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Last Updated on July 21, 2021

Public Health Advisor

A Public Health Advisor, as the name states, is someone who offers help and advice about public health activities. You can get a job as a Public Health Advisor in a wide range of facilities in the public or private sector. In recent history, the USA has placed various Public Health Advisors (or PHA) in local areas to advise and assist in disease outbreaks and advise with public health programs

A Public Health Advisor's purpose is to help implement venereal disease (VD), which we now refer to as STDs.

If you are a qualified Public Health Advisor and believe you are well suited for this task, please continue reading. After reading this, crafting a note-worthy resume will seem far less daunting.

Public Health Advisor Resume Samples

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Public Health Advisor Resume Writing Guide

Resume Sections

1. Contact Information: 
At the top of your first page, place the following critical personal Information: Your first and last name, contact information such as your phone numbers and email address, as well as your location. Also include additional platforms on which you can be reached, such as Linkedin and Facebook, should you feel free to do so.

2. Career Summary: 
First impressions matter, so make a good one. In your career summary, highlight your technical proficiency. This will also serve as a supporting paragraph to your academic credentials. 

3. Qualifications Summary: 
A Public Health Advisor can come from various healthcare fields, such as nursing or an official from the CDC. Public Health Advisors come from many different healthcare fields. A PHA is there to provide opinionated and educated information about the healthcare required. The CDC prefers various perspectives on all subjects and encourages health care professionals to enroll in the program. List your qualifications in reverse chronological order starting with the most recent qualification first.

4. Relevant Public Health Experience:
Some Public Health Advisors are referred to as Public Health Advisors. Your goal is to educate the public on the many facets of health care in this work line, and your experience section should reflect this. As a Public Health Advisor or Public Health Advisor, you will put together presentations, conferences, information kiosks, or call centers. Not only are you educating the public on diseases, but also how the healthcare profession aids or hurts the community, and Hiring Managers would want to see proof of this on your resume. 

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6. Skills Summary/Key Skills: 
It is of absolute importance to present your skills, technical and interpersonal, with those mentioned in the job description or advertisement. In this profession, the required skills include a strong knowledge of medicine and healthcare management, administering special medications and c=vaccines, manage risks, and expertly perform examinations. 

7. Education/Licenses/Certifications/Relevant Coursework/Training
You will need at least a Bachelors degree as a CDC Healthcare Advisor. You can complete the CDC's Public Health Apprentice Program (PHAP) (which is a two-year fellowship where you are trained at state or local health agencies) or Public Health Prevention Service (PHPS) (this relates to a Master's level, and could ensure a higher-level job) to obtain this. You will require specific state licensing and certifications and continuous professional development and training through courses, programs, licensing, and accreditations received by completion date, level passed, institution, and member identification.

What to Highlight in a Public Health Advisor Resume

As a Public Health Advisor, your main goals are to discover how a disease has formed, to eradicate it, and prevent further spread of diseases. All areas of health care officials are encouraged to follow in these fields. The disease is a never-ending cycle that needs to be researched, so all help is necessary, and valued. As a Public Health Advisor, you will have many roles, the main one being the mediator between people interested in healthcare and companies that provide healthcare. You will also inform the public of healthcare plans, acts, and establishments. 

Let's look at the main aspects you should be highlighting in your Public Health Advisor Resume.

First, summarize the list of programs related to preventing, controlling, and eradicating diseases and other preventable conditions that can affect the environment where you were actively contributing. Some of these programs work towards treating tuberculosis and STDs, immunization, pest control, and prevention of lead-based paint poisoning. Provide examples and full details as to your involvement in such projects.

Some programs are designed to meet public health needs through means of education and service such as community health centers, migrant health, maternal and child health, family planning, and fostering the supply of professional care in areas experiencing heavy needs. If this is you, please explain the scope of your role in a little more detail.

You could be part of a more systemized approach and contribute to programs that focus on developing health care systems, like the development of personnel resources within the technical support occupations, health maintenance organizations, and emergency medical systems. Hiring Managers will be very interested to know about these as well.

Some programs focus on eradicating drug and alcohol abuse and the treatment of mental health. Due to their interrelated nature, these programs are generally grouped.

Health Care Advisors require exceptional relationship-building skills. Explain to recruiters ho you go about to establish and maintain interpersonal relationships by communicating with persons outside of the organization, teaching and training the community, and establishing a good line of communication with your supervisors, colleagues, or subordinates, and getting information

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What is the nature of your daily tasks? In a healthcare facility, a Public Health Advisor such as yourself may work one-on-one with patients or with families as a whole. You will teach patients about their diagnoses and the necessary treatments or procedures that go along with it. Because you help individuals find out about their health insurance options and direct people to outside resources, you will find you are often referred to as a patient navigator. You may lead hospital efforts in the development and administration of surveys to identify health issues and the public's growing concerns. 

Fieldwork experience is another point to highlight in your resume. Do you assist in the organization and mobilization of healthcare screenings, including but not limited to blood pressure checks and topics such as installing a car seat for an infant? Do you provide training to health care professionals in communicating effectively with their patients?

Hiring Managers would look for candidates who are comfortable in educating the community and professional students at educational institutions. You may create programs in colleges relating to topics that affect young adults, such as substance abuse. To reach this demographic, you will often use social media and educate their superiors on what signs to look out for in their students relating to health issues. Give examples and include your social media URLS in your resume for recruiters to take a look at.

Running campaigns are one of your primary functions in this role. As a Public Health Advisor, you will be the driving force of public health campaigns on topics such as being prepared for emergencies, immunizations, vaccines, proper nutrition, or stress management. Tell recruiters about the development of materials to be used by other public health professionals and oversee the funding and grant programs that facilitate the improvement of public health. 

Provide details regarding your work setting and industry environment:

  • Public Health Advisors who work for Nonprofits (including community health organizations) create programs and materials about their communities' health issues. They assist their organizations in obtaining funding and the necessary resources. You will educate policymakers on improving the public's health and secure funding for programs to promote health and disease awareness. Most nonprofits focus on one disease or demographic, like diabetes or the prevention of HIV and AIDS. These would be important points to mention in your resume 
  • If you find yourself working for a Private Business, as a Public Health Advisor, you will be charged with identifying common health issues among the employees. Based on this, you will develop programs to target these issues head-on. You will manage programs that encourage employees healthy behaviors, such as adopting a healthy diet. Provide detailed information regarding the scope of these projects. Hiring Managers would expect that you would have in-depth knowledge of your respective community to identify health-related issues and collect data. You also need to address the process you follow to discuss health concerns you have with your community and find solutions for these concerns. You will also help community members enroll in programs such as  Medicaid or Medicare if they are eligible. 

Public Health Advisor Career Summary Examples

Your career summary gives the core strengths that make you the best person for the job in the spotlight. It is of absolute importance to nail this section. 

Your career summary should include 3-5 of the following characteristics:

  • Tell them about your relevant experience in the health sector, and your years of experience
  • List improvements and accomplishments that can be measured and quantified
  • Make good mention of your qualifications and credentials
  • What makes you the best fit for this job?
  • Name your professional achievements, awards, accolades, etc. 

Make this summary easy to read, and remember to incorporate those golden ticket keywords you found in the job listing. 

Three Examples of Public Health Advisor career summaries:

Summary example 1:

“Registered Public Health Advisor with an extensive background in providing information to the public about health issues, prevention practices care and more ready to use expertise in the public health field to build an organization's reputation within its community—accumulated extensive experience in specialized public health programs and the development of alternative public health strategies.”

Summary example 2:

Highly qualified Health Advisor applying for a position with an organization where experience and training provide career development potential. Exceptionally skilled at innovative program management training and designing concise and informative curriculums  Extensive experience with the care and treatment of HIV and AIDS”

Summary example 3:

“A Highly accomplished, outcome-focused Public Health Professional offering a distinguished career in bridging the gap between medicine, science, and governmental communities to improve projects that control and eradicate infectious diseases in developing countries. Excellent program and project management skills, including but not limited to overseeing a multi-million-dollar budget, human capital, contracts and grants, and consultant or vendor resources. Certified as a Registered Nurse, in compliance with HIPPA legislation.”

Public Health Advisor Job Descriptions, Responsibilities, and duty Examples

Your future boss has certain expectations of you with regards to proficiencies and duties. Luckily, we have compiled these into a list for you, and you can simply choose the relevant and appropriate duties to incorporate into your stellar resume:

A Public Health Advisor duties may include:

  • Liaison to grantees for budget counseling, finance recording, program strategies, technical assets, and program monitoring
  • Closely monitoring project planning, budget coordination, implementation, evaluation, and close-out of grantee tasks and milestones
  • Counseling assigned grantees with managerial and administrative advice on project goals
  • Identifying potential issues and offering strategies for improvement as well as suggesting resources to improve productivity

  • Assisted IISSB staff with ARRA Immunization supported objectives
  • Distributed medicines and nutritional supplements samples providing usage directions as per manufacturer
  • Provided technical assistance to community centers in the development and implementation of public health programs
  • Conducting interviewing with patients
  • Gathering demographic data on afflicted individuals
  • Providing your patients and community with education
  • Preparing reports of findings
  • Collaborating on policy initiatives with your coworkers
  • Managing and evaluating public health programs
  • Give advice and help the IISSB staff with the implementation of ARRA Immunization supported projects.

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  • Provided support for analytic and administrative matters to other activities within IISSB.
  • Providing technical assistance and by identifying issues in implementation and evaluation
  • Connecting appropriate subject matter experts with the necessary technical assistance.
  • Assisted and managed project development with set targets.
  • Display significant experience in specialized public health programs and developing alternative public health strategies
  • Possess a superior knowledge of the techniques and processes used to develop and manage public health programs in State and local settings
  • Plan and execute work in areas such as public health and malaria
  • Be able to provide instructions and guidance on public health business
  • Be familiar with issues surrounding the management of programs focused on the prevention, care, and treatment of HIV/AIDS and health systems strengthening

Highlight Your Accomplishments

Your goal for your resume is to sell yourself to the hiring manager. Sell yourself to your hiring manager. Showcase 3-5 of your best professional achievements and put your accomplishments front and center. However, avoid turning this into a memoir of accomplishment statements. Put your accomplishments front and center in this section. 

Accomplishment Statement Examples:

  1. Managed auditing of 1,700 patients records at three metropolitan hospitals.
  2. Improved workflow processes by transitioning medical entities' laboratory reporting from manual written files to electronic data capture. Resulted in a 65% laboratory data retention rate increase. 
  3. Participant in special assignments: Lead case investigator for ‘Pandemic Flu Exercise Influenza Drill 2010'. 
  4. Selected from amongst a pool of 400 candidates by NYC DOHMH Incident Management System and supervised field staff collection of electronic data capture of respiratory illness at Queens Hospital Center.
  5. Support a team of 15-17 staff in Kenya and South Africa by providing targeted support and training to ensure accurate completion of all projects
  6. Facilitate with compliance to all aspects of the project protocols and develop standard operating procedures (SOPs), and met deadlines each time

Public Health Advisor Education Section Example

The entry-level Public Health Advisor positions focusing on infectious disease require a Bachelor's degree, at least. This degree can be in any health or science field. Higher levels in this career field would typically require a master's degree in public health or a similar field.

When listing your educational background, it should be done in the following order: First, you need to state the date of commencement and completion of the qualification. Following that, you need to write the qualification's full name, followed by the institution at which you have completed the qualification. Lastly, it would be best to name the city and the State name's abbreviation in which you did your Bachelor's and master's degrees. 

A Public Health Advisor's education section example:

2017 – Current, Biostatistics Master's Program, University of California, Berkeley

2014 – 2016 Bachelor's Degree – Public Health, The Monroe School of Health at the University of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

2013 – PMBOK Certification – PMP Institute, Online

Public Health Advisor Resume Skills Section

A hiring manager looks through countless resumes every year. Some of them may even skip straight to your skill without even giving the rest of your resume so much as a moment's attention. Your skills section should be treated as the golden goose and given the utmost care and attention. Keeping in mind that your resume should adhere to a certain length, keep your skills summaries short, but mic-drop worthy.

Interpersonal Traits

FriendlyStress Tolerant

Technical Competencies

Content BuildingSocial Networking
Event ManagementCommunity Wellness
HAN NotificationsNDMI
Design Course CurriculumsPHIN
Marketing ManagementHealth Projects
Lab TestingObservation
Care PlanningInfection Control
Electronic ChartingQuality Assurance and Process Improvement
Patient AdvocacyGrant Proposals
BudgetsProject Management
Peer ReviewsMarketing Management
Pain ManagementReport Writing
Direct and Indirect Patient CarePatient Education and Counseling
STDEnsure Compliance
Service ProvidersEmergency Operations
TBCooperative Agreements
Health educationCommunity Resources
EbolaData Collection
Medical RecordsNYC
Disease InterventionCommunity Outreach
Infectious DiseasePartner Notification
Chronic IllnessesData Entry
City DepartmentsCDC
Disease PreventionPublic Health Programs

Qualifications/Certifications associated with Public Health Advisors

Advanced Public Health Nursing CertificationCertification in Infection Prevention and ControlCertified Correctional Health Professional
Certified Safety ProfessionalFederal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) CertificationNational Healthcare Disaster Certification
National Registry of Certified MicrobiologistsPublic/Community Health Clinical Nurse SpecialistHealth Intervention Course
Global Health Delivery DiplomaPublic Health Programme ManagementEpidemiology Certificate

Professional Information on Public Health Advisors

Sectors: Healthcare, Medical, Clinical, Education, Programme Management
Career TypeEducating, Counseling, Advising, Marketing, Project Manager, Programme Management, Wellness, Community Outreach

Person type:  Marketer, Administrator, Helper, Advisor, Facilitator, Project Manager
Education levelsBachelor's degree and upwards
Salary indication: Average Base Pay $56,342 / year (Glassdoor)

Labor market: Estimated 11% from 2018 – 2028 (BLS)

Organizations: Hospitals, Medical Facilities, Corporate, Step Down Facilities, Military, Hospices, Schools, Psychiatric Institutions, Rehab Facilities

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