Retail Merchandiser Resume & Guide

When you are seeking a job as a Retail Merchandiser, it is essential first to check out a top-notch Retail Merchandiser resume sample. You want to make sure your resume stands out from the other applications, by offering sufficient and compelling content.  

No two days (or even hours) of retail merchandising are the same. In this role, you may travel once every other day, be stuck behind a laptop analyzing layout trends of product channel sales figures, or literally by suspended midair in-store to get signage place in the most visually aesthetic manner. With that said, your daily, weekly, and monthly duties can probably fill more than a product catalog. In this write-up, we will show you exactly how to structure your resume and what points to highlight to get hiring managers and recruiters interested in learning more about you.

How to create a resume into an interview-winning document, will be a breeze with our: How to Make a Resume Guideline for Retail Merchandiser Roles.

Let's get started.

18 Retail Merchandiser Resume Sample

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Retail Merchandiser Resume Writing Guide

Resume Sections

1. Contact Information:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Email

Be sure to include alternative contact channels, as well as your Twitter profile or Facebook URL details.

2. Profile Summary: 
A career summary should be viewed similarly to a product blurb you would use to create awareness from buyers and customers. This could either be the first or the last paragraph that a hiring manager views on your resume, so make it count. Speaking of counting, you have 2 or 3 seconds at most to draw them in with your summary as most hiring managers spend an average of six seconds skimming an entire resume!.  

3. Qualifications Summary: 
Usually, employers would prefer a Retail Merchandiser to have a completed associate's degree, but you can also land a job with a completed high school diploma and a few inhouse or on the job certificates, especially if you are going to work for a smaller or owner-managed store. Courses in merchandising, economics, marketing, and logistics would be to your advantage. Provide accurate details about the certifications and qualifications you have completed with the institution, qualification name, and dates. Don't forget to include qualifications you are currently completing too. Usually, no formal skills, apart from a high school diploma, are needed. Still, the short courses, workshops, and in-house training you have received should then be listed to provide more credibility to your resume.

4. Relevant Retail Merchandiser Experience: 
Aside from having a creative flair for store layouts, retail merchandisers should also be very left-brain inclined, aka have a keen eye for detail. Your experience section should reflect these qualities and explain to hiring managers how you are capable of predicting buying trends and prioritize which products should be promoted in-store (or online if you are working for a virtual retailer. Stick to bullet-pointed duties of up to 6 per each job you have held going back for the last ten years.

5. Other Employment Experience: 
You don't just step into a Retail Merchandiser role without having accumulated sufficient retail experience in different roles within the sector. Make sure to add these job descriptions to your resume as well, especially if you are applying to a Retail Merchandiser role for the first time. Also, think you the previous experience you have gained outside of the formal retail sector but with responsibilities that may be replicated into the job of a Retail Merchandiser such as volunteering to set up stage props for the school play or assisting with design work for promotions and flyers at the local farmers market.

6. Skills Summary/Key Skills: 
You should incorporate a separate skills section into your Retail Merchandiser resume. This may be done by using a Skills Matrix Format, which we will explain in more detail later. The trick to a perfect skills suite that will be noticed by hiring managers or selected by automated sc remaining bots is resume SEO. This is where you would pick the skills from the job advertisement and ensure that these are mirrored (using the exact words) in your resume. Bear in mind that it should be a skill that you actually possess. Inflating your resume with skills you don't have to increase your shortlisting probabilities will just end in a disastrous interview later when you need to put your money where your mouth is.  

What to Highlight in a Retail Merchandiser Resume

Regardless of your experience as a Retail Merchandiser, there are a few vital things that recruiters and managers need to know about your employment experience to validate whether you would be a fit for the role. These days candidates are tempted to use automation templates and generic content to create a resume that can be used over and over again with the simple click of a button. The problem with generic content is that prospective employers will be fully aware of your lack of effort!

Best to put in the hours initially to create a stellar document with all the relevant info required, and then you may customize for your master resume in each application that you make.

Retail Merchandisers are responsible for product appearance and stock supply in various stores, and they work closely with manufacturers and suppliers to promote products and increase their sales over time.  

Your resume should be like the product you are promoting in your current job. Think what would make consumers (hiring managers) want to buy this product? How should the product promotion be set up (resume layout), what should the promotion contain (information), etc.?

Don't know where to start? No worries. In the section below we have summarized the most important aspects that should be showcased in your Retail Merchandiser Resume:

  • First up, your industry experience is critical. A retail merchandiser in clothing and garments would have a different experience to someone working in the food industry, for example. Use the SIC codes on the Bureau of Labor Statistics websites to categorize your industry experience. Also, the type of enterprise that you work for. Retail Merchandisers can be employed at online/virtual stores, department stores, wholesaler supermarkets, manufacturers, exhibitions boutique shops, or supermarket outlets.
  • Next, give detail on your position in the pecking order and how the team is structured as well as the scope of your role. Some Retail Merchandisers will report to a Store Manager, while others would for part of the marketing division and report to a Head of Marketing. Retail Merchandisers can work in a single enterprise or be responsible for several outlets in a geographic region, which may require traveling. Be sure to indicate your availability to travel or work irregular hours to the recruiters reviewing your resume.
  • Another vital aspect to highlight is your ability to “predict” sales demand by using various applications and making assumptions from historical data reports. Hiring managers would want to know that you are skilled at ensuring the correct number of products and merchandised are available instore without there being a surplus or deficit. You also need to explain how you would be facilitating JIT( just in time) processes to make sure that products arrive when they are supposed to. Delays are part of a Retail Merchandiser’s challenging working envro9nment, and the buck stops with you, unfortunately, so managers would need to see how you put alternative measures in place to compensate for low stock levels or delays in deliveries.
  • Next in line is your talents in visual aesthetics. Retail Merchandisers are often called the image consultants of the retail world. Hiring managers need to be assured of your creative flair in promoting products and services with the correct use of layout, working, color schemes, and store set up to attract customer's attention and entice them to by the products advertised.

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Inventory management is a critical task in the Retail Merchandiser duty list. This may include monitoring warehouse inventory levels and submitting reports to relevant parties for inventory to be delivered at a specific date. Recruiters would look for keywords such as maintain an organized warehouse or storage environment, using inventory software, ensuring product accessibility, coordinating stock shelving and replenishing, and dealing with complaints regarding product shortages or defects.

*Resume Hack: A functional filler in your resume that will also double up in providing key personality and physical traits is including a paragraph regarding your working environment. Moving up and down storage units, back to shop floor, during to distribution centers, or visit multiple stores per week shows that you are fit, can organize, have excellent time management skills, and can multitask. All these qualities are vital to succeed in a Retail Merchandiser role. Also mention working hours as some Retail Merchandisers work at night to set up stores before opening hours the next day or spend hours at warehouses during weekends selecting stock for the monthly promotions.

Retail Merchandiser Career Summary

Hiring managers have large numbers of resumes to screen and limited time to read every single sentence. The typical recruiter spends less than six seconds, scanning through resumes. That is not much time for your content to make an impact now, is it?

A smart way to ensure that you hook their attention right from the start is to have a stellar career synopsis placed at the top of your resume. Make sure to bold this paragraph and use larger fonts for maximum impact.

You may be wondering what to write in a career summary. Think of your resume as a product, and the review is that metadata explanation providing a short but compelling overview of that the product, in this case, your resume is all about.

As opposed to writing about your career objectives, you will showcase your experience, skills, and a paragraph of between 3 and 6 sentences.

A neat trick is to read through the job ad a few times and identify the purpose of the role. Then use that as your baseline theme to construct a career summary.

If we break it down in steps:

  • Step 1 – Powerful adjective describing your job title
  • Step 2 – Indicate years of experience and clarify industry tenure
  • Step 3 – Include two to three specialist duties or skills
  • Step 4 – End of with academic credentials or certifications

Retail Merchandisers Summary Examples:

Career Summary 1

Enthusiastic Retail Merchandiser with six years of experience in garment department stores. Excellent knowledge of display set-ups and in-store customer foot traffic patterns to ensure that promotional items receive maximum visibility and buyer attention. Holds an Associate's Degree in Marketing Management and is also a Certified Digital Marketer.

Career Summary 2

Highly creative Retail Merchandiser with an excellent eye for visual aesthetics and promotional design. Over a decade of experience in implementing retail merchandising concepts most attractively to create buyer interest. Known for using smell, audio, and visual stimuli in promotional set-ups at gourmet food emporiums across multiple regions on the East Coast. Carry out duties with a strong sense of purpose and urgency. Completed a Retail Management Bachelors Degree achieving Cum Laude status.

Career Summary 3

Highly competent Retail Merchandiser with a talent for product displays and below the line marketing techniques for in-store promotions. Expert at product planning and forecasting combined with excellent aptitude in arranging visual product display to attract customer interest and boost sales. Certified Marketer with an Advanced Diploma in Online Retail Management. Currently studying a course in Graphic Design for Virtual Shop Platforms.

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Retail Merchandiser Job Descriptions, Responsibilities and Duty Examples

Now its time for the meat-and-potato section of your Retail Merchandiser resume. An employer would expect to see the following proven foundational duties and skillsets within a Retail Merchandiser resume. Feel free to use our verbiage as is, but remember to tweak each job description following the industry that you have experience in.

A Retail Merchandiser Job Description:

  • Change displays to ensure product promotion and marketing strategy stay on trend and appeal to customers
  • Move merchandise around to create equal spacing and functional layout optimized for customer foot traffic patterns
  • Rotate products onto shelves from backroom stock and inventory supply
  • Use manual and automated scanning and ordering devices
  • Create category groups in story layout about shelving and clustering of products by type and relevance
  • Coordinate labeling efforts ensuring pricing and signage may be quickly pinpointed by customers
  • Manage markdowns and daily specials with adequate spacing and display methods
  • Change window displays to commemorate seasonal and holiday themes
  • Review the code dates of all products and remove the expired stock
  • Remove dented, dirty, or damaged merchandise from shelves.
  • Travel to multiple store locations to ensure that promotional displays are standardized across all outlet locations
  • Set up displays and promotional fixtures outside of the stores
  • Use lighting to illuminate and enhance the appearance of products
  • Perform merchandising warehouse duties where needed o ensure sufficient stock supplies are distributed to the storerooms
  • Build report with customers on ground level to get their opinions about the effectiveness of store displays
  • Put up promotional material such as signs, balloons, and banners in the correct place for maximum visibility
  • Monitor store cleanliness and sanitation
  • Track inventory and movement of stock daily
  • Create and implement innovative product displays to establish a distinctive visual theme in line with the store's branding, logo and color schemes
  • Use various digital applications to create instore dimension and atmosphere
  • Use CAD to plan the visual layout of retail merchandise in-store
  • Monitor inventory and chart store sales and profit margins
  • Attentive to consumer buying patterns by time of day, day in the week and time of the month to push slower selling items to the forefront

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Highlight Your Accomplishments

When crafting your accomplishment section, do not be tempted to regurgitate the duties you have already mentioned in your job descriptions. You want to stand out from the rest of the applications, and the best way to do this is through resume quantification.

Your goal is to think about what sets you apart, what you are most proud of, or what you achieved in your previous roles. Now showcase these to prospective employers through action-packed statements that grab the reader's attention.

When writing your resume, you should be answering questions like “How much?” or “How many?” It would be best if you include numbers that provide a “proof of work” element to your resume.

Examples of Accomplishment Statements for Retail Merchandiser Resumes:

  1. Manage and oversee all merchandise activities of a $500 million pharmacy franchise with 30 stores under management
  2. Used retail optimization strategies to create more than 100 planograms for retail display resulting in an uptick of 21% in ghost hour purchases
  3. Create quarterly sales plans for an online franchise which drove sales growth north of 50% for four quarters in a row
  4. Maintain the 5S standards on sales floors for 45 stores in the southeast region
  5. Implement a new automated merchandise strategy and accompanying promotional design templates which decrease product display set up times by 30% on average

Retail Merchandiser Education Section Example

The education section forms an integral part of your resume, even if you do not have any formal degrees. Academic credentials you can add include training programs, online studies, self-study initiatives, short courses, workshops completed, or even industry conferences attended. In short, list the What, Where, and When regarding your qualifications, certifications or industry licenses obtained.

The name of your qualification, institution, and date of completion is more than sufficient.

Start with your most recent education entry and work backward from there.

Retail Merchandiser Qualifications

2020 – Fundamentals of Effective Retail Sales Diploma, Michigan Ross School of Business at Swinburne University, Miami, FL

2019 – Certificate in Store Display Creation for the Christmas Period, Cornell University, Online
Course Topics: Basics of Visual Display, Fabrics and Swatches, Window Dressing, Furniture Store Merchandising, Customer Service

2018 – Diploma in Retail Merchandising, Retail Association of America, Online
Course Topics: Marketing and Sales, Accounting, Buyer Behavior, Purchasing, Customer Service, Interior Decorating and Design

2017 – Bachelors Degree in Visual Merchandising, UCLA, Orange County, CA

2016 – Selling on Value, Not on Price Seminar, Cox School of Business, TX

2015 – Certificate in Marketing and Sales, Iowa Community College, IA

2013 – Advanced Course in Retail and Product Management, International Career Institute (ICI), Online
Course Topics: Merchandising and Design, Products and Inventory, Branding, Planning, Consumer Trends, International Business

2012 – 2014 Associate Degree In Marketing Management, Community College of Vermont, Winooski, VT

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What to Write in a Retail Merchandiser Resume Skills Section

Although the retail sales field requires specific technical skills, employers also consider soft skills. These are the personality traits that you have been born with or learned over the years and used to perform successfully in your role as a Retail Merchandiser.

Use a skills matrix to showcase your essential skills and personal qualities to prospective employers.

Technical Skills Matrix

Epicor Retail SolutionsClover POSAssortment Optimisation SoftwareRange Optimizer
NetsuiteEpicor Warehouse SolutionsSalon IrisDotActiv
POS DataRetail Analytics SoftwareBottlesAgiliron
Product Line OptimizationPrice NegotiationReport AnalysisAmberPOS
Store DesignBrand ResetsPerform AuditsTrend Analysis
Schematic LayoutsDisplay Set-upData CollectionShelve Replenishment
Inventory ForecastingData ModelingPlanogramsMonitor Stock Levels
Retail ManagementVisual DisplaysGraphic DesignForecasting

Soft Skills Matrix

People OrientatedEloquentWell-GroomedProcess Orientated
NegotiationStress TolerantEnthusiasticEmotional Maturity
FriendlyMultitaskerDedicationPhysical Stamina
Customer ServiceDetail OrientatedDeadline DrivenDiplomatic

Qualifications/Certifications associated with Retail Merchandisers

Advanced Certificate In Marketing and SalesShort Course in Retail Administration and DisplayGED
Diploma in Retail Sales ManagementSeminar on Value-Added SellingInventory Management Course
Course in Retail DesignCertified Digital MarketingOnline Retail Management Certification
Course in Wholesale and RetailStorekeeping and Stock Control Certified MerchandiserComputer-Aided Design Master User
Bachelor of Sales & MarketingHigh School DiplomaPrinciples of Customer Service Certificate

Professional Information for Retail Merchandisers

Sectors: Retail, Advertising, Promotion
Career Type: Marketing, Creative Design, Coordinating Sales, Customer Service, Client Relations, Warehousing, Consumer Trends, Market Trends, Visual Aesthetics, Product Flow, Distribution
Person type:  Marketer, Presenter, Designer, Coordinator, Facilitator, Project Manager, Supporter, Processor
Education levels: High School Diploma to Bachelor's Degree
Salary indication: Between $41 672 to $71 522 per year (
Labor market: Estimated 5% growth between 2016 – 2026 (
Organizations: Outlet Stores, Department Stores, Exhibitions, Emporiums Discount Stores, Supermarkets, Farmer's Markets, Malls, Dollar Stores, Malls, Specialty Stores, Warehouse Facilities, General Merchandise Shops

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