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Last Updated on August 27, 2020

When you are scouting for a new job as a Shift Supervisor, afford some time to review a tip-top Shift Supervisor resume sample (or a few samples for that matter). In this write-up, we have provided a few examples of resume templates for Shift Supervisor roles, and also an information-packed write up that you may use to make your resume stand out from the crowd.

Shift Supervisors direct, coordinate and monitor the activities of workers on the one hand and on the other, are responsible for operational duties such as accounting, scheduling, and planning. You need to showcase your technical and supervisory skills in equal measures, to improve your chances of securing interviews.

Use our tips, guidelines, examples, and templates below, to write a killer career summary, properly present your achievements, provide sufficient details regarding your most important job duties, list academic credentials correctly and also choose what technical competencies and interpersonal skills to add in your resume.

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Shift Supervisor Resume Writing Guide

Resume Sections

1. Contact Information:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Contact Details
  • Email Address
  • (optional) your Location.

2. Career Summary:
Introduce yourself with an eye-catching professional summary (some managers will base their shortlisting decisions on only reviewing career summaries, so make yours count). The career summary should be written in a paragraph format, containing your core attributes relating to technical and interpersonal skills, industry experience, and highest academic credentials.

3. Qualifications Summary:
Shift Supervisors should have attained at least a high school diploma, but a completed two-year college degree will raise your suitability factor significantly. Some companies even prefer four-year degrees especially in specialist industries such as Engineering, Legal or Banking for example. List qualifications by the date of completion, title, institution, and location.

4. Relevant Supervisory Experience:
Applying for a Supervisor role generally requires you to have supervisory, team leading or managerial experience even if gained on an informal basis, maybe as a substitute or stand-in lead while the supervisor is away. Employment history should be included for the last ten years and presented in reverse chronological order (start with your most recent job). Bulleted sentences read well and keep your resume neat and tidy.

5. Other Employment Experience:
This section will include information on your technical or operational job duties, highlighting your progression into a Shif Supervisor role. If you are applying for a position that is quite different from jobs, you have held previously, or perhaps in completely unrelated industries, emphasizing the transferrable skills gained will help tremendously to ensure recruiters that you are still a contender for the position.

6. Skills Summary/Key Skills:
Two tips here: effective and specific. Effective verbiage means that you need to incorporate strong action verbs into your job descriptions, achievements and career summary parts. Specific language entails the use of numbers, pertinent details regarding your contributions, and how the work that you did was to the benefit of your organization. Read over the job a few times and pick the most prominent skills and required technical competencies mentioned. Then incorporate them into your resume for in instant credibility boost.

7. Licenses/Certifications/Relevant Coursework/Training:
Ongoing learning or continuous professional development is paramount to land the job of your dreams. Hiring managers pick candidates that have proven their commitment to improving their knowledge and skills by enrolling for courses, attaining certifications or participating in industry-relevant training and development activities.

What to Highlight in a Shift Supervisor Resume

Hiring managers appoint Shift Supervisors to monitor the productivity and performance of staff and also be the communication link between employees and managers. Regardless of your working experience as a Shift Supervisor, recruiters and hiring managers are expecting certain vital aspects to be reflected in your resume for them to make an informed shortlisting decision.

Use merit and good judgment when deciding which aspects to highlight, because too much information clutters your resume and makes it challenging to discern the truly important points regarding your experience.

Start with mentioning the scope of your experience in terms of industry area or product type. Shift Supervisors are employe in many different industries, and it is helpful for a manager to know first of the bat how you measure up to the job spec from a technical perspective (industry knowledge) as well as a leadership (supervising people) perspective. Let’s look at a few example types of Shift Supervisors:

  • Food and Serving Industries:
    Shift Supervisors can work in restaurants ranging from diners to five-star fine dining establishments, and is responsible for directly managing and coordinating workers in the kitchen or on the restaurant floor. They are also found in catering, for instance, school cafeterias, university canteens, kitchens of retirement villages, or medical facilities.
  • Personal Services:
    This is a diverse industry where Shift Supervisors may be responsible for direct supervision of flight attendants, hair stylists, caddies, or travel agents, to name but a few.
  • Mechanics, Installers, and Repairers:
    Auto shops, CCTV installers, alarm companies, plumbing businesses, or appliance repair companies, need Shift Supervisors to manage repair workers, system installers, or mechanics because they often operate on 24/7 schedules or during weekends. Coordinating call outs, keeping to schedules of work performed, monitoring quality levels, and ensuring client satisfaction are duties to assigned to a Shift Supervisor in these environments.
  • Warehouse/Distribution Centre Helpers, Laborers, and Material Movers:
    Shift Supervisors in Warehousing and Distribution would be tasked for monitoring and coordinating the duties of packers, loaders, material movers, and truck drivers. Planning, inventory control, safety, and scheduling would form part of a Shift Supervisor’s main purpose in this field.
  • Construction and Extraction:
    Building and industrial projects are typically large scale endeavours where an entire team of Shift Supervisors are required to orchestrate construction activities, assign responsibilities to site workers, liaise with engineers and ensure that all jobs are performed according to schedule and with strict compliance to safety, health and security protocols
  • Public Safety, Security and Correctional:
    Shift Supervisors in this industry are accountable for teams of police officers, correctional staff, fireman or municipal utility technicians. These services run around the clock, and Shift Supervisors may work 8-10 hour shifts during night, day, or weekends and public holidays.
  • Office and Admin Support:
    Banks, Accounting Firms, Legal Enterprises, IT Consultancies, basically every type of business that offers solutions to clients and customers would also make use of Shift Supervisors to coordinate and oversee daily operations.

Now that you have classified your role in terms of industry, its time to move onto management and leadership for staff under your supervision. Duties such as organizing personnel schedules, supervising teams, liaising between workers and management, hiring, firing and evaluating workers may be elaborated upon. A hiring manager would also want to see how adept you are at monitoring and improving staff performance, training programs you have implemented, and how well you fared in to ensure compliance and adherence to policies, procedures, industry regulations, and safety precautions. Examples of your crises management capabilities and stepping into the proverbial trenches to diffuse conflict, or help out a customer, or cover for an absent staff member, will count in your favour too.

Next on the list are targets, goals and production metrics. A resume containing quantification as proof of previous work experience will rank much higher than one without it. How many people did you manage? Which goals were assigned to you and how did you meet or exceed them? What was the customer satisfaction ratings your team achieve? Did you meet turnover targets or production goals? How did the performance of your team improve in the last six months? These are the type of questions to answer when writing this section.

Then provide information regarding your operational and technical capabilities:

  • Reporting:
    As a Shift Supervisor, you may be tasked with numerous reporting and recordkeeping tasks. Make sure to mention the type of reports you are responsible for (Sales, Marketing, Inventory, Quality, Production) the software applications used to generate the (Excel) and also if it is a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual occurrence. Some Shift Supervisors are expected to present reports to senior management; if this is you, then mention the presentation software that you use to conduct these types of meetings.
  • Quality & Compliance:
    Regardless of the environment that you are in, there will be specific compliance standards and regulations that need to be adhered to either by the state laws or from an industry perspective. Your knowledge of these rules and also how you enforce them are of paramount importance to hiring managers.
  • Budgets:
    Shift Supervisors are typically accountable for budgeting and financial administration. The scope would depend on the company they work for; you may supervise a call center of 60 people and be responsible for buying hi-tech equipment, or be tasked with budgeting and keeping a record of groceries and office supply purchases. There is a big difference between a 50k budget vs. a 5k budget, so make sure to delve into a bit more detail here.

Career Summary Examples

When writing your resume statement, stick to the skills, technical qualities and required experience listed in the job description. Hiring managers are busy people, and you can make their lives easier by showing them exactly what they would like to know about your experience and credentials in the space of 3-6 lines. Numerical values are always attention grabbers, and you can incorporate them into your career summary by mentioning your total years of experience, a wow factor (achievement statement), number of employees under your supervision, or even a result for an exam or certification achieved (provided it is in the 80% range and upwards).

A career summary aims to amplify the value or benefit that you can bring to the company and should be done as the last activity in your resume writing process. By then, your thoughts are nicely outlined; you have already completed your achievement section and dotted down the primary job duties. All you need to do now is summarize the most important aspects by choosing one of each: Years of experience, industry, achievement, technical skill, leadership feature, highest qualification.

Have a look at the examples below for inspiration and guidance.

Three Examples of Shift Supervisor career summaries:

Career Summary 1

Confident Shift Supervisor with a decade of experience in supervising and inspiring large contact center teams in a telecoms environment. Proven record of reducing staff absenteeism and disciplinary incidents by over 50% during the last year by implementing an employee recognition scheme. Attained Certified Supervisor status recently and is currently completing an online Diploma in Leadership Innovation and Management Practices.

Career Summary 2

Enthusiastic Shift Supervisor, highly adept in supporting administration teams within the financial services sector, proven with customer ratings increasing by 30% in the last two years. Spearheaded an after-service rating system where clients could review consultants, but with the added benefit of suggesting how to improve customer service. Holds an Associate's Degree in Business Management and is fluent in English, Spanish, and German.

Career Summary 3

Results-driven Shift Supervisor with a passion for training and onboarding new administrators and paralegals and introducing them to the ins and outs of a Professional Law Practice. Created an induction program resulting in reducing the settling-in period for new employees by three weeks, which contributed to company profits by paralegals clocking billable hours within their second month of employment. Attained a Bachelor of Science in Law, achieving summa cum laude in both majors. Currently completing a Certified Manager credential via the Institute of Professional Managers (IPM).

Shift Supervisor Job Descriptions, Responsibilities and duty Examples

The standard resume length these days is 1-2 pages. Therefore, job duties should be carefully considered as you have limited space available. Opt for 5-6 bullet points per the job description and ensure that every point you decide to mention is related to the job you are applying for. Use brief sentences without adjectives and descriptive nouns.

Below we have included a few job description templates that you may want to use as a starting point when creating your job description section.

A Shift Supervisor in a Warehouse/Distribution setting may:

  • Take accountability for overall team performance regarding daily deliveries, number of pallets packed and offloading and on loading time frames
  • Ensure that work areas are clean and organized by the facility janitors
  • Take responsibility for handling customer issues and complaints
  • Oversee inventory reconciliations and approve check-ins and check out of merchandise
  • Do daily, and weekly route planning for truck drivers and confirm ETA’s with clients
  • Generate inventory and logistics reports for management on a daily and weekly basis
  • Recruit, hire and train new packers and material movers joining the division
  • Conduct monthly performance appraisals and implement course corrective actions where needed
  • Keep managers in the loop regarding health and safety incidents

A Shift Supervisor in a Commercial Office Environment may:

  • Create work schedules and rosters based on staff availability, and coordinate activities for the morning and afternoon shift based on the number of employees available for each shift
  • Organize stand-in administrators at short notice when employees are off sick
  • Handle the morning meeting with a staff complement of 40 discussing issues from the previous day and discussing the operational plans for the day ahead
  • Responsible for training and onboarding new staff members
  • Conduct quarterly performance appraisals and subsequent training initiatives
  • Budgetary duties include managing office supplies tracking grocery expenses and approving purchases for IT and communication equipment
  • Reconcile all cash management transactions, banking, and payments received by walk-in clients as well as checks delivered or online payments made
  • Engage and collaborate with other shift managers to ensure a proper standard is upheld and that all employees under supervision follow the same working conduct as per company policies and procedures

A Shift Supervisor in a Restaurant Environment may:

  • Supervise all kitchen stations to ensure timely delivery of orders for in-house patrons as well as take-out customers
  • Deal with complaints and queries from customers and suppliers
  • Ensure that workstations are cleaned and sanitized regularly by the cleaning team
  • Compile rosters and shift schedules for kitchen staff, servers, waiters front of house and delivery drivers
  • Responsible for staff performance appraisals and disciplinary actions
  • Supervise cash up activities at the end of each shift
  • Inspect and proofread daily menus before they are distributed
  • Generate sales and inventory reports daily and present a weekly summary to the restaurant owner
  • Responsible for opening and closing the restaurant and reconciling inventory, cash, checks, and invoices via the POS system at the end of each shift
  • Handle staff conflict, labor issues and employee grievances with the help of the HR Manager

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Highlight Your Accomplishments

Accomplishment statements are integral to a Shift Supervisor resume. These achievements can relate to accomplishing or overcoming a challenge due to a specific skill you have, implementing a noteworthy process, or boosting overall staff performance.

As you have realized by now, simply copying and pasting job duties or statements without offering proof is a futile exercise. Ensure that each statement or claim you make about an achievement tor accolade is backed up by a number, whether being a percentage, timeframe, ratio, dollar value, or even a frequency metric.

Time to brag a little, but where do you start? Consider aspects that set you apart, things you have done that made you proud or tasks completed resulting in commendations from senior management.

Accomplishments can be related to various aspects:

  • Financial Targets:
    What did you achieve, and how did you go about doing it? Think about sales targets, or reducing wastage, increasing profits or lowering expenses.
  • Resolving Crises Situations:
    How did you deal with conflict, measures implemented to difficult situations with clients, or between staff?
  • Meeting or Exceeding Deadlines:
    Life happens when you are making other plans. Being responsible for a group of people to meet deadlines and project timeframes is not an easy task to accomplish. Therefore mention specific instances where your team finalized projects in time, ahead of schedule, or came in under budget.
  • Handling Pressure:
    Your ability to delegate, innovate and get the job done during trying times is an achievement in itself. Provide details about the challenges you had to overcome and how you lead your team through the hurdles still achieving a positive outcome in the end.
  • Leadership Skills:
    As a Shift Supervisor, you will be wearing many hats when it comes to leadership, which includes mentoring, coaching, and motivating employees to take their performance to a higher level. Mention ratio’s numbers and scores in a case like this to show hiring managers how you elevated the performance of team members under your supervision.
  • Process Improvements:
    Have you automated or streamlined a process that contributed to savings in time or money? If yes, provide details and back up your claims with numbers and metrics to paint the full picture.

Examples of Accomplishment Statements for a Shift Supervisor Resume:

  • Achieved a 9/10 employee satisfaction score based on the bi-annual surveys of team members under management
  • Introduced an automated ordering system which increased on-time deliveries by 45%
  • Implemented an employee wellness programme couples with a worker engagement project which reduced yearly staff turnover by 35%
  • Created a new training curriculum which reduced onboarding time from 6 weeks to 4 weeks
  • Mentored 10 recruits per year in the mechanic apprenticeship program with all of them achieving a 100% pass rate for the Certified Mechanic examination
  • Won the Shift Supervisor Star award for the team under management achieving the highest production output in the franchise group out of twenty teams
  • Customized daily work schedules from a two-shift rotation to a three-shift rotation which increased efficiency by 28% in 6 months

Education Section Example

Shift Supervisors' roles require a High School diploma as a minimum qualification requirement, but applicants who have participated in additional training programs, attained industry-specific certifications, or completed associate, and bachelor degrees stand a better chance of securing higher-paying roles.

Completed Secondary and Tertiary Education must be listed as follows: date of completion, title of academic credential, institution attended and location

Shift Supervisor Resume Education Examples:

2016-2018 Associates Degree in Business Management, University of Ohio, OH
GPA: 3.8
Majors: Business Management, HR Management
Minors: Communications, Accounting, Economics
Accolades: Deans Honors List

2016 – Project Management Professional (PMP), Project Management Institute, Online

2015 – Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM), Project Management Institute, Online

2014 – Certified Manager, Institute of Certified Professional Managers, Dallas, Texas.

2013 – Certified Supervisor, Institute of Certified Professional Managers, San Antonio, Texas

What to Write in a Shift Supervisor Resume Skills Section

Although the supervisory field requires specific technical skills, the hiring manager also expects to see interpersonal skills and leadership abilities on your Shift Supervisor resume. Presenting these in a table format is a smart way to indicate to recruiters that you are a fit for the position from a technical as well as soft skills perspective.

Have a look at the skills requirements in the job advertisement and pick the technical traits and the interpersonal skills (including leadership abilities) that align most with your own. By doing this, you are automatically beating the bots and ATS (applicant tracking systems) designed to screen out applications without specific words and phrases found in the job advertisement.

Interpersonal Skills

Attention to DetailCollaboration
EmpathyStrategic Thinking
Social PerceptivenessCoaching
Stress ToleranceResults Orientated
AccountableConceptual Thinking
Team PlayerCoaching

Technical Skills

Problem AssessmentPerformance Monitoring
Safety ProceduresProcess Development
BankingBusiness Continuity Planning
PayrollEmployee Wellness
ReconciliationOperating Processes
Industry RegulationsWork Schedules
Quality ControlReport Writing
Inventory ManagementPerformance Appraisals
BudgetingResource Allocation
Project ImplementationDisciplinary Procedures
Cycle CountsLabor Laws
Customer RelationsRecruiting

Qualifications/Certifications associated with Shift Supervisors

Conflict Resolution CertificateIntroduction to SupervisionDiploma in Business Management
Communications Center Supervisor (CCS)Advanced ExcelServ Safe Manager
Supervisory & Leadership CertificateProfessional Certificate in ManagementEndorsement Program for Supervisor Certification
Project Management DiplomaLabor Relations CertificateAssociates Degree in Business Management

Professional information of Shift Supervisors

Sectors: Various
Career TypeBusiness Management, Operations, Team Dynamics, Staff Management, Supervisor, Coordination,
Person type:  Leader, Motivator, Coach, Trainer, Scheduler, Process, Organizer, Developer, Controller, Inspector
Education levelsHigh School Diploma to Associates Degree
Salary indication: (Glassdoor)

Annual Wage$ 17k$ 24k$ 32k

Labor market: Little to no growth (-1% to 1%) between 2016 – 2026 completely dependent on the industry category (O-Net)
Organizations: Small, Medium, Corporate, Fortune 500, Government

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