Sales Supervisor (Non-Retail) Resume Sample & Writing Guide

On the hunt for a new job as a Sales Supervisor? Whether scouting for your first supervisory role or looking for a new challenge, why not review our Sales Supervisor Resume samples and browse through the write up of key points to consider when drafting a Sales Supervisor (non-retail) resume in the pages below

Sales Supervisors in non-retail companies are responsible for coordinating and overseeing the duties of sales staff who sell insurance policies, industrial products, professional services or properties for example. The role of a Sales Supervisor encompasses accountabilities such as staff management, training & development, budgeting, approving SLA’s and operational administration, and also client relationship management.

The competition is quite tough, and therefore, your Sales Supervisor Resume has to make a fantastic first impression (after sailing through the ATS and screening bots first). Our blog post is packed with information, advice, examples, and templates for you to use when creating a magnetic resume document, which will generate lots and lots of interview invitations.


Sales Supervisor (Non-Retail) Resume Sample

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Sales Supervisor (Non-Retail) Resume Writing Guide

Resume Sections

1. Contact Information:
Name, Address, Phone, Email. You’re in Sales so professional profiles such as Linkedin URL’s should also be added.

2. Career Summary:
View this as the introductory pitch of your resume and include 4-6 sentences giving a broad overview of your years of industry tenure, background, and specific supervisory experience. You should be specific about the products or services your current company and previous employers specialized in and provide hiring managers with a snapshot of technical expertise too.

3. Qualifications Summary:
Sales Supervisors typically completed Associates Degrees, but in some industries like Engineering, Legal, or Information Technologies employers would expect at least a Bachelor’s Degree in sales, marketing, or business management with the second major related to the industry you are working in. Provide accurate details about the qualifications you have attained by listing the institution, qualification name, and dates appropriately.

4. Relevant Sales Supervisor Experience:
Highlight supervisory experience first, you are afterall applying for a supervisory job. A smart idea is to break your functions down into daily, weekly and monthly responsibilities and assign 1-2 bullet-pointed tasks to each. Keep sentences brief, relevant and impactful to describe the primary purpose of your role to a recruiter or hiring manager. Stick to job history spanning no more than ten years. For the rest, list them in a separate section by date, job title, and company worked for to ensure there are no gaps present in your resume.

5. Other Employment Experience:
Sales Supervisors start out in various non-supervisory fields, first like telesales, inside sales, outside sales or even marketing and advertising. Assign a section of your resume to ‘’other employment’’ experience to give prospective employers an idea of your career progression over the years.

6. Skills Summary/Key Skills:
Weave keywords and industry terminologies through your entire resume document, but pay special attention to Resume SEO by picking the top skills required by the job advertisement and utilizing them in your Skills Section (more on this at the end of this document) A resume that resonates with the job advertisement scores higher in suitability rankings and credibility than one without showing a precise alignment to the job at hand.

7. Licenses/Certifications/Relevant Coursework/Training:
Apart from a formal degree and diplomas, the role of a Sales Supervisor requires continuous professional development (CPD) activities. Credentials, certifications, and courses related to staff management, sales skills, and staying on top of product innovation in your field will prove to hiring managers that you are intellectually curious and committed to improving your technical and interpersonal skills.


What to Highlight in a Sales Supervisor (Non-Retail) Resume

Sales Supervisors work under the direction of sales managers and oversee the daily operations of sales teams with the ultimate aim of realizing set team targets as determined by management. There are a few essential aspects of your prior career experience that recruiters and prospective employers would want to see in your resume to evaluate whether you are the best fit for the job and the team under your supervision.

First and foremost, give information about the industries you have had experience in thus far. Use the sic code classifications on the Bureau of Labor website for guidance. Sales Supervisors are found in the following sectors: Software & Networking, Aerospace & Defense, , Business Services, Chemicals, Healthcare Construction, Edu., Government, Nonprofit, Energy & Utilities, Transportation Financial Services, Hospitality & Leisure, Insurance, Internet, Media, Manufacturing Durable, Manufacturing Nondurable, Medical Device Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, Wholesale, Telecom and Biotechnology.

Next, explain where you fit into the hierarchy of the organization according to job level and scope of responsibility. Sales Supervisors work in various levels within enterprises that may range from junior to very senior. Furthermore, the size of the company (employee count and turnover), as well as the number of workers under your supervision, are important for recruiters and hiring managers to know.

Then comes the classification of your job title in relation to ‘’how’’ your team conducts sales activities. Sales Supervisors may be broadly categorized into two areas:

  • Outside Sales Supervisor: Are you responsible for overseeing the daily sales conduct of consultants who visit clients face to face as selling a product or service in person? This is the primary purpose of an Outside Sales Supervisor. Highlight accountabilities such as monitoring the number of appointments consultants have to make and attend per week, how you manage the sales process from first client contact to signing the deal, and also your involvement in the negotiation of contracts and service level agreements. Outside Sales Supervisors often accompany consultants on client visits to boost credibility and also ensure that all the aspects of the pitch run smoothly. Technical product or service knowledge is imperative in this type of role, so feel free to elaborate a little on your expertise regarding the company offering to potential clients.
  • Telesales Supervisor: Are you working in a contact center or call-center environment, buzzing with voices of telesales marketers conducting phone conversations with clients for hours on end? Welcome to the world of the Telesales Supervisor. Points to note on your resume may include coordinating daily calls, reviewing call lists of consultants, writing sales scripts, monitoring the number of sales presentations made, tracking leads, documenting follow up calls and developing training programs to improve cold calling techniques and promotion or upselling of services and subscriptions by phone.


Now, describe your supervisory duties for coordinating, overseeing managing, motivating, training and disciplining your team. Also, establish context by explaining the various team member classifications by their job titles. You may be overseeing a team of sales representatives and lead generators or be responsible for traveling sales agents spending most of their time on the road. Are you involved in the hiring process for new employees? Then writing job descriptions, screening responses, interviewing candidates and extending employment offers may be points of interest to discuss.

What about training and development? Your experience in writing training curriculums and presenting skills improvement programs are then relevant information to present. Another aspect to highlight is performance appraisals. What is the operational strategy you are currently following to course-correct staff not reaching their targets or acknowledging workers who are hitting it out of the park in terms of deals? Are you tasked with creating incentive programs and competitions to reward employees who make their targets? If so, provide examples thereof.

Your technical expertise in regards to devising new sales tactics, keeping up to date with new products, having a finger on the pulse of competitor activities and developing innovative processes to automate sales activities, boosting research quality and finding methodologies to streamline quality control are some of the duties you could elaborate upon.

Coordinating sales activities is next on your supervisory repertoire. Examples of duties here include planning shifts, allocating client territories by location or company size, ensuring that proposals are printed in time, and setting platinum call hours.

Recordkeeping and reporting are two supervisory activities that would be most important to your superiors. What kind of software do you use to track calls, record conversations, or schedule client appointments? Furthermore, provide information regarding your involvement in generating reports for management: do you merely compile the reports, or are you tasked with presenting them too? What kind of reports do you use to evaluate the performance of your team or to determine how well a product or service is selling?


*Cool Tip for a stellar resume

Boost your chances with a Target Vs. Actual Sales table, showcasing the performance of your team. Be number specific, and provide accurate data regarding metrics improvements such as dial attempts, leads accumulated, leads converted into deals, upselling improvements per team or average sales increase per consultant.

Herewith an example of what to include:

 Dial AttemptsNo of LeadsDeals ConvertedUpselling Increase Ave Sales per Consultant

Tools & Tech

Software applications, collaboration tools, and metrics tracking software are essential items in a Sales Supervisor’s management kit. Show employers that you are familiar with the latest sales tracking and automation tools by including a Tools & Tech table such as the one below:

Tools and Tech Knowledge

Customer Relationship Management:Zoho CRM, Salesforce, Pipedrive CRM, Salesfusion, Insightly, InsightSquared
Collaboration:Slack, Asana, Google Hangouts, Skype
Proposals:Qwilr, Proposify, Salesforce CPQ, seProposals, PandaDoc
Data Analysis:Google Analytics, Wiki Stats, MS Excel
Contact Finders:Swordfish, Rocket Reach, Dux-Soup


Sales Supervisor (Non-Retail) Career Summary Examples

Create a positive impression in six seconds. Yes, your fate will be decided in the space of a few seconds, and that is where your Career Summary comes in handy. This summary is like a sales pitch or proposal that amplifies your technical and managerial skills, points to industry experience gained, and emphasizes your most prestigious credentials and qualifications in a paragraph of 3-6 sentences.

Sounds hard to do? Of course, but make your life easier by writing the career summary AFTER you have finalized your entire resume. Also, read through the job advertisement a few times and pick the most important phrases in the requirements section as well as one or two ‘’preferences’’ that align with your unique skill set. Now use a four-step process to compile the career summary paragraph:

  • Step 1 – Strong action verb with your job title
  • Step 2 – Years of experience and industry or product knowledge
  • Step 3 – Supervisory experience
  • Step 4 – Credentials and qualifications


Three Examples of Career Summaries for Sales Supervisors:

Career Summary 1

Enthusiastic Sales Supervisor with proven tenure in driving results for rookie teams within Recruitment Agency environments by developing innovative strategies to increase market share, and inspiring consultants with continuous training programs and reward schemes. Passionate about metrics tracking and monitoring outcome ratio’s to course correct and improve performance levels. Completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Sales Management and holds a Certified Sales Professional status.

Career Summary 2

Empathetic, but driven Sales Supervisor providing meticulous attention to quality control and after-sales service in the telecoms industry with five years experience in overseeing contact center representatives. Highly organized and adept at coordinating multiple shift schedules for a team of over 100 representatives. Is a Certified Key Accounts Manager and currently completing a Masters Degree in Business Administration.

Career Summary 3

Persuasive and goal-oriented Sales Supervisor with over a decade of experience in wholesale petroleum products for the gas and exploration industries. Responsible for hiring, training, evaluating, and mentoring teams of up to 50 individuals. Achieved a zero percent staff turn over rate in all sales departments during the last 18 months due to spearheading a new employee rewards and recognition programme, which was implemented in the group regionally and globally.


Job Descriptions, Responsibilities and duty Examples

When adding job duties to your Sales Supervisor resume, make sure to provide information about your supervisory, operational, and technical tasks. It would be helpful to pick one description for each area (3 bullets) and then supplement it with an additional 3-4 bullet points of functions that align with the job description of the role you are applying for. This may entail a bit of tweaking and customization for each application you place, but well worth it in the end when the interview invitations start rolling in.

Below, we have provided a lengthy example of a Sales Supervisor’s job description that may be used across a variety of industries. All you need to do is add specific industry terminologies and product knowledge information.


The comprehensive job description of a Sales Supervisor:

  • Research and analyze potential new sales territories to assess and evaluate growth potential per product or solution offered by the company
  • Allocate and assign territories to consultants and keep track of quotas to monitor market saturation
  • Keep records with regards to proposals, deals made, and after-sales service activities
  • Oversee and direct employee sales activities on a daily basis
  • Train employees on new product and solution offerings
  • Accompany representatives on first client visits to answer technical questions that clients may have
  • Facilitate share call pitches and join in on proposal calls to clients done via the telephone to provide technical information or contract terms and conditions when needed
  • Organize and coordinate shift and leave schedules for sales consultants
  • Assist telesales teams and lead generators with researching leads from google searches, online business directories and other digital resources
  • Conduct performance appraisals every three months and instigate corrective actions where needed
  • Write job descriptions for new hire advertisements
  • Screen and shortlist applications for Sales Consultant vacancies
  • Participate in final interviews and extend employment offers to new hires
  • Responsible for onboarding, induction and training of new sales employees
  • Oversee the duties and activities of support personnel and administrative staff
  • Generate metrics reports regarding weekly sales activities and present to the Sales Manager
  • Step in when the situation requires to address customer complaints that has been escalated by team leaders
  • Responsible for creating competitions, incentive programs and recognition plans for the sales team
  • Track sales metrics, weekly, monthly and quarterly and use the data to assess outcome ratios
  • Develop individualized targets for each sales consultant
  • Responsible for placing non-performing consultants on performance management protocols and conduct disciplinary procedures as needed
  • Assist Sales Consultants with telephonic scripts and drafting of proposals
  • Approve all client contracts and service level agreements after the deal is closed
  • Provide ongoing training and coaching on selling techniques
  • Facilitate the morning pow-wow sessions as well as weekly sales meetings
  • Maintain staff attendance records
  • Engage in live phone monitoring of sales representatives
  • Prepare team budgets every quarter
  • Generate financial reports for the Sales Manager once a month
  • Establish operational policies and procedures for quality control purposes


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Highlight Your Accomplishments

Accomplishments are often a tricky section to get exactly right. Boast to much, and you seem full of yourself, brag to little, and the accomplishment statement falls flat and sounds like a general job duty or task.

Grab a pen and paper, and without thinking, write down the first three activities or projects you have handled that you are most proud of. Next, do a bit of time warping and think back to the last five years of your career and the managers you reported to who gave you a commendation or shout out. What was it all about? Performance, skill, project-based, new ideas, innovative suggestions? Write those down too. Finally, did you ‘’win/attain’’ any awards of note in the last five years? If so, include them in your list.

Do a quick spot check…have you quantified any of those statements you have written down? If yes, fantastic. If not, incorporate numerical values like percentages, volumes, dollar values, scores, ranks, or time frames into each draft statement.

If you are still battling, try and answer the questions, “How much?” or “How many? How long? Where? How Often?” Stick to single sentences with limited punctuation (commas) required.


Have a look at the structure of these accomplishments statements. They have three things in common: Concise, contains an action verb, and depicts a numerical value.

  • Improved team sales by 40% during the quarter by implementing role-play training initiatives
  • Instrumental in sales reps securing more than 200 new customer subscriptions in the last 12 months
  • Reduced staff turnover from 45% to 15% per annum by spearheading an employee engagement program specifically tailored to sales consultants
  • The team under supervision generated the most upsell revenue out of 30 teams across the region


You may have more than 3-5 accomplishment statements that you would like the hiring manager to see. Choose the most significant ones for your accomplishment section, but then sprinkle the rest through your resume into your job description section or career summary, to make you stand out from the other candidates.


Sales Supervisor (Non-Retail) Education Section Example

The education section is essential in a Sales Supervisor resume, because you are validating theoretical knowledge from degrees and diplomas. It will also show hiring managers that you are committed to continuous learning by attaining certifications, attending a course or completing online training programs to better your technical sales skills and also develop your leadership capabilities.

Keep it simple and list education by completion date, qualification title, institution attended, and location if you wish. Current qualifications should also be added and mention the estimated date of completion in parenthesis at the end of the line.


Example education section for a  Sales Supervisor’s resume:

Current – Certified Professional Sales Leader (CPSL), National Association for Sales Professionals, Online (completion date 2020)

2019 – Certified Professional Sales Person (CPSP), National Association for Sales Professionals, Online

2016 – 2018 – Bachelor’s Degree in Sales & Marketing Management, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA
GPA: 3.9
Majors: Sales Management Principles, Strategic Sales Strategies
Minors: Communications, Social Media Management, Leadership Fundamentals

2014 – SAP Certified Application Associate – CRM, Pearson VUE Bloomington, MN

2012 -2 013 Certified Key Accounts Manager (CKAM), Udemy, Online


What to Write in a Sales Supervisor (Non-Retail) Resume Skills Section

As a sales supervisor, you will be wearing many “hats’’ during the day coordinating and managing sales workers. Instead of listing your technical and interpersonal skills in bullet format, why not incorporate them into specific sections, each aligning to the title persona of the primary duties you fulfill. Remember to bold these skills or use a different font to stand out from the rest of the sentences. The five key roles that a sales supervisor plays in conducting their duties are: Educator, Sponsor, Coach, Counselor, and Director

Important to note is that in your job as a Sales Supervisor, you will be acting in a combination of these roles, some even simultaneously most of the time:

If you are slightly confused right now, don’t despair. Below we have given an example to get you started.


  • Educator Role: Teaching new employees the ropes and training staff members on sales techniques, negotiation skills, and new product additions. Explaining company policies and procedures, assist consultants in comprehending sales metrics, training staff on research methodologies, lead generation, and sales pitches. Showing team members how to design proposals and compile sales pitches. Assisting employees with goal setting (SMART goals) and getting familiar with activity tracking, sales ratios, and sales monitoring tools.


  • Sponsor: Acting as a sponsor is relevant to staff under my supervision that has the adequate skills to do the job, and my primary function is to provide the opportunities and sales infrastructure to ensure that they can perform optimally in their positions. My role will also gravitate towards offering promotions, support their continuous career development by giving them exposure to training programs and courses or the chance to participate in trade shows or attend sales conferences to improve their business development techniques. Specific projects include Career Development Action Plans, Advanced Presentation Software Courses, or enhancing their data assimilation and reporting skills with an Advanced Excel Course.


  • Coach: Also doubling up as a cheerleader, which is crucial especially in a sales environment. Coaching, encouraging and mentoring employees from a professional career perspective as well as in their personal lives. Keep sales staff accountable for their goals by analyzing individual sales activities and using ratios as guidelines to course correct and improve fundamental sales skills. Use a supervisor by walking around approach to problem solve pending issues and offer support and guidance. Collaborate and engage in conversation with senior sales consultants and listen to their opinions and suggestions regarding innovative cold calling tactics, improving research quality for call lists, and automating proposal creation to reduce the administrative burden on sales consultants. Drive profitable sales growth with incentive and reward schemes.


  • Counselor: Identify performance issues and sudden productivity losses. Engage in discussion with the employee and actively listen to their side of the story. Migate action plans, which may entail placing the employee on performance management or conducting formal disciplinary action as per company policies and procedures. Discuss action plans to course-correct inappropriate behavior and closely monitor the employee in question to check for further digression or subsequent improvement. Record and keep track of incidents and report to management.


  • Director: Act as the authority on dismissal procedures and recommend alternatives in collaboration with the Sales Manager and HR team regarding the fate of the employee. Other directing activities include approval of SLA’s and client agreements as well as compiling budgets and financial reports, as well as sales reports to be presented to executive management. Responsible for quality control and initiating proper after-sales service practices and fruitful customer relationship building tactics. Generate creative ideas to upsell services to current clients and increase subscriptions with new clients by instilling a culture of persistence and perseverance within the team.


Qualifications/Certifications associated with Sales Supervisors (Non-Retail)

Bachelor of CommunicationMasters in Business AdministrationRISE Up Sales Certifications
Certification in Contract NegotiationsCertificate in Project Management (CIPM)Certified Professional Sales Person (CPSP)
RISE Up Sales CertificationsMasters Degree in Marketing ManagementSPIN Selling
Certified-professional-sales-leaderCertified Key Accounts Manager (CKAM)Certified Inside Sales Professional (CISP)

Professional information for Sales Supervisors (Non-Retail)

Sectors: Various
Career TypeSales, Promotion, Business Development, Lead Generation, Marketing, Customer Retention, Client Acquisition, Networking, New Business Development, Marketing
Person type:  Leader, Coach, Trainer, Overseer, Influencer, Collaborator, Communicator, Persuader, Negotiator
Education levels: From Diploma to Bachelor’s to Masters’ Degree, Post School Certifications
Salary indicationBLS

Hourly Wage$ 18.38$ 26.28$ 35.29$ 49.00$ 69.08
Annual Wage$ 40,310$ 54,670$ 73,390$ 101,920$ 143,690

Labor market: Estimated 5%- 9% growth between 2016 – 2026 O-Net Online
Organizations: SME, Corporate, Commercial, Fortune 500, Multi-National, NPO’s, Federal, Government


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