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Junior Sales Assistant

The Sales industry is an exciting environment with many opportunities, roles, and career options one can follow. As a Junior Sales Assistant, you have many opportunities in Sales that can be explored. Because there is a vast range of career fields, you also need to make sure you apply for the dream job. Information, guidance, and help are what we offer with this guide.

We have created this resume sample packed with exciting tips, stellar ideas, and guidelines for structuring a resume. It will also serve as a guide for layout tips and ideas on how to send off a Junior Sales Assistant resume that will attract attention. 

This sample will also help you compile your unique profile, allowing you to strategically showcase your skills, experience, traits, and education. It also focuses on how to present these in a resume. 

Junior Sales Assistant Resume Examples

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Junior Sales Assistant Resume Guide

Resume Sections

  • Contact information
  • Profile Summary
  • Work History 
  • Achievements
  • Education 
  • Skill Section
  • Certification & licensing
  • Extras: Languages/Awards/Publications/Volunteering/hobbies

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What to Highlight in a Junior Sales Assistant Resume 

The job market is tough, but it is by no means discouraging. We encourage you that even if you only have limited experience in the sales environment or even none at all, you should still apply for a junior sales assistant position. Certain personality traits and life skills can help you stand out, even without a long work history. And even if the competition is thriving for Junior Sales Assistants’ positions, employers and recruiters will notice your application if you follow the advice, be creative and ensure certain crucial information are in your resume. 

FIRSTLY: Relevant experience is one of the most important elements to include in a resume with no previous work history. Detail your responsibilities and highlight your efficiency, even if you have no sales experience. 

Here are some helpful tips to boost your chance to write a resume with no experience for the position. 

  • Focus on any technical competencies that are relevant to the position
  • List your knowledge of the fundamental principles of the sales environment.
  • Your interpersonal skills and experience as part of teams and working with others in previous positions can be precious.
  • Numbers give credibility, and it can increase yours, even if not applicable to Sales. For instance, provide a record of the hours you worked or are working. Jobs and tasks you completed successfully, any ratings you received, and the number of promotions and accolades given to you in past employment history. 

SECONDLY: Using BLS sic codes, you can adequately identify the industry you are currently in or have been part of. Using the codes will also show that you are knowledgeable about the industry. Give a detailed context of your experience and the products and services you have worked with. 

THIRDLY: Use the chronological format as this is the one format hiring managers are most familiar with and highlight the critical aspects and areas of your career. 

Don’t forget to also focus on your desire for continued education and training. It is essential to your profession, and by mentioning your aspirations for ongoing education and training, you will show how important you view lifelong learning. 

Sales require you to keep in touch with new trends, ideas, products, regulation, market changes, peers, and competitors. It is advisable to stay on top of your game, and your resume needs to reflect the fact that you value ongoing education, lifelong skills building, and personal leadership. 

FOURTHLY: Your resume’s layout is also a crucial element when compiling and shows that you give attention to detail and that appearance and correctness are also important. 

We suggest you set page margins at one inch on each side, left align the text (not justification), and double space between each section – this helps create enough white space, making a resume more comfortable to read. It also guides the reader’s eyes in natural flow to different areas and essential parts. 

FINALLY: A cheatsheet:

  • Choose a professional RESUME font. Try Arial, Helvetica, and Cambria, which are three solid choices.
  • Keep it short and sweet. 
  • The best RESUME length is no more than two pages.
  • Save your RESUME as a PDF to keep your formatting intact and as a security precaution. 
  • Rather leave the profile photo or any personal info like your marital status or birth date.

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Junior Sales Assistant Career Objective/Summary Examples

Pitch yourself in 3 to 6 sentences describing your career and yourself to hiring managers. Don’t be shy to get personal; this is where you give potential employers a glimpse of who you are and the person they will consider recruiting. Stay focused on the advertisement for the job and always anchor your summary examples to it. 

Your RESUME personal statement or personal profile should do the same thing. It’s a quick way to get your RESUME to grab hiring managers and keep them engaged. Stick to 3–4 sentences and answer these three questions

  • Who are you? 
  • What can you offer to the prospective company? 
  • What are your career goals? 

Answer the questions depending on how much sales experience you’ve got. 

Write a master list of all strengths associated with a junior sales assistant; this is your product features list and a sure way of promoting your professional experience, skills, and abilities.

Keep in mind that you have to refer back to the job advert, check the job description, and make sure you list the skills and experience it requires and match the results with 3–4 points from your list. 

Use these points to write a profile summary/objective targeted at the job you’re applying for.

If you’re writing a student RESUME or a RESUME for a junior sales assistant with no experience, we advise you to do keep the following in mind:

STEP 1: Write down a master list of skills and experience. Be mindful of your education and any other jobs you’ve had. Then list those transferable to a sales assistant’s likes, for instance, customer service and numeracy.

STEP 2: The next step is choosing 3–4 items from your list relevant to the job. Combine these with your passion for the position and show that you know your prospective employer by mentioning specifics about the company that you know might help you show them that you are a good fit. Keep their culture, vision, and mission in mind, and make sure you incorporate them in this section. 

STEP 3: Put all of this together into a personal profile targeted at the job you are applying to.

Hack: A good tip is to keep this section until you have done all the groundwork for your resume and finished writing all the other areas. It doesn’t matter if you have experience or not. It is just much easier when you have all your knowledge, skills, and education to refer to when writing this part. 


You may write either a Career Objective or a Career Summary at the top of your resume and highlight this essential part of the resume; you can accentuate it in a different font for maximum impact. 

A career summary for when you have several years of experience, whereas a career objective is often used by graduates, trainees, or candidates with less than five years’ experience.

Your purpose with this paragraph is to sell your potential value and give yourself a reasonable chance of being noticed by hiring managers. To do this, be mindful of keeping your career summary in line with the expectations set out in the job advertisement. you have a decent chance of being noticed by hiring managers. 

With your summary, your credibility is the main point to highlight. 

An objective, on the other hand, concentrates on career aspirations and your intent to add value. Adjectives are a great way to describe one or two outstanding traits and enhance the value you are adding to your current employer. 

Please start with the most relevant information. In the beginning, hiring managers start by scanning through resumes, and you want yours to attract their attention. 

Also, mention our credentials, education, and certifications, and remember that numbers are always brilliant to show your capabilities. 

Examples of Junior Sales Assistant’s career summaries and objectives

Summary example 1

Looking for Junior Sales Assistant n position at Random Music Equipment Store; eager to share passion and knowledge of speakers, stereos, and other consumer audio equipment. Excellent speaking skills to relate with customers and closing sales.

Summary example 2

A highly energetic person, great personality, career-driven, and desire to succeed, seeking a Sales Representative position with ABC company; seeking a work where communication skills and love for all things fashion are required.

Summary example 3

Customer-focused sales assistant with 4+ years of retail experience. Quick to gain detailed product knowledge and offer expert advice on the most appropriate products and services for customers’ needs. Excellent record in sales.  I am exploring the possibility of a position in the fashion retail sector where I can deliver outstanding service.

Summary example 4

Seeking a company with high organizational direction where sales experience, positive interaction skills, and industry contacts acquired from twelve years’ experience will be extremely beneficial, thereby ensuring sales results.

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Junior Sales Assistant Employment History

Communication is one of the crucial skills that all Junior Sales Assistants need and will use daily. Communicating with people from all walks of life, including colleagues, the public, potential clients, and even family and friends, are part of the package.

Your resume needs to tell a story of an individual who understands this and knows that working with people is essential, and showcases your impressive communication skills. It would help if you also showed that you are indeed a caring person who values relationships.

A successful resume will demonstrate your ability to complete specific tasks, even if yours does not list any particular job experience. It will also show employers that you can take the initiative and have a sense of self-reliance. 

Start with your most recent retail gig first and work back from there, hence the reverse-chronological format mentioned earlier.

For each one, give your job title, name of your employer and place of work, employment dates (use “present” as the end date if you work there now), then up to six bullet points describing the job.

Begin guns blazing with bullet points starting with eye-catching RESUME action words like undertook, operated, or created. This attracts attention and ad impact. Below we have provided an example for you.

Junior Sales Assistant at ABC Fashion

(February 2015 – December 2020)

Responsible for maintaining sales floor and processing payments at high footfall fashion retail outlet that achieved $1m+ in annual sales.

  • Managed opening and closing procedures, POS systems, stock control, and visual merchandising, contributing to award for the best-merchandised store in the Manhatten region.
  • Exceeded sales targets by 10+% regularly by being attentive to customer service and product recommendations.
  • Manage trade shows and showrooms, as well as staff helping out at these.

       Junior Sales Assistant at AG Footwear

 (February 2010 – January 2015)

Main responsibility is to open new accounts and assist assigned customers in understanding products and marketing campaigns directed at them for a large fashion outlet store.

  • To get pre-order and reorders in the system and pushing the customers to pre-/re-order via our online site.
  • To actively generate reorder, both for the assigned customers with follow-up calls, emails, and invitations to launches. 
  • Responsible for on-floor customer segmentation surveys and their classification annually

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Junior Sales Assistant Job Descriptions, Responsibilities, and Duty Examples

A potential employer wants to read about your proven foundational duties and skillsets. Study the job description below with the complete list of tasks that accommodate most Junior Sales Assistants’ responsibilities and responsibilities.

After examining our list,  choose those that best describe you, and feel free to customize and add where you can. 

A Junior Sales Assistant may:

  • Research/generate new client leads.
  • Setup up meetings with potential clients
  • Increase client base through active sales
  • Have in-depth knowledge of the market
  • Work together with Executive Directors in developing and accomplishing goals and strategic plans for our industry.
  • Stay on top of the market and industry trends, competitors, and all aspects of the – company’s market.
  • Responsible for marketing, promotions, and launches of new products.
  • Manage trade shows and showrooms, as well as staff helping out at these.
  • Focus on the pre-order and reorders and trying to get customers to pre-/re-order.
  • Responsible for customer segmentation surveys and their classification annually
  • Contact prospects from identified target groups for leads generation
  • Manged generated leads and also responsible for checking if accurate.
  • Render production reports, and be present at all sales meetings as required
  • Contribute innovative solutions and ideas to improve efficiencies and infrastructure
  • Support sales team with necessary client-facing tasks, including new business or renewal communication follow-up.

If you do not have formal sales experience, you can focus on relatable expertise, for example:

A marketing background can help you with sales and pitches to clients. If you had a stunt in public relations, your communication and negotiation skills would surely come in handy. 

Think outside the box and see where duties you performed in other industries and jobs are also beneficial and required for your shooting position. 

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Highlight Your Accomplishments 

Do not copy your list of duties as detailed in your job description, instead show the readers your uniqueness; this will help you stand out and set you apart from all the other applicants and what you are most proud of. 

Focus on your past accomplishments and write action-packed statements to get hiring managers’ attention. 

Quantifying your Junior Sales Assistant Resume

You are on the right trajectory if you can answer the “How?”, “How many?”, “and “How many” questions. 

Describe your achievements accolades in measurable terms; you want to quantify your value to prospective companies.  Numbers and numerical proof will help highlight your competencies, and it is always a smart trick to give more color to your resume. Use cold calling records as an example, and numbers about your sales record indicate your productivity and success rate.

Give proof of your achievements and accolades, don’t just list your duties! 

Use the Problem Action Result (PAR) formula and accomplishment statements to structure your bullet points.

First, examples of flat, dull statements that won’t spark the interest of the reader:

  • Researched and resolved account information issues for customers improving customer satisfaction and client retention 
  • Verified and processed account application information resulting in many new accounts monthly.
  • Accurately allocated daily sales to sales staff.
  • Calculated and implemented possible price hikes.
  • Managed workflow approvals processed to increase productivity.

Consider a few examples where quantification was added:

  • I researched and resolved account information issues to improve customer satisfaction and client retention by approximately 30%.
  • Verified and processed new client application information resulting in approximately 13 plus new accounts monthly.
  • Accurately allocated 10 – 15 daily sales valued over $5,000.
  • Implemented and managed quarterly account payments for top clients.
  • Managed training of assistants to increase productivity by 20%.

Junior Sales Assistant in Education Section Example

Even this section carries less weight than your work experience. Hiring managers still expect to read about your education, and these section needs to be formatted correctly and contain certain essential information. Here’s how:

If you’re a school-leaver, include the school’s name and the location of the school. Also, mention the years you attended. By listing your individual subjects for your A-levels, you show diligence. List only Maths and English for GCSEs because they are usually listed as a minimum requirement in your profession.

If you went to university and graduated, you have to mention the university name; the years attended, and the degree. Do this even if you are still studying, and don’t forget to note when you expect to graduate. 

Students and applicants with little or no experience change the resume’s order and put the education section before work experience.

Because state Sales boards require all agents to complete continuing education and training courses, make sure you highlight yours in this section. 

Display your credentials by date completed, name of institution, qualification, and course curriculums. Also, include relevant licenses and industry memberships.

Here are some examples: 

2020 Certified Professional Sales Person (CPSP) from the National Association of Sales Professionals (NASP), Online

2019 Certified Inside Sales Professional (CISP) from the American Association of Sales Professionals

2018 Inside Sales Professionals (AA-ISP), Online

2017 Certified Sales Leadership Professional (CSLP) from the Sales Management Association (SMA), Online

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What to Write in a Junior Sales Assistant Resume Skills Section

Employers will be on the lookout for specific soft skills to indicate whether you are fit for the role they need to fill. 

There are also technical skills needed, but soft skills are sought after in this industry. You have to describe your product knowledge and patience, as well as knowledge of POS systems. 

If you have too many skills, focus on those that are essential to you job you want. 

Here are some tips to follow: 

  • Always keep the job advert in mind and make sure you understand and know which skills are required. 
  • Draw your own skills’ list
  • Consider your work experience and education and let these guides decide which skills to list, again keep the job advert in mind. 
  • Now you can compare the two lists, see what matches, and put 5–10 of those in your resume.
  • Include a balanced mix of soft skills and technical skills. 

You can write a short descriptive sentence for each skill: Mobile and static POS systems knowledge, including processing online payments and end of shift reconciliation.

The following skills will look good on a sales assistant’s resume.

Retail Resume Skills

  • POS systems
  • Visual merchandising
  • Loss prevention
  • Product knowledge
  • Numeracy
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Communication skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Complaint resolution
  • Teamwork
  • Time management
  • Working under pressure

Qualifications/Certifications associated with Junior Sales Assistants

Sales & Marketibng DiplomaPipeDriveHigh School Diploma
American Association of Inside Sales Professions (AA-ISP)The National Association of Sales Professionals (NASP)The Sales Association (SA)
CNPR CertificationCertified Sales Professional (CSP),Bachelor Degree in Sales and Marketing,

Optional Extras for Junior Sales Assistant Resumes

Resumes who “go the extra mile” are the ones chosen for interviews. If you want yours to be noticed, add extra information. A brilliant way of doing that is by adding additional sections to your resume. 

Here are some ideas.

Languages spoken. Foreign language skills are always sought after, primarily in organizations that operate internationally. If you have any, you can this as a different section in your resume.

Volunteering is also a powerful addition, and most managers would strongly consider hiring someone with volunteering experience.

Projects: You could also include projects, achievements, awards, and hobbies. Just make sure it’s relevant and helps to make you stand out as a candidate.

Professional information for Junior Sales Assistants

Sectors: Sales, Accounts Management, Client Relations, Business Development, Client Relations
Career TypeSales, Customer Service, Marketing, Client Relations, Business Development, Account Management
Person type:  Sales, Marketer, Advisor, Supporter, Facilitator, Administrator, New Business Developer, Account Manager, Customer Service
Education levelsBachelor’s Degree or Post School Certifications
Salary indicationAverage Base $33 360 per annum (Glassdoor)

Labor market: Estimated 0% change between 2019 and 2029 (BLS)

Organizations: Various

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