Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook activities.
  • Inspect and approve dishes before they are served.
  • Handle finishing touches and elaborate plating of food items.

4. Accomplishments

Your accomplishments section is where you can show the reader how you could make a meaningful impact in previous positions. If you are thinking of simply copying and pasting your duties and responsibilities from the job description, we recommend changing your thinking. This will only show the employer that you are unoriginal and lazy. Rather take the time to integrate keywords from the job description into your achievement statements to make them more relevant. Remember, your goal is to try and set yourself apart from other applicants.

Quantifying Your Resume

One of the most important things to remember when listing information under your accomplishments section is quantifying every statement you make. Without quantification, the reader has nothing to measure you against, and your statements become meaningless. If you are struggling to quantify your information, try and answer the following questions: “How much?” and “How many?” See the examples below:

  • How many events do you work at every month?
  • What is the average guest count at the events you typically work at?
  • How long does it take you to plate up the main course?
Below are examples of what NOT to do:
  • Was part of a team handling wedding receptions, banquets, and product launches in the last while.
  • Reduced event planning time through a new partnership with Logan Enterprises group of venues.
  • Able to plate the main course speedily.
Now, examples that include quantification:
  • Was part of a team handling five wedding receptions, two banquets, and 2 product launches during the last seven weeks.
  • Reduced event planning time by 37% through a new partnership with Logan Enterprises group of venues.
  • Able to plate the main course in under 3 minutes.

5. Education

Whether you are applying for a job that requires advanced degrees or simply a high school diploma, ensure that you put time and effort into your education section as employers pay special attention to this section.

Below we have provided examples of how to list your completed degrees, a degree that you are in the process of completing, or if you just have a high school diploma. If you have completed an advanced degree, do not include your high school information.

Examples of how to list a completed degree:
2018 – Bachelor of Arts in Hotel & Event Management, Boston University, Boston, MA.

How to list a degree that you are still completing:
Expected Graduation 2022 – Majoring in Hotel & Events Management, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ.

How to list a High School Diploma:
2018 – Stephen F. Austin High School, Austin, TX.

6. Skills

Within the field of Events, technical skills are required to ensure events run smoothly. And although technical skills are very important, soft skills are equally as important because they allow the reader to gauge whether you are a strong people person or not. The job description will outline specific skills and qualities that they are looking for in their employers.

If you have these skills and qualities, ensure that they are easy to find and are listed first so that the reader is guaranteed to see them. Below we have listed examples of skills in a skills matrix.

Skills Matrix

Hard SkillsSoft Skills
Event Management SoftwareAttention to Detail
Client Database AdministrationTime Management Skills
Event CoordinationCommunication skills
Venue SelectionCritical Thinking
Caterer ManagementProblem Solving
Service OrderingAnalytical Skills
Project ManagementTeamwork
Budget ManagementCreative Thinking

7. Qualifications & Certifications associated with Events Assistants

Associates Degree in Pastry ArtsCertificate in Food HygieneBachelor’s in Culinary Arts
Diploma in Wedding Coordination & PlanningYoung Apprenticeship in HospitalityBusiness Management, Hospitality & Tourism Certificate
Project Management DiplomaBaking and Pastry Specialist CertificateHigh School Diploma

Action Verbs for your Events Assistant Resume

ListeningProblem SolvingCoordinating

Optional Extras for Events Assistants

You have completed your resume, but there is still some information that you have not been able to include that you feel the reader should know about. Well, the optional extras section is exactly what you are looking for! Here you can include information about yourself that you may not have included in previous sections.

Below are some examples of additional sections to include in your Events Assistant resume:

  • Industry Certificates or Licenses – With limited experience, showing that you have completed the course of an event or obtained an industry license will significantly increase your chances of landing an interview.
  • Volunteer Work – Unpaid volunteering experience is very impressive, especially if it relates to the events field. It shows the reader that you are a caring and hard-working individual.
  • Second Language Proficiency – Being able to speak a second language proficiently is a very valuable skill in any industry and will impress the reader.
  • Passions & Pastimes – One of the negatives of a resume is that the reader cannot accurately ascertain what type of person you are. However, it allows the reader to make a far more informed idea about the type of employee you might be by including your interests and hobbies.

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Professional information of Events Assistants

Sectors: Food & Beverage, Tourism, Hospitality, Events, Entertainment, Media
Career Type: Functional, Services, Professional
Person type:  Worker, Assistant, Helper, Organizer, Server, Scheduler
Education levels: From High School Diploma to Bachelor Degree
Salary indication: From $ 34 541 (Glassdoor)
Labor market: Subject to 7% growth between 2018 – 2028 (Zippia)
Organizations: Hospitals, Restaurants, Pubs, Hotels, Events  Venues, Holiday Resorts, Office Parks, Operations, Event Planners, Advertising Agencies