Store Manager Resume Photo Round WomenLooking for a new Store Manager position? You are not the only one, which means it’s important to stand out by making your resume fresh, targeted, and a notch above the rest. We selected a proven Store Manager resume sample for you to use, so you have a great example right in front of you making your very own resume.

Store Manager Resume Sample(s)

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Resume Sections

1. Contact Information:
Name, Address, Phone Number, Email.

2. Profile:
1 – 3 sentences giving a broad overview of your background, your years of experience as a Store Manager and the industries you have worked in.

3. Employment History:
Showcase your professional history and include a list of your daily responsibilities and achievements.

4. Education/ Certifications/ Coursework/ Training:
Generally, a bachelor’s degree isn’t required, but it’s helpful to have some coursework or certification in marketing, business management, accounting, or even social sciences.

5. Key Skills:
List of key skills which align with the job description you’re applying for.

What to Highlight

In two pages or less, you need to show employers that you’re a skilled Store Manager with strong organizational skills capable of leading and overseeing store operations to promote growth and profitability. You also need to prove that you’re a good fit for the team and the company culture.

To create a job-winning resume, you need to tailor it to the job you’re applying for. For Store Managers, here are a few pointers:

Showcase your people skills:
As the person responsible for the overall team performance and growth, you’ll need to be fluent in leadership and communication. Friendliness and a motivating personality are bonus attributes for any manager, so make sure you highlight them.

Emphasize profitable experience:
Aside from acting as the corporate equivalent of the HR department, Store Managers must also handle payroll, store promotions, price changes, and budgeting. If you have ever adopted a strategy which surpassed store sales targets in the past, mention this early on in your resume so employers know that you’re capable of growing sales for them too.

Store Manager Resume Responsibilities

As the person in charge of sales performance, overseeing store operations and maintaining a customer-friendly environment; here are a few responsibilities your employer will want to see:

  • Developing a strong client base to build sales and achieve store profit objectives.
  • Executing recruitment, evaluation, and motivation of store staff.
  • Communicating with the staff to ensure proper scheduling and rotation to maximize revenue and optimize costs.
  • Maintaining an awareness of all product knowledge information, inventory, merchandise promotions, test merchandise and advertisements.
  • Training staff on sales tactics and service skills to build a cohesive team that exceeds customer service standards.
  • Assisting company to organize in-store events and brand building activities.
  • Ensuring all procedures, processes and actions defined by the company and Sales Managers are correctly implemented.

Quantifying Your Resume

Employers love seeing numbers in your resume because it makes your accomplishments more tangible. For instance:

  • What percentage of sales growth did you achieve?
  • How much money did you save the company?
  • How much did staff efficiency increase under your supervision?

The Importance of Soft Skills

FEFeStore Manager Resume Photo Round WomenFor Store Managers, soft skills are just as important as practical experience. As a manager, you need to display certain attitudes and behaviors when working with others. To show employers that you have the soft skills they’re looking for, try to incorporate these keywords into your resume:

  • Adaptable
  • Proactive
  • Positive attitude
  • Strategic
  • Motivated
  • Creative
  • Organized
  • Customer-oriented

Action Verbs for Your Store Manager Resume

Employers are looking for a confident leader to spearhead their store staff and sales strategy. Here are some verbs you can include in your resume to demonstrate your can-do attitude:


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These Store Manager resumes are made with for just $2,95 – a small price to pay for a steady-income job!