To get started in hospitality, it’s important to have an understanding of the job and hospitality industry itself. If you do, an impressive Food and Beverage Attendant resume sample will help you to make it quickly from the job application phase to an interview. The importance of a good resume can make a big difference in time spent on trying to land interviews.

A Food and Beverage Attendant Resume sample includes maybe more elements than you expect to be necessary. An attention-grabbing objective and for example adopting keywords in your resume can be a few of those handy tips. Whether you are new to the industry or already have experience, with this Food and Beverage Attendant Resume sample (7x!) and tips you must be able to improve your resume and land your new job!

Writing a complete and impressive resume never comes easy. It’s too easy to forget elements of your resume, make grammar mistakes or using old formats altogether. We have made you some resume samples that you can use to edit and create your very own resume. At a much faster pace. We know that most people tend to use resume templates and examples before making their own. This way you can produce a quality resume that will land you a job faster than you might expect.

Food and Beverage Attendant Resume Sample 1 to 6 -2018 (Free Downloads)

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Resume Sections

Contact Information: Name, Address, Phone, Email

Objective: Recommended, should be specific and state what you are applying for

Qualifications Summary: Provides key points related to the position

Relevant Food Attending/Hospitality Experience: Shows the employer your experiences, if possible work-related

Other Employment Experience: Includes employment outside of hospitality, but is important for the employer to know about

Skills Summary/Key Skills: Incorporates keywords from the job posting and your specific skill set

Education/Licenses/Certifications/Relevant Coursework/Training: List any professional development that better prepared you to work in the hospitality industry

Professional Affiliations: Relevant to healthcare, shows awareness of trends & desire to interact with other professionals in the field

Volunteer Work: Indicates a desire to provide care outside of paid opportunities


Career objective?

Yes, you should write a Food and Beverage Resume Objective. Your objective should instantly and positively engage the reader to convince him/her that the rest of your resume is worth reading. The objective statement is essential and one of the first elements of your resume. Take your time to write a proper resume objective that gets your resume the attention it deserves.

Objective Sample with Experience:
Enthusiastic Food and Beverage Attendant who is well-known for local and federal food handling laws. With two years of experience in different jobs. With extensive knowledge of seasonal and local dishes and specialties. Skilled in preparing banquets and its continues presentation. Always ensures that food preparation and presentation areas are clean and above standard. Experienced in hotel conference and a la carte dining at events.

Objective Sample Without experience:
To obtain a challenging and responsible position as a Food and Beverage Attendant within an organization that will utilize my skills, talent, experience, and education. As well offers a growth opportunity at the start of my career

Skills for a Food and Beverage Attendant

There are essential skills and traits that a job seeking should state when they are looking for a Food and Beverage Attendant position:

  • Skilled in speaking with the public in a professional manner
  • Outstanding oral and written communication skills
  • Math Skills
  • Ability to efficiently and prioritize tasks
  • Professional telephone manners
  • Ability to resolve customer disputes calmly and professionally


Most Food and Beverage positions have basic requirements and usually are very much alike. You maybe are aware that any Food Attendant job will come with other duties and responsibilities. A new employer will prefer these skills on your resume. So if you possess any of them, make sure to list them! Either lists them as work experience or otherwise in your skill section.

Customer Care

Employers have high expectations that must be met; they expect all our employees to be customer focused, creating a relaxed, fun environment for everyone to enjoy while maintaining high standards of professionalism. Highlighting your attention to personal care should be prioritized on your resume.

To help you out we created some of the responsibilities of Food and Beverage Attendants we found during our career:

Tasks & responsibilities

    • Provided excellent customer service.
    • Relayed and prepared food and beverage orders using safe food handling techniques
    • Maintained, stocked, and displayed food according to company policy.
    • Maintained refrigerator temperature logs.
    • Worked in a fast-paced environment waiting tables and simultaneously tending bar
    • Cleaned and sanitized work station and equipment
    • Performed opening and closing duties as required
    • Demonstrated accuracy in cashiering, cash handling and credit-card processing
    • Operated and balanced a cash register, stocked shelves, and utilized FPOS
    • Responsible for checking and recording register balance at the close of business
  • Answered telephone inquiries, referred callers to dietary possibilities
  • Restocked Storage areas, replenished items on shelves
  • Received inventory, and provided food and beverage supplies
  • Hired, trained and scheduled all operational staff
  • Cash handled; authorizes credit charges, balanced register, issue receipts, refunds, credits, or change due

Action Verb for your Resume


Application Tracking Software

When you are applying for the larger companies such as Holiday Inn, Hilton or other large and small hospitality companies; the chances are high your resume will be scanned by Application Tracking Software (ATS). If that is the case, you want to check for the job listings requirement and make sure you include at least several of the relevant keywords in your resume. Also smaller companies may be using such ATS software. Even though you use this Food and Beverage Attendant resume sample, we recommend studying keywords from the job listing carefully.

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