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On the hunt for a new Dog Groomer position? We recommend starting to check out succeeding Pet Groomer’s resumes first. With hundreds of others looking for another position at the same time you are, you want to make sure your resume stands out by being both informative and intriguing.

Dog Groomer Resume Examples

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Dog Groomer Resume Guide

What to Highlight

No matter how far along you are in your dog grooming career, there are two main things potential employers want to see.

#1: Type of Environment:

Employers want to know what types of settings you have worked in. Most groomers work in kennels, shelters, pet stores, veterinary facilities, boutique grooming shops, or even in pet owners’ homes. Make sure to identify where you have worked in both the summary at the top of your resume and under each position description in your employment history.

#2: Types of Animals:

Employers also want to know what types of animals you have experience grooming. The most common are cats and dogs, but depending on where you have worked, you may have experience with larger animals like horses and cattle. Make sure to identify the types of animals you have worked with within both your summary and position descriptions.

Resume Sections

1. Contact Information:

2. Summary:

1 – 2 sentences giving a broad overview of your profession, years of experience in the industry, the settings you have worked in, and specific areas of specialty (Cats, dogs, horses, etc.)

3. Skills Summary & Key Skills:

List of key skills that you possess. These should mirror the requirements found in Pet Groomer job postings.

4. Languages:

Optional- If you know how to speak multiple languages, include what languages you know and your level of proficiency. Knowing more than one language is particularly beneficial when looking for work in a cosmopolitan city.

5. Employment History:

Showcase your past places of employment and include a list of your daily responsibilities. If you are new to the Pet Grooming industry, you can add other employment to show you have work experience. If you have been in the industry for a while, only include your Pet Grooming experience.

6. Education:

It is not necessary to have a degree to work as a dog groomer. If you do have a degree or any sort of relevant certifications or training, you can add that here.

Dog Groomer Skill Set & Responsibilities

No matter what stage of your dog grooming career you are in, try adding these responsibilities under your past places of employment to show you have the skills employers are looking for:

  • Consulting with clients to examine their pets and determine their grooming needs
  • Washing, brushing, cutting, and styling pet’s hair
  • Clipping nails, cleaning ears and brushing pet’s teeth
  • Ensuring all combs and sheers are sanitized
  • Scheduling appointments and reporting issues to pet owners
  • Keeping animals calm during grooming procedures

Quantifying Your Per Groomer Resume

Employers love numbers because it makes your experience feel more tangible. When writing your resume, if you can answer questions like “How much?” or “How many?”, you should try to include that number. For instance:

  • How many pets did you groom a day?
  • How long does a typical full-service groom take?

The Importance of Soft Skills

When it comes to dog Groomers, it is crucial to have strong soft skills. Pet owners are often very protective over their pets, and animals tend to get stressed out when in unfamiliar situations, so you need to know how to stay calm and collected while on the job. To show employers that you have the soft skills they are looking for, try to incorporate these into your profile, key skills, and cover letter sections:

  • Compassionate
  • Gentle
  • Personable
  • Detail-Oriented
  • Proactive

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