Local Office Administrator Resume Templates & Guide

Last Updated on November 10, 2022

Local Office Administrator

If you’re looking for your first actual full-time job, a Local Office Administrator is a fantastic option.    

Start here by looking at our top-tier Local Office Administrator resume samples. We will help you make sure your resume grabs any recruiters' attention. It will be informative and an interesting read without overwhelming them with useless info.

Enjoy our guide for making a standard resume into an interview-winning document!

Local Office Administrator Resumes

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Local Office Admin Resume Guide

Resume Sections

  1. Contact information
  2. Profile Summary
  3. Work History 
  4. Achievements
  5. Education 
  6. Skill Section
  7. Certification & Licensing
  8. Extras

What to Highlight in a Local Office Admin Resume

Basically, your job is to head the organization, giving admin and clerical responsibilities in the business. You organize meetings and appointments, prepare important documents, update records, and write reports. 

FIRST: Showcase the range of your job regarding reporting structure, size of the company, and your responsibility level. Provide the scope of your obligations, for example, how big the team you support is. Local Office Administrators perform many different types of jobs, all under general supervision. They undertake admin tasks and help managers to ensure the whole department works well.

REMEMBER: Be specific about the industry you received your experience in. Local Office Administrators work in many different industries, from legal to business to healthcare and even the government. You must include this info in your summary and in each position description. 

ALSO INCLUDE: Local Office Administrators also deal with document administration, entailing KPI’s like accumulating proposals, making contact lists, organizing appointments for team members in their business departments, dispensing client forms, service level agreements, and legal contracts to applicable parties stakeholders of the business.

PROVE: As a Local Office Administrator in today’s age, you must be good with tech. You must show you have the tech skills needed to perform data entry, creating company reports, and managing group calendars. 

HIGHLIGHT: Microsoft Office software like Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, and even MS Project are critical skills to have. Local Office Administrators are usually given back-office duties on the customer/client-side, like input of data into a customer relationship management (CRM) system, virtual help desk, or a customer service platform. You must have a great understanding of computer software, operating systems, and browsers to perform your job.

LASTLY: a fundamental part of a Local Office Administrator’s role is feedback. You must include the feedback mechanisms you know how to use, like bulk emailing tools (InContact), CRM software, and automatic texting applications (RingCentral).  

Career Summary & Objective

It's not hard to imagine that businesses receive thousands of Local Office Administrator applications every year. Because of this, you have to make your resume stand out. 

Here’s a fact that will make you think twice: recruiters on average spend only 7 seconds scanning every resume for corporate positions. 

What could you possibly add to your resume to catch their attention in 7 seconds? A professional profile. 

A resume profile is a concise paragraph (5-6 sentences long) directly under your header highlighting your experience and why you’re the best applicant for that position. 

You get two kinds of profiles: a summary or an objective. Which one you use is dependent on your experience.  

Create a resume summary statement if you possess 3+ years’ experience in the office. To create a summary:

  • Portray one sentence about your professional identity. Use powerful words when describing yourself.
  • Utilize up to 4 sentences describing your experience that is relevant to the job. Showcase your most impressive wins and the proficiencies that will translate into success at the company.

If you have less than 2- or 3-years’ experience, write a resume objective statement: 

  • Start with an introductory sentence regarding your education or your experience in a different (but relative) industry.
  • Utilize up to 4 sentences writing about why you’re the best applicant for the job due to your transferable skills.

Example Career Objectives & Summaries

Summary Example 1

Senior Local Office Administrator with 9+ years of experience in an international diplomatic office dealing with Europe and Asia. Multi-Tasker with a solid sense of detail and the capability to rank urgent vs. important client problems. Enthusiastic with an outstanding work ethic, deadlines- driven, and team targets. Broad experience in the planning, coordination, and support of operational activities within the sales department.

Summary Example 2

Junior Local Office Administrator with three years’ experience in a Governmental IT division. Impassioned team player with strong organizational skills and the capabilities to manage administration on large- scale projects. Quick learner with exceptional communication skills and proficient in various project management applications such as Wrike, MS Project, Workzone, and Hive.

Summary Example 3

Detail-oriented Local Office Administrator with nine years’ experience in the private and public sector. Looking to add proven administrative proficiencies to better the office effectiveness at Clarkson University. Instigated an initiative that saved an office more than $95,000 over 24 months.

Summary Example 4

A Local Office Administrator with 6 months experience in supporting obligations related to purchasing, logistics, order management, and general liaison with suppliers and vendors. Looking to join (insert company name) on a part-time basis.

Local Office Administrator Employment History

Recruiters will expect to read a list of all your main obligations from all your past jobs. Because there are multitudes of different Local Official Administrator jobs, a complete list of duties would be longer than a NASCAR race. Below are several examples, but by no means comprehensive.  


Local Office Administrator at Tennis Association of Tennessee 

February 2017 – December 2021

Acting as the liaison between the admin department and several other departments.

  • Maintaining client records and files according to state and federal protocols.
  • Scheduling agendas, meetings, and events for the office and the employees. 
  • Liaising with Parking Garage Management and Property Management; managing and coordinating transponders and building access fobs for staff.
  • Supervise office cleaner’s work, keep the office safe, clean, and orderly, and oversee the office assistants’ work in branch offices.
Local Office Administrator at Contracts Department Indian Trail Municipality

February 2015 – January 2019

Responsible for supporting obligations related to purchasing, logistics, order management, and general liaison with suppliers and vendors in a large regional municipality set-up with over 300 employees, servicing 10 locations.

  • Developing strong relationships with partners in insurance and healthcare, assisting the department in the running smoothly.
  • Coordinating Facility Services and maintaining facilities with vendors (HVAC service, cleaning co., EAP plans, fire extinguisher service).
  • Analyzing and coordinating daily department activities, achieving established goals.
  • Maintaining department calendars, travel schedules, hotel bookings and arranging all pick-ups and drop-offs of staff at various airports around the country

Job Descriptions, Responsibilities, and Duties

Need more help? Have a look for guidance below:

Job Duty Examples

  • Giving calendar management support; scheduling meetings, arrange alternate representation in the manager’s absence and assist with delegating authority.
  • Managing schedules, coordinating assignments, directing telephone queries, and providing important contact interfacing for Assistant General Manager.
  • Liaising with Parking Garage Management and Property Management; managing and coordinating transponders and building access fobs for staff.
  • Supervise office cleaner’s work, keep the office safe, clean, and orderly, and oversee the office assistants’ work in branch offices.
  • Performing a range of clerical work involves standardized forms, data, reports, and procedures utilizing conventional instruction/routines.
  • Coordinating and managing office moves and assisting the Regional Office Manager with space planning and managing the car park and reporting.
  • Managing all office space-related problems and working with the building manager and WB Real Estate, getting them addressed correctly and resolved. 
  • Assisting new workers with the office set up (i.e., email, phone, computer, etc.)
  • Answering phones, scheduling meetings, maintaining calendars, and arranging all essential visitor passes.

  • Handling expense reports, arranging travel, and managing vacation schedules for every team member. 
  • Assisting in preparing presentations and analyzing, including making revisions, proofreading, copies, and binders.
  • Managing SAP requests for groups and is an official PCard holder for the division.
  • Overseeing office supplies and maintaining networked hardware and software for the team.
  • Managing catering requirements for meetings/ parties.
  • Maintaining Edit Franchise/ Sponsorship and story tracking databases (Excel).
  • Obtaining metrics from several departments using smart sheets for KPI reporting (Excel and smart sheets).
  • Maintaining and investigating new vendors (car services, kitchen vendors, copy machines, cleaning company).
  • Supporting management and staff as is needed. 
  • Booking business travels. 
  • Managing calendars (conference room calendar).
  • Updating and maintaining member directory.

Accomplishment Section

We know, we know, it’s super tempting just to copy and paste the list of duties you used in your accomplishment section. The problem with this is, you won’t stand out. And with all that competition, you really want to stand out from the others. 

Think about everything that sets you apart. What are you most proud of that you achieved in your prior jobs? Portray those achievements with punchy statements to attract the recruiter’s attention. 


Flat, Simple Duty (BORING, DON’T DO THIS PLEASE!):

• Made a database for company documents. 

• Created and managed systems process flow.

Accomplishment Statement (DO THIS, IT LOOKS GOOD!):

• Innovated an effective Word database for letters, forms, and company documentation, reducing tender preparation time by 21%. 

• Applied procedures and systems which integrate general payroll and human resource functions, increasing consistency and decreasing errors.

Quantifying Your Resume

When you create this section of the resume, if you’re able to answer the questions, “How often?” or “How many?” you should include those numbers. For example:

• How many files are recovered by users daily?

• By what percentage travel expenses reduced in the last 12 months were?

• How long does scheduling appointments on the calendar app take? 


  • “Initiated an electronic filing system that’s easy to use, which decreased file retrieval time by 59%.”
  • “Decreased travel expenditure by 56% due to booking team events at cheaper locations.”
  • “Enhanced the scheduling system by integrating a collaborative calendar, resulting in easier logging of appointments.”

The Education Section

Many recruiters tend to go straight to the experience section first. This doesn’t mean your education section isn’t as important. Quite the opposite, it can work to your advantage, particularly if you don’t have much work experience.

Best practices to set up your education:

Should you possess a college degree, then put the dates you studied, name of the degree, institution’s name, institution location, majors, and minors. If you’re a little short on the experience side, you can include more detail, like pertinent coursework/ extracurricular activities.

Should you not possess a college degree, put your graduation date, your high school name, and location in your resume. 

Education Section Examples

2014 – Certified Administrative Professional (CAP), International Association of Administrative Professionals, Kansas City, MO

2012-2013 Sales Administration Course, American Advertising Association, IN

2011- High School Diploma, Atlanta Girls College, GA

If you have less than five years’ experience, you may also add your High School GPA scores and accolades, and honors awards

2019 – Business Office Administration Program, Florida Career College, Jacksonville, FL 

2017 – 2018 Medical Administration Diploma, Florida College for Continuing Education, Orlando, FL

2016 – High School Diploma, Portland Girls College, ME
GPA: 3.5
Accolades: Student Honors List
Leadership: Captain of the 1st Hockey Team

Resume Skills Section

It’s no secret that technical skills are critical, but recruiters want to see your soft skills as well. These are the personal traits and interpersonal skills that determine your fit into the company and if you’ll add any real value to them. Mention these soft skills in your summary/ profile and accomplishment statements. 

Skill Examples

In today’s market, assistants are expected to be familiar with the digital program, including every IT program you can work on. If you work with any calendar apps, project management applications, or collaboration apps like Slack and Asana, you have experience with including those. 

Your characteristics and personality traits (soft skills) are essential to the recruiter scanning your resume. A skills matrix is a great way to showcase your skills neatly and concisely. 

Below is a sample of a SKILLS MATRIX as a guide for displaying your technical and soft skills: 

Technical SkillsSoft Skills 
      Administrative skills      Time management skills
      Business administration      Problem-solving skills
      Task management      Organizational skills
      Purchase orders      Communication skills
      Management skills Interpersonal skills

Associated Qualifications & Certifications

Certificate in Digital Time Management ToolsCertified Administration Professional
GEDAssociate Degree in Business Administration
Professional Development Course in Office AdministrationSalesForce Super User
Project Management DiplomaICM Certification in Sales & Marketing
High school diploma MS Office Workshop

Optional Extras for Local Office Administrator Resumes

You will want to include an additional section if you’re fresh out of high school or if you don’t have much formal working experience. Highlight any volunteer work, vocational expertise, part-time jobs, and leadership experience if you have any. 

Recruiters are tasked with looking for well-rounded applicants. The optional resume section will add a splash of personality to separate you from the competition. 

This section can include: 
  • Hobbies and interests
  • Language skills
  • Honors and awards
  • Volunteer work

It’s true; nothing beats actual experience. However, a certification section comes really close to the next best thing. Think about adding an admin certificate section like the following:

  • Professional Administrative Certification of Excellence (PACE)
  • Certified Administrative Professional (CAP)

Professional information of Local Office Administrators

Sectors: All governmental, municipality industry bodies and regulatory sectors
Career Type: Functional, Supplier Liaison Clerical, Administrative Functional, Process, Scheduling, Recordkeeping, Business Administration, Coordination, Documenting Strategic, Managerial, Training, Leadership Client Relations
Person type:  Worker, Administrator, Helper, Assistant, Trainee, Protégé, Learner
Education levels: High School Diploma and upwards
Salary indication: Average of $ 43 172 per annum (Salary.com)
Labor market: A decline of 9% is expected between 2019 – 2029 (BLS)
Organizations: Various, Unlimited

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