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Last Updated on January 23, 2023

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Looking for a Grocery Cashier position? We recommend starting with checking out successful cashier resumes. You want to make sure your resume stands out by being both informative and intriguing. We provide you with samples for each of your resume sections.

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Grocery Cashier Resumes

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The Grocery Cashier Resume Guide

What to Highlight

No matter how long you have been working as a Grocery Cashier, or not yet at all, there are a few important things that employers want to see.

The most important thing is your customer service experience (or attitude). Even if you haven’t been a Grocery Cashier before, make sure to emphasize your expertise working with customers, whether it was through a previous job or even a position that you held at the school or through an academic organization.

Next, you will want to highlight your math skills. One of the core responsibilities of a Grocery Cashier is ringing up customers’ orders and making sure you give the correct change. You can demonstrate your mathematics skills on your resume by including previous cashiering experience or even including a list of math courses you have taken through school.

Lastly, employers want to see that you are responsible and professional. To demonstrate this, you can include previous jobs that you have had or extracurricular activities. Essentially, any type of job, position, or activity that you have dedicated a significant amount of time to shows that you can show up to work on time and behave professionally.

Resume Sections

1. Contact Information:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Email

2. Profile:

1 – 3 sentences giving a broad overview of your background and years of experience in the industry. If you haven’t had a professional position before, you can include a few sentences about your passions, interests, or academic background here.

3. Employment History:

Showcase your employment history and include a list of your daily responsibilities.

4. Education/ Certifications/ Coursework/ Training:

It is not necessary to have any type of academic career to be a Grocery Cashier. If you do have a degree or are working on one, you can list it here.

5. Key Skills:

List of key skills that you possess. These should reflect the key skills that are listed in the job postings you are applying for.

6. Languages:

Depending on where you live, it could be very beneficial to know a few different languages. List all the languages you can speak, including your level of proficiency, in this section.

Supermarket Cashier Job Description & Responsibilities

No matter how long you have been a Grocery Cashier, try incorporating these responsibilities into your employment history.


  • Building rapport with customers to drive repeat business
  • Greeting customers immediately when they walk into the store
  • Counting the till before and after a shift to ensure accuracy
  • Utilizing the scanner to ring items up, manually adding items and discounts when necessary
  • Processing cash, check, and credit card payments
  • Helping customers carry their groceries out to their car
  • Handling exchanges and returns
  • Assisting customers with bagging their groceries
  • Informing customers about discounts and deals
  • Checking customer’s identification if they are purchasing alcohol or tobacco products

Quantifying Your Resume

Employers love numbers because it makes your experience feel more tangible. When writing your resume, if you can answer the questions, “How much?” or “How many?”, you should include that number in your resume. For instance:

  • How many customers did you ring per shift?
  • How many ID’s did you check per shift?
  • What was the largest exchange/return you have processed?

The Importance of Soft Skills

When it comes to a Cashier's resume, soft skills are of the utmost importance. You are the first and last employee a customer sees when grocery shopping, so potential employers want to know that you will give their customers a professional and pleasant experience. To show employers that you have the soft skills they are looking for, try to incorporate these into your profile, key skills, and cover letter sections.


  • Personable
  • Friendly
  • Engaging
  • Proactive
  • Courteous
  • Attentive
  • Professional
  • Organized
  • Patient
  • Approachable


Action Verbs for a Grocery Cashier Resume

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