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Are you a Personal Trainer looking for your first job or a fresh start? With a well-built resume, you can unlock the job that will whip your career into shape. The first step is knowing how to create your resume in the right way. There’s always so much information (or not enough) about yourself and your experience, and the way you present it can make or break your chances of getting hired.

Breathe easy, because here you’ll learn how to write your most impressive resume, whether it’s for the very first time or for a quick resume refresh. You’ll also learn all the tips you need to make your skills stand out, even if you’re not sure what to put. Take a look at these proven resume examples to really get your career on track.

Personal Trainer Resume Samples

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Personal Trainer Resume Guide:

Resume Sections

Contact Information:
Name, Address, Email, Phone Number, Driver's License

1 – 3 sentences giving a broad overview of your background, years of experience as a Personal Trainer and the techniques you have worked with.

Employment History:
Showcase your employment history and include a list of your daily responsibilities and achievements.

Education/ Certifications/ Coursework/ Training:
Generally, a bachelor’s degree in health education or related field is preferred. You should also be a Certified Personal Trainer, and ideally have other certifications in Nutrition, Fitness, First-Aid, and CPR. Sales experience is a plus.

Key Skills:
List of key skills that you possess that align with the job descriptions you are applying for.

What to Highlight in Your Resume

There are a few key things that employers need to know about your background and skills in order to determine if you are what they’re looking for.

As a Personal Trainer, you must specify what you’re most qualified in. Do you specialize in weightlifting? Can clients come to you specifically for nutrition plans? Are you experienced in training yoga or pilates? If you can be viewed as an expert in any subject, make sure to highlight those areas in your resume.

Aside from training, an important part of your job will be marketing yourself as a Personal Trainer. You will be expected to develop fitness programs, workshops, and events. If you’ve done this before, mention it and also the results you achieved.

Lastly, always showcase your communication skills and personality. As a Personal Trainer, you’ll be interacting with clients day in and day out. You need to be a good listener, a clear communicator and adapt to people’s training preferences to ensure client satisfaction and retention.

How to write a Personal Trainer Career Objective

Hiring managers don’t have time to read every word on your resume. So put the most important information first to give them the gist of your experience. If you capture their interest early on, they’re likely to skim the rest of your resume.

The first thing they will see is your career objective. Start it off with your years of experience as a Personal Trainer and the main duties you performed. When deciding what duties to add, use the job description as your guide. For instance, if the job you are applying to emphasizes expertise in weight loss and diet plans, mention these in your objective. Use the same words and phrases they do, if you can.

Next, add a line that showcases any outstanding qualities that will help the gym. A hiring manager would be interested to know if you have strong communication skills or a history of designing programs that increased membership sales. It’s important to note that these qualities should be proven in the professional experience section to re-enforce your message.

Lastly, close with your educational degrees and any certifications you may have that are pertinent to the job. For a Personal Trainer, an ACE Certification is preferred.

“Motivated Personal Trainer with 6 years of experience in personalized fitness and nutrition at upscale health clubs. Proven track record in helping clients achieve weight loss goals through detailed and effective diet plans. Certified ACE Fitness Instructor with a talent for exceeding gym revenue targets and increasing new memberships.”

Personal Trainer Job Description & Responsibilities

These are the general responsibilities of a Personal Trainer that you should include in your employment history:


  • Conducting fitness assessments to establish client strength and skill level.
  • Designing personalized programs to help clients achieve their goals.
  • Educating and giving feedback to the client on proper technique.
  • Monitoring clients’ progress and keeping track of their results.
  • Providing advice on health, nutrition, and lifestyle changes.
  • Maintaining a friendly and positive environment for clients to stay motivated.
  • Communicating with clients on how to improve their fitness, strength, or physique.
  • Developing new programs to retain clients and increase new gym memberships.

The Additional Skills Section

For a Personal Trainer resume, a lot of emphasis will be on the additional skills section. This is a great place to showcase your soft skills and your knowledge in related areas, such as massage therapy or injury rehabilitation.

Personal Trainers should also have knowledge of sales and marketing. (If you are a highly-experienced applicant, you may want to consider including a Qualifications Summary on your resume instead.)

Quantifying your Resume Personal Trainer resume

Employers love measurable statistics because it makes your experience more impactful. Here are a few numbers you can include in your resume:

  • How many clients did you train a month?
  • How much did membership sales increase due to your programs?
  • What percentage of clients reached their goals?

Personal Trainer Soft Skills

For Personal Trainers, soft skills are just as important as experience. Your role is to safely guide clients towards their health and fitness goals. This means you must be friendly and understanding with the ability to motivate and inspire them. To show employers that you have the soft skills they are looking for, try to incorporate these into your profile, key skills, and cover letter sections:

  • Strong communication skills
  • Personable
  • Empathetic
  • Accommodating
  • Self-motivated
  • Energetic

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Action Verbs for Your Personal Trainer Resume

Employers are looking for a Personal Trainer who is proactive and knowledgeable. Help potential employers envision you as the perfect candidate by using these specific action verbs:


Personal Trainer Resume Samples in PDF

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Resume Sample Personal Trainer

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