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Last Updated on November 14, 2022

Management assistent

Starting out as a Management Assistant is a great place to be when looking for your first real full-time job.  

Why don't you begin here by checking out our top-tier Management Assistant resume sample? You have to make sure your resume grabs the recruiters' attention, being informative and a good read without overwhelming them.

Management Assistant Resume Examples

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Management Assistant Resume Writing Guide

Resume Sections:

1. Contact Information: 
Nothing tricky here: Name, Address, Phone, Email. Include another contact channel as well, like your LinkedIn profile.

2. Career Objective/Summary: 
See this section as the introduction to your resume and include 2-4 sentences that give a general summary of your background and your industry sectors of interest. You should be specific when stating which job you are applying for.

3. Qualifications Summary: 
Offer precise details about your certifications and qualifications you have finished with the institution, qualification name, and dates. Don't forget to incorporate capabilities you are currently finishing as well. Most management assistant positions necessitate a Bachelor's degree in Business, Management, or any related field. Still, some companies will contemplate those with a high school diploma and at least one year of experience in an associated field.

4. Relevant Experience: 
Plainly state your previous part-time gigs, Management Assistant, internships, official and unofficial professional employment history. Using concise sentences with bullet points to list your essential daily responsibilities under each role you have had is required. 

5. Other Employment Experience: 
This includes events/ work history outside of the field you are presently applying for. Examples include volunteering basically anywhere or even being a camp counselor for summer camps during the holidays. This section is vital if you are looking for your first Management Assistant job with little to no work experience. 

6. Skills Summary/Key Skills: 
Incorporating keywords from the job ad and your precise skillset is critical here. This gives credibility to your resume. Useful management assistants have outstanding organizational skills and have an eye for detail. Pick the skills stated in the job ad and interlace them through your resume document for a little extra something-something.

7. Education/Licenses/Certifications/Relevant Coursework/Training: 
Include all courses you've done during your degree if you no formal working experience. Examples include bookkeeping courses, computer courses, social media mastery, or self-taught training using online course platforms like Udemy. 

What to Highlight in a Management Assistant Resume

Your job is basically to spearhead the organization offering admin and clerical duties in the business. You will be organizing meetings and appointments, preparing necessary documents, updating records, and writing reports. Management assistants also do the simple human resources responsibilities such as employee shift scheduling and supervising new-employee onboarding and training.

There are several fundamental details recruiters will need to know about you to guarantee that you are a good fit for their team. 

  1. Firstly, highlight the range of your role regarding reporting structure, company size, and level of responsibility. Management assistants undertake many types of jobs, which are typically under general supervision. They perform admin tasks and support managers to guarantee the whole department functions efficiently.
  2. You must specify the industry where your Management Assistant experiences were attained, as Management Assistants work in various fields from legal to marketing to business to healthcare and even government. This info must be included in your summary at the beginning of the resume and in every position description.

Recruiters also want to know how you implemented your skills to give value to the team. We have given you a list of inclusive Management Assistant skills with explanations you may use at your discretion when writing up your resume. 

Liaise with managers
Communicate with the managers of different departments guaranteeing efficient service and communication, i.e., planning, sales, trading, purchasing, distribution, and technical.

Perform business research
Search and collect information relevant to the development of businesses in different fields ranging from legal, accounting, finance, and commercial matters.

Process commissioned instructions
Process directives, usually oral ones given by managers, and instructions on actions necessary to be made. Taking note, inquiring, and taking action on the assigned demands.

Use different communication channels
Utilize diverse types of communication channels like handwritten, verbal, digital, and telephonic, aiming to construct and share information and ideas.

Disseminate internal communications
Distribute internal communications utilizing the various communication channels the company has at its disposal.

Perform clerical duties
Take on administrative duties such as typing up reports, filing, and maintaining mail correspondences.

Use office systems
Utilize the office systems used in business facilities correctly, depending on the aim. This may be for message collection, storage of client information, or agenda scheduling. This includes the administration of systems such as vendor management, customer relationship management, storage, and voicemail systems.

Disseminate messages to people
Obtaining, processing, and passing messages to people coming from phone calls, postal, faxes, and emails.

Liaise with board members
Reporting to the management, committees, and boards of directors of a company.

Support managers
Offering support and solutions to managers and directors regarding their business needs and requirements for the operation of a business or a business unit's daily operations.

Build business relationships
Starting a positive, long-term relationship among organizations and interested third parties like the distributors, suppliers, shareholders, and other stakeholders, informing them of the organization and its objectives.

Fix meetings
Organize and arrange professional appointments or meetings for clients or superiors.

The next things to highlight in the resume are your casual experiences where you may have helped out at the local farmers' market part-time, organizing the yearly county Christmas event, or working as a tutor for science during your high school years. You get the idea now; they want your everyday work experience.   The aim here is to give lots of information. You need to show potential hiring recruiters what you did with your time in high school and university other than studying (and partying).

Finish with a technology skills matrix like the one below, highlighting your computing ability.

Microsoft Office SuiteCRM platformsIntuit
QuickBooksSage 50 AccountingFilmmaker Pro 
SAPSageMicrosoft Access
IBM NotesMicrosoft Exchange ServerMicrosoft Dynamics GP
NetSuite ERPOracle PeopleSoft HCSS
HeavyBidMicrosoft Project Microsoft SharePoint

Make sure to include the following details: 

  • Where you'd be available to work and if you'd are eager to travel or relocate provisionally.
  • Particular skills such as the activities on social media on your YouTube channel if you are applying for a marketing Management Assistant or the fact that you have experience with AccPacc accounting when applying for a Management Assistant role in finance.
  • Written references are potential wonders for your professional credibility, so don't forget them.
  • Include your GPA score.
  • Remember to include everything you can work on the computer like Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Oracle, VisualStudio, Dreamweaver MX, Adobe Photoshop, Flash MX, etc.  

Career Summary & Objectives

It's no surprise that businesses get thousands of Management Assistant submissions every year. That's why your resume has to stand out. Your career objectives must be sharp and concise. Lead with the essential info, so you grab their attention while they are skimming your resume. 

  • If you choose a summary, begin with a little detail about yourself and your interests, followed by the degree you are presently completing, and end with the reason you're attracted to the advertised Management Assistant. 
  • Super important to take note of: you should tailor your career objective for each job you apply for by utilizing the keywords listed in the job ad. 
  • Your career objective must not be a generic paragraph. If the job you applied for highlights an energetic personality or detail-orientated work ethic, use those exact words in your resume (if you have those types of skills). If your resume uses the same keywords as the job ad, your resume will better look to the recruiters. 

Then you must include a line that highlights your exceptional qualities that will add value to the business. Recruiters want to know if you possess qualities like brilliant time management skills and problem-solving abilities in times of pressure.  

Finally, end with your academic degrees concluded or in the process of completion.


Summary Example 1:

Ambitious Management Trainee has over 15 months of professional experience in brand management and retail marketing in a B2C environment. Proven proficiency in e-commerce, e-tailing, and e-marketing improvement strategies, which ensued in an offer to co-lead accountability on 15 projects during the last eight months. Finished a Bachelor's in Marketing, achieving a 3.8 GPA, and presently pursuing a Google Analytics certification via the online Google Academy. 

Summary Example 2:

Enthusiastic and meticulous Management Trainee with four years' experience in logistics, supervising inventory control, and transportation activities for a medium-sized corporation in the fleet management sector. Self-starter determined to take on a junior manager role and contribute towards team building and building an optimal company culture where employees are devoted and encouraged to deliver service excellence at all times. 

Summary Example 3:

Highly driven hospitality management trainee with a bachelor's degree in Tourism Management. Broad knowledge concerning the operations within both luxury hotels and themed resorts. Proven leadership skills in planning and executing hiring and induction programs for interns and casual staff during the summer months.

Summary Example 4:

Recent graduate seeking a Management Assistant position at (Insert Company Name). Fluent in English, Spanish, and Mandarin, which enhanced communication and collaboration with international partners considerably. Holds an MBA from Henley International School of business as well as various Agile Management Certifications.

Job Descriptions, Responsibilities and Duties

Recruiters expect to read about your prominent responsibilities in your previous jobs. Because there are hundreds of different types of Management Assistant jobs in every field you can imagine, a complete list of duties would be longer than the bible. We have given you a few examples below, but by no means all of them: 

When listing employment history, do it in reverse chronological order. We have provided an example for you below.


Management Assistant at Pepsi

February 2019 – December 2022

  • Collecting and compiling data, conducting research, preparing reports, and coordinating all management projects.
  • Supporting the preparation of certain documents along with management reports in the data information collection area.
  • Compiling all findings, utilizing spreadsheets, database software, and graphics for a simple evaluation, assisting in different administrative projects.
Management Assistant at Coca-Cola

February 2017 – January 2018

  • Planning and executing store events like new associates' orientation, communications meetings, and recruiting efforts such as job fairs.
  • Coordinating many hiring process phases, including scheduling interviews, administering testing, ad placements, submitting and maintaining needed pre-hire information.

Job Duty Examples for Management Assistant Resumes

  • Collecting and compiling data, conducting research, preparing reports, and coordinating all management projects.
  • Supporting the preparation of certain documents along with management reports in the data information collection area.
  • Performing activities to work with broad latitude for autonomous initiative and judgment.
  • Handling several levels of superior administrative duties.
  • Ensuring established policies, procedures, or particular instructions are followed.
  • Cooperating with various staff members and the outside department to achieve self-job obligations.
  • Performing as a team player and role model for several staff members in organizations displaying courtesy, caring and helpfulness.
  • Administering orientation for new associates and supervising the completion of compulsory training quizzes.
  • Maintaining, auditing, and submitting Short-Term Disability, Worker's Compensation, I-9, OSHA, and Sales Training records as well as Travel and Expense.
  • Developing, implementing, and monitoring department operating systems and methods.
  • Actively organizing management's scheduling requirements.
  • Rearranging schedules to adapt to last-minute changes and emergency cancellations.
  • Arranging and facilitating meetings, guaranteeing all parties can attend and that rooms are free.
  • Preparing documents for external or internal communications.
  • Analyzing data and creating reports to send to upper management.
  • Accurately screening applicants or acting as the liaison between different departments and senior staff members.
  • Planning and facilitating company-wide events or communications that upper management has made.

Highlight Your Accomplishments

You might want to copy and paste the duties you did in previous jobs in your experience section, but please don't do this! Yes, it's quicker and easier, but you won't stand out from the crowd, and separating yourself from all the other applicants is really what you want. Think about what makes you unique and what you're most proud of having accomplished in your prior roles and include these using punchy statements.


Flat, Simple Duty (Boring, don't do this):

  • Update client database.

Accomplishment Statement (holla!):

  • Updated database of 4500 clients using MS Access and categorized data per client demographics.

Quantifying Your Resume:

If you can quantify your accomplishments, do it. If you can answer the questions, “How often?” or “How long?” this info should be included. Example: 

  • As a Management Assistant, how many projects have you seen to completion? 
  • How long were you working in Management Assistant roles at various departments or companies?
  • Initiated a user-friendly electronic filing system, which lowered the time of file retrieval by 43%. 
  • Reduced travel expenses by 46% by booking team events at more cost-effective locations.
  • Enhanced the scheduling system by integrating an interactive calendar, ensuing more user-friendly appointment logging.

Management Assistant Education Section

This section is a chance to make a proper impact. Obviously, you need to include your formal training but definitely add any diplomas, courses, or in-house training workshops you've done to give it a little meat. Basically, indicate the What, Where, and When for your qualifications, industry licenses attained, or certifications. Your qualification's name, the institution, and the date you ended is more than adequate. Example: 

  • Begin with the starting date and end date for certifications and diplomas. If it's just a course, listing the date of completion is enough. 
  • Next is the full name of the qualification. 
  • Then the full name of the institution and the City/ abbreviated name of State. 
  • If you have less than five years' experience, include your high school diploma details similarly.
Here are some examples for a Management Assistant Resume: 

2012 – Current Ph.D. in Business Administration, Chicago State University, IL

2002-2004 Masters in Business Administration, California University, CA

2003-2006 Bachelor of Science in Business Management, VA

2013- Certified Manager (CM) designation, Institute of Certified Professional Managers, University of Arizona, AR 

2015 – Certified Administrative Professional (CAP), International Association of Administrative Professionals, IN

2014-2015- Sales Administration Course, American Advertising Association, Kansas City, MO

2018- High School Diploma, Atlanta Girls College, GA

What to Write in a the Skills Section

We all know that specific technical skills are crucial, but employers also look at soft skills. These skills (explained below) show the recruiters how well you'll fit into the company and if you will add any true value to the team. Make sure they are sprinkled into your summary or profile and your accomplishment statements.

Technical Skills Examples
  • Nowadays, all assistants must be able to work on digital programs, so be sure to include every IT program you can work on. A bonus would also be to include any calendar apps, project management applications, and collaboration apps like Slack and Asana, that you have experience with. Remember the kind of Management Assistant to which you are applying and include particular proficiencies you have collected informally. For example, include your Instagram, Pinterest, or WordPress experience if you're using it for marketing and communication. Any prior coding experience or app development when applying to the IT side of things will be good too 

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Technical skills matrix
Optional knowledge and skills Apply statistical analysis techniques Use free typing techniques 
Manage personnel agendaWrite meeting reports Maintain a register of shareholders 
Management department processesTrack key performance indicators Maintain statutory books
Translate language concepts Operations department processes Perform cost accounting activities 
Sales department processesAccounting department processes Personnel management 
Speak different languages Revise drafts made by managers Legal department processes 
Financial department processes Assist visitors Human resource department processes
Draft press releases Marketing department processes Public relations 

Soft Skills Examples

  • Your characteristics and personality traits are critical to the recruiter looking at your resume. Once again, the skills matrix is an innovative way to highlight them correctly.
Social Orientation ReliableHard-working
Team PlayerCommunication Independent 
Stress tolerance Multitasking Enthusiastic 
Diplomatic Accountable Deadline- driven 
Energetic Collaborative Cooperative 

Associated Qualifications/Certifications with Management Assistants

Master's in business administrationPHRi: Professional in Human Resources International
PMP: Project Management ProfessionalSPHRi: Senior Professional in Human Resources International
CBPA: Certified Business Process AssociateVarious Bachelor's Degrees (Business-related Disciplines)
CSM: Certified ScrumMasterAMA: Certified in Analytical Skills
AIPMM Certified Brand ManagerCertified Associate in Project Management 
CompTIA Project+ CertificationACP: Agile Certified Practitioner 
PgMP: Program Management ProfessionalCBAP: Certified Business Analyst Professional 

Optional Extras for your Resumes

If you are straight out of high school or do not have formal working experience as a Management Assistant, be sure to add an additional section to your resume showcasing volunteering work, part-time jobs, vocational expertise, and leadership experience. Then take the skills of a Management Assistant and pair them with the skills you have obtained already. These are called transferrable skills that refer to experience gained elsewhere, but what may be transferred and leveraged upon in various jobs. 

For example:

Maintain internal communication systems
Uphold an efficient internal system of communication between employees and department managers.

Coordinate events
Lead events by managing the logistics, budget, security, event support, emergency plans, and following up.

Draft corporate emails
Preparing, compiling, and writing emails with sufficient information and a suitable language to make internal or external communications.

Write work-related reports
Create work-related reports that support efficient relationship management and a professional standard of documenting and record keeping. Writing and presenting results and conclusions thoughtfully and understandably, so they are intelligible to a non-expert audience.

Professional information of Management Assistants

Sectors: All sectors
Career Type: Functional, Clerical, Administrative Functional, Process, Strategic, Managerial, Training, Leadership
Person type:  Worker, Administrator, Helper, Assistant, Trainee, Protégé, Learner
Education levels: Bachelor's Degree and upwards
Salary indication: Average of $48 506 per annum (Indeed)
Labor market: Dependent or role and industry
Organizations: Various, Unlimited

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