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Checking out a really good Front Office Manager resume example is essential for when you are hunting for your next job. Any good professional knows that research and good prep are vital to success. 

So, before you write up your resume, look at a few examples. To help you out, we’ve given you a comprehensive selection below. You’ll also find that our how-to guide will provide all the info you need to spice up your resume and how to avoid mistakes. 

We will help you uncover your special portfolio of skills, abilities, and experience to showcase your real value to employers if they hire you.  

Front Office Manager Resume Examples

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Front Office Resume Writing Guide

Resume Sections

  1. Contact information
  2. Profile Summary
  3. Work History 
  4. Achievements
  5. Education 
  6. Skill Section
  7. Certification & licensing
  8. Extras: Languages/Awards/Publications/Volunteering/hobbies

What to Highlight in a Front Office Manager Resume

The Front Office Manager is in charge of supervising the daily operations of a company or organization's front office. They guarantee staff complete their duties in the correct way. You normally have supervisory duties over other employees working in the front office.

Basically, you’re like the captain of a ship. Your daily task is to make sure the ship is sailing straight and true, regardless of any storms you might encounter, just with more positivity and hopefully less shouting. The big trick is convincing the recruiters that you’re the captain of their ship! 

This guide will help you take a standard resume and turn it into something that will make all the recruiters take notice of you and blow the competition out of the water:

  1. Highlight the details of your previous job. We’re talking about your company's size concerning the headcount, turnover, and location spread.
  1. Give all the details regarding the service offering/ industry area. Just because there are heaps of companies out there with products and/or solutions for days using front office managers, being specific about the type of product/ service offering you have experience in will make it an easier read for the recruiters. 
  1. Mention your absolutely brilliant organizational and interpersonal skills. You’d be in charge of many people, all conducting related but separate jobs, so these skills are super important. Communication skills are critical because they need to communicate with other employees, visitors/ customers, and the business owners. If you’re good at what you do, you’ll be competent working in fast-paced and high-pressure environments. 

The jobs you’d perform are essential to small businesses, so you must know all the ins and outs to manage efficiently. You only need to be able to prove your capabilities in the job descriptions and accomplishment section. 

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  1. Onto the money honey. Recruiters want to be able to see how diverse the range of budgets is that you’ve managed. Allocating resources, either financial or human, to certain projects like marketing campaigns/ promotions, is one of the key tasks of front office managers. 

Normally, larger businesses have marketing teams for this kind of stuff, but it’s the job of the front office manager in the smaller businesses. This info should be included in your summary and position descriptions.  

  1. Resume real estate is important. The accepted length of resumes today is 1-2 pages. Therefore, you must be careful with the space in your resume. Only entry/ junior level workers must add other employment experience to beef it up. 

Also, we’re sure you didn’t just wake up and decide to become a Front Office Manager, right? So definitely include any informal, vocational, or part-time experience related to Front Office Managing.

  1. Tools & Tech is crucial these days. Lastly, you might have to mention the project management tools you are skilled at using as you will often be the person in charge of using these platforms such as Resource Guru, Zoho Projects, Aggio, and GamePlan.

Career Summary & Objective Examples

Ok, firstly, you must be able to write up a profile (either a resume summary or a resume objective) in your resume document.  It’s a short opening statement that aims to introduce you to the recruiter by selling all of your strongest assets. 

All the top-level people who usually do the hiring of Front Office Managers for their organizations don’t have the time to look through all the resumes they are sent in great detail. The usual 3-page lists of job duties won’t make them sit up and take notice of you. Make sure to keep it sharp and concise. Put all the pertinent info in first to get their attention.

You should aim for a gripping paragraph of between 3-5 lines providing a summary of your application. Stay away from a resume objective; recruiters are interested in the value you can bring to the table than the other way around. Your summary allows recruiters to determine if you’re the right person for the job. Highlight your best capabilities, give your years of experience, and give recruiters an idea of your predominant personality traits. All completed certifications or post-school academic achievements must be listed here.

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A summary statement isn’t the same as an objective statement. If you give an objective at the beginning of the resume, emphasize what you aim to bring to the table (these are best for recent graduates, though). The summary should consist of three concise statements. Firstly, who you are: a qualified Front Office Manager. Next, what can you contribute to the potential organization’s general aims? We have examples for you.

You can either do a:

A resume summary– a great choice for applicants with two years’ experience or more. A resume summary highlights your work experience and accomplishments.  


A resume objective– great for applicants with little to no work experience or if you’re changing professional fields. It showcases any transferable skills that would make you the perfect person for the role.

Three Examples Summaries & Objectives:

Summary example 1:

“Efficient and communicative Front Office Manager with 7+ years’ professional experience in a vibrant environment. Excited to help The Bellevue Hotel guarantee smooth daily operations and provide an experience beyond guest expectations. In prior roles, increased annual income by 25% and bettered the hotel’s Tripadvisor rating by 1.5 points on a 5-point rating scale.”

Summary example 2:

“Currently, a part-time university student completing a bachelor’s degree program in business management. 3+ years’ experience as hotel front desk clerk at a dynamic, 4-star property. Looking to leverage a top customer appreciation award and a pleasant, hard-working attitude to become the Front Office Manager for Diamond Hotel.”

Summary example 3:

“Hard-working, driven individual who recently graduated with a BS in Business. Looking for a position as an Assistant Front Office Manager with EFG company. Passionate personality, brilliant people skills, and a zero-tolerance attention to detail.”

Employment History & Examples 

This is a make-or-break section in your resume. Recruiters care about how much experience you’ve had, and this section does but one thing in your resume: Proves you’re better than all the other contenders for the job. 

Mold your resume to the job ad's specifications and make the competition look like the new kids on the block. Begin with your current/ most recent position, and list your previous roles in reverse chronological order.  

  • Include your position and company name, the dates you worked there, and the company's location.
  • Explain your experience with 4-6 bullet points. 
  • Making sure your bullet points include power words like cooperated, boosted, created, managed, etc.
  • The experience you list must be relevant to the job you’re applying for. 
  • The more you can quantify your bullet points with numerical values, the better. 

Front Office Manager at Diamond Hotel, Seattle

January 2011 – December 2016

Tasked with overall supervision of the front desk area and lobbey monitoring activities of 20 staff members and creating specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely plans of action to fix any guest service problems.

  • Interviewing, selecting, coaching, and supporting associates guarantees they perform according to the recognized standards and values of the hotel.
  • Assisting the General Manager in preparing forecasts and reports and developing, implementing, and monitoring the budget.
  • Resolving customer complaints and anticipating possible problems by monitoring and reviewing operational issues, business flow, and associates' performance.
  • Cooperating with sales staff to consider and apply sales strategies to increase the number of visitors and income.

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Assistant Front Office Manager at Radisson Blue, Cape Town

January 2003 – December 2006

Assigning tasks and ensuring all staff positions are covered for the duration of the shift. Dealing with complaints and addressing visitors’ worries.

  • Hire, train, develop, performance measurement, discipline, and schedule all department staff.
  • Executed strategic plans directed by division leadership.
  • Promote the hotel, its services, and facilities while increasing tenancy and ADR.
  • Process reports in a daily manner, journals, reconciliations, and others.
  • Handle guest complaints.

Job Description Samples & Job Duties Samples:

We have selected further Job Duty Samples for Front Office Managers.

A Front Office Manager (under five years’ experience):

  • Overseeing all front office tasks.
  • Negotiating all advertising and creating all in-house promotional resources.
  • Elevating engagement on social media platforms to include linking up with national personal relations firms.
  • Implementing GDS (global distribution system) into the business model.
  • Increasing general guest survey scores as well as the hotel RevPAR.

A Front Office Manager at the mid-career stage (5-10 years’ experience):

  • Supervising staff of 10 for a 7-practitioner practice.
  • Coordinating effective transitions from paper charts to Electronic Medical Records.
  • Ensuring practice income and expense goals are hit or surpassed.
  • Maintaining all the medical inventory and settlements of purchase orders.
  • Controlling and analyzing data entry points for Electronic Medical Record to confirm compliance.
  • In charge of staff scheduling, confirming insurance benefits, and handling income.
  • In charge of making sure the staff understand and comply with risk management and safety procedures, medical rules, regulations regarding patient rights, infection control protocols, HIPAA requirements, and relevant OSHA standards.

A Senior Front Office Manager at experienced/advanced stage (10-15 years’ experience):

  • Assigning tasks and ensuring all staff positions are covered for the duration of the shift.
  • Dealing with complaints and addressing visitors’ worries.
  • Answering phone queries, directing calls, and providing basic information.
  • Overseeing and managing support receptionists, staff, and security guards.
  • Addressing complaints and requirements with brilliant customer service skills.
  • Recruiting and training new employees.
  • Maintaining office equipment like the photocopier, fax machine, etc.
  • Monitoring front desk and guaranteeing all employees observe all security procedures for visitors.
  • Overseeing mail packages, deliveries, and couriers.
  • Purchasing, tracking, and invoicing office supplies.
  • Creating, organizing, and maintaining schedules for all employees.
  • Guarantee front desk is covered all the time.
  • Performing bookkeeping, clerical duties, and reservations.
  • Assisting in planning any company events, lunches, meetings, and team building activities for employees or special projects as required.

Highlight Your Accomplishments

Guys, it’s tempting to underplay this section. PLEASE DON’T. 

Quantification is vital so include those numerical values such as ranks, scores, timeframes, dillar amounts and percentages throughout your achievement section.

In this section, you’ll need to think about all the skills you possess and then describe them using power verbs and numerical values associated with statements about projects of which you are most proud, awards won, or honors received, and recommendations from clients and managers. 

Below are examples of what NOT TO DO. Avoid boring statements, simply paraphrasing your job obligations or using words like increased, excellent, reduced, and delivered. They mean jack without metrics:

  • Changed vendors and office supplies resulting in reduced expenses.
  • Discussed replacement of staff laptops with tech vendor at a discount, resulting in an increased employee productivity.
  • Started a new method of payroll for savings in monthly fees and state taxes.

Let’s be real here. You didn’t enjoy reading that, did you? Ok, now look below. These ones have metrics. You decide which is better: DO THIS instead.

  • Changed vendors and office supplies, resulting in a 28% decrease in expenses.
  • Discussed replacement of staff laptops with tech vendor with tech vendor at a 10% discount, resulting in a 22% increased employee productivity.
  • Started a method of payroll for a $7,800 saving in monthly fees and state taxes.

Front Office Manager Education Section

This section is incredibly important! It matters, and if it didn’t, then any random person could do your job. Lay it out like this: 

  • Have you got more than five years’ experience? All you got to do is put your school name down, then your degree, what year you graduated, and institution location. Boom! You’re done.
  • Got less than five years’ experience? You can beef it up by including things like academic accomplishments, awards, extracurricular activities, and applicable coursework.
  • If you have any certifications, add them to your resume in this section.

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See below for some examples: 

2019- MBA Cornell University, New York, NY. 

2018- Master’s Degree in Marketing, Cornell University, New York, NY. 

2017 – Certification in Hospitality Management, The School of Hotel Administration at Cornell University, Brooklyn, NY

2016- Certified Front Desk Representative from the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute (AHLEI), Online

2014 – Bachelor of Science Majoring in Hospitality Business Management, Long Island University, Brooklyn, NY.

Pertinent Coursework: Travel and Tourism Management, Lodging Management, Front Office Operations, Events, and Conventions Coordination, Human Resources, Reception, and Concierge Management, Service Experience, and Recreation-Related Industries.

2013 – CSI High School for International Studies, Staten Island, NY. 

What to Write In Your Skills Section

Modify your skills section to imitate the skill requirements and capability preferences on the job ad. 

Choose the job ad's essential skills. Prove them in your resume by reading the job posting, highlighting all the skills you can identify. 

Ask yourself: 

Do you have those skills? 

Have you ever exhibited them? 

If you say yes, write the most impressive ones down and quantify them. Display them in a skills matrix. Include your most attractive ‘’picking’’ skills that aren't in the job ad. Using the keywords from the job ad in your resume, you increase your chances of landing an interview.  

Utilizing specific keywords is the key to sliding your resume through Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). 

  • Look at the job ad carefully and use the precise words and phrases they used in the ad to guarantee your resume makes it through the ATS to the recruiters' desk. 
  • For instance, if the job ad states management is looking for a Front Office Manager with “proven collaboration skills,” copy and paste that phrase and use it as is. No synonyms, nothing. 
  • Make sure you have the evidence to back up the fact, in any case.

It’s imperative to focus on your core skills and capabilities that are relevant to the job being offered. This is how you do it:

  • List all your skills and aptitudes (the list must have your soft skills, hard skills, and technical skills).
  • Read the job ad again to confirm which skills the employer needs most.
  • Go back to the list of skills you drew up and choose the skills listed in the ad.
  • Then choose 5-10 of your best skills and include them in the key skills section.
  • Don’t be scared to drop your relevant skills all over your resume, including your job description section and resume profile.

Do yourself a favor and mix it up in your skills section. Those big bullet lists are so old-school it’s actually boring to read. Behold the skills matrix: 

Skills Matrix 

BudgetingDelegationBusiness knowledgeFinance
HiringHotel operations
LogisticsMS Office
New business developmentProject management
Analytical skillsTeamwork skills
CommunicationConflict resolution
Critical thinkingDecision making
NegotiatingOffice management skills
Physically fitPlanning
Time management

Qualifications/Certifications associated with Front Office Managers

Bachelor of CommunicationMaster’s in business administrationFinancial Management Certificate
Advanced ExcelProject Management Diploma Diploma in Office AdministrationLabor Relations CertificateHigh School Diploma
GEDCertified Front Desk RepresentativeAssociates Degree In Hotel Management
Amadeus Super UserFront Desk and Telephone Skills WorkshopShort Course in Conflict Resolution

Optional Extras for Front Office Manager Resumes

At this point, you’re basically done with your resume! However, if you have a little something extra (like a published sophomore paper), add it and brag if you're new to the world of consulting! Put it in a bonus section as your cherry on top. 

Pro Tip: Additional sections are great ways to beef up your resume if you have a lower GPA or lack of experience.  

This section really can help you stand out from the rest of the applicants. 

What can be included in this section, you may ask? 

  • certifications on a resume
  • language skills
  • projects
  • resume awards
  • licenses
  • memberships
  • hobbies and interests
  • volunteering on a resume

Professional Information on Front Office Managers 

Sectors: Every type of services Industry
Career Type: Reception, Guest Relations, Reservations, Administration, Customer Service, Client Relations, Front Office
Person type:  Communicator, Manager, Engager, Leader, Organizer, Coordinator, Monitor
Education levels: From Post School Qualifications and upwards
Salary indication: $42 514 per annum (ZipRecruiter)
Labor market: Projected growth of 6% between 2019 – 2029 (BLS)
Organizations: Various

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