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Last Updated on November 9, 2022

Frontdesk Assistant

When hunting for a job in any field, checking out good resume examples for that job is always a good place to begin. 

A Front desk Assistant resume sample is no exception. Our job is to help make your resume informative and gripping, giving you the best chance at landing an interview and, hopefully, the job.

We teach you all, including loads of samples, in this resume guide!

Front desk Assistant Resume Samples

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Resume Sections

  1. Contact information
  2. Profile Summary
  3. Work History 
  4. Achievements
  5. Education 
  6. Skill Section
  7. Certification & Licensing
  8. Extras

What to Highlight in a Front desk Assistant Resume

Your previous work experience as a Front desk Assistant is significant; however, there are several other pieces of information that recruiters and hiring managers must know about you to ascertain whether you are the right fit for their team: 

Firstly, highlight your scope as a Front desk Assistant. There are thousands of service companies with every conceivable area of specialization offered to clients. Be specific when stating which industry you have worked in. This includes whether you have dealt with walk-in Clients, your average daily call numbers, and the PABX switchboard size. 

Secondly, a Front desk Assistant is typically the ‘’face of the business’’. Sitting at the practice, clinic, or hospital's front desk, you must show recruiters that you are fully capable of providing outstanding customer service, dealing with all types of client requests, and can professionally handle complaints.

Thirdly, recruiters value a candidate’s resume that is focused on experience with direct Client contact. Doing this will be very beneficial. Show that you understand the role of a Front desk Assistant. The responsibilities include answering queries and handing out information to the public, customers, visitors, and other interested parties. Make sure you understand the layout of your work effectively, as you will often be asked to provide directions all over the establishment. 

Next, to further show your experience, list the applications and systems you can work with, for example, Outlook, Zoom, Calendly, Acuity, WebEx, VoIP, Clarity, and Agile CRM. 

Lastly, there will be targets, goals, and KPI metrics that you will have to record and obtain. Ensure that you are specific with your numbers here, for example, how many incoming daily customers, whether they were regulars or new customers, the average number of daily calls taken, or the number of switchboard extensions you are in charge of.

*Cool Tip for an awesome resume

Breaking up your job description into the core duties of a Front desk Assistant is likely to leave a good impression on the reader:

  • Customer Service: Creating a welcoming environment and providing brilliant customer service. Meeting, greeting, and escorting clients that enter the building. 
  • Queries: Answering clients' questions regarding appointments, prices, products, availability, and payment terms.
  • Administration: Filing, maintaining records, and updating the practice’s database. Receiving payments and filing receipts. Proofreading documents and transcribing written meeting minutes. Photocopying and scanning as needed.
  • Switchboard: Answering, screening, and forwarding calls. Providing information and taking messages.
  • Diary Management: Scheduling appointments and booking room consultation. Maintaining and updating calendars. Managing travel arrangements.

Career Summary & Objectives

Recruiters and hiring managers are required to look through several resumes with very little time to do so. You must keep your career summary/ career objective short and concise. Refrain from including any irrelevant information, as this is only going to result in an uninterested reader. 

Your career summary should be 3–4 lines long and needs to provide the reader with a brief yet informative outline of what type of employee you will be and what you can bring to the table. It is crucial that you capture their attention from the start. Using a career summary or career objective can be the perfect way to achieve this.

Below, we explain which of these two choices are best for you:

  • Choose the career summary if you have front desk job experience. This introduction highlights your front desk skills and office-related experience. It further adds any key achievements with numbers to prove you are the perfect candidate.
  • Choose the career objective if you have no reception job experience. The objective highlights your front desk career goals and shows that you will be a valuable asset to their company despite your limited experience. 

Begin your career summary/objective with your years of experience in the industry and the main responsibilities. Utilize the job description, making it your guide to ensure you include the required skills. The more keywords and terms you replicate from the job description, the more it will allow you to be seen as the perfect person for the job.

Next, include a line that highlights your exceptional qualities that will add value to the company. Recruiters are interested to know if you possess “strong people skills, creative engagement skills, excellent multitasking capabilities, and that you can handle difficult customers.” You must be able to provide proof of these skills in the “professional experience” section of your resume. 

Summary Examples

Summary Example 1

“Current part-time university graduate enrolled in bachelor’s degree program in marketing management. 2+ years’ experience as a hotel front desk clerk at a demanding 5-star property. Intent to leverage top client appreciation accolade and personable, hard-working attitude to become the front desk agent for Chelsea Hotel.”

Summary Example 2

“Enthusiastic and organized Front Desk Assistant with 5 years experience at a busy travel agency, Highly skilled with switchboard equipment as well as calendar planning and customer service excellence. Fluent in Spanish, English and French.”

If you begin your resume with an attractive career objective, it will significantly increase the chance of your resume being read and considered.

Career Objective Examples

Summary Example 1

“Seeking a Front desk Assistant role with (Insert Company Name). Possess exceptional written and oral communication, computer, and organization skills to help the hospital achieve its goals.”

Summary Example 2

“Lively and dependable Front desk Assistant, seeking a position with (Insert Company Name). Bringing brilliant front desk handling skills, deep knowledge of medical terminology, and the capabilities to work in stressful situations to the table, maximizing the reception area's efficiency.”

Employment History & Examples

Unless you have included a professional summary, your experience as a Frontdesk assistant should be the first area you list under this section. Use bullet points to list the most relevant and important information to ensure that the reader does not miss anything. When listing your information, we recommend using reverse chronological order as this allows for your most recent experience to be viewed first. Below is a list of the basic (proven) responsibilities recruiters would expect to see in a resume: 


Frontdesk Assistant at FM Couriers, New York

January 2015 – December 2018

Responsible for maintaining communication with the 445 Madison entrance office, assist in managing COIs and building services and register all guests through an online portal.

  • Provide information regarding activities conducted at establishments and locations within the organization.
  • Perform a variety of duties and projects pertinent to the type of establishment.
  • Update and maintain the company Contact Relationship Management database to track prospects, clients, and deal information.
Frontdesk Assistant at NHS Investments, Nashville

January 2009 – December 2012

Responsible to perform routine front desk tasks and coordinate meetings, organize catering and ensure the reception area is presentable at all times.

  • Assist with receiving and dispatching work requests to technical staff, vendors, or other service providers.
  • Support the Office Manager and Consultants with travel, expense reporting, calendar management, and misc. Projects as assigned.
  • Assist with meeting management such as catering, telecoms equipment and stationary

Job Descriptions, Responsibilities, and Duties

If you need more inspiration, have a look at further Job Duty Samples for Front desk Assistant below:


A Junior Front desk Assistant may:
  • Participate in administrative assistant and business unit meetings.
  • Assist with the coordination of special events in support of client or Jones Lang LaSalle
  • Follow safety procedures and maintain a safe working environment.
  • Update and maintain the company Contact Relationship Management database to track prospects, clients, and deal information.

A Senior Front desk Assistant may:
  • Assist with badging, attendance, handouts, and provide information about meeting rooms and office facilities.
  • Create accurate daily, monthly, and correcting journal entries for completed work.
  • Assist meetings and conferences to ensure they run smoothly by staying organized and providing excellent customer service to guests and attendees.
  • Document and provide cash over/short monthly reporting to supervisors and dining services management for review.
  • Work irregular shifts such as midnight, early morning, and weekend shifts.
  • Perform routine front desk tasks.
  • Coordinate meetings and organize catering.
  • Ensure the reception area is presentable.
  • Facilitate new employee seating arrangements with IT and Facilities teams.
  • Collect and analyze KPIs for Americas Retail Stores and USHO.
  • Provide support to Showroom Teams.
  • Print out client appointment table seating charts.
  • Maintain communication with the 445 Madison building office, assist in managing COIs and building services.
  • Register all guests through an online portal.

Highlight Your Accomplishments

You may be tempted to copy and paste your duties and responsibilities from resume to resume; however, this can result in disaster if you have included irrelevant information or insufficient information. It will also prevent you from standing out from other applicants. 

Think about what makes you unique and what you are most proud of having accomplished in your prior roles. Including this information will make you far more attractive and increase your chances of landing an interview.


Flat, Simple example:

  • Administrative obligations include copying, typing, handling the switchboard, emailing, faxing, and scheduling.

Informative Accomplishment Statement example:

  • Exceptional experience in Windows/Apple OS, Office/Outlook. Capable of typing 89 wpm. Able to handle a PABX system with 120 extensions.

Quantifying Your Resume

Quantifying is crucial! It is all good and well simply stating information, but you must give the recruiters solid facts with numerical values that back up your claims. You should be answering the “how much?” or “how many?” questions. For instance:

  • How many calls are you taking daily?
  • How many incoming Clients are you helping at the front desk?
  • What is your success in retrieving collections of accounts not paid?

This is what proper accomplishment statements should look like

  • “Handled 130 Clients' call-ins a day and serviced an average of 30 walk-in emergencies during weekdays.”
  • “Awarded the 2017 “Customer Appreciation Award” from hotel management based on guest surveys.”
  • Managing a switchboard of 100 extensions without dropping a call in the last six months

The Education Section

Whether you have a bachelor's degree or not, this section is still vitally important. Many Front desk Assistants need supplementary certifications. If you have any, place your best ones right next to your name. 

Add any post-school diplomas and/or accreditations if you have them, followed by any professional development courses, programs, or workshops you have finished that set you apart from other applicants.

Recruiters typically look for the university’s/ school’s name, the type of degree/ certificate achieved, and graduation date. The other details are less important. If you do not have a lot of experience or just graduated, consider adding your GPA if you did very well.  

If you have several things to add to your education section, ensure that you begin with the most recent qualifications. This section should be kept simple to ensure that the reader can sense the information with ease.  

Completed Secondary and Tertiary Education must be listed as follows: 

Begin by writing the start and end dates of your degree/ certificate/ diplomas. If you only did a course, simply add the end date. Next, list the qualification's full name, the name of the institution you studied at, and lastly, the city or abbreviated state name. If you have less than five years’ working experience, include your high school diploma in the same format as stated above. 

Education History samples:

Expected graduation 2020 – Majoring in Hospitality Business Management (Bachelor of Science) Long Island University, Brooklyn, NY.

Relevant Coursework: Travel and Tourism Management, Recreation-Related Industries, Human Resources, Service Experience, Front Office Operations, Reception, and Concierge Management, Lodging Management, Events and Conventions Coordination,

2017 – Certified Front Desk Representative from the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute (AHLEI).

2016 – CSI High School for International Studies, Staten Island, NY.

A Front desk Assistant's Skills Section

Integrating keywords that reflect your particular skills from the job description into your skills section adds serious credibility to your resume. The ‘Skills' section highlights your technical skills and personal or soft skills. Technical skills describe what you can do, and soft skills describe what type of person you are. Employers pay special attention to this section, so ensure that you include all your skills that show that you are the perfect candidate for the position.

This section really interests recruiters. It shows if you are likely to add value to their business and help differentiate you from the other applicants. Your skills section relates directly to your education and past experience – The more you have, the more skills you are likely to possess. 

Although the Front desk field requires certain technical skills, recruiters also look at your soft skills. Technical skills or ‘hard' skills relate to the skills gained from repetitive tasks during your work. For example, accurate calculation methods, data entry, management of a software suite, etc. Non-technical skills or ‘soft' skills related to the human skills attained during your professional experience. They are developed from personal points of view. These skills include managing a team, conflict resolution, empathy, rapport with young children, etc.

Example Technical Skills

  • Front Desk
  • Front Office
  • Billing
  • Data Entry
  • Microsoft Office
  • Invoicing & Payments
  • Computer Reservation System
  • Point of Sale (POS) & Credit Card Terminal
  • Courteous Customer Service
  • Verbal & Written Communication

Example Soft Skills

  • Multitasking
  • Customer Service
  • Organization
  • Meticulous
  • Time Management

Qualifications & Certifications associated with Front desk Assistants

Principles of Customer Service CertificateHigh school Diploma Diploma in Office Administration
Executive Office Assistant CourseShort Course in Conflict ResolutionAdvanced Office Management Course
Front Desk and Telephone Skills WorkshopGEDFront Desk Professional Image Building Certificate

Optional Extras for Front desk Assistant Resumes

This job majorly involves dealing with people and clients. It can be beneficial to use this section to show recruiters that you have effective people skills and know-how to communicate well.

All other Frontdesk candidates have the same resume sections as you do. You, therefore, need to stand out if you want an interview call back. To make your resume unique, add some extra sections. 

Here are great extras to add to your resume for front desk assistant jobs:

  • certifications 
  • language skills
  • projects
  • resume awards
  • licenses
  • memberships
  • hobbies and interests
  • volunteering 

Professional Information for Front desk Assistants

Sectors:  Every type of services Industry
Career Type: Administration, Customer Service, Client Relations, Front Office, Reception, Visitor Relations, Reservations, Administration, Customer Service, Client Relations, Front Office
Person type:  Communicator, Engager, Supporter, Organizer
Education levels: High School Diploma to Post School Diplomas
Salary indication: $44 285  (Glassdoor)
Labor market: Growth of 4% from 2018 – 2028 (Truity)
Organizations: Various

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