Marketing Intern Resume Examples & Writing Guide

If you are scouting for a new job opportunity as a Marketing Intern, analyzing a well-composed Marketing Intern resume sample is always a great idea to get your job-seeking journey off to a good start.

Applying for a marketing internship is usually a vital first step in your professional life within the marketing universe. The days of filling out generic job applications such as those for restaurant or admin jobs are long gone. The competition in marketing is extremely tough; therefore, nothing less than an A-Grade Marketing Intern Resume will do. How do you write your first resume? Fear not, we have packed all the tricks and tools of the resume creation trade into the write-up below.

Marketing Intern Resume Sample

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Marketing Intern Resume Writing Guide

Resume Sections

1. Contact Information: Start with the obvious: First Name, Last Name, Location, and Emailadres
Also include Social Media URLs such as Twitter and LinkedIn.

2. Profile/Career Objectives: Your first chance to show employers whether you have what it takes, comes in the form of your profile objectives. View this as a product proposal (the product being you as a candidate). A career objective should immediately hook the reader with 4-6 lines of action-packed statements regarding your core skills, personality traits, qualifications, and potential value for the business.

3. Qualifications Summary: To apply for a Marketing Intern job, you require a Bachelor's degree related to business, sales, advertising, or marketing. Some employers even expect a completed Master's degree. Accuracy is crucial, therefore make sure that qualification details are adequately updated with start and completion dates, correct title and institution names, major and minor subjects, as well as extras such as leadership roles, sports achievements, or relevant accolades attained during your university career. If your GPA is above 3.5, be sure to list that too.

4. Relevant Marketing Experience: If you have completed previous marketing internships, place those details first. Should you have gained marketing-related experience in an informal capacity or while participating in a volunteering program, be sure to provide details about those undertakings as well. The key distinguisher regarding which information to keep and what to omit, is relevance to the job. Be specific and create extra credibility by hyperlinking online examples of your work to showcase your marketing talents. Marketing is a creative industry, therefor exert some effort in making your resume visually appealing, bar the fact that it’s a resume and not a Christmas Tree. Your use of color, background, graphics, and imaging may greatly assist in letting your ‘’personal brand’’ come to the surface.

5. Other Employment Experience: When reviewing internship resumes, recruiters will also look for different types of employment and engagements you have been involved in. First, tell them about your On-Campus Experience, perhaps mentioning student council roles, club memberships, or your role at the newspaper or radio station. Volunteering Gigs will also count in your favor, whether related to marketing or not. Think of fundraisers or charity work you have done in the past, even in high school, and provide brief information regarding those projects as well.

6. Skills Summary/Key Skills: Read through the job ad a few times to identify the most critical capabilities required, and then relate these to your unique set of personality traits and core competencies. A smart idea is to take each sentence of the duties listed and to provide a short motivation of why your skills set is relevant to the specific activity in question. By following this approach, you are effectively matching the job requirements with the potential value you can bring to the company. Recruiters will be so impressed because you have gone the extra mile by customizing your resume.

7. Relevant Coursework/Training/Accreditations: Apart from the stock standard Bachelor's Degree, a Marketing Intern with additional academic credentials such as courses, online diplomas, or certifications related to the marketing field will stand out from the other applications. You may be a member of the American Marketing Association or have completed an advanced course in Photoshop. These academic extra’s may also be listed as part of your qualification section as professional development credentials.

What to Highlight in a Marketing Intern Resume

The cutthroat industry of marketing has an oversupply of candidates, which means you will be going head-to-head with other freshers, as well as candidates who have experience already but will to take a pay cut to either get back into the field or remain in the industry. Thousands of students apply for Marketing Intern roles every year, and it is easy for a resume to fall through the cracks of screening and shortlisting. To prevent this from happening to your resume, it is important to take stock of specific points to highlight in your Marketing Intern resume that will grab the attention of hiring managers and recruiters instantly, and get you that interview invitation.

First and foremost, be clear about the sub-industry of marketing you have gained experience in, whether formal, informal, temporary or vocational employment. Marketing Intern roles are available in Advertising, Branding, Product Management, Traditional Marketing (Print, Television, Radio), Social Media Marketing, and Public Relations. Also, provide information regarding the types of employment sectors, for example, did you work for a governmental organization, an NGO, perhaps an SME or a Fortune 500 enterprise? Use sic codes to categorize them by the industry, for example, Construction, Mining, Retail, Banking, Insurance, and Manufacturing.

Next, remind the reader about your course of study and the theoretical knowledge you have gained in your major and minor subjects. You may also give details about projects completed during the duration of your studies for example creating a marketing plan for a small bakery or being part of a brand strategy effort for a large banking group. Marketing students are tasked with numerous projects during their degree’s so have a field day here, especially if your resume is on the thin side (stick to a total resume length of 2 pages max).

In a Marketing Intern, resume, recruiters will look for academic accomplishments; therefore, if your GPA score is above 3.5 or you completed your qualification summa cum laude, highlight these details too. What if your GPA is below 3.5? Follow an alternative strategy and highlight either specific subjects where you received above 80% or any special commendations for individual projects completed.

Now its time to highlight your core marketing competencies gained or developed through actual marketing-related activities such as doing fundraising for a club on campus, design work for the universities newspaper layout, or promoting charity events in your community. Using concrete examples of your previous deliverables will assist employers in forming an idea of your work ethic, interpersonal traits, and unique competencies.

If this is not your first rodeo and you have completed previous marketing internships, you need to explain to hiring managers precisely what your KPI’s were for each of them, because the role of marketing can vary greatly from one company to the next.

  • Administration: If you were mainly tasked with administrative support such as correspondence, feedback reports, scheduling meetings, or printing proposals, mention each activity with relevance to how that contributed to the success of the marketing team. Activities to say here would be data entry, website maintenance, drafting proposals, building databases or prepping of marketing materials.
  • Creative Design: Creativity and design work is another area where marketing interns are assigned to. In this case, your tenure in photoshop, graphic design, or layout and formatting would be of interest to a hiring manager. Be specific about the nature of your design work, for instance, logos, media materials, or merchadise, and take the reader through your design process from initial brainstorming to proof of concept.
  • Research: Marketing Interns also play an important role in collecting, analyzing and presenting data from their research practices. Are you currently involved in research exercises? Explain the nature of these (market intelligence, business intelligence, competitor comparisons) to show hiring managers how you can add value to the team. Another form of research is field surveys, focus, and interviews, which are more direct, and if you have experience in these practices, your application is already a cut above the rest.
  • Communication: Marketing is regarded to be ‘’the face’’ of an organization due to the significant amount of interaction with the public, external stakeholders, and of course, employees. If you are placed in this area, one of your roles could be to draft external and internal communique such as announcements, notifications, or press releases. Another aspect of communication is the physical representation of the company at trade shows, product fairs, conferences and conventions where you may be answering questions regarding service and product offerings, dealing with bulk orders placed at the respective trade show or everyday direct  marketing and awareness engagement by walking around and talking to people during these events. Other duties may include liaising with clients and customers on the phone, providing feedback via email, or contacting suppliers to follow up on orders or service level agreement documentation.

* Cool Tip for stellar resume: As the cherry on top, create a favorable first impression by showcasing your skills and experience with visual examples, for instance, promotions, campaigns, logo designs, or press releases you have written. Your ‘’experience portfolio’’ could be presented on Pinterest, Instagram, or even Dropbox and Google Drive. Furthermore, if you already have a website, WordPress blog, or publish regular postings on social media, be sure to include these too.

Don’t forget about your personal technology stack. Marketing interns should be digitally savvy and know how to use tech and tools related to their industry. Below is an example of what a technology stack could look like.

Marketing Technology Stack

Trello, Mopinion, KissMetrics, Asana, Slack, Jive, Evernote, MixPane
WordPress, Drupal CMS Platforms, Adobe Photoshop, InDesign
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+, Reddit, Tumblr
BuzzSumo, Hootsuite, Social Render Forest, Buffer, Sprout, Sugar CRM
Insightly, Campaign Monitor, SendGrid, AWeber, InsightSquared
Salesforce, Qwilr, Salesforce CRM, CPQ, seProposals, Proposify
Pipedrive, Mailchimp, Zoho CRM, PandaDoc, Salesfusion

Marketing Intern Career Objectives

To ensure that your Marketing Intern career objective syncs with the requirements of the job advertisement, it is vital to prompt recruiters and hiring managers to review the rest of your resume. Your talents as an impromptu stand-up comedian or professional surfer may be admirable, but shouldn’t be included if not related to the job you are applying. Are you aware that the average time spent on reviewing a resume is less than 6 seconds? That is why your career objectives should really pack a punch and always be customized to the role you are applying to. Think of it this way – your career objectives could either be the first or regrettably the last paragraph read from your resume.

Start your objectives or summary with a powerful adjective, followed with your job title (if you have experience already). Otherwise, the title of the role you would like to apply to and months of experience gained (leave out if you are a fresher). Then include 2-3 technical abilities related to marketing, and sprinkle your strongest interpersonal traits into the career synopsis too. End things off with your highest qualifications and a reputable credential, membership or accreditation related to the field of marketing.

Examples of Career Objectives:

Career Objectives 1
'Creative and innovative Marketing Graduate with proven experience in implementing marketing plans and promotional strategies to increase campus subscriptions to the daily online newspaper publication. The extensive theoretical and practical knowledge gained in compiling content for digital media platforms. A software guru on the latest marketing multimedia applications.' 
Career Objectives 1
'Motivated and driven Marketing Intern with two six-month internships completed in the publishing and news agency sectors respectively. A proven track record in research-driven marketing activities including surveys, competitor analysis, and marketing intelligence data manipulation. Currently pursuing a Master's Degree in Digital Marketing and Social Media Advertising on a part-time basis. Highly proficient in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. '
Career Objectives 1
'Enthusiastic Marketing Intern with a passion for unique customer awareness and engagement strategies integrating online and offline marketing tools to guarantee holistic reach-out campaigns. Highly adept in market analysis and brand management activities. Achieved a Summa Cum Laude result for a Bachelor's Degree and Marketing.'

Marketing Intern Job Descriptions and Responsibilities

An employer would expect to see specific job duties and skill sets in a Marketing Intern's resume, whether these were performed in a permanent role or during vocational, volunteering or temporary employment. Marketing internships may last anything from 3 months to 18 months, and there is no job level progress during this time for instance, from junior to senior intern. We have listed a lengthy job description below for you to pick out the most relevant bullet points and use these as a base to compile your own unique job descriptions.


Comprehensive list of Marketing Intern duties:
  • Responsible for administrative duties including preparing marketing materials, printing proposals, placing orders with suppliers, picking up promotional props and organizing booths at events
  • Ideate new social media campaigns themes and present them to the brand manager
  • Act as group admin on respective media platforms and web pages, responding to queries and complaints from followers
  • Monitor social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest for latest trends and ideas
  • Create powerpoint presentations from draft marketing proposals
  • Facilitate all planning and hosting activities for inhouse marketing events and external roadshows
  • Stay abreast of competitor marketing strategies by monitoring their digital content published online
  • Assist with creating e-mail and texting campaigns for new customer awareness and attraction purposes
  • Extensively involved in research practices gathering qualitative and quantitative data to be used in market studies by the marketing intelligence analysts
  • Performa comparative analysis of competitor product and service offerings
  • Responsible for communication and collaboration between the company and its clients, as well as employees by filtering and screening emails, responding to queries in writing and telephonically
  • Providing necessary feedback on items pending for external stakeholders like suppliers, event organizers, and venue hosts
  • Update digital content and responsible for copywriting projects related to press releases, notifications and reminders on all social media platforms

Highlight Your Accomplishments

View the accomplishment statement section of your resume as your unique personalized marketing tool. Your representation of achievements, accolades, and accomplishments is vital to sell and promote your candidacy to employers and rise above the rest of the applications in the resume stack. Think of accomplishment statements as the prefect answers to ‘’Why should we hire you?” and What value can you add to our business?” questions.

To write this section can be tricky at times, but if you ponder for a moment on your proudest moments, recommendations received from others, awards won, or difficult challenges you have overcome in the past, you will be able to list a few accomplishments in a jiffy. For a final touch quantify these statements by using numerical numbers to enforce your message

Accomplishments are the microphones of your skills and competencies, broadcasting your fit for the role of recruiters and hiring managers.

Examples of accomplishment statements for a Marketing Intern’s resume:

  • Created an online tool to update student registrations and induction session selections, generating over 30 000 clicks and 2 million-page impressions in 6 weeks
  • Spearheaded online branding efforts across social media platforms, resulting in a 30% uptick in new leads
  • Boosted open rates for online client campaigns by 35% and landing page conversion rates by 22% through the implementation of a daily 2-minute vlog introducing the company's products and services on YouTube
  • Grew the university’s online newspaper subscription by 40% with a weekly blog regarding campus events and happenings
  • Secured a 1 million dollar sponsorship for the campus radio station with a weekly marketing podcast promoting local businesses in the area
  • Received 3000 likes on Facebook after a promotion campaign to raise funds for a local athletics team via a crowdfunding vehicle

Marketing Intern Education Section

The education section is vital to any intern resume and should be more ‘’beefy’’ than a tenured person’s academic listing, purely because you do not have a lot of working experience. Therefore, apart from degree titles, duration dates, and educational institutions, feel free to include major and minor subjects, GPA scores, leadership roles, and extracurricular activities as well.

During your marketing studies, you have probably completed several projects and assignments as an individual and on a group level: add a few of them under your degree listings too. Courses you have completed could be self-study, too, or memberships and accreditations related to the marketing field can also be included in your education section for extra oomph.

The format for listing qualifications and credentials is simple: Completion Date, Qualification Name, Institution, and Location. Jazz things up a bit by including curriculum topics, course themes, or academic results, as explained earlier in this section.


A Certified Marketing Intern’s education section example:

Current – Master’s Degree in Marketing Management and Analytics, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

  • Major Subjects: International Marketing, Mastering Metrics
  • Minor Subjects: Digital Strategy, Data Handling and Decision Making, Data Visualisation and Interpretation
  • GPA: 3.98
  • Clubs and Societies: Campus Marketing Society, Golf Club, Swimming Club

2019 – Hootsuite Social Marketing Certification, Udemy, Online

2019 – Certified Professional Marketer, American Marketing Association (AMA), Online

2016 – 2018 – Bachelor’s Degree in Strategic Marketing Management, California State University, Orange County, CA

  • GPA: 3.95
  • Major Subjects: Marketing Research, Consumer Behavior, Strategic Marketing Management,
  • Minor Subject: Promotional Strategy, Sales Management, Global Marketing
  • Awards & Honors: Dean’s List (every semester), American Marketing Association Scholarship recipient
  • Clubs & Organizations: Track & Field Athletics, Hiking Club
  • Leadership: Vice-President of the Entrepreneurship Club, Life Coach for College Mentors for Kids program

2014 – High School Diploma, Tampa High School, Tampa, FL

  • Accolades: Dux Student
  • Leadership: Vice President of the Student Council
  • Activities: Debate Club, Film Club, Volleyball Team

Marketing Intern Resume Skills

Although the marketing field requires specific technical competencies, companies also look for soft skills and interpersonal traits. These are the primary types of skills that indicate your fit as a Marketing Intern.

Read through the advertisement a few times and write down the most important skills (soft skills and hard skills) required. Then align these required skills to your own set on unique competencies and personality traits. Present them in a skills matrix format, such as the examples given below. This is a smart approach to make sure that hiring managers and recruiters can view and easily compare your skills suite with that of the job description.

Use skills tables for technical competencies and interpersonal traits instead of log boring, bulleted skills lists, to immediately grab the attention of recruiters and hiring managers reviewing your resume:

Professional and Theoretical Knowledge

Conversion OptimizationBranded CampaignsCampaign Management
Email MarketingEmail AutomationScheduling and Facilitation
Onsite MerchandisingMarket DynamicsOmni Channel Communication
Customer Relationship ManagementCRM Database ManagementMarket Analysis
Research MethodologiesBloggingNewsletters
Event OrganizationSales Funnel ManagementA/B Testing
Market DynamicsEvents MarketingDigital Advertising
Marketing MessagesProduct LaunchesSEM
Statistical AnalysisLanding Page OptimisationSEO
Excellent command of English (Verbal & Written)Distribution of Marketing MaterialsDrafting Marketing Plans
Marketing TrendsResearch and ForecastingProduct Life-Cycle Management
Content Creation for Social MediaBid ManagementData-Driven Marketing

Soft Skills

CollaborativeNegotiatingDeadline Driven
Independent WorkerEloquent VoiceAccountable
Team PlayerCreativeMeticulous
AnalyticalOrganizational SkillsMultitasking
Business WritingEmpathyPassion
Excellent Work EthicResults DrivenPersuasion
LeadershipDetail OrientationMeticulous
Customer RelationsConflict HandlineRealistic
Solution OrientatedBig Picture ThinkerFocussed
Problem SolvingCrises ManagementStress Tolerance
PersistanceSelf ControlService Orientation

Qualifications/Certifications associated with Marketing Interns

Bachelor of CommunicationMasters in Business AdministrationHubspot Content Marketing Certification
Certification in Contract NegotiationsCertificate in Project Management (CIPM)Certified Professional Sales Person (CPSP)
Bing Ads CertificationMarketerSealFacebook Blueprint Certification
Copyblogger CertificateCertified Content MarketerBS in Marketing and Sales
Certified – SEOCertified – Digital MarketingCertified – Social Media Marketing
AS in Marketing and SalesMarketerSeal PBNHootSuite Certification
Masters Degree in Marketing ManagementPCM – Digital Management CertificationGoogle AdWords Certification

Professional information for Marketing Interns

Sectors: Media, Advertising, Media, Promotions, Marketing
Career TypeCustomer Retention, Marketing Professional, Networking, Client Acquisition, Campaign Management, Advertising
Person type:  Marketer, Promoter, Networker, Influencer, Communicator, Persuader, Negotiator, Analyzer, Content Writer, Story Teller, Scheduler. Facilitator
Education levels: Bachelor’s to Masters’ Degree, Post School Certifications
Salary indication The average Marketing Intern salary in the USA is $29,250 per year or $15 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $18,525 per year while more experienced interns can make up to $49,725 per year
Labor market: Estimated 8% growth between 2018 – 2028 (BLS)
*Extra intern hiring stats
Organizations: SME, Corporate, Commercial, Fortune 500, Multi-National, NPO’s, Federal, Government

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