Freelancer Resume & Writing Guide

Last Updated on November 10, 2022


Starting out as a Freelancer is a great place to begin when looking for your first full-time job, or if you have decided to go your way and become your boss.
Your goal is to ensure that your resume grabs the recruiters' attention, is filled with informative information, and is easy to navigate.

Developing your resume into a banging, interview-winning document is easy, and we will explain it all:

Freelancer Resume Examples

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Freelancer Resume Writing Guide

Covered Sections:

  1. Contact information
  2. Profile Summary
  3. Work History 
  4. Achievements
  5. Education 
  6. Skill Section
  7. Certification & licensing
  8. Extras

What to Highlight as a Freelancer

There are several fundamental details recruiters look for in every resume to ensure that you are the right person for the job. The best resumes are short and to the point. There may be some exceptions to this rule, such as an IT contractor who may change projects every few months but, in general, the shorter, the better. 

Although the information that is included in a Freelancer’s resume varies from person to person, there are a few areas that need to be generic. Below we have listed a few things to remember when writing your resume:

  • It is better to use more than one version of your CV to target different types of projects. However, the information used should always be true and accurate no matter what version you use.
  • Ensure that your CV has been proofread and optimized to deliver the best possible value to increase your chances of being selected for project work.
  • Your CV is not a static document. Continually updating your resume is vitally important if you wish to be prepared for any outcome or opportunity.
  • If you are going to be competing against other freelancers for a project, keeping things short will allow you to stand out from the crowd and increases your chances of landing the job.

The ideal freelance resume covers a single page and no more than two pages.*

  1. Begin by highlighting the range of your role regarding reporting structure, company size, and level of responsibility. Freelancers undertake many different jobs, typically under general supervision. They perform admin tasks and support managers to guarantee the whole department functions smoothly.
  2. You need to specify the industry where you have gained Freelancer experience as a Freelancer works in various fields from legal, marketing, business, healthcare, and even government. This info should be included in your summary at the beginning of the resume and in every description of your position.

When you work for yourself, it can help to keep an updated list of the projects you have worked on. Here is how you can list freelance work on your resume:

1. Remember all the extras:

Freelancing requires a variety of skills that are not always directly related to their work. Freelancers need to be able to manage their own time effectively, successfully market their services to potential clients, communicate their work clearly, properly manage their billing and expenses, and keep their own financial records. Including these skills in your resume shows recruiters that you have a range of hard and soft skills to offer.

2. Prioritize what you want to include:

Although you might have worked on many other contracts and developed several hard and soft skills, your focus should only be on relevant information. Keep your resume short and concise and include a link to your LinkedIn profile if the employer wishes to read more about your expertise.

3. Leave a little space in between information:

A recruiter may have to look through a hundred applications a day, so you need to make yours stand out. Well-spaced text, well-organized information, and professional fonts will create a more visually appealing resume and make it easier for the reader to find the important information.

4. Use facts and figures:

Try your best to show a direct link between your work and a positive outcome from your clients. Objective figures that show the impact of your work are an effective way to highlight your skills. For example, a freelance web designer could list, “Used visual design layout skills to improve user functionality, increasing click-through rate by 14%.”

Career Summary & Objectives

Businesses receive thousands of Freelancer resume submissions annually. It is, therefore, crucial to ensure that your resume stands out. Your career objective/summary must be informative and concise and should only include essential information.

  • If you decide to write a resume summary, start by providing a short sentence about yourself and your interests, follow this with the degree you are currently completing, and end with why you were interested in the Freelancer position advertised. 
  • An important aspect to remember is to tailor your career objective for every job you apply for. If you familiarize yourself with the job description, you will find all the information you need to write the perfect career objective. If the job description highlights an energetic personality or detail-orientated work ethic, use these exact keywords in your resume (only if you have them, do not lie). By incorporating keywords from the job description, your resume instantly becomes more attractive.
  • You must include a line that highlights your exceptional qualities. This sentence should show recruiters the high level of expertise you can bring to the table and add value to their company. Examples include brilliant time management skills and the ability to problem-solve while under pressure effectively.
  • Finally, end off with the academic qualifications you have completed or are in the process of completing.


Summary Example 1

“Disciplined and results-oriented social media marketing freelancer looking for an opportunity to leverage exceptional conversion skills within a fast-paced marketing environment.”

Summary Example 2

“Motivated and research-driven freelance writer with SEO and marketing expertise seeking an opportunity to utilize industry knowledge in a role with Cloud-Driven Solutions, which requires creativity and factual accuracy.”

Summary Example 3

“ASJA Journalist and Writer with 6+ years of experience, seeking to write high-ranking, high-traffic articles for Comcast. Current clients include Costco, Adobe, and Lowes. Regular contributor to Boys' Life and Scouting magazines. Have written 2000+ published, high-ranking, high-traffic articles since 2013. Built traffic for a money blog to 850,000 in 24 months and career blog to 3.6M.”

Summary Example 4

“Passionate Web Developer, skilled in jQuery, JavaScript, and Photoshop. Created 15 wireframes as freelance projects for local businesses. Wrote a product launch website and an e-commerce web app. Teach coding sessions regularly at local web developer meetups.”

Freelancer Employment History

Freelancers are found working in hundreds of different job positions and are tasked with ranging duties and responsibilities. 

If you were to write a complete duty list, it would most certainly exceed the 2-page resume limit. Instead, ensure that you only include the most prominent duties and responsibilities you were given that highlight your abilities. 

Clearly list your previous permanent roles related to your industry, part-time gigs, freelancing jobs, and official and unofficial vocational employment history. Use brief bullet point sentences to list your most important daily activities under each role you held to ensure the reader can find the most important information with ease.

If you are permanently employed in a full-time position, Freelancing may be a temporary or part-time venture for you. In this case, add your career history to apply for a permanent role for the last ten years.

Remember, it is far more important to show than just to tell when listing information in this section. Your bullet points should be short, simple, and straight to the point. Mention the impact you had in your previous positions and make sure every point is backed up with a concrete example. 

A few examples: 

Note: When listing your employment history, reverse chronological order is the best format. See below:

Freelancer Writer at Pepsi

February 2019 – December 2020

Responsible for developing relevant and engaging content based on new destinations as assigned and pitched by three advertising departments one marketing department

  • Provided media such as original photography and sourced images to accompany copies. 
  • Worked with the Editor to generate ideas for new content topics.
  • Met regular submission deadlines and work on multiple projects simultaneously
  • Developed acute knowledge of Cleveland's bars, food, nightlife, and event scene.
Freelancer at Coca-Cola

February 2017 – January 2018

Partnered with local factories and overseas office PD / TD counterparts to resolve any current or potential issues relating to fit or construction.

  • Attended design meetings to review all OS garments and provide technical comments to streamline development.
  • Attended all first prototype fittings and sent clear, detailed comments to the factory for improved specs and construction.
  • Participated in the initial design / TP handoff to the factory for the development of prototypes and samples.
  • Ensured grade sheets were correct for style at bulk.
  • Prepared garments for fitting. Measured all samples and reviewed construction details for discrepancies.

Job Descriptions, Responsibilities & Duties Samples

Still need extra content, have a look below as additional job samples that you may use as is, or customize to fit your experience.


  • Content creation: Create infographics, sharable images, and other content to increase clients' social media visibility and boost their number of followers.
  • Blogging: Create and maintain blogs for businesses in several verticals including, retail, finance, automotive, and current affairs.
  • Analytics: Monitor and review analytics for clients with transactional and informational websites.
  • Scheduling: Develop and manage social media calendars and campaigns using seasonal dates to form a strategic marketing plan basis.
  • Industry research: Monitor and report on competitor activity, customer trends, and the impact of national events on customers' online behavior.
  • Update scripts as stories change.
  • Read social media and monitor other broadcasts.
  • Write and produce Vos, Vosot, and packages for daily newscasts and digital platforms timeously.
  • Partnered with the design team throughout line development to ensure that the integrity of fit and garment construction was consistent with the product's heritage.
  • Created final art files that were given to both internal and external developers.
  • Produced designs and specifications, including all, follow through work to ensure the collection development's smooth running.
  • Worked closely with both editors and project managers to ensure all information, details, and messages were accurate.
  • Created final art for presentations and assisted in Creative Presentations.
  • Attended vendor meetings and worked on product concepts with Trim Team.

There is, however, some bad news, you will likely need to create more than one resume unless you are aiming for one very specific niche job in an industry. It would be best if you created target resumes that are tailored to the job you are aiming to land. 

To make this easier, think about the type of jobs and clients you are likely to focus on, and then match them with your skills list. In this way, you will be able to generate 2 or 3 resumes with a specific focus that can then be tailored to different job applications.

Highlight Your Accomplishments

Although it might be quicker and easier to copy and paste your accomplishments into each resume simply, this will prevent you from standing out from the crowd and decrease your chances of landing an interview. Rather, make a list of all the qualities that make you unique. Together with the keywords from the job description, you will be able to create an insightful accomplishment section that highlights your abilities and personality.


Flat, Simple Duty example: (Do not do this)
  • Update client database.
Accomplishment Statement (Recommended!)
  • Updated database of 4700 clients using MS Access and categorized data per client demographics.

Quantifying Your Resume

Wherever you can quantify your accomplishments, do so. You should be able to answer the questions, “How often?” or “How long?”. If not, you have not included enough information.  

  • How many projects have you seen to completion? 
  • How long have you been working in Freelancer roles in various departments or companies?

Examples of what not to do:

  • Served as a key writer in a team that grew traffic from substantially
  • Wrote hundreds of career articles with Google rankings that improved as a result thereof 
  • Commended many times by management for excellent content writing and SEO.
  • Commended by Editor on my excellent professionalism.
  • Landed numerous backlinks from external sites with high domain authority.
  • Receive a lot of user emails per week thanking me for my helpful articles.

Examples where quantification was added:

  • Served as a key writer in a team of 4 that grew traffic from 1.5M to 4M per month.
  • Wrote hundreds of career articles with Google rank of #1 to #4.
  • Commended eight times by management for excellent content writing and SEO.
  • Commended by Editor on my excellent professionalism.
  • Landed 350+ backlinks from external sites with high domain authority.
  • Receive 15+ user emails per week thanking me for my helpful articles.

Freelancer Education Section

This section is where you can make a serious impact. Ensure that you only provide accurate details about your completed certifications and qualifications. Include the institution’s name, the qualification name, and the start and end dates. If you are in the process of completing any other qualifications that are relevant to this field, ensure that you include them as well.

Including your formal training is obvious, but do not forget to include any diplomas, courses, or in-house training workshops you have completed to impress the reader further. Typically, you are going to have completed some form of formal working experience that requires licensing or certifications, as well as a few short courses. Examples include computer courses, bookkeeping courses, social media mastery, and self-taught training via online course platforms like Udemy. 

When listing your qualifications, simply include the name of the qualification, the institution, and the date you ended.

  • Begin with the starting date and end date for certifications and diplomas. For a course, the completion date is sufficient.
  • Next, the full name of the qualification. 
  • Then the full name of the institution and the City/ abbreviated name of State. 
  • If you have less than five years' experience, include your high school diploma details similarly.

Here are some examples for a Freelancer Resume:

September 2013 – July 2017 –Bachelor of Business Administration, University of West Texas, TX

September 2007 – July 2011 – Bachelor of Arts in Marketing, Harvard, MA

2010 – Professional Certified Marketer designation from the Digital Marketing Association University of Southern California.

The Freelancer Resume Skills Section

Let’s be honest, if you fail to prove your skills, your resume is guaranteed to be cast aside, and the chances of you landing the job are next to none. To ensure this does not happen, follow the below steps:

  • Meticulously read through the job description for skills they want.
  • Review your past for times you may have used these skills as a freelancer.
  • List them in your resume.

It is no secret that technical skills are crucial, but employers view soft skills as an equally important skill set. Soft skills show recruiters how well you would fit into their company and if you are going to add any meaningful value to the company or project. Ensure that you include these skills throughout your resume to highlight your personality.

Skill Example

Technical Skills Soft Skills 
Time ManagementSelf-Motivation
Content CurationCommunication Skills
Search Engine OptimizationCoordination
Project ManagementDependability

Optional Extras for Freelancer Resumes

There is serious competition within the Freelancing field. Adding an optional extra section to your resume can allow you to include information that further showcases that you are a worthy candidate. 

Furthermore, if you have only just graduated from High School or have limited working experience, an additional section will allow your resume to become more attractive to the reader. 

Here you can add any vocational work, part-time jobs, leadership experience, or any volunteering work you have completed.

Examples to include are:
  • Volunteering – This can be with a local charity where you have helped them promote fundraisers and increase awareness.
  • Conferences:
  • 2017 NAIA Conference
  • 2019 NAIA Conference – Taught popular online session on design.
  • Exhibitions
  • 2017 Solo Exhibition, Automatic Writing, and Gearboxes, Choupachou Art Gallery, New York, NY.
  • 2018 Juried Exhibition, Mallawanda Piko Center, Framingham, MA.

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