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Last Updated on July 21, 2021

UI Developer

Writing your own UI Developer resume can be a challenging process without useful guidelines to follow. These guidelines allow you to create the perfect interview landing resume. Creating such a resume can be a seamless process if you browse through our Resume Guidelines for UI Developer Roles.

Also, remember to take a look at our UI Developer Resume Samples for some extra inspiration.

UI Developer Resume Examples

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UI Developer Resume Writing Guide

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What to Highlight in a UI Developer Resume

Almost anywhere that there are complicated technological systems, you are likely to find a UI Developer. This can range from the auto industry to the cellphone industry. For this reason, you need to list your industry experience clearly. Every employer and company are searching for different skills and qualities in their future employees, and the trick is to ensure that your resume reflects these skills and qualities. Below we have listed several areas that you should pay special attention to:

Firstly, some basic points you need to remember:

  • Create/use modern/hybrid resume designs.
  • Mold your experience section to depict a project-based experience. 
  • List your technical skills in a specific section labeled “Technical stack.”
  • Reduce the programming experience to what is relevant.
  • Show the scale and quality of your work.
  • Write your resume summary to show how passionate you are.
  • Add links to your portfolios such as GitHub, Codepen, and Stackoverflow profiles.
  • Never use the first-person voice to address yourself.

Secondly, focus on the purpose of your role:

  • Customer Analysis – To develop an interface that stimulates users, UI Developers need to understand people’s motivations and behaviors effectively. Recruiters would like to know how competent you are at answering important questions about user goals.
  • UI Design Research – You need to stay updated with current design trends, monitor competitors in the field, understand UI best practices, and look up examples of the best modern user interfaces for ideas. Hiring managers look for innovation and technical capabilities.
  • UI Prototyping – Working closely with real users and stakeholders to collect relevant feedback after creating mockups and testing simple solutions that assess whether the user interface aligns with business goals and meets business goals. 
  • Coding and Design – Developing conceptual diagrams, following established standards for coding, accessibility, and cross-browser functionality. You will need extensive experience and skills in HTML, CSS, Jason, JavaScript, AJAX, and jQuery, as well as graphic development skills, typically in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. You may not need to be the world's best coder. However, ensure that the reader can see that you have the basics.

Lastly, your resume should only reflect your best work, including screenshots, testimonials, links, and concise project descriptions to quantify your statements. You should have multiple contact methods (including a secure web form), as well as an impressive user interface that reflects your skills and style. It is advisable to dedicate a section to these areas in your resume with links to webpages or a Google Drive portfolio.

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UI Developer Career Summary/Objective Examples

There may be certain areas of a UI Developer’s resume that can be generic such as the Education, Tools & Tech, Soft Skills, and Accomplishment sections. However, your Career Summary/Career Objective and Job Duties sections must have room for customization. You need to rewrite them for every application you make as every employer is looking for different skills and qualities. The information you include in this section should reflect exactly what the job description is looking for to give you the best chance at landing an interview. This section is where you truly capture the reader’s attention, and the resume summary is for UI Developers with extensive experience. This experience proves that you will be a good fit for the job.

Resume Hack: Mirror the keywords from the job description into your career summary. For example, if the job requires advanced coding skills, which applies to you, use the term coding instead of programming. Although they mean the same thing, the ATS Bot does not and is programmed to identify the term coding during the automated screening process. This technique is referred to as Resume SEO and will significantly increase the probability of your resume is shortlisted. 

Three Examples of UI Developer career summaries/objectives:

Summary example 1

“React JS UI Developer with five years of experience building high performing presentation layers, building reusable components, and performance optimization. Received Open-Source award from GitHub for my contributions to the React JS community.”

Summary example 2

“Sun Certified Web Component Developer with seven years of experience building N-tier applications using Struts, Spring MVC, and Spring AOP. Awarded best performer for four consecutive years.”

Summary example 3

“BS in computer engineering graduate with a neck for clean and functional coding. Undertook a UI Development internship overseeing a new product launch that contributed to 37% quarter on quarter sales growth. Looking to build my knowledge and skills and contribute to Black Box Inc.’s stellar reputation in UI and Front-End development as the Junior UI Developer.”

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UI Developer Employment History, Job Descriptions, Responsibilities, and duty Examples

As a UI Developer, your job is to pull golden needles from fields of haystacks. Your UI Developer resume needs to be one of these needles, not the haystack. Choose a trusted layout such as reverse-chronological as it is the best data science resume format. It allows for your most recent employment and experience to be viewed first.

Begin by listing your previous job title, the company name, location, and employment dates for each. Include 3–6 bullet points and use skills and quantifiable achievements alongside your duties. Do not simply write what you did, but how you made a difference.

The main thing to remember is to be original, tailor your experience towards the job description. Use the PAR (Problem-Action-Result) formula to describe your UI Development chops with more impact. Begin every bullet point with an action word for added impact.

Senior UI Developer at Toyota

February 2015 – December 2020

  • Develop business applications using web technologies such as HTML5, Node.js, JavaScript, React Js, AngularJS, and CSS3 based on the W3C standards.
  • Implemented the responsive Web designs using the SASS CSS preprocessor, CSS3 media queries, and Bootstrap.
  • Used Bootstrap and media queries to develop a responsive website that met all user and device needs from desktop to tablet and mobile phone.
  • Designed Frontend object-oriented JavaScript Frameworks like Bootstrap, Node.js, and AngularJS.

UI Developer at Bridgestone

February 2010 – January 2015

  • Part of the development team for Bridgestone’s Real-Time inventory application.
  • Enhanced the quality of inventory application used by dealerships based on user-escalated defects.
  • Translated wireframes into interactive dynamic code.
  • UI/UX overhaul and performance enhancement resulting in by 94% load time improvement.
  • Projected technology stack: Angular, Node.js, SCSS, MS SQL, AWS.

To show a higher UI performance with your first meaningful paint, you should progressively display information. Typical scanning of your resume is somewhat similar and can be compared to how you load images progressively to keep your FMP UX focused – do the same with your resume!

Job Duties Samples for UI Developers

A UI Developer at entry-career stage (0-2 years’ experience) may:

  • Developed web pages using CSS3, HTML, and JSP.
  • Developed the presentation layer using JSP, AJAX.
  • Used CSS and jQuery for a rich user interface.
  • Wrote POJOs and Hibernate queries 
  • Created stored procedures for validations of data and sent data back to the database applying PL/SQL.
  • Develop Junit test cases for regression testing and integrated this with ANT build.

A UI Developer at experienced/advanced stage (4-6 years’ experience) may:

  • Developed and hand-coded (CSS) ByTheZip.com's B2B local search website, including developing business search pages, administration portal, client pages, and affiliate program interface environment.
  • Created prototype concepts using Axure, Photoshop, and Illustrator concept designs.
  • Rebranded and helped launch a national marketing campaign.
  • Provided POS material for animations, TV commercials, and training videos.

A UI Developer at experienced/advanced stage (6-8 years’ experience) may:

  • Integrated responsive UI designs into PHP frameworks for web and mobile using HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery/JavaScript.
  • Collaborated with teams when implementing new features and UX in an agile environment.
  • Created prototypes from UI designs for cloud and cross-platform devices.
  • Explored various emerging JavaScript technologies such as Node.js and Backbone.js for future products and feature developments.
  • Made heavy use of Chrome Developer Tools and Firebug to ensure front-end code and assets were optimized and reached a high-quality.

Highlight Your Accomplishments

Experienced UI Developers keep track of their success, code quality, and overall work with metrics. When a hiring manager does not see that in a resume, it is an immediate red flag. Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Have you handled clients previously?
  2. Can you deliver quality work to ensure that the client is satisfied?
  3. Can you handle numerous clients simultaneously?

Suppose you address these few concerns within your accomplishment statements, with corresponding numbers, numerical values, timeframes and percentage scores (your resume quantification). In that case, you can feel confident that you will receive a call for an interview.

Your main goal is to include information that sets you apart from other applicants. These can be things that you are most proud of, or what you have been commended for, by clients, managers, or peers. Do not merely skimp on this section because you may not know how to write an effective accomplishment statement. To help, we have provided a few examples below:

A few tips regarding accomplishments:

1) Communicate accomplishments in a concise and ordered manner.

2) Use bullet points to list information.

3) Integrate industry-specific terminologies into all areas of your resume.

4) Quantify your accomplishments by citing numerical values (percentages, dollar amounts, volumes), time frames, and frequencies. 

Below are examples of FLAT, BORING, and BLAND:

  • Developed applications and web pages that met user and business goals.
  • Spearheaded national marketing campaign that contributed to the growth in sales.

These are unfocused and provide no quantified resume achievements…

Now INSIGHTFUL, HOT resume quantifications:

  • Developed applications and web pages that met user and business goals that increased user satisfaction by an average of 27%.
  • Spearheaded national marketing campaign that contributed to a 33% quarter on quarter growth in sales.

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UI Developer Education Section Example

Academic qualifications are more important than you may imagine. The UI Developer job description includes an intecrate mix of front-end development, application programming, and web design. You need to show an impressive education section for that level of knowledge, and it forms a vital part of your UI Developer resume. In short, list the name of your qualification, the institution, and the date of completion for each degree, diploma, or accreditation attained. Do not forget to mention any online courses, training programs, or industry workshops, and provide details regarding course curriculums of program topics. 

Here are some examples of a UI Developer ‘s education section: 

2015-2017 – Master’s degree – Computer Science2006, Minnesota Community College Moorhead, Minnesota

2012-2014 – B.S. in Computer Engineering, University of California, Riverside, CA.

Relevant coursework: C++ programming, data structures, algorithms, design, and computer systems architecture.

2013 – UI Design Program, Career Foundry, Online

2012 – The Springboard UI / UX Career Track, Springboard Academy, Online

Writing a UI Developer Resume Skills Section

Technical skills are vitally important but not the only thing that employers look for. Soft skills are just as important as they allow the reader to ascertain what type of person you are. UI Developers typically find themselves in a business setting and must communicate complex ideas and make data-driven organizational decisions effectively. It is therefore crucial that you include that you have effective communication, leadership, and teamwork skills. 

A Skills Matrix is an appealing approach to combine technical and interpersonal skills in a neatly structured way. In this case, we have provided two options, one for JAVA and one for REACT

JAVA Technical Skills Matrix

Hard SkillsTechnology Stack
User Interface DesignSpring
Information ArchitectureJava Enterprise Edition
Web ServicesActionScript
User Experience TestingBackbone.js
Data StructuresCascading Style Sheets (CSS)
Continuous integrationAngularJS / ReactJS

Now onto the soft skills:

Communication SkillsDecision-making Skills
Problem-solving SkillsInterpersonal Skills
Time management SkillsOrganizational Skills
Conceptual SkillsTeamwork Skills

Qualifications/Certifications associated with UI Developers

Introduction to Statistics CourseProbability CourseMicrosoft’s MCSE: Data Management and Analytics
Statistics and Data Analysis CourseAlgebra CourseMicrosoft Professional Program Certificate in Data Science
GCP—Google Certified Professional Data EngineerCloudera Certified ProfessionalCornell Data Analytics Certification (Online)
CHDA – Certified Health Data AnalystMapR Certified UI DeveloperCAP – Certified Analytics Professional
MCSD – Microsoft Certified Software Developer

Optional Extras for UI Developer Resumes

Extra sections provide further proof of your competence and can be the difference between you landing an interview or not. Here are some suggestions:

  • Certifications and Licenses – Good UI developers must have knowledge above and beyond an “off the shelf” college degree. You can prove you have this by including your certifications. If you do not yet have one, there is a wealth of opportunities online.
  • Volunteering Work – This is an ideal further section for an entry-level UI developer resume. It will considerably increase your chances of getting hired. A whopping 80 percent recruiters say they are more likely to choose candidates with volunteering experience.
  • Foreign Language Skills – Not just programming languages, but human ones. Foreign language is in huge demand, with 9 out of 10 American employers saying that they rely on employees with foreign language skills.
  • Attending Conferences – UI Development best practice is always evolving. Show that you have got your finger on the pulse by listing relevant conferences you have attended and contributed towards.

Professional information for UI Developers

Sectors: IT, Advertising, Marketing, Corporate, Graphic Design, Telecommunications, Online Broadcasting, Social Media
Career Type: User Interface Development, Coding, Programming, Graphic Design, Web Design, Software Development

Person type:  Analyst, Developer, Programmer, Coder, Modeler, Designer, Architect, Technical Artist

Education levels: Bachelor’s to Masters’ Degree
Salary indication: An average of $ 75 308 per annum (Payscale)

Labor market: Expected growth of 21% from 2018 – 2028 (ITCareerFinder)

Organizations: SME, Fortune 500, Government, NPO, Corporate, Commercial,  

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