Site Supervisor Resumes & Guide

Site Supervisors are responsible for monitoring all operational duties and directing and coordinating all workers on site. It would be best if you aimed to showcase your ability to work well with people and manage multiple tasks simultaneously. 

Reviewing a few tip-top Site Supervisor resume samples is possibly the best place to start if you are looking to find a new Site Supervisor job. 

Site Supervisor Resume Examples

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Site Supervisor Resume Writing Guide

Resume Sections:

  1. Contact information
  2. Profile Summary
  3. Work History 
  4. Achievements
  5. Education 
  6. Skill Section
  7. Certification & Licensing
  8. Extras: Languages/Awards/Publications/Volunteering/hobbies

What to Highlight as Site Supervisor

Employers appoint site Supervisors to ensure a high level of productivity is achieved and be the bridge of communication between the workers and management. No matter how impressive your work experience is, there certain vital skills and qualities that hiring managers must-see in your resume. 

First Up – When trying to decide what information to include, remember to keep it relevant. Do not include more information than necessary, as this will only result in an uninterested reader. To prevent this from happening, read the job description to ascertain the employer's information specifically looking for.

Next – Your resume needs to show that you understand your responsibilities as a Site Supervisor and can oversee all daily projects effectively. Show that you understand all quality control requirements, supervise construction activities, and delegate labor and management where necessary.

Then, When looking at design blueprints, it immediately allows you to visualize the final product. Your resume, if constructed correctly, should serve the same purpose. When the hiring manager reads your Site Supervisor's resume, they must be able to visualize you in the role. We will show you how you can achieve this.

  • Know to write your address correctly in the professional header area.
  • Use bold and different font sizes so that your resume headings stand out.
  • Choose a professional resume format such as Reverse Chronological order.
  • Choose a font that is professional and easy to read.

Remember – It is crucial that the information you list in your resume is in line with the skills, technical qualities, and required work experience that the job description outlines. Hiring managers are very busy people and do not have time to look through each applicants’ resume in great detail. 

Finally – If you construct your resume in such a way that the required information is easy to find and easy to read, the chance of you landing an interview will soar through the roof. Remember, numerical values that quantify your statements are vital. Include your years of experience, the number of people you have had to work with, and the qualities you possess that allow you to be successful.

Career Summary & Examples

A resume objective or summary, also known as a professional resume profile, is a short paragraph between 3-5 lines that serve as your introduction. Think of it as an elevator pitch. 

  • If you have truckloads of experience, a career summary is the one for you. A career summary is a perfect way to sum up, all your Site Supervisor experience to impress the reader. Remember to include numerical values.
  • Alternatively, a career objective should be chosen if you have very little experience. Provide the reader with your career goals while still including numbers to add credibility to your goals.

Pro Tip: A career summary should highlight all the values and benefits you can bring to the company and be done as the last activity in your resume writing process. Like any building, you have to start at the bottom. 

When writing your resume, only write your heading statement after you have finished every section. This will allow all your thought to be in order, and you will not be sitting there trying to think of what information you should include.

Example Summaries

Summary Example 1
"A Site Supervisor able to bring effective and goal-oriented leadership and organization to construction worksites. Experienced at interviewing and selecting construction workers, creating construction schedules, and monitoring worksites to ensure safety and compliance regulations are met. Specialized in conducting thorough equipment and infrastructural inspections."
Summary Example 2
"Enthusiastic, reliable Site Supervisor with 6+ years of on-site leadership. Obtained NYS DOB, 10-Hour OSHA, and 40-Hour Site Safety Manager certifications. Awarded the 2017 Construction Safety Excellence Award by the CMAA. Reduced construction costs by 22% and cuts construction time by 14% in less than three years. Looking to utilize current skills and grow with New York Builders as their new Site Supervisor."
Summary Example 3
"An experienced individual was interested in a Construction Site Supervisor position with ABC company that will utilize construction knowledge and strong mathematical and project management skills to supervise construction projects. 4 years of construction trade experience with strong mathematical and management skills."
Summary Example 4
"Seeking a Site Supervisor position with a reputed construction company to supervise projects from inception to completion and ensure building constructions are done as per the company's protocols and government regulations."

Employment History

Typically, a resume should be about 1-2 pages in length. This leaves you with a limited amount of space to include enough relevant information to land you an interview. You, therefore, need to think long and hard about what information you want to include and whether it will make a meaningful impact on the reader. When listing your job duties, stick to 5-6 bullet points per job description that highlights your most attractive qualities. Remember to keep these sentences short and concise but informative.

Here is how you can achieve this:

  • Begin by listing your current or most recent job and work backwards from there.
  • Your business title should be on top, followed by employment dates, the companies name, and 5-6 bullet points detailing your construction skills and management experience.
  • Use resume power words such as constructed, initialized, and spearheaded to cap off each duty.
  • Do not forget to quantify your statements!
  • Be unique. No employer wants to read a generic job description section. Use the job advert to find keywords to make your statements more relevant.


Site Supervisor at Lockheed Martin

(Feb 2015 – Dec 2020)

Tasked with managing a 200 sqm site with 200 contractors at any given time. Responsibilities include management, running job office, organization, reading blueprints, filing computer progress reports, and scheduling subcontractors.

  • Organized and scheduled several subcontractors to meet hard deadlines and tight schedules.
  • Demonstrated strong work ethics and quality control.
  • Effectively balanced the high demands from senior management and the project manager's needs in different areas and states.

Site Supervisor at Industrial Concepts

(Feb 2010 – Jan 2015)

Responsible for overseeing the work of subcontractors to ensure work was completed accurately and that all project deadlines were met, conforming to building compliance and safety regulations issues by the municipality.

  • Reviewed and analyzed site plans and blueprints to ensure compliance with plan specifications.
  • Controlled production costs through review and approval of timesheets, production and service invoices, delivery, and inspection sheets. Monitored and tracked costs to avoid any overruns.
  • Implemented pre-construction and pre-settlement meetings with home buyers. Resolved customer service issues and production problems during the construction phase to ensure customer satisfaction.

Job Description Samples

Below we have included several job descriptions templates that you can use if you are struggling to get started:

A Site Supervisor may:

  • Work with the General Manager to provide annual performance evaluations and set goals for team members.
  • Work closely with Human Resources, Quality Department, and the General Manager to orientate new employees. 
  • Develop creative solutions to staffing and performance challenges.
  • Create an environment that fosters teamwork and cooperation and create a safe working environment.
  • Manage the employment of our night shift workforce.
  • Perform other assigned duties.
  • Act as liaison between CSA and local Customer Management Team
  • Provide fast verbal updates of serious incidents to the Site Manager, Operations Manager, and General Manager
  • Support and execute Performance Management and Talent Management programs and initiatives for all assigned personnel.
  • Develop a positive working environment.
  • Work with the UGL Engineering and Project management teams to deliver the work timeously.
  • Provide leadership, motivation, guidance, and career development assistance to ASC employees.
  • Assist and perform maintenance work on equipment.

If this is your first time as a superintendent for construction, do not worry, there are ways to highlight your capabilities despite your lack of experience.  

Detail any construction experience you have and then highlight any leadership positions you held or any leadership qualities you have obtained. 


Accomplishment statements are vitally important to your Site Supervisor's resume. They show how you were able to overcome challenges or accomplish achievements using your unique skill set. 

This is one of those sections that need to be redesigned for every job you apply for. Simply copying and pasting this section from resume to resume will reflect a lazy applicant and greatly hinder your chances of landing an interview. 

Rather, break out the trusty job description again and tailor your accomplishments to reflect the skills and qualities the employer is looking for. Consider aspects that set you apart from others and mention things you have done that have made a positive impact. 

Quantify your Resume

Remember to quantify these statements by showing how your positive impact made a difference.

Accomplishments can be related to various aspects, and below, we have listed a few areas you could focus on:

Financial Targets: Think about when you have met sales targets, reduced wastage, and increased profits or lowered expenses.

Resolving Crises Situations: Explain how you resolve conflict and how you implemented steps to defuse conflicted situations between employees.

Meeting or Exceeding Deadlines: Mention how you have met deadlines or times when you have completed projects before the deadline. 

Handling Pressure: You are responsible for many people and cannot manage everyone all the time. Knowing how to delegate is a crucial skill that will result in a much easier management experience. Show how you have used your delegation skills in the past and how it has positively impacted.

Leadership Skills: As a Site Supervisor, you will have to be a leader in several different ways. These include mentoring, coaching, and motivating employees to perform at their highest level. Include ratios, numbers, and scores to show hiring managers how you elevated team members' performance under your supervision.

Process Improvements: Mention how you have been able to automate or streamline processes that saved time and money. Provide details and back up your claims with numbers and metrics to paint the full picture.

Examples WITHOUT quantification

  • Instrumental in supervising commercial, educational, and residential construction projects, including new renovations and upgrades.
  • Administered supervision on largeprojects for the Limited & Gap Corporation while working in an operating mall environment throughout the United States.
  • Coordinated with Project Manager(s) and estimated and successfully captured numerous bids and ensured completion of the project.
  • Budgeted time requirements to complete each construction phase to meet completion deadlines.

Quantified Accomplishment Statements Examples

  • Instrumental in supervising $3M to $6M commercial, educational, and residential construction projects, including new renovations and upgrades.
  • Administered supervision on $1.5M projects for the Limited & Gap Corporation while working in an operating mall environment throughout the United States.
  • Coordinated with Project Manager(s) and estimated and successfully captured four bids and ensured completion of the project.
  • Budgeted time requirements to complete each construction phase to meet completion deadlines, averaging a production percentage of 100%.


Your resume's education section is one of the more important sections of your resume and should be constructed in such a way that the information is impressive and easy to read. 

Below we will show you how to document your educational background:

  • Begin with your most advanced and impressive degrees and work backward from there.
  • Include the degree's name, the college’s name, your graduation date, and any relevant coursework.
  • If you have relevant extras such as academic achievements, Latin honors, or extracurricular activities, include them in a subsection.
  • If you have completed a post-school degree, do not include your high school information.

Pro Tip: What is relevant coursework that can be linked to a Site Supervisor? Anything related to construction (e.g., civil engineering or geotechnical building) and management (e.g., leadership fundamentals). 

  • A Site Supervisors' role requires a High School diploma at the bare minimum. 
  • Still, applicants who have completed additional training programs attained industry-specific certifications, or completed associate and bachelor’s degrees have a significantly greater chance of landing more senior and higher-paying positions. 
  • List your completed Secondary and Tertiary Education as follows: date of completion, the title of academic credential, institution attended, and its location.


2018 – Certified Supervisor, Institute of Certified Professional Managers, San Antonio, Texas.

2014-2016 – Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, State University of New York, New York, NY.

Relevant Coursework: Civil Engineering Fundamentals, Environmental Engineering, Geomechanics, Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering, Structural Engineering, Construction Management, Construction Project Management, Construction Safety.


  • The United States Retail Contractors Association (USRCA)
  • The Construction Management Association of America (CMAA)


Your skills section must highlight your relevant technical skills, however, do not forget about your soft interpersonal skills that showcase your ability to be an effective people person. 

We recommend that you pull out the job description again to ensure you include the skills and qualities the employer is looking for. If you have skills that are outlined in the job description, list these first to attract the reader’s attention.

Skills Table

Technical Soft
Operation MonitoringManagement Skills
Blueprints & Working SchematicsProblem-Solving Skills
Quality ControlProject Management Skills
Job Site LogisticsGreat Communication Skills
Construction Performance MeasuresOrganizational Skills
Job Site Health & SafetyLeadership Skills
OSHA StandardsTime Management
Scheduling, Estimating, and Cost ControlDecision-Making Skills
Cost ManagementAnalytical Skills
Accountability & AdaptabilityTechnical Skills
Quick-ThinkingGreat Communication Skills

Qualifications & Certifications associated with Site Supervisors

Site Supervisor Safety Training Scheme (SSSTS)NVQ Level 4 in Site Supervision40-Hour Site Safety Manager, NYS DOB
First Aid at WorkNYS Department of Buildings Site Supervisor Registration10-Hour Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA) Certification
Risk AssessmentNew York State Professional Engineer (P.E.)Certified Construction Manager (CCM), Construction Management Association of America (CMAA)
Working at Heights30-Hour Concrete Safety Manager Certification, NYS DOB

Optional Extras for Site Supervisor Resumes

Just as tenants cannot move into a building straight after it has been built, likewise, your resume is not complete without some final finishing touches.

An Optional Extras section is the perfect place to seal the deal and land you that interview. 

Further, if your professional experience is on the skinny side, the information you include here may make up for it.

Below are a few examples of topics you can include: 
  • Adding certifications to a resume
  • Achievements for a resume
  • Levels of language proficiency on a resume
  • Construction project portfolio
  • Interests and hobbies
  • Volunteer work to a resume

Site Supervisor Word Resume Download

Site Supervisor Word Resume document

Site Supervisor Word Resume 1.docx

Site Supervisor Resume Downloads

Professional information of Site Supervisors

Sectors: Various
Career TypeBusiness Management, Operations, Team Dynamics, Staff Management, Supervisor, Coordination,
Person type:  Leader, Motivator, Coach, Trainer, Scheduler, Process, Organizer, Developer, Controller, Inspector
Education levelsHigh School Diploma to Associates Degree
Salary indication: Average of $ 16.60 per hour (Indeed)

Labor market: Average of 8% growth expected from 2019 – 2029 (BLS)

Organizations: Small, Medium, Corporate, Fortune 500, Government