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Your role is to search for local property listings to present to potential buyers with such convincing swagger that they want to sign right there on the spot. As you hand the new homeowners the key, you realize that you live to see the joy on their faces.

If you are looking for a Real Estate Agent job, you have stumbled upon the right place. Here we show you how to write an interview-winning Real Estate Agent Resume. You will also find tips and tricks to make your resume attract attention instantly and to make your application address the right keywords.

17 Real Estate Agent Resume Examples

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Real Estate Agent Resume Writing Guide

Resume Sections

1. Contact Information: 

  • Name, middle-name, and last name
  • Email address
  • Address
  • Phone number

Also, be sure to add social media handles such as Messenger, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter. You need to be contactable via all your social media accounts that you have listed.

2. Career Summary: 
Your Career Summary must contain a short description of your experience and achievements relating to the position you are applying for. Give them a teaser of what they will read further in your resume by adding a short description of the skills you have attained and academic achievements.

3. Qualifications Summary: 
For a real estate job, you must have an associate degree at the very least. Typical to the real estate field, a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration, Marketing, Real Estate Management, or Accounting could land you a job in this field. By listing your academic achievements with your most recent qualifications first.

4. Relevant Real Estate Experience: 
Hiring Managers and Recruiters prefer not to page through houses of pages filled with duties and responsibilities. Just a short description of five or less per employer will suffice. As well as with the qualifications section, stick to reverse chronological order. This standard resume format emphasizes your real estate duties, selling experience, and work history. Stick to this standard resume format since it is easier for recruiters to scan through and for ATS (application tracking systems).

5. Other Employment Experience: 
If you lack experience in property management, it could be useful to list other employment histories that include your job description and the duties and responsibilities you were entrusted with.

6. Skills Summary/Key Skills:
Add keywords in your career summary, job descriptions, accomplishments and achievements, and skill section. This way, the ATS system will quickly pick up your application.

You need to be licensed or certified in your state, city, or region if you want to flip houses for a living. If you want to buy or sell properties or homes, you'll need a state license. You need to be a member of the Real Estate Association in your region if you want to work with tenants or renters. You are required to continue your education to maintain your license. However, there is value in continuing your education: it is an opportunity to develop skills that will keep you at the top of your game, and it will be a stepping stone on your road to success. On top of that, it will expand your expertise within real estate, enhance your aptitude and knowledge on marketing and negotiation.

What to Highlight in a Real Estate Agent Resume

When searching for a house, you look for particular properties that suit you best. Similarly, employers look for critical things in your resume that will add the most value to their organization, regardless of your experience as a Real Estate Agent.

To lay out the foundation, the hiring manager would prefer you to provide industry context. Real Estate Agents help people to buy property or sell their homes or properties that range from small plots and starter homes to exotic islands and enormous mansions. You can either be a Listing Agent that helps a client sell their home or a Buyer's Agent, helping a client find a home. This career path is worldwide and will always be a necessity. The best way to walk into this career is, to be honest with your clients.

Next, come the targets, goals, and production metrics that you need to achieve. By adding numeric terms such as the size of facilities under your supervision, tenant occupancy rates, marketing and networking events, or properties sold, you are setting yourself apart from the rest of the applicants.

In this industry, the budget is an essential aspect to think about. To prove that you take this part of your job into account, provide information on the size of the reserves you are entrusted with and your level on approval for expenses such as repairs, maintenance, supplies, or marketing and advertising fees.

Many Real Estate Agent candidates neglect to show their relationships with their clients and how they forge and nurture these relationships. It is essential to have long-term clients for referral rates, and it can add value to your career if, say, your client decides to blog about their experience or tell a friend about the positive output they received.

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Every industry and service specialty varies from each agency; there are a few primary duties that should be discussed in every Real Estate Agent's Resume

  • It is not as simple as it sounds like buying or selling properties. The money/goods transaction is the last step in the lengthy process with many steps that require more than just a person agreeing and contains steps of legal procedures, marketing, and financing.
  • The first step, and probably the most critical step, is an accurate evaluation of the property to determine the final selling price, the length of time the house will be on the market, which is essential to keep in mind if the seller wants to buy a new home from the sale of their current property. Explain to recruiters exactly how you go about performing an evaluation.
  • The Agent must have information about the neighborhood, such as crime statistics, local council rates, schools, residential demographics, recent property sales, recreational facilities, and public transportation factors. This provides all the facts, figures, and data to make accurate sale prices. Make sure to include the resources you make use of to stay updated with the latest property statistics.
  • To determine a reasonable selling price, an experienced agent will use their expertise and their extensive knowledge to make an accurate depiction of what the best selling prices should be and where they can set the limit of negotiation prices.

Your negotiating skills are next. Part of a Real Estate Agent's job is to act as a middleman or broker between buyer and seller. This means the Real Estate Agent needs to be skilled in marketing properties and be able to sell stuff at the best possible price. They are also expected to help their clients find the best suitable homes for them to live in. All in all, it is vital to have negotiation skills to help the buyer get the house at the best possible price and help the seller sell the house at the best possible price. The Real Estate Agent will charge a percentage of the final price.

To add the finishing touches to your resume, provide information about your availability and your current work environment. The schedule of a Real Estate Agent varies as much as the properties they sell. Keep in mind that only some hours will be spent in the office filling out paperwork, and the rest of your working hours will be spent listing and showing houses to clients during irregular hours. As a Real Estate Agent, you will be required to attend conferences and seminars to keep up with the latest trends and maintain your professional environment contacts. They are also required to know about the latest properties available and, therefore, must go to agent open houses. 

Real Estate Agent Career Summary Examples

Executive Managers, CEOs, Company Owners, or Directors are the hiring managers that must consider your resume and often have a proverbial “hundred square meters” full of resumes to work through if you arrange them all together in one space!. By building a great career synopsis telling them about yourself, what you are capable of, your work experience, accomplishments, and your academic achievements, you are already making their screening process more manageable.

Limit your career summary to three sentences at least and six sentences at most. This will generate a positive reaction towards your resume and leave the recruiter to consider your application. Try to use flowery and personal language sparingly. Keep it short and informative.

Three Examples of Real Estate Agent career summaries:

Real Estate Agent Summary 1

Likable Real Estate Consultant with more than four years' experience in a suburban, middle-class environment. Received an award for region-best client satisfaction rating of 92.76% according to a homeowner survey—first-hand experience in client management software and MLS database administration.

Real Estate Agent Summary 2

Six-year Licensed Realtor of residential and commercial sales. Increased sales by an average of 19% yearly and an expert in integrating new customers and planning. Proficient in negotiation, client analysis, market research, and contract drafting. Considered as part of the top 10% for listings taken and sold in 2018 of the Nevada Sales Award recipients.

Real Estate Agent Summary 3

Consummate Real Estate Sales Agent with an excellent track record of proven sales for two years. Able to generate their own business through aggressive prospecting and networking. Successful in closing business, working with owners, building management, and developing long term relationships with clients.

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Real Estate Agent Job Descriptions, Responsibilities, and duty Examples

“Welcome to the neighborhood; we're happy to have you join us!” Not only do you want your clients to feel this welcome in their new neighborhoods, but you also want to feel this welcome in your new work environment.

To bring down the house on your work experience, your employer would like to see evident duties and skillsets in your Real Estate Agent's Resume. Here follow the job descriptions in the list format of the comprehensive duties to accommodate most property management activities. It is best to pick those that suit your experience the best.

Real Estate Agent Job Description

  • Keep up to date with industry news and local and regional market activity
  • Review the daily MLS Hot Sheet or Activity Report to research active, pending, and sold listings.
  • Completing, submitting, and filing paperwork such as real estate documents, agreements/contracts, and records with appropriate state agencies.
  • Answering incoming emails and phone calls.
  • Keep social media profiles, websites, and blogs up to date.
  • Cultivate marketing plans by creating pamphlets, newspaper advertisements, and other marketing mediums.
  • Develop plans on hosting appointments, showings, open houses, and meetings with other Real Estate Agents and new and old clients.
Working with Sellers:
  • Meet up with sellers and understand their needs with new listings.
  • Establish your skills, such as marketing abilities, negotiation competence, and knowledge of the market.
  • Prepare listings for advertising by taking photos of the properties, inside and outside.
  • Use listing services to list properties.
  • Compare properties to determine an asking price by researching the current local market.
  • Conduct open houses by staging a home property.
Working with Buyers:
  • Meet with new buyers, understand what they are looking for, and qualify them as prospective buyers.
  • Help your clients by researching which listings suit them best.
  • Set up appointments for clients according to their schedule to show them new properties available.
  • Communicate to the buyers any details on properties on the information you gained by speaking to other agents or researching the properties when showing them selected properties.
  • Use negotiation skills by making offers for real estate purchases
  • Demonstrate negotiation skills, making offers of purchase on real estate.
Networking with Peers:
  • Stay up to date with new listings and people looking to buy or sell their homes
  • Help a buyer or a seller narrow down their search for a house or a buyer.
  • Gather first-hand knowledge on several available properties in the local market by attending estate launches, developer fairs, and auctions

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Highlight Your Accomplishments

No home is copied and pasted onto different properties and, therefore, under no circumstance should you copy and paste your duties and responsibilities in your accomplishment section. The recruiters might demolish your resume if you use that blueprint.

Use your accomplishment section as your loudspeaker. Add values to the activities you performed and the contributions you have made in your history as a realtor. Present these accomplishments in measurable terms that quantify the value you added to previous companies. By adding numbers, you automatically assure recruiters about your abilities, land you more interviews, and have a more significant probability of landing you a job.

For a groundbreaking resume, add a section that provides you accomplishment statements. Ask yourself when writing the accomplishment statement section, “How much?” “How many?” or How often?” and answer accordingly.

Let us consider a few example accomplishments:
  • Through implementing new software reduced the closing time by 19%
  • Reduced workload by 32% by assisting real estate property manager with new property acquisitions
  • Expert in planning and integrating new customer prospecting campaigns increasing agencies acquisition rate by an average of 25% year-to-year
  • Advise sellers on how to make homes more appealing to potential buyers with intelligent staging techniques increasing average selling prices by 20% from initial appraisals.
  • Finalized an average of 18 transactions every year.

Real Estate Agent Education Section

Your education section is one of the most important parts of your resume application. It is critical that you add all your formal qualifications and certifications, and licensing related to real estate.

In the world of flipping houses, you are required to maintain licensing. As a Real Estate Agent, it is expected of you to participate in regular training programs and CPD (Continuous Professional Development) courses.

Your credentials need to be displayed as the display of a “for-sale” sign. Start with the credentials with the date of completion, the name of the institution you required it from, the qualification, and of course, the course curriculums. Remember to add the licenses and industry membership.


2020 – Licensed commercial Real Estate Agent, REALTORS Association, New York City, NY

2020 – Real Estate Brokers License, Housing Mortgage Association, Manhattan, NY

2019 – Bachelors of Arts in Property Management, New York University, New York City, New York

2018 – Bachelors of Arts in Marketing Management, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

2016 – Bachelors of Arts in Business Administration, Kaplan University, Illinois, Chicago

2014 – Licensed Realtor Membership, National Association of Realtors, Online

2013 – Certified Manager of Community Associations (CMCA), National Board of Certification, Online

2012 – Bachelors of Arts in Marketing, Brandon University, Manitoba, Canada

What to Write in the Skills Section

Recruiters and Hiring managers look for both technical skills and soft skills. Both are important to your future employer as it shows them that you can work as a Real Estate Agent.

Hard skills refer to your technical competencies to perform the job successfully and add value to the company. Soft skills refer to your personality traits and also interpersonal eatures developed that makes you a good Real Estate Agent and also a pleasant employee to have around in the office for that matter.

Use Skills Matrix formats to present them appropriately:

Technical Skills Matrix

Database reporting software (Internet-based MLS database software, National Association of Realtors Online Database)Graphics or photo imaging software (ClipEze software, Easypano Tourweaver)Customer Relationship Management CRM software (Agent Business Builder)Data mining software (eGrabber ListGrabber)
ResearchLocal MarketProspecting new listingsPresenting
New BusinessListing a propertyAdvertisingMarketing
Qualifying the inquiriesInspecting PropertiesMarket Relative' offerContractual Agreements
LoansMortgagesSettlement FiguresReferrals

Soft Skills

Deadline DrivenReliableTask Orientated
InitiativeCollaborationStrategic Scope
Attention to DetailEmpathyCritical Thinking
Decision MakingTime ManagementPersuasion

Qualifications/Certifications associated with Real Estate Agents

Senior Real Estate Specialist® (SRES)Seller Representative Specialist (SRS)Accredited Buyer's Representative (ABR)
Certified Real Estate Brokerage Manager (CRB)Certified Residential Specialist (CRS)Military Relocation Professional (MRP)
Short Sales & Foreclosure Resource (SFR)Resort & Second-Home Property Specialist (RSPS)NAR Green Designation
Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM)Certified International Property Specialist (CIPS)General Accredited Appraiser (GAA)
Real Estate Negotiation Expert (RENE)REALTOR® Association Certified Executive (RCE)Society of Industrial and Office REALTORS® (SIOR)

Professional information of Real Estate Agents

Sectors: Mortgage, Banking, Real Estate, Property, Asset Management,
Career Type: Sales, Marketing, Operations, Client Services, Brokering, Business Management, Team Dynamics
Person type:  Negotiator, Seller, Marketer, Advisor, Communicator, Facilitator, Mediator, Representative, Promoter
Education levels: Post School Certifications
Salary indication: Average Base Pay is $82 170/year (Indeed)
Labor market: Estimated 2% growth between 2019 and 2029 (BLS)
Organizations: Management Agents, Recreational Real Estate Agents, Industrial Real Estate Agents, Residential Real Estate Agents, Industrial Real Estate Agents, Leasing Agents, Real Estate Companies

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