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Junior Web Developer Resume Guide

Resume Sections

  1. Contact information
  2. Profile Summary
  3. Work History 
  4. Achievements
  5. Education 
  6. Skill Section
  7. Certification & licensing
  8. Extras

Highlights for a Junior

While it's not difficult to secure a job as a junior web developer, it's hard to get a rad job. You know, excellent pay, flexible hours, remotely working options. Unicorn company stuff. For those jobs, you'll need a resume as rare as Thor's hammer and three times as powerful

How do you write a resume like that? You don't need a Stargate. It's as simple as picking the right web developer resume format. The reverse chronological resume format is your huckleberry. Why? Because it struts your best stuff first. Please don't use a functional resume template, and recruiters hate it. Use clear, eye-friendly fonts, white space, and an eye-catching resume header to create the best user experience and keep recruiters on the path. Save your professional web developer resume as a PDF. The PDF format keeps the resume layout in shape as it flits through the ether.

Now that you have the format down, what should you highlight?

Firstly remember that Junior Web Developers are wannabe experts (for now) when it comes to software technology, and creating applications is your forte, right? Day-to-day duties include designing, testing, analyzing, troubleshooting, and configuring applications both independently and in teams. 

Typically, Junior Web Developers are found in large technology organizations working in-house or externally employed by app development agencies. However, wherever you wish to begin your career, your resume needs to reflect specific qualities and attributes that show you are the perfect person for the job.

Secondly, this industry is incredibly demanding, with developers often working on multiple projects simultaneously. Include information that shows that you have adequate time management tenure and can work under pressure. Use your industry experience to back up these claims.

Below we have summarized specific aspects that recruiters would look for in your resume: 

Design and Build Advanced Applications for Websites – This is an area that Junior Web Developers dedicate most of their time to. This involves using C / C++, JavaScript, and other tools to write and program code. This area demands extreme attention to detail, as one mistyped line of code can result in dire consequences.

Collaborate with Cross-Platform Teams to Design and Implement New Features. Junior Web Developers work with product development teams, user experience departments, and many other teams to develop new features that users want. This aspect of the job requires excellent teamwork skills.

Troubleshoot and Solves Problems in Website Maintenance – Once an app is developed, a Junior Web Developer’s task is not finished. Their responsibility shifts to ensure optimal functioning of the new app and taking steps to fix any 

*Cool Tip for Software skills include:

Junior Web Developers need technical expertise for a wide range of tools and apps. Stand out by summarizing your professional competencies. Include them in a Developer Stack table (more on this in the skills section)

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Career Summary & Objective + Examples

Recruiters are busy people and don’t have time to search for the relevant info in your resume, so ensure all the important info is right there in the front. A great way to catch their eye is with a career summary/ objective. 

Recruiters will want to check that you have all the fundamental skills that all Junior Web Developers must have before reading on.  

The career summary is a fantastic way to start your resume as it gives a concise overview of your skills, experience, and who you are as a person. It should consist of your most applicable skills and one or two of your best accomplishments. 

A resume objective is slightly different. Applicants with limited or no work experience can write a career objective as this highlights the skills you have to offer, your career ambitions, and how you will add value to the team. 

The career summary/ objective must be kept short and concise. Provide the most pertinent information first in every section of your resume. This will assure you keep the recruiters’ attention, putting you in a good place for the interview. 

But what info is important, and how do you know what to include? 

That’s where the job advert becomes your helping guide. It will tell you what the employer is looking for in a candidate, skills and experience-wise. 

Use those exact keywords and phrases in the corresponding sections of your resume. The more your resume resembles the job ad, the higher your chances of success will be. 

Showcase your capabilities and achievements with punchy sentences and quantify them with accreditations/ experience. 


Summary example 1

Productive, full-stack web developer, passionate about metrics and beating former personal achievements. Prototyped 28 new product features annually for Flexa, Inc. Reduced rework by 32% and expenses by 19%. Constantly received high user experience scores for every web development project, including a 35% increase for Flexa, Inc. Passionate about constructing world-class web applications. One of my sites received a 2017 Webby for Best Navigation and Structure.

Summary example 2

Web developer with 6+ years’ experience. Skilled at ASP.NET, C#, Java, C++, HTML, PHP, CSS, MySQL. Seeking a position as a web developer at IntuitVX.

Summary example 3

Dynamic Web developer with a BA in computer science. Enthusiastic, meticulous, and driven. Looking to add value to the team with fresh outlooks and innovative ideas. Seeking to work with a web development company.

Summary example 4

Hard-working web developer with a talent for designing sophisticated solutions in a short amount of time. Established an eCommerce web app, documentary launch website, customer web portal, and donations web app for two local charities. Software architecture and cloud computing is my passion. Consistent attendee of web developer hackathons and meetups.

Junior Web Developer Employment History

This section must be kept simple, short, and sweet. Recruiters are checking for specific features that set you apart from the next person. So, make that information easy to read. While writing your experience down, be sure to back it up with examples highlighting how you made a difference.  

The format you want to use to lay all this out in reverse chronological order. This way, all the most recent and valuable information is seen first. 

Start by providing your latest job title, the company's name, location of the company, and employment dates for them all. 

Give 4–6 bullet points, using skills and quantifiable achievements together with your responsibilities. Don’t simply list what you did but also how you made an impact. The biggest thing to keep in mind is to be original. 

Mold your experiences to the job advert. You can use the Problem-Action-Result (PAR) formula to highlight your responsibilities with more bang for your buck. 

Example Employment History:

Junior Web Developer at Toyota

February 2019 – December 2021

Taking responsibility for a range of intricate matters, including Ongoing design, maintenance, and development of current and new Front Office systems and applications.

  • Being a solid individual contributor and a team player.
  • Self-driven in keeping up to date with the latest web technologies.
  • Possesses a deep understanding of technology with a major focus on modern web technology stacks.
  • Working with several software development departments to guarantee consistency with the current Framestore infrastructure.

Junior Web Developer at Bridgestone

February 2017 – January 2019

Main task is performing code reviews of source code tendered by other team members and Campbell's outsourced development partners.

  • Proactively reporting to management regarding your work.
  • Providing app development support for the distribution of data to Apple, Android, and Windows mobile devices.
  • Working on existing good software development methods.
  • Developing and maintaining applications and databases by assessing client needs, examining requirements, developing software systems.

Job Descriptions, Responsibilities, and Duty Samples:

To assist you with starting this part, we have given a list of job description examples for Junior Web Developers below:


  • Assisting in developing new webpages, websites, and microsites that operate within brand style guidelines and coding standards.
  • Assisting in developing functional specifications.
  • Performing enhancements and maintenance to current websites and microsites.
  • Performing other duties as allocated.
  • Partnering with Employee Communications on HPE Aruba intranet.
  • Working with several software development departments to guarantee consistency with the current Framestore infrastructure.
  • Assisting with current similar software development efforts when required.
  • Programming the computer by encoding project necessities into computer language; entering coded information into the computer.
  • Confirming program function by running tests; adapting program sequence and codes.
  • Providing references for the use of personal and prime computers by writing and maintaining user documentation.
  • Developing and maintaining applications and databases by assessing client needs, examining requirements, developing software systems.

How to Write a Resume for with no Experience? 

This sounds daunting but trusts us, in a couple of hours/ days, a person with no experience can look like they have years’ worth.

Write about all the experience you gained doing freelance projects, contributions to open-source projects, code posted on Github, hackathons, meetups, etc. 

Job Description without experience:

  • Designed an e-commerce web app, selling products online. Boosted company revenue by 56%.
  • Created a customer web form for the local doctor’s office. Improved patient satisfaction scores by 23%.
  • Built a launch website for the Indie Documentary “Jogging the Amazon.” Increased streaming sales by 29%.
  • Designed a Facebook-linked donations web app and website for the local Pitbull shelter. Elevated donations by 57%. Saved 12 dogs’ lives.

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Highlight Your Accomplishments

This section is about as important to your resume as an engine is to a car. Without it, you’re going nowhere. It may even be the most important section in your resume. 

Keeping that in mind, we will help you write a killer accomplishment list that will light up the employer like a loaded server. 

Firstly, make a list of every job you’ve had relevant to web development. Then rack your brain for every achievement you’ve made and every praise you’ve ever received. 

You won’t be using them all, but it’s easier to have them all laid out in front of you so you can pick and choose the best ones for every application. Remember, you’ll need to mold your accomplishment statements to the individual job adverts. 

Now that you’ve got them all down put the most recent ones first. 

The magical format looks like this:

From the main list, choose the 4-6 achievements that fit the job description best.

Then move on to the next job application, and so it goes on. Think about accomplishments that will make you look better than the other candidates. 

The trick, though, is to portray these statements in a way that captivates that recruiter. Be concise and straight to the point. Recruiters don’t have the time it takes to read your essay. If it’s too long, they’ll get bored and ignore your resume completely. 

Quantifying Your Resume

Prove your accomplishments by quantifying them with numerical values. This gives the recruiters something to measure your skills and decide if you’re worth the interview. 

Quantifying isn’t hard to do. You’re on the right track if you can answer questions like these regarding your accomplishments: “How much?” or “How many?” How long? By when? How often? 

What NOT to do with accomplishment statements:

  • Prototyped new product features every year.
  • Spearheaded best practice implementation for employees over several departments. 
  • Reduced rework and expenses.
  • Improved user experience scores over company-wide previous bests.
  • Boosted customer satisfaction and customer retention. 
  • Executed Agile/Lean development process over different development teams. Elevated employees' buy-in for Agile. 
  • Reduced lead times and cut data storage inventory.

Quantification does to ramp up these accomplishment statements:

  • Prototyped an average of 28 new product features annually.
  • Spearheaded best practice implementation for 15 employees over several departments. 
  • Reduced rework by 27% and expenses by 12%.
  • Improved user experience scores by 35% over company-wide previous bests.
  • Boosted customer satisfaction by 25% and customer retention by 50%.
  • Executed Agile/Lean development process over eight different development teams. Elevated employees' buy-in for Agile by 58%.
  • Cut lead times by 48% and decreased data storage inventory by 16%.

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Education Section + Samples

Many people ask, “I can have a successful career in web development without a degree, right?” Well, that a yes and no kind of question. Experience matters a lot, but often, what’s in your education section may just tip the balance in your favor. 

The correct format is as follows:

  • Start and end date 
  • Qualification’s full name
  • Full name of the institution 
  • Name of the city/ abbreviated state name 
  • You can add things like course work/ GPA (if it’s decent, like over 3.5) if you don’t have much experience 

If you don’t have a degree and you’re fresh out of high school, list your high school diploma in the same format as above. 

Example of education information and credentials:

2012- 2015 MS Computer Science. University of Virginia, VA. 

  • Studied Photoshop, wireframes, Illustrator, WordPress
  • GPA 3.7 

2018- 2020 Associate Degree in Software Development. Brooks College, Long Beach, CA.

2016- Apache Hadoop (CCDH) certification, Cloudera, Online.

Your Junior Resume Skills Section

Technical skills are critical to this line of work, but soft skills are just as essential. These skills combined help create the type of employee that will add value to the team and fit in well. Integrating these skills into the resume will heighten your chances of getting that interview. 

Additionally, suppose you use a skills matrix (as shown below) and integrating the keywords from the job advert. In that case, your chances of the recruiter seeing your resume at all and putting you in the “yes” pile become better. 

It is critical to list only applicable skills; otherwise, the recruiters won’t take you seriously. 

This would be a good section to highlight your specific capabilities, like working across different platforms, efficient graphic design skills, proficiency in different programming languages, and proficient metadata management software. 

Highlight technical AND soft skills, remember? It’s not uncommon for these soft skills to set you apart from other applicants. Describe traits like understanding, creativity, teamwork, listening skills, problem-solving, and effective communicating skills, but only if they apply to you.

Important to note: Making up skills you don’t possess is such a bad idea. It’s not even funny. You will get tripped up in the interview, so please be honest. 

Technical Skills Matrix

EclipseAndroid StudioAVD Manager
Android SDKUnity 3DDevelopment Environment software, such as Adobe ActionScript
Object or Component Oriented Software, such as C# / C++Program Testing Software, such as IBM Rational PurifyPlusDatabase Management Software, such as Apache Flume
SDK: Android SDProgramming languages: Java, KotlinReact Native + JavaScript/TypeScript
HyperText Markup Language – HTMLCascading Style Sheets (CSS)JavaScript

Interpersonal Traits Matrix

Analytical SkillsAttention to DetailTeamwork Skills
CommunicationCritical ThinkingDecision Making
LeadershipLearning MindsetOpen-Mindedness
PrioritizingProblem-SolvingTime Management

Qualifications & Certifications associated with Junior Web Developers

Adobe Certified Expert  (ACE)Certified Web Development Professional   Zend Certified PHP Engineer
Microsoft Developer Certifications (MTA & MCSD)Amazon Web Services (AWS Certified Developer)PMP Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)
MTA certificationAzureAmazon Web Services (AWS) – Certified Developer

Optional: “Activities” Section:


  • Achieved a 2012 Website of the Year Award for Best Navigation and Structure.
  • Assisted weekly meetings for the Webfinity and Beyond web developers' club.
  • Gave a presentation on cloud computing at the HackMTY hackathon in California, 2017. It was made a webinar and had 110 000 views. 
  • My article, “Web Development Best Practices,” was publish to TechCrunch.

If you’ve been in this industry a while, creating a list like the one above should be no problem. It will help to boost your cred. 

Why You Need an Online Portfolio

There’s another way to prove your skills, and that’s to show what you can do. But please don’t attach lines and lines of code to the resume! Just create a strong online portfolio and attach a link to it in your resume. 

If you don’t have enough experience to create a great portfolio, don’t worry. You can provide the little personal projects and freelance projects you’ve done for others to show you can do the job. Even small projects that take a few hours to complete can help make a junior web developer's resume look so much better.

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