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Last Updated on November 10, 2022


Looking for your next gig? Outside the entrepreneurial domain? Or staying as an entrepreneur but in a hired position? Or forced to leave as a business owner to get back into the workforce? There are more reasons to need a resume as an owner. How to make such a document might be rather new for you. However, we will explain it to you in detail and with examples.

Do the clever thing and check out a great owner resume examples of peers. It’s essential when you are hunting for your next position.

Owner Resume Examples

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What to Highlight in an Owner Resume

You may have a lot of experience as a Founder and/or Owner, or maybe a little. Still, several essential things sponsors, companies, and financial service providers must know about you to guarantee you are the right person for their investments. 

FIRST, the purpose of your role: The strategic and operational obligations are placed on the owner’s shoulders and are often the go-to people when there’s a major problem. 

Business Owners run their own companies and manage duties like generating business plans, organizing financing, hiring new staff, evaluating sales, developing marketing schemes, supervising daily activities, and recognizing business opportunities. 

THEN, clarify the scope of your work experience in the product type/ industry area. There are so many businesses around with all kinds of products and solutions. 

Be specific regarding the product type/ service offering you’re experienced in from a technical perspective (industry knowledge), an operational perspective (sales, procurement, logistics), a finance perspective (cash flow, budget), as well as an HR (overseeing people) perspective.

ALSO, cover your tenacity. Yes, you will need to delegate responsibilities, but business founders work just as hard as the staff members. If not, much harder.

Owners must often step in during times of crisis and handle duties like dealing with customers, filing paperwork, answering phones, cleaning the store/office, training new employees, and covering shifts when workers are sick. They also collect merchandise and products from suppliers.

NEXT UP: goals, targets, and production values the employees under your management must achieve. Be accurate with numbers and data here. For instance, a Founder can indicate the 3 million turnovers accomplished in the third quarter with an average sales value per rep at $60 000. 

This highlights your ability to analyze sales stats, necessary to define sales potential and inventory requirements while monitoring customers' preferences. 

LASTLY: sponsors, employers, financial service providers, and potential business partners would like to examine the range of budgets you have managed. Allocating resources (human or financial) to certain like campaigns for marketing or a product launch is a owner's key task. 

In bigger companies, this task is normally managed by a marketing or advertising team, but the tasks often become the owners’ responsibility. There’s a huge difference between $10k projects and $1.8M projects. Put this info in your summary and position descriptions. 

*Cool Tip for a banging resume: Include the tools you use for project management as you’ll often be the platform administrator/ superuser (Resource Guru, Zoho Projects, Aggio, and GamePlan).

Make sure to include the following details: 

  • If you’ve done a bachelor’s or associate degree, include your GPA (only if it’s more than 3.6).
  • The number of admin staff and employees under your supervision.  
  • You know all the business management tools like Zoho, WORKetc, Adios, Booker, and 1CRM, etc.
  • Solid financial management tools you use like InDinero, Freshbooks, Floats, Expensify, SosInventory, etc.
  • Include your HR management tools if you use them, like Zenefits, SpiderGroups, ZenPayroll, OpenElevator, i -Sight).
  • Name the customer relationship management (CRM) platforms and sales management platforms you are proficient with, like SAP, Sage, Oracle, Lotus Notes, and Vanguard.
  • Don’t forget about the collaboration and communication tools, for example, cloud-based systems like Trello, Slack, Skype, or even Asana, which you utilize to simplify communication between team members. 

Owner Career Summary & Objective

These guys skim over your resume, so you have to be on the ball here. Recruiters know even failed Owner have marketable skills to work with.

Assure them with a great elevator pitch for the job. Your summary in your resume must have: 

  1. Power adjective (driven, diligent, etc.)
  2. The job title you want
  3. Years’ experience (5+, 2+)
  4. An aim (increase revenue)
  5. Your skills snapshot (budgeting, leadership)
  6. Proof of skills (grew clientele, increased income)
  7. Quantify (29%, 22 months)

If this resume is not for your first rodeo as a business founder or owner you’ve had, resume summaries are better used. They are centered around transferable skills. 

Career objectives are your goals and ambitions. These may be used when you have not had your own business before. Answer questions like: Why do you plan to work for company X? How will you bring value to the company? Include key proficiencies/ experience to prove there’s no one else for the job but you! 

Examples of Founder and Owner Career Summaries/Objectives

Summary Example 1

Results-driven, the motivated business owner with 8+ years’ experience. Competent in budgeting, coaching, and leadership. Looking to increase revenue, improve proficiency, and lower costs at Greener Reentry Services. At Tafalla North Inc., grew clientele 29% in 24 months through the three-part service refining, outreach, and marketing strategy. Improved revenue by 45% per year through direct cold call campaign.

Summary Example 2

“Young business professional with 4+ years of entrepreneurial experience in the automotive industry. Highly proficient problem-solver and determining clients’ needs. Composed, resourceful manager and flexible to any environment. Organizational capacity to handle many priorities and deadline situations. A self-starter and a quick learner who believes in continuous innovation and development. Has a bachelor’s degree in Business Management and am now serving as CEO of the county's BCI network.

Summary Example 3

Business Owner with 13 years of experience in the service environment exclusively accountable for all marketing branding, communications, PR, search engine optimization activities, and advertising. Built client base from 0 to 67 clients, accomplishing annual gross sales of $490,000. The average debt-cycle is 30 days, and the profit- to- earnings ratio has been at 38% for the last three years. Has an MBA and several business management certifications.

Summary Example 4

Junior Business Manager seeking role as founder and owner at X Start Up Company. Highly adept at generating and revising business and marketing plans. Structuring short, medium, and long-term financial plans. Familiar with planning budgets and approving budgetary expenses. Defining discount rates and pricing agendas. Excellent at conducting sales forecasts and determining sales targets. Scheduling execution of training plans and career development plans.

Founder and Owner Employment History 
& Examples

You need to be smart about how you do this. Recruiters must be led to the conclusion that no one could do the job as you can. This is a simple process. Mold your resume by choosing applicable responsibilities from the examples below. You will put yourself in the best position to be hired if you do this. Power words keep the recruiters’ attention for longer, which may be all you need. This isn’t hard, but many jobseekers fail at this. 

The trusted format to use for this section is the reverse chronological order format. List your employment duration, job title, company name, and a bullet list of job responsibilities.  

Ideally, you want to put in your work experience to resemble the job you’re aiming for. A targeted resume looks like this:

  • Include your business position titles in your owner's work history similar to what’s posted in the ad.
  • Bullet point lists with professional achievements showing you’ve done your job.
  • Include numbers in Founder/Owner resumes like $6.2M or 65% to prove you weren’t just blowing smoke. 


Founder/Owner at Blue Bean, New York

January 2014 – December 2012

Tasked with supervising several people while dealing with general complaints, warehousing problems and actively spearheading all facets of operations and service delivery withing a 5000 squares distribution facility

  • Developed and executed training programs for various stakeholder groups.
  • Created new collateral/marketing material.
  • Participated enthusiastically in team performance achievements and team learning development activities. 
  • Built professional working relationships within the team and with numerous corporate function and business line contacts.
  • Maintained brilliant client service levels. 
  • Participated and contributed proactively with touch bases and team meetings.
  • Encouraged the development of new concepts and approaches.
Assistant Founder/Owner at Banana Republic, Ohio

January 2010 – December 2014

As a Founder/Owner, accountable for sharing previous experience and technical knowledge proactively, enhancing the growth of all team members in an ICT start-up company consisting of 15 team members.

  • Developed and implemented a valued development plan for employees.
  • Worked with regional teams and global product teams to implement product strategies and execution plans for MasterPass.
  • Identified and developed regional partnerships to assist the acceleration of the delivery of MasterPass.
  • Worked meticulously with Expert Sales, Global Product Development, local account teams, and other coworkers to understand MasterCard, merchant, issuer, and consumer concerns and needs.

Owner Job Description Examples & Job Duties Samples

You can make an incredible first impression by separating your job description into the core responsibilities of a Founder/ Owner.


A Founder/Owner (less than five years’ experience):
  • Representing the vision to motivate new and groundbreaking approaches for solving business challenges for the Polaris Program.
  • Responsible for aligning business teams through the development of socialization, communication, and education of objectives and detailing requests showing team members how to accomplish objectives.
  • Responsible for representing business partners crossing functional areas, and transforming visions into requirements. 
  • Be the Subject-Matter Expert responsible for aligning requirements and delivering objectives supporting Product Ideas to Offering proposals (specific Benefit Information Project).
  • Assisting Product Owner with developing requirements and prioritizing of backlogs.
  • Serving as the “voice of the customer” with product owners, representing and/or reinforcing the customers’ perspective throughout the product realization cycle.
  • Collaborating with a cross-functional team of designers, business analysts, testers, developers, and others to design and implement Product Roadmaps and Release Plans.
  • Communicating continuously and transparently with internal stakeholders regarding the prioritizing and status of the Product Backlog.
A Founder/Owner at the mid-career stage (5-10 years’ experience):
  • Defining new business model specifics centered around customer needs, the definition of target customer segments, value proposition & anticipated outcomes/value generated meaningful to patients/ stakeholders.
  • Evaluating partner value propositions, worked meticulously with the Ecosystem team to identify unique value drivers & operationalize them into new business models.
  • Ensuring the development of the solution fit-to-strategy, setting up project & execution plans, and implementing them in line with Business Plan necessities.
  • Leading commercial model development, which includes pricing strategy, working meticulously with local commercial functions, and achieving Business Plan obligations.
  • Managing risks working diligently with RDC government affairs, regulatory, and fulfillment operations for the relevant new business solutions.

Highlight Your Accomplishments

Ok, you’ll need to think of every skill you have and then describe them using power verbs and number values associated with your statements in this section. Apply them to achievements you are most proud of, awards you’ve won, or honors received, and definitely include recommendations from clients and managers.

We know you’ll be tempted to copy and paste the list of responsibilities and duties you’ve had under your experience section. Please don’t do this! The problem with doing this is that you won’t stand out from the other candidates with similar experience. It may be a little more work from your side, but the benefits are well worth the extra effort, trust us!

Your goal: think about what sets you apart from the rest. What are you most proud of? What have you accomplished in your previous roles? Showcase them with action-packed statements that are captivating.

You absolutely have to prove what you say here. Quantifying the statements is crucial to recruiters because they need accurate data regarding your achievements. Try to see this as the crux of your pitch! As a founder/ owner, this shouldn’t be a new concept to you! Except now, you’re selling yourself.   

Resume Quantification

Check out our examples below of what NOT TO DO. Stay away from boring statements and simply paraphrasing your job obligations. They mean nothing without metrics. 

  • Managed a business with many employees at a profit for several years.
  • Increased clientele with a four-part plan.
  • Refined service offerings and improved scores of customer satisfaction surveys.
  • Designed and ran sales training programs that improved the average revenue of sales reps.
  • Instigated a cold-calling operation that increased income. 

Now be honest, that wasn’t mind-blowing, now, was it? Ok, below are examples of WHAT TO DO. These have numbers to beef them up. You decide which is better:

  • Managed a business with $2.6M in annual income and 56 employees, at a profit for seven years.
  • Increased clientele by 45% in 22 months using a four-part plan.
  • Refined the service offerings by surveying 120 top clients, collecting feedback, and redesigning the product list. Improved customer satisfaction survey scores by 47%.
  • Designed and ran sales training programs that increased the average revenue of 13 sales reps by 29%.
  • Instigated a cold-calling operation that raised income by 16% annually.

Owner Education Section Example

This section shouldn’t just include your school, dates, degree, etc. It should be used to prove your abilities. How, you ask? If you’re fresh out of graduation, then by adding your achievements from your school days.  

For example: Recruiters want to see proof of leadership skills. If you were the Student Government President, include that in your resume!

Here’s a tip for you regarding the inclusion of your GPA: If it was pick-your-jaw-off-the-ground impressive or you graduated less than a year ago, then definitely show it. 

Academic achievements received after school, such as degrees, online courses, diplomas, or certifications, have to be included in your resume. They showcase your brilliant theoretical foundation and your capability for continuous learning to the recruiters. 

Keep the details short and specific: qualification, location, institution, and end date all in one line. If you attained results with honors/ cum laude and a GPA score of 3.5 and above, add them. Add your major subjects/ course curriculum topics if you’re a graduate with no/little work experience.

Here are some examples of educational listings on a Owner Resume

2020- Current Masters in Business Administration. Chicago State University, IL.

2018 – Financial Management for Non-Financial Managers Training, Boston City College, MA.

2017– Diploma in Project Management, New York Business Academy, New York, NY. 

2012–2015 Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. Denver Business School CU. Exhibited a passion for business management coursework.

President of Student Government, 

2013 – Advanced Certificate in Founder/Ownership, MIT, Online.

What to Write in a Owner Resume Skills Section

Ok ladies and gents, “I know Excel” just won’t fly here. Every single person applying for your dream job knows Excel. Naturally, the skills you include in your resume are dependent on the field you’re in. If you’re writing a resume for an IT consultant or leasing consultant job, for example, you’ll need to showcase a different skill set for each. Look at the job ad again and think of work-related skills (technical AND soft skills).

Using a technical skills matrix achieves two essential goals:

  1. Beating the applicant tracking systems as your core proficiencies are phrased exactly like the ones stated in the job ad. 
  2. Provides recruiters with a tidy format for viewing your main technical abilities. 

We are going to need to mix it up here. We know you like your bullet lists, but can we not, please? It’s so old-school. Use the skills matrix below:

Technical Skills Matrix 

Business managementBusiness analysis
TrainingProject management
BudgetingBusiness knowledge
Finance Giving presentations 
ERP systems CRM 
Computer skills Conflict resolution 
Public speaking Business development 

Recruiters will also be looking for “soft skills.” These are the interpersonal skills that show you can work together with clients and colleagues and facilitate the consulting process with internal and external stakeholders. Usually, the soft skills are listed at the end of the job ad, so be careful not to miss them. Be sure to utilize the exact words in your resume as they are listed in the ad. 

Soft Skills Matrix

LeadershipSpoken and written communication
Interpersonal skillsCollaboration
Active listeningDelegation
Time managementEfficiency
Detail-orientedCritical thinking

Qualifications/Certifications associated with Founder and Owners 

Bachelor of CommunicationMaster’s in Business AdministrationDiploma in Business Management
Financial Management CertificateAdvanced ExcelSAP Super User
Project Management DiplomaLabor Relations CertificateAssociates Degree in Marketing Management

Optional Extras for Owner Resumes

Founders and/or Owners are generally exceptional people. Prove that you are up there with the best with your special “bonus” section in your resume.

Things to include:

  • Certifications in your resume
  • Activities
  • Freelance work you have done
  • Conferences you have attended
  • Praise from your clients
  • Publications you have made
  • Your interests and hobbies
  • Honors & awards you’ve received
  • Media appearances & mentions
  • Fitness

Professional Information on Business Owners 

Sectors: Every Industry
Career Type: Consultative, Advisory, Implementation, Management, Execution, Strategic, Operational, Operations, Business Management, Team Dynamics, 
Person type:  Outliner, Predictor, Strategist, Manager, Consultant, Advisor, Creator, Implementor, Monitor, Leader, Motivator, Coach, Trainer
Education levels: From Post School Qualifications and upwards
Salary indication: $ 69 000 per annum (Fundera)
Labor market: Average growth of 5% from 2019 – 2029 (BLS)
Organizations: Various

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