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17 Forklift Reach Truck Operator Resume

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The Big Forklift Operator Resume Guide:

1. Resume Sections

Contact Information:

2. Profile Summary: View this as the introduction to your resume and include 1-3 sentences giving a broad overview of your background, years of industry experience and the industry sectors of interest.

3. Qualifications Summary: Provide accurate details about the certifications and qualifications you have completed with the institution, qualification name, and dates. Don’t forget to include qualifications you are currently completing too. General Warehouse Workers are typically not required to have any post-schooling qualifications, but if you want to progress into higher paying roles like Warehouse Supervisor or Logistics Team Leader, post schooling experience is highly advisable.

4. Relevant Warehousing Experience: Clearly state your employment history from your apprenticeship or in-service training duration up to your current position. Use brief sentences with bullet points to list your most important daily activities under each role you have had.

5. Other Employment Experience: This will include projects or work history outside of the formal employment field, but which may be necessary for the employer to know of. This section is especially important if you are applying for your first job after high school or college.

6. Skills Summary/Key Skills: Incorporates keywords from the job posting and your specific skill set. These add much-needed credibility to your resume.

7. Education/Licenses/Certifications/Relevant Coursework/Training: Start with your formal apprenticeship training certifications and post-school diplomas or accreditations. List any professional development that better prepared you to work in the warehousing field like safety training or maintenance workshops.

2. Forklift Operator Career Objectives

Your Forklift Reach Truck Operator career objective should instantly and positively engage the reader to convince the reader that the rest of your resume is worth reading.

The objective statement is essential and one of the first elements of your resume. Take your time to write a proper resume objective that gets your resume the attention it deserves.

If you started in a general warehouse worker position or have the ambition to become a team chef, let your ambitions be known.

Objective Sample with Experience:

Certified Forklift Reach Truck Operator with seven years experience on the wheels. Ten years of overall warehouse experience. Moved mountains on a forklift in weight. Specialized in adhering to safety guidelines while working on and off any site. Possess the ability to work in a high paced environment with timely precision.

Objective Sample Without experience:

“Seeking a job with a manufacturing or warehouse company where I can use my experience as a Forklift Driver to become a valuable asset.”

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3. Forklift Operator Duties, Responsibilities, & Job description

Forklift Reach Truck Operator Resume Example

Forklift and Reach Truck positions have basic requirements and usually are very much alike. You maybe are aware that any Forklift job will come with other duties and responsibilities apart from driving.

A new employer will prefer therefore others skills on your resume as well. So if you possess any that are relevant, make sure to list them! Either list them as work experience or otherwise in your skill section.

To help you out we created some responsibilities of Forklift Operators we found on successful applicants:

4. Examples to use on your resume

  • Unload inbound shipments
  • Prepare and stage skids for outbound shipments
  • Maintained accurate stock records and schedules
  • Overseeing special orders and after-hours, urgent shipping jobs.
  • Stack and store merchandise inappropriate places
  • Operated stand up/reach truck forklift loading and unloading product in a sub-zero freezer
  • Made sure orders were being filled and completed accurately
  • Picked, packed, and scanned orders using an RF gun and doing inventory.
  • Maintained daily records of forklift care and maintenance
  • Selected products for specific routes according to pick sheets.
  • Transported goods from racks, shelves, and vehicles.
  • Coordinated loading and unloading operations
  • Documented and maintained assigned equipment condition on a daily basis
  • Regularly updated the maintenance database using computer workstations.
  • Regularly updated the maintenance database using computer workstations.
  • Operated powered lift trucks, floor sweepers, and forklifts safely, with a 0% incident rate
  • Inspected facility-related manufacturing support systems on a daily basis
  • Received incoming shipments and reviewed contents against a purchase order for accuracy
  • Checking load sheets and planning work accordingly for preventing accidents
  • Worked at a rapid pace to meet tight deadlines.
  • Removed pallets, freezer boxes, and damaged products from returning trailers.

17 Forklift Operator Resume Downloads

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5. Action Verbs for your Resume


Application Tracking Software

When you are applying for larger companies such as Amazon, Kmart or other large and small companies with any size of a warehouse; the chances are high your resume will be scanned by Application Tracking Software (ATS). If that is the case, you want to check for the job listings requirement and make sure you include at least several of the relevant keywords in your resume. Also smaller companies may be using such ATS software. We recommend studying keywords from the job listing carefully.


The salary averages $15 per hour in the United States.


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