Marketing Assistant Resumes & Guide

When searching for your first/ next Marketing Assistant job, checking out an example of what a good resume should look like is a really good idea. 

Getting into a Marketing Assistantship is typically the all-important first step in your rise to the top of the marketing world. The competition out there is rough, so nothing less than the best resume is required. 

And we will guide you through the process with a “how-to” write-up on the best way to create a Marketing Assistant Resume.

Marketing Assistant Resume Examples

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Marketing Assistant Resume Guide

Resume Sections:

  1. Contact information
  2. Profile Summary
  3. Work History 
  4. Achievements
  5. Education 
  6. Skill Section
  7. Certification & Licensing
  8. Extras: Languages/Awards/Publications/Volunteering/hobbies

What to Highlight

This industry can be quite unforgiving due to the sheer number of people wanting to work in this industry. Hundreds, even thousands, of candidates apply for Marketing Assistant jobs every year, so naturally, it is relatively easy for resumes to be missed by recruiters. 

To make sure that doesn’t happen to you, it’s crucial to take note of the important information to highlight in your resume, that will catch the eye of the recruiters when they scan the documents:  

  1. It would be best if you were very regarding the sub-industry of marketing you’re experienced in, whether it’s informal, formal, vocational, or temporary employment. Marketing Assistant jobs are found in Branding, Advertising, Traditional Marketing (Print, Television, Radio), Product Management, Social Media Marketing, and Public Relations. Include the kind of sector you worked in. For example, were you working for a governmental organization or an NGO? Or maybe an SME or Fortune 500 company? Utilize sic codes to classify them by their industry, for instance, mining, construction, retail, insurance, banking, and manufacturing.
  2. Highlight your education, that is, what you studied and where. Feel free to mention projects you worked on during your studies, like designing a small restaurant's marketing plan. As you know, Marketing students are given many different projects throughout their studies so go nuts here.  In saying that, try to stick to a total resume length of 2 pages max.
  3. Recruiters will be looking for academic accomplishments. If you happen to have a GPA score above 3.6 or so, or you finished your qualification with summa cum laude, showcase these details. If your GPA is under 3.5, fill the gap by highlighting any courses where you achieved over 80% or any commendations you received for your projects. 
  4. You must also highlight all the skills and experience gained through working in the industry. Make sure to use solid examples (even better if you can back them up with numbers). This gives the recruiter a better idea of your competence, work ethic, skills, and personality traits. 

If you have created a Marketing assistance resume before, you must explain to the recruiters what your KPIs were for each job, as the marketing role for every job may differ significantly. 

*Cool Tip for stellar resume

Because Marketing Assistants have to be digitally savvy in this day and age, a cool idea would be to provide a link to an online portfolio displaying your work. If you have a website, provide the hyperlink on the resume. If you don’t, link it to your Pinterest/ Instagram/ Dropbox/ Google Drive. (We have provided an example of a Marketing Technology Stack in the Skills Section)

1. Contact information

  • First Name and Last Name
  • Email
  • Physical Address
  • LinkedIn (optional)

2. Career Summary & Objective

The first section in your resume is your career summary/ objective. It’s a 3–5 line paragraph that acts as the intro to your resume. The whole point here is to give a general summary of why you’re the one for the job, to convince the recruiter your resume is worth reading further. Here’s how to do it:

Begin by considering three questions.

  1. Who are you?
  2. What can you offer to the employer?
  3. What are your career ambitions?

Career Summary

The summary is for the very experienced candidate. List your experience, proficiencies, and professional achievements.

Take another look at the job advert again to see what the employer wants in a candidate. If the skills and experience listed in the job advert apply to you, list them all. This will help you to make sure that all your selling points match the job description and that your resume is perfectly tailored to the job at hand. 

Career Objective

If you have no real experience, write an objective instead. 

You want to write about 4-5 lines describing your best features and focusing on any transferable skills you can use on the job to add value to the company. You can also list 1 or 2 career ambitions. Again, you want to check the job advert for the type of person they are looking for. If they describe the person/ skills, and it applies to you, use those words exactly. 

Finally, choose 3–4 points of your transferable skills that match up with the job requirements and combine them with energy and enthusiasm for the job to show you’ll be an eager and engaged new employee.

Guys, trust us here. You want to write this section last. Even though it goes first, if you save it for last, everything you will need for this section will have been put on the page already, and you’ll have a better understanding of what to include in this section. 


Summary Example 1 

Imaginative and inventive Marketing Graduate with proven experience in executing marketing plans and promotional strategies to improve campus subscriptions to online newspaper publication. Broad theoretical and practical knowledge obtained in assembling content for digital media platforms. A software genius on the latest marketing multi-media applications.

Summary Example 2

Inspired and driven Marketing Assistant with two 8-month assistantships finished in the publishing and news agency sectors, respectively. An established track record in research-driven marketing activities, including competitor analysis, surveys, and marketing intelligence data manipulation. Currently completing a Master's Degree in Digital Marketing and Social Media Advertising part-time. Highly adept in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.

Summary Example 3

Passionate Marketing Assistant with a love for exclusive customer awareness and engagement strategies incorporating online and offline marketing tools to promise holistic reach-out campaigns. Highly skilled in market analysis and brand management activities. Achieved a Summa Cum Laude result for a Bachelor's Degree and Marketing.

Summary Example 4

Imaginative marketing assistant and new 1st class honors graduate in BSc Management (Marketing). A solid advocate of empowering businesses to better their digital marketing game and maximize social media campaigns' efficacy. Seeking further development of skills in digital marketing with the innovative team at MunchMarketing.

3. Employment History & Examples

Potential employers will expect to read certain job obligations and proficiencies in your resume, irrespective of your experience and if you had a permanent role/ during vocational, volunteering,/ temporary employment. 

Marketing Assistantships can be as short as two months to as long as 15 months, and there won’t be any job progress (from junior to senior assistant) during this time. 

This section in your resume is where you must give it horns and SELL YOURSELF! It may very well be the most important section in your resume because employers almost always go to check this section out first. Here’s how you make it perfect:

  • Write up your work history in a reverse-chronological format. Begin with your latest job. 
  • Give the same generic info at the top of every job: job title, the employer's name, and the dates you worked there.
  • Then for each job, give about 5-6 bullet points describing what you did. Use action verbs like strengthened, coordinated, promoted, etc. 
  • Make them all well-executed marketing pitches by including numbered achievements and a strong structure that uses accomplishment statements.

You want to read the job advert to include the specific job requirements and tailor each work experience section for every job you apply. 


Marketing Assistant at Woodward & Rogers, Manchester
(Jul 2021– Present)

Responsible for providing support to Head of Marketing and team of 4 proficient marketing professionals.

  • Creating and designing graphics for 33+ banner adverts for Facebook.
  • Improving the efficacy of customer database, removing 300+ improper datapoints.
  • Monitoring social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook for the most recent trends and ideas.
  • Creating PowerPoint presentations from draft marketing proposals.
Digital Marketing Assistant at Parkland Systems

(Feb 2019 – Mar 2021)

Solely responsible to implement initiatives for improving email marketing open rates to 35%, bringing the total leads from this channel up to 24% of the company total from 10%.

  • Thought of and initiated Parkland Volunteering Days every quarter together with accompanying PR efforts, assisting to better employee satisfaction and CSR.
  • Running Facebook and Twitter social media profiles, increasing traffic to the site from these channels by 73% in the first eight months.
  • Updating digital content and accountable for copywriting projects associated with notifications, press releases, and reminders on social media platforms.
  • Delivering required feedback on pending items for external stakeholders such as suppliers, venue hosts, and event organizers.

Job Description Examples

Below is a long list of job descriptions for you to use as a base to create your job descriptions.  

Comprehensive list of Marketing Assistant duties:

  • Accountable for admin duties, including prepping marketing materials, placing orders with suppliers, printing proposals, picking up promotional props, organizing booths at events, etc.
  • Think of fresh social media campaign themes and present them to the brand manager.
  • Acting as group admin on individual media platforms and web pages, responding to followers' questions and complaints.
  • Monitoring social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook for the most recent trends and ideas.
  • Creating PowerPoint presentations from draft marketing proposals.
  • Facilitating all planning of and hosting of activities for in-house marketing events and external roadshows.
  • Staying up-to-date with competitor marketing strategies via digital content monitoring online. 
  • Assisting with generating e-mail and texting campaigns for new customer attraction and awareness purposes.
  • Widely involved in research practices that gather quantitative and qualitative data to be utilized in market studies by the marketing intelligence analysts.
  • Performing comparative analyses of a competitor's product and service offerings.
  • Delivering required feedback on pending items for external stakeholders such as suppliers, venue hosts, and event organizers.
  • Updating digital content and accountable for copywriting projects associated with notifications, press releases, and reminders on social media platforms.

4. Accomplishments

This section is your very own marketing tool! By promoting all your best achievements, you’re selling your candidacy to potential employers, aiming to rise above the competition. Try to think of this section as they answer the question ‘’Why should we hire you?” and “What value can you add to our business?”.

This section can seem tricky to write, but if you sit down with a pen and paper and take a moment to think about all the things you were proud to have achieved in your previous/ current job, jot them all down. 

The thing is, though, you must be able to prove these statements. You do that by quantifying the with numeric figures, such as percentages, money amounts, etc. 

Example accomplishment statements QUANTIFIED:

  • Designed an online tool that updates student registrations and induction session selections generating over 20 000 clicks and 5 million page impressions in 4 weeks.
  • Initiated online branding efforts over social media platforms, which resulted in a 38% uptick in new leads.
  • Increased open rates for online client campaigns by 39% and landing page conversion rates by 67% through implementing a daily 3-minute vlog that introduces the company's products and services on YouTube.
  • Created a blog that increased the university’s online newspaper subscription by 44%. 
  • Obtained a 2 million dollar sponsorship for the campus radio station with a weekly marketing podcast that promotes local businesses in the area.
  • Received 3320 likes on Facebook after promoting a campaign to raise money for a local athletics team via a crowdfunding program. 

Statements without quantification added (pretty boring, hey?)

  • Designed an online tool that updates student registrations and induction session selections which generate many clicks and page impressions. 
  • Initiated online branding efforts over platforms of social media, which resulted in an uptick in new leads.
  • Increased open rates for online client campaigns and landing page conversion rates due to a vlog application.
  • Created a blog that increased the university’s online newspaper subscription. 
  • Obtained a sponsorship for the campus radio station with a marketing podcast that promotes local businesses in the area.
  • Designed a Facebook promotion campaign, raising funds for a local athletics team utilizing a crowdfunding program. 

5. Education

This section is critical, especially if you don’t have all that much working experience. It adds a bit of weight to the resume. Therefore, along with the info on your degree, dates, and educational institutions, you should add your minor and major subjects, Your GPA score, extracurricular activities, and leadership roles. 

Feel free to add one or two completed projects you took part in during your studies. Courses you have finished can be self-study or accreditations, and memberships associated with the marketing field may be added to this section for a bit of extra spice.  

The way you write this section up is like this:

  • Starting and finishing dates. 
  • Name of qualification.
  • Institution Name.  
  • Location of an institution. 
  • Include curriculum topics, academic results, or course themes.  

2017- Current: Master’s Degree in Marketing Management and Analytics. California State University, Orange County, CA.

2017- Hootsuite Social Marketing Certification, Udemy, Online

2018 – Certified Professional Marketer, American Marketing Association (AMA), Online

2012 – 2015 – Bachelor’s Degree in Strategic Marketing Management, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA.

  • GPA: 3.73
  • Major Subjects: Consumer Behavior, Marketing Research, Strategic Marketing Management. 
  • Minor Subjects: Sales Management, Promotional Strategy, Global Marketing.
  • Awards & Honors: American Marketing Association Scholarship recipient, Dean’s List (every semester)
  • Clubs & Organizations: Hiking Club, Track & Field Athletics. 
  • Leadership: President of the Entrepreneurs Club, Life Coach for College Mentors for Kids program.

2017 – High School Diploma, Bay High School, Miami, FL.

  • Leadership: President of the Student Council
  • Accolades: Dux Student
  • Activities: Chess Club, Film Club, baseball Team

6. Marketing Assistant Skills

Several certain technical competencies are required in this field. However, recruiters also look at soft skills and interpersonal traits. These are considered the key skillsets that show if you’re fit to be a Marketing Assistant. 

To make sure that the recruiter takes notice of your resume, read through the job advert a couple of times and jot down the essential skills (soft skills and hard skills) the job is looking for. 

Then line up the essential skills to your skillsets and personality traits. Draw them up in a skills matrix format, as seen below. It is easy to view, it looks good to recruiters, and isn’t as boring as another bullet point list: 

Professional and Theoretical Knowledge

Branded CampaignsConversion OptimizationCampaign Management
Email MarketingScheduling and FacilitationEmail Automation
Omni Channel CommunicationMarket DynamicsOnsite Merchandising
CRM Database ManagementCustomer Relationship ManagementMarket Analysis
Research MethodologiesNewslettersBlogging
A/B TestingSales Funnel ManagementEvent Organization
Events MarketingMarket DynamicsDigital Advertising
Marketing MessagesSEMProduct Launches
SEOLanding Page OptimisationStatistical Analysis
Distribution of Marketing MaterialsExcellent command of English (Verbal & Written)Drafting Marketing Plans
Product Life-Cycle ManagementResearch and ForecastingMarketing Trends
Content Creation for Social MediaData-Driven MarketingBid Management

Soft Skills Table

Team PlayerCreativeMeticulous
Independent WorkerEloquent VoiceMultitasking
CollaborativeNegotiatingDeadline Driven
PresentationOrganizational SkillsIntegrity
CommunicationResults DrivenPersuasion
Excellent Work EthicListeningInitiative
Business WritingConflict HandlineRealistic
PersistenceDetail OrientationMeticulous
Solution OrientatedSelf ControlStress Tolerance
Problem SolvingCrises ManagementFocussed
Customer RelationsBig Picture ThinkerService Orientation

Marketing Tech Stack (to name a few, by no means all):

Drupal CMS Platforms Adobe Photoshop InDesign
LinkedInGoogle+ Reddit
Social Render Forest BufferSprout

7. Qualifications & Certifications associated with Marketing Assistants:

Bachelor of Communication Hubspot Content Marketing CertificationMasters in Business Administration
Certificate in Project Management (CIPM)Certification in Contract NegotiationsCertified Professional Sales Person (CPSP)
Bing Ads CertificationFacebook Blueprint CertificationMarketerSeal
BS in Marketing and SalesCertified Content MarketerCopyblogger Certificate
Certified – Digital MarketingCertified – SEO.Certified – Social Media Marketing.
AS in Marketing and SalesHootSuite CertificationMarketerSeal PBN
Masters Degree in Marketing ManagementGoogle AdWords CertificationPCM – Digital Management Certification

Other Sections for your Resume: 

Yes, it’s true. You could stop after the skills section, and you’d have a respectable resume. 

The problem with that is you know you won't stand out as a product in such a saturated environment if you only provide the bare minimum. You can stand out by creating an “extras” section. 

Add interesting things about yourself that show the recruiter who you are as a person and any interests that are relevant to Marketing:

  • Can you speak another language? If you can, then add it in but remember to describe your proficiency in the language. 
  • Volunteering experience. 
  • Awards/ hobbies/ interests. 

If it’s applicable and makes you look good in the resume, then add it in! 

Professional information for Marketing Assistants

Sectors: Media, Advertising, Media, Promotions, Marketing
Career TypeCustomer Retention, Marketing Professional, Networking, Client Acquisition, Campaign Management, Advertising
Person type:  Marketer, Promoter, Networker, Influencer, Communicator, Persuader, Negotiator, Analyzer, Content Writer, Story Teller, Scheduler. Facilitator
Education levels: Bachelor’s to Masters’ Degree, Post School Certifications
Salary indicationAverage of $52 899 per annum (Glassdoor)

Labor market: Average of 20% growth between 2018 and 2028 (Zippia)

Organizations: SME, Corporate, Commercial, Fortune 500, Multi-National, NPO’s, Federal, Government

Marketing Assistant Resume Downloads