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Higher Education Teacher

Now that you’re hunting for your next position as a Higher Education Teacher, it’s really a good idea to have a look at an example on how to create a resume of suitable standards. The guideline below will help you do just that, giving you the best chance of securing that interview. 

Higher Education Teacher Resumes

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The Sampled Resume Guide:

What to Highlight

Higher Education Teachers educate post-secondary learners at the undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate levels in colleges, universities, and other educational institutions. This might also include jobs in corporate learning and development or industry.

Irrespective of your lecturing/teaching experience, there will be several core features you’ll need to highlight in your resume that recruiters must know from the start.  

It would help if you showcased what your work entails and what level you’re at. Check out the questions below: 

  • Are you lecturing full-time teaching stats to undergraduates, graduates, or postgraduates at a University/ college? 
  • Are you potentially teaching various subjects, maybe all connected to business (marketing, economics, accounting) to a certain level of students (undergraduate or postgraduate)?
  • Do you work part-time at a publicly owned college, instructing associate degree learners in the evenings while holding a permanent job elsewhere?
  • Alternately, a classic trend in the field of lecturing, particularly for those on sabbatical writing research papers, would be “as needed” consulting projects either to stand-in for Higher Education Teachers on leave or employed by educational institutions at specific times during the year on 3-6 months lecturing projects. 
  • Are you maybe a Higher Education Teacher on an exchange, sent by your university to another university in a different country to educate those students? Some institutions call those Higher Education Teachers distinguished Higher Education Teachers/ emeritus Higher Education Teachers. 

You will definitely need to showcase your proficiency in your subject matter. We highly recommend that you discuss what subjects you can teach and everything that goes into that subject without writing a full thesis. If you can teach stats, mention research methodology, probability theory, calculus, or mathematical statistics. The same goes for any other subject field. 

You will need to describe the purpose of your position. After reading your career summary, recruiters may jump straight to your resume’s experience section. Focus more on the “show” rather than the “tell” when writing up job responsibilities. If you merely tell, the statements will end up being generic and boring.  To show, you must quantify your statements, but that will be discussed later in the guide. 

Resume Hack: One way to give yourself more cred is to mention how many articles, white papers, or academic papers you’ve written during your lecturing career thus far. You could have been invited as a keynote speaker to a conference. The time of blackboard and white chalk teaching days is over, and lecturers must now be proficient in all manners of tech and digital tools. Mention all of these in your resume (we will explain in our skills section later).

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Summaries & Objectives

Would you believe that the average recruiter only spends 7 seconds scanning resumes? That’s an incredibly short time to make a lasting impression. The way to do that is by writing a smashing career summary/ objective. 

Your career summary/ objective has one aim, and that’s to grab the recruiter’s attention, making them want to take a longer peruse through your resume. Your career summary should consist of 4-6 sentences describing how you’d fit into the job role using only relevant info. You must include: 

  • a general summary of your background 
  • your years of teaching/ lecturing/ instructing experience 
  • your highest qualifications 
  • educational setting you’ve worked in

If you’re unsure which one you should be writing (Summary or Objective), it works like this: 

If you have more than three years’ professional experience, you should write up a career summary. It highlights your experience and core achievements. 

If you have little/ no work experience, write an objective instead. It showcases all the transferable skills you’ve obtained and highlights your career ambitions and how you plan to achieve those ambitions by adding value to the institution. 

As always, adding numbers to prove your impact in your career summary/ objective is highly recommended.

Cool Tip: Compose your career summary/ objective last. Even though it is at the start of the resume, you may find it easier to compile the summary after you have completed your experience and skills sections. Then highlight it in bold and put it smack bang after your contact details.  

You can follow these steps to writing a killer summary/ objective. Just remember to tailor every summary for each role you are applying for.

Step 1: Within the first sentence, provide your professional title along with your total years of experience.

Step 2: Check out the job advert and choose the two most essential skills/ requirements. Go and identify those in your resume job description section, and jot down an action statement using the exact words and highlight them with earlier accomplishments. Integrate the value of these skill sets into your statements. 

Step 3: Add a sentence mentioning your top accreditations.  

Step 4: Once you’ve written the summary/ objective, read it repeatedly to make sure it is perfect in any way. You can’t afford to have grammar/ spelling errors. Keep the summary/ objective in the third person. You want to make it sound professional, not like a text to your mother. 

Three Examples

Summary example 1

Highly dedicated Senior Higher Education Teacher with 11 years’ experience in teaching MBA students at Harvard, Henley, and Leeds universities. A subject matter professional in Leadership Development studies with several articles written for the Harvard Business Review and online business publications such as Time Magazine and Business Insider. Spent three years in Africa instructing master’s Students in Research Methodology and Research Statistics, respectively. Possesses a Doctorate Degrees in both International Business Management and Advanced Leadership studies.” 

Summary example 2

Proficient Junior Higher Education Teacher with a passion for developing inspiring, interactive learning environments using tech innovations for cloud-based platform teaching and telematics in the classroom. Aptitude to inspire and motivate students reflected by a 47% increase in academic scores during the year. An outstanding communicator and highly skilled at orating and presenting in auditorium settings. Has a Ph.D. in Mathematics and am also a Certified Microsoft Educator.

Summary example 3

Proficient and highly acclaimed Research Higher Education Teacher presently spearheading a stem cell research trial for a Biomedical Fortune 500 company. Skilled at helping research projects within elected time frames and a magnificent academic writer with 13 articles published within the last 12 years.  Accomplished a Ph.D. in Bio-Medical Engineering with a Magna Cum Laude result and granted the Top Research Innovator Accolade for Harvard University in 2017.

Summary example 4

Lecturer and researcher with 9+ years’ experience at numerous respected research institutions. Ready to deliver cutting-edge research for the Brookings Institute with solid quantitative methods while guaranteeing high ethical standards and obligation.

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Employment History & Examples

Some recruiters are concerned that Higher Education Teachers are all theory, no practice. This section is where you can happily prove them wrong. That’s why it’s essential to have this section waxed. 

Remember to integrate the keywords from the job advert into this section to make it look more appealing. 

  • List your experience in reverse chronological order; your most recent job first, then go back in time.
  • Provide your job titles, names of companies, location of companies, and dates you worked there.
  • Describe your duties and achievements using 5-7 bullet points for every position. 
  • Begin every bullet with an action verb like coordinated, managed, performed, monitored, etc.
  • Only give applicable job experience and quantify it with numerical figures.

Pro Tip: Recruiters go weak at the knees for titles like Ph.D. Remember to put them in if you have them. 


Higher Education Teacher at Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany

January 2014– December 2017

Lectured three undergraduate and seven postgraduate courses on quantitative analysis for 4 consecutive terms at a prestigious private college

  • Oversaw 2 MA theses and 3 Ph.D. theses.
  • Offered grant proposal support for exchanges between Spanish scholars and American educational institutions.
  • Initiated distance learning technologies that live streams for isolated students and posted video copies of lectures onto YouTube.
  • Compiled tests, quizzes, and assignments for marking and knowledge testing purposes.

Research Project Lead, Lockheed Martin Aviation Fellow, Iowa City/Berlin, Germany

February 2011 – March 2018

Jointly managed an undertaking with Felix Hoffenheim where economic development models between the United States and Germany were compared.

  • Oversaw research project on political incentives for voting law reform. The project proposals were utilized as a part of the new legislature in Germany.
  • Built a joint-institutional position for budding scholars whose interests overlap with the political economies of the U.S. and Germany.
  • Adhered to all compliance necessities and guidelines in instructing and evaluating students as agreed upon by the Civil Aviation Authority.
  • Scheduled additional simulation sessions for students that required special attention, particularly in subject matter areas like meteorology of mathematical calculations.

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Job Descriptions, Responsibilities, and Duties

The men and women are looking to hire, and you will expect to see certain central skills and responsibilities in your resume. Below is a list of duties examples from various roles you can use to create your duties section. 

An Associate Higher Education Teacher (University):

  • Instructing students at undergraduate and graduate level in English Literature and Language.
  • Collaborating with faculty staff to fine-tune course curriculums.
  • Overseeing the marking and posting of 18 projects per student every year for a class of 45 students.
  • Presenting six lectures daily together with the English Higher Education Teacher.
  • Assisting in managing the class environment and facilitating the smooth running of lectures by dispersing notes, setting up equipment, and organizing question-and-answer sessions.
  • Setting up technologies for distance learning that live streams for faraway students and posting video copies of lectures onto YouTube.
  • Compiling tests, quizzes, and assignments for marking and knowledge testing purposes.
  • Outlining lesson plans every quarter to be accepted by the faculty dean.
  • Collaborating with Higher Education Teachers, class reps, and curriculum designers to think of ways to improve academic performance.

A Higher Education Teacher in a College Environment:

  • Teaching Spanish and German to Associate Degree students of European Languages.
  • Preparing lecture materials for all German and Spanish curriculums and short courses/ refresher programs.
  • Assessing and grading students with monthly tests and quarterly practical exams, and written exams.
  • Participating in student interviews and selection during the yearly application period.
  • Part of the course team activities, planning lessons, and out-of-class practicals, where students must communicate in either German/ Spanish in real-life scenarios. 
  • Applying on student’s behalf for external bursaries as well as grants for the European Languages Faculty.
  • Adhering to the National Standards Foreign Language rules and regulation.  

An Industry Higher Education Teacher:

  • Lectures students at the Air Traffic Control Academy of the Civil Aviation Authority.
  • Creating lesson plans for theory instruction and role simulation sessions that are based on practical education. 
  • Writing consistent reports about the progression of students’ practical capabilities.
  • Designing all tests, exams, and quizzes for marking and evaluation purposes.
  • Collaborating with other Air Traffic Control Academies outside of the states concerning the best practices to improve students' theoretical knowledge and practical proficiencies.

A Higher Education Teacher’s Assistant or Adjunct Higher Education Teacher:

  • Conducting preliminary research and drafts for course curriculums and lesson plans. 
  • Liable for upholding class syllabus, project logs, and complementary theoretical and revision materials.
  • Analyzing students’ academic performance and progress data to distinguish learners that may require extra tutoring.
  • Collaborating with class reps and tutors frequently to discuss preparation of exams, student progress, and the organizing of faculty events.
  • Preparing lecture venues beforehand, guaranteeing all tools and tech are working and are ready to use by the senior Higher Education Teacher.
  • Participating in meetings twice a month, discussing department targets and upcoming events such as exams. 

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Highlight Your Accomplishments

Recruiters need results they can measure in your resume. This allows them to gauge how good you are at your job. 

Utilize quantification to maximize the impact of your accomplishment statements. How many learners did you lecture? If you’ve been involved in improving academic performance, provide the value of that improvement. Do you create course curriculums? Which subject? How many annually? 

The whole point is to communicate those features of your work experience and skills that set you apart from the competition. Sprinkle your endorsements, accolades, commendations from peers and experts in the industry, and even previous students throughout your accomplishment statement section.

When writing the accomplishment statements up, lay it out like this: What happened (the effect)? And how were you involved in bringing about the result (the object)? Abandon any flowery language, and please, don’t overuse the descriptive adjectives. Back up any action verb (improved, increased, reduced) with solid proof.

Review of accomplishment statements: These failed.

  • Published many peer-reviewed articles in a brief period, which resulted in winning a research grant from a private investor used in upgrading the labs.
  • Instructed students in an array of courses within the discipline of mathematics. 
  • Received outstanding student review rankings constantly, resulting in a promotion from Lecturing Assistant to Associate Higher Education Teacher. 
  • Influential in decreasing student class participation and travel expenses by initiating a virtual technology-based learning platform.

This is how you would do it:

  • Published 12 peer-reviewed articles in a time frame of 15 months, which resulted in winning a research grant from a private investor used in upgrading the labs.
  • Instructed students in an array of courses within the mathematics discipline, with an average of 150 students per class, while also implementing weekend classes for faraway students, which resulted in admissions increasing by 17% for the year.
  • Obtained a constant 4.8/ 5 student review ranking for the last five years, resulting in 2 promotions from Lecturing Assistant to Associate Higher Education Teacher, and became the youngest Higher Education Teacher in the faculty in the last 15 years. 
  • Influential in decreasing student class participation costs by 44% due to travel expenses, by initiating a virtual technology-based learning platform

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Education Section

This section is critical for landing your resume in the “yes” pile! Anyone who’s hiring wants to see the degrees you’ve done, your academic performance, details of subject matter, and the courses/ accreditations you’ve wracked up.  

Don’t forget to include all the qualifications you’re in the process of completing as well. When listing courses, certificates, accreditations, and the like, you may use discretion regarding which to include and leave out. 

Being an academic, you should know how important your education is, so make sure this section is done well. 

Applicants with 5+ years of professional experience may list their degree, name of institution, and institution's location ending with the year they graduated. Simple as you like it. 

Applicants with little/ no experience might wish to provide extracurricular activities, relevant coursework, and academic achievements.

Education section samples: 

Ph.D. in Political Science. University of Austin, TX, 2012.

M.A. in Political Science. University of Miami, Florida, FL, 2019.

B.A. in Political Science. Northwestern University, New York, NY, 2016.

The Resume Skills Section

Higher Education Teachers must possess an array of skillsets, namely technical skills (expertise, subject matter curriculum design), interpersonal skills or soft skills (presentation, communication, leadership), and tech and tools proficiency to be able to do their job.  

Please, guys, don’t slap down general skills you found in a google search. Check out the job advert for the required skills. If they apply to you, then use those exact words. This will help to make your resume look like it was made for the job in question. 

A well-written skills section will show the recruiter you’re potentially the one for the job because you have the sufficient skill set to educate, motivate and inspire learners. 

  • Begin by jotting down a rough list of your skills (hard skills, soft skills, and technical skills). 
  • Check out the job advert to see what skills are conveyable. 
  • Then assess your list and choose the best skills that were mentioned in the job advert!
  • Make sure to integrate your skills throughout the whole resume where you can. 

Perhaps the best format to present this section is with a skills matrix, as seen below. Bullet point lists were so last decade: 

Technical Skills Matrix

Curriculum DesignEducational Copyright KnowledgeDigital Education Trends
Subject Matter ExpertiseLesson PlanningVideo Conferencing
Target SettingCyber Security KnowledgeElectronic Presentation Skills
Electronic File ManagementRemedial WorkDatabase Maintenance
Faculty EvaluationGrantsClassroom Management
Monitoring and Progress EvaluationInstructional DesignResearch Papers
Educational AssessmentsQuality AssuranceGrading Papers
Teaching StrategiesSetting ExamsVirtual Education

Soft Skills Matrix

Supervisory and ManagementPresentationPatient
Detail OrientatedCollaborativeCritical Thinking
Problem SolvingPlanningCoaching & Leadership
Time ManagementTrustworthyRealistic
DedicatedDeadline DrivenCreative

Tools & Tech Skills Matrix

SlackGoogle AppsWorkday
BlackBoardMs ExcelTrello
MS PowerPointSkypeMS Access
Google WorkflowZoomClass Kit
Hubs BoostZoomZoho Creator
CanvasMicrosoft SurfaceClassbuilder
YouTube EDUDigital WhiteboardsClassroom 2.0

Qualifications & Certifications for Higher Ed Teachers:

P. HD (Various Disciplines)Diploma in Education ManagementMaster’s in Business Administration
PTLLS: Level 3 Award in Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong SectorNBPTS Certification: National Board for Professional Teaching StandardsPraxis Content Knowledge
Microsoft Certified EducatorCertificate in Curriculum DesignPraxis Principles of Learning and Teaching (PLT)
Bachelor of Special Needs EducationBlackBoard Super UserDoctor of Philosophy in English Literature

Optional Extras for Higher Education Teacher Resumes

It is generally a good idea to show the recruiter more than the professional side in the resume. You can include these sections to boost your resume. 


Social Science Research Council – Comparative Methods in Populist Attitudes – Member.

Editorial Board, Journal of the American Political Science Association.

Affiliated Researcher, IPA, 2018.

IREX Selection Committee for Exchanges with Germany, 2015-2018.


Deducer Certification

SPSS Certification


French- Advanced 


Statistical modeling for football and basketball.

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