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Last Updated on November 4, 2022

Before you decide to apply for a job as a Merchandiser, it can be constructive and beneficial to look at a few professional Merchandiser resume samples. Your resume will have to stand out from the applicants’ resumes. One way to ensure your competitive edge over other resumes is to ensure yours are almost close to perfect when it comes to content, design, layout, and information.  

If you write your resume well, it will grab every recruiter’s attention. Our guidelines to writing a banger resume will put you in the best position to get that interview call. We can’t express enough just how important it is to make sure you stand out from the rest. The competition out there is savage, so we will help you do just that.

18 Merchandiser Resume Examples

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Merchandiser Resume Guide

Resume Sections:

  1. Contact information
  2. Profile Summary
  3. Work History 
  4. Achievements
  5. Education 
  6. Skill Section
  7. Certification & licensing
  8. Extras: Languages/Awards/Publications/Volunteering/hobbies

What to Highlight as a Merchandiser

It is a good idea to start by spending enough time and hours to gather enough information and plan before you start writing a master document for an excellent resume. When you finish the master, you can start by customizing your resume for each application.

You can, for instance, think of the hiring managers as consumers and customers and answer in your resume the questions you think they will also need answers to. You can also customize your resume to reflect a specific product need that the hiring managers highlight in the job description. Also, give careful consideration to your resume’s appearance and layout, you know, and the skills, so use them when creating your resume.

  • Start with your industry experience, as this is a critical element to your resume and profession. Each role of a merchandiser is different. You can be one in the clothing industry or the food and beverage industry. It is therefore essential to highlight your specific area of expertise.
  • Next, Now you can give more detail about your position and employment level, for instance, are you mid-manager or did you only recently started as a Merchandiser? Describe your team setup and highlight what your role entails. Also, list your reporting channel and to whom you report, for instance, the marketing manager, store manager, or a manager of a specific division.
  • Then, You also have to mention if you travel in your current position and if you will be available to travel for the new work, especially if that is requested.
  • Also remember, JIT (just in time) processes are essential in your line of work. It will be highly beneficial to your chances of landing the job to describe how you ensure JIT processes and ensure products and merchandise are delivered and available timeously. Delays are inevitable, but you need to manage the chances of it happening, as this is your responsibility. You can and should explain in your resume how you deal with and manage possible delays and implement alternative procedures to prevent or manage low stock levels and delays.
  • Finally, You can write about your talents when it comes to aesthetics, displays, and visual appeal of exhibits and shelves’ layout for a start. You are the image consultant of the products and merchandise, and therefore you are creative and have an eye and feeling for what will attract consumers’ attention. Show your expertise in layout, your ability to use color and schemes to attract attention and get customers to choose your brands.

Career Summary & Objectives

Did you know that in general terms, most hiring managers spend less than six seconds to read and scan through resumes because there usually are so many resumes to go through? Hiring managers therefore scan and skip paragraphs and sentences, and therefore you need to make an immediate impact with yours and attract and keep their attention.

One clever way of doing this is to grab the readers’ attention from the get-go is to write a career synopsis that will land an impact. And the best place for your summary is at the top of your resume. You can make this paragraph bold and use large fonts to make highlight it even more.

If you write the career synopsis so that you will write an overview for a product, you are off to a good start. Your review needs to be short and compelling but also give enough information to provide a clear picture.

We suggest that you read the job advertisement a couple of times to identify the primary purpose of the role you are applying to, and when you are comfortable that you have the central theme of the job ad, you can start with your resume.

We break it down in a few steps:

  • Step 1 – Use a powerful adjective to describe your job title
  • Step 2 – List years of experience and clarify industry tenure
  • Step 3 – Include two to three specialist duties or skills
  • Step 4 – End of with your academic credentials or certifications

A career summary is a clever way to begin your resume because it provides a short and descriptive overview of who you are, your skills and experience, and tells a bit about yourself. Use this part of your resume to highlight your most applicable skills to the position you apply for. Also, write about two or three of your accomplishments that can also substantiate that you are an almost perfect fit for the job.

A resume objective is not exactly the same as a career summary. If you have limited or no work experience, you can write a career objective that will showcase the skills you have, explain your career ambitions, and tell them how you can add value to the team and company.

A career summary and objective must be short and concise in giving the most pertinent information to every section of your resume. By doing this, you will keep recruiters interested.

You need to understand what information the most essential and what recruiters will be looking for in your resume. Once again, use the job advertisement to establish what you need to write and give. It is your guide, and if you read it thoroughly, you will know what skills, experience, and type of candidate the potential employer is looking for.

Using the exact keywords and phrases in the information in the job advertisement in your resume, you are definitely on the right track to ensure your resume corresponds perfectly with the job advertisement.

Use punchy sentences to tell them about your capabilities and achievements. Quantify what you can and highlight what you know they want to read.

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Merchandiser Summary 1

“Experienced footwear Merchandiser with sixteen years of experience in retail department stores. Exceptional knowledge of display set-ups and predicting in-store customer foot traffic patterns. Strong skills in ensuring promotional items get the maximum visibility and buyer attention. Received an Associate's Degree in Marketing Management, Honors degree in strategic marketing, and obtained certification in Digital Marketer.”

Merchandiser Summary 2

“Extremely creative Merchandiser with an exceptional eye for design and visual aesthetics. Fifteen years of experience in implementing merchandising concepts and understanding how to create buyer interest at gourmet food emporiums across multiple regions on the West Coast. Have a strong sense of purpose and understand the urgency. Hold a Retail Management Bachelor's Degree achieving Cum Laude status.”

Merchandiser Summary 3

“Competent and efficient Merchandiser with a strong sense for product displays. Understand how to utilize below-the-line marketing techniques for in-store promotions. Excellent in product planning and forecasting. Clever in arranging visual product displays. Certified Marketer with an Advanced Diploma in Online Retail Management. In the process of completing a course in Graphic Design for Virtual Shop Platforms.”

Merchandiser Summary 4

“Enthusiastic merchandiser with 4+ years of experience. Skilled in design and store display and responsible for display setup. Working to raise the sales for ABC Outsourcing Group’s clients. Accountable for creating 70+ Retail Optimization Strategies planograms for different displays, exceeding sales targets by 23% per year. Responsible for successful merchandising activities for 420 client stores.”

Employment History & Examples

Your inbox could be to the brim with offers, but first, you need to tailor a resume for a job. You can do this if you understand how to describe your work experience on a resume. Use this method:

For every job you held, list the job title, dates, and name of the business.

Secondly, describe your duties mixed with retail merchandiser accomplishments that match the job ad. (“Developed 60 plus planograms” and “exceptional sales targets history, exceeding with an average of 21%”.)

Use numbers because this quantifies your experiences and gives depth to your skills and experience.

Pro Tip: Use appropriate synonyms that attract attention, like develop, training, and implementing.


Merchandiser at Preverance Optical

(March 2017 – January 2021)

The main aim is the execution of merchandising strategies and implements exceptional visual displays in the store. Exhibits to be unique in attracting customer’s visual experience.

  • Aided an increase of frame sales by 25% by managing all the in-store designs and displays and using the latest trends in frame designs.
  • Responsible for keeping track of the foot traffic in different stores and measuring the impact of displays on sales to ensure 90% more visibility of displays.
  • Outsource the design of visual elements that contributed to 63% sales growth.
  • Team up with the marketing department to ensure displays integrate with marketing campaigns.
Merchandiser at AEF Company

(April  2016 – February 2017)

Managed all merchandise activities of a $280M Footwear and Sporting Goods business for 300 stores. Responsible for  15 categories of products and built successful relationships with stores and clients.

  • Manage the teams responsible for each category’s assortment plans and product lines’
  • Ensured that all plans and campaigns were set correctly as envisioned.
  • Principal liaison for new product launches, the opening of new stores, and seasonal promotions. Supported store staff and educated new team members on company policies and strategies.
  • Managed the execution of displays and floor exhibitions during seasonal changes, promotions, and according to needs and trends.

Job Descriptions, Responsibilities, and Duty Samples

Now you can elaborate more on the flesh and bones of your Merchandiser resume. Potential employers have specific expectations of their recruits and look for proven skill sets, traits, and duties in any Merchandiser resume. You are welcome to use our examples as is, but tweak them to fit into the job description and give yourself a better chance of being interviewed.

  • Analyze information like sales, sales patterns, and trends
  • Wrote recommended action plans to help increase sales
  • Help with the interpretation of open-to-buy, changes in the sales plans and markdown events, as well as writing reports on these matters
  • Manage purchase orders by color and size.
  • Ensure the availability of a well-thought-through assortment of products
  • Collaborate and engage with all the different levels of the company
  • Request and lead the cross-functional meetings with teams in various departments
  • Assisted in the compilation of the educational materials for stores needed for the training of all new employees
  • Work on the establishing of working relationships and maintaining current relationships in the corporate world and industry
  • Responsible for developing and executing several forecasts, including weekly, monthly, and quarterly projections, as well as results and client experiences for different product categories
  • Ensured that all the shop’s aisled were easily accessible and clean, for more customers satisfaction and valuable customer experience
  • Managed the acquisition of new material and signage needed for displays
  • Daily monitoring the store performance and customer experience, following up on complaints, and ensuring complaints are listed and reported for future changes
  • Responsible for a merchandising calendar to help interpret seasonal relevant changes and trends, and helping to understand trend-based information better, and being able to identify key site experiences
  • Responsible for replacing damaged labels and ensure all products have price labels
  • Work with marketing to develop new business strategies by reviewing and analyzing trends and client experiences
  • Manage the flow of merchandise distributed to various locations in the store
  • Responsible for the visual appearance of merchandise by ensuring it is cleaned and visually attractive
  • Interpret relevant information and breaking it down to communicate to team members
  • Ensure merchandise efforts are practical, report on all steps, and help to create predictions
  • Team up with the Product Management divisions to obtain samples and help in suggesting possible alternatives if the layout is not working
  • Worked with other Merchants on additional analytical assignments

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Highlight Your Accomplishments

This section is significant, almost as important to the resume as the wheels on your mountain bike – no wheels mean you are going nowhere slowly. It can be a deal-breaker in your resume so pay attention to what you include in this section.

Keeping that in mind, we will help you write a killer accomplishment list that will light up the employer like a loaded server.

Aim to write about what sets you apart from other applicants, focus on accomplishments that make you proud, and achievements that will give your application an edge above the rest. Use action words and statements. Make sure you are original in this section, and don’t just duplicate!

Start by listing all the jobs you have ever had relevant to that of a Merchandiser. When you are on track, also write down all your achievements, accomplishments and pat on the backs you have received during your career history.  

Don’t necessarily use all of the information, but it will get the creative juices flowing and help you not leave out anything. Choose the best and most relevant ones and align these with the individual job advertisement.

Start by writing the most recent ones at the top – below is our suggestion for the perfect pattern:

  • Choose 4-6 achievements that do fit the job description best.
  • Then focus on each job and make sure you do not skip anything and leave out important achievements.

There is a trick to writing this section – you have to write these statements to get the hiring managers’ attention. You have to concise, straight to the point, and descriptive because, as mentioned, recruiters do not have all the time in the day to read every single resume and every single sentence.

Quantifying Your Resume:

  • Use numerical values, numbers, percentages to prove you have quantifiable accomplishments. This will most definitely help recruiters measure your skills and hopefully invite you for an interview.
  • Quantification is easy if you can answer the following: “How much?” or “How many?” How long? By when? How often? – you are on the right track
  • Use numbers to prove you are experienced.
Accomplishment Statements WITHOUT quantification:
  • Worked as merchandiser and retail liaison for many client stores.
  • Execute around 60 planograms for retail displays in partner stores.
  • Played an exceptional part in helping to exceed sales targets three consecutive years
  • Draw up quarterly sales plans and execute and manage its implementation.
  • Actively driving sales and market growth
  • Assisted in training workers in the stores on how to execute sales techniques. Helped them in understanding customers and their behavior.
QUANTIFIED Accomplishment Statements:
  • Employed as merchandiser and retail liaison for over client stores.
  • Developed more than 85 planograms for displays in retail stores.
  • Contributed to sales targets exceeding  23% per year.
  • Wrote and executed quarterly sales plans as well as managing the  implementation of these plans
  • Responsible for driving sales by 17% per year.
  • Training all staff in the sales department helps them understand customer and customer behavior, sales techniques, and understanding merchandise. On-site training of staff contributed to the client satisfaction scores to increase by 32%.

Education Section

The education section is an essential part of your resume. It doesn't matter if you don’t have a formal degree, your academic credentials are fundamental to recruiters, and they will most definitely have a look at this section of your resume.

Academic credentials can include any online programs and certifications, self-study programs, short courses, training programs in the work environment, and even conferences you attended.

Start listing the What, Where, and When of your credentials, licenses, qualifications, and certifications.

Don’t worry if you can’t provide any of the above as summa cum laude; it is not the make-or-break section in your resume when applying for a merchandiser job.

But— you need to be precise when you list them:

  • Start with the most recent education and work from there. The name of the qualification, institution, and completion date is more than enough and starts with the school name, degree (BA or BS), and start and end dates.
  • Answer questions like: “Your GPA,” “Which skills you acquired during school years,” “What was your GPA score in merchandising classes”?

*Pro Tip for entry-level merchandiser resumes: Write elaborate when it comes to your education section. Use bullet points to list what you have achieved so far, include applicable high school achievements, and if you held any leadership positions, even if only in a small business, list these as well.

Merchandiser Qualifications

2019 – Fundamentals of Effective Retail Sales Diploma, Michigan Ross School of Business at Chicago State University, Chicago, IL

2018 – Certificate in Store Display Creation for the Christmas Period, Parkland College, Illinois
Course Topics: Basics of Visual Display, Fabrics and Swatches, Window Dressing, Furniture Store Merchandising, Customer Service

2017 – Diploma in Merchandising, Retail Association of America, Online
Course Topics: Marketing and Sales, Accounting, Buyer Behavior, Purchasing, Customer Service, Interior Decorating and Design

2013 – Selling on Value, Not on Price Seminar, Cox School of Business, TX

2012 – Certificate in Marketing and Sales, Iowa Community College, IA

The Resume Skills Section

You need to show some specific technical skills as well as soft skills required for the job application. Soft Skills are some of the personality traits you were born with, acquired throughout the years, and learned to be a successful Merchandiser.

We suggest the use of a skills matrix to help you with essential skills and personal qualities.

Skills Matrix Examples

Hard Skills

Control stock levelsCreate commercial awareness
Predict and making forecastsActive strategic planning
Excellent mathematical skillsImplement brand reset strategies
Computer skillsCreating layouts and schematics

Soft Skills

Networking abilitiesPerceptive
Problem-solvingInterpersonal skills
Calm under pressureProblem-solving qualities
Extremely adaptable Excellent writing abilities
Difference between skills vs. soft skills:

Hard skills are your acquired technical skills that fit into the requirements for a specific role. On the other hand, soft skills are your abilities and traits that can fit most professions, like Merchandising.

Pro Tip: Be very specific about which soft and technical skills you decide to write down, especially if you have many skills for both. Focus on the ones you know will best fit the position you apply for, and don’t overwhelm the hiring managers with too many random skills.

Qualifications & Certifications associated with Merchandisers

Advanced Certificate In Marketing and SalesShort Course in Retail Administration and DisplayGED
Diploma in Retail Sales ManagementSeminar on Value-Added SellingInventory Management Course
Course in Retail DesignCertified Digital MarketingOnline Retail Management Certification

Optional Extras for Merchandising Resumes

How do you get the hiring team on your side?

Add additional sections to your resume, for instance:

  • Hobbies
  • Business associations
  • Publications you appeared in
  • Conferences attended
  • Awards and special mentions
  • Honors
  • Media mentions and appearances
  • Sport activities

The best hobbies you can mention in a resume for a merchandiser position include hobbies that showcase you are good at working in teams and enjoy team sports and activities?

If you have volunteering experience that can boost your chances for a specific position, also mentioning these on a resume proves especially if it dovetails with any job descriptions and requirements in the advertisement.

*Pro Tip: If you realize you will be working in a multicultural environment and speak more than one language, list the spoken languages on your resume and make sure this is mentioned in your resume.

Download Merchandiser Templates in PDF

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Professional Information for Merchandisers

Sectors: Retail, Advertising, Promotion
Career Type: Marketing, Creative Design, Coordinating Sales, Customer Service, Client Relations, Warehousing, Consumer Trends, Market Trends, Visual Aesthetics, Product Flow, Distribution
Person type:  Marketer, Presenter, Designer, Coordinator, Facilitator, Project Manager, Supporter, Processor
Education levels: High School Diploma to Bachelor's Degree
Salary indication: Between $41 672 to $71 522 per year (
Labor market: Estimated 5% growth between 2016 – 2026 (
Organizations: Outlet Stores, Department Stores, Exhibitions, Emporiums Discount Stores, Supermarkets, Farmer's Markets, Malls, Dollar Stores, Malls, Specialty Stores, Warehouse Facilities, General Merchandise Shops.