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Want to make creating a resume in Google Docs super easy on yourself? Choose a pre-made Google Docs resume template!

Google's Free Original Resume Templates

> Swiss Template

Google Docs Resume Swiss

> Coral Template

Google Docs Resume Coral

> Start from Scratch!

> Start from Scratch!

If you’re on, click on “Template gallery” near the top right of the page and scroll down to see your resume options. If you’re already in a Google Doc, click “File”> “New” > “From template gallery” to see all of your options.

How To Make a Resume In Google Docs

Learn how to easily make your own resume format in this video, while also learning a few Google Docs control keys while you are going for it. The advantage of making your own format, is that you learn how to use Docs, in case the design gets messed up while working on it, then you know how to correct it. (without getting too frustrated).

Free Custom Google Doc Resume Templates

We also have a collection of free-to-use and downloadable (Google) resume templates!

You can download your preferred template by pressing the download button or link. This will save the file to your computer.

  1. Open Google Drive and click the “New+” button.
  2. Choose the “Open” option.
  3. Click “Upload” and select your resume format file.
  4. Once it completely uploads, click the pop-up bubble stating: “Open with Google Docs“.
  5. It will immediately open on a Google Doc window as a DOCX.
  6. Click “File” and then “Save as a Google Doc” for easier editing.

    Voilà! A format to start from!

(The secret is, you can use most Word Documents and edit them in Google Docs).

1 “Neat Nigel” Google Doc Resume Template

Google Docs Resume Template

Copyright ©

2 “Lisa Perfect” Google Doc Resume Template

Google Docs Resume Template Free

Copyright ©

3 “Connor Green” Google Doc Resume Template

Google Docs Resume Example

Copyright ©

4 “Easy Does It” Google Doc Resume Format

Google Doc Resume

Copyright ©


Simple resume format

6 Simply Perfect Google Doc Resume

Word resume to use as google doc resume format

7 Modern Design Google Doc Resume

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Tips for Working on your Docs Resume Format

Format Layout
Uploading files to Google Docs may cause some templates to change. Check your template and adjust the margins and line spacing as nessecary. When copying-pasting text, make sure you choose “Paste without formatting” so that the font and size match the text in the document.

Add links to your work and portfolio. 
With a Google Doc, it’s easy to include hyperlinks that will direct hiring managers to your portfolio or examples of your work quickly and efficiently. The best way is to include the phrase “My Portfolio” below your contact information and add a link to the text so everything looks clean.

Change the color and font 
If you are using any template or making your own resume, consider using some color. Important here is that your resume stays looking professional. Stay calm using color. Less is more in this case.

Make a copy of your resume for each person you send it to. 
This way you can make a tailored resume per job application. Why? For some appplication you might want to send a more extensive resume version then for others. Factors to consider are your work experience, job requirements and more.

You can do this by clicking “File” and then “Make a copy”. At least change certain keywords, skills as well as edit your professional summary to reflect the requirements of job postings. Using the right keywords throughout your resume help you get past the inhumane Applicant Tracking Software.

Send your resume as a “View Only” document. 
To share your resume as a view-only document, click Share, add the email of the person you're sharing with, and change their status from Editor to Viewer. Doing this will protect your resume and personal information from being changed without your permission.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I make a resume on Google Docs or word?

At its core, Google Docs is highly similar to an online Word editor. Although it has slightly fewer options, it's a great solution for creating your resume. This way, your resume is always in the cloud and accessible to you.

What resume template is most successful?

A chronological resume format is the most common, listing your professional history section first. Presents an easy-to-follow, linear career narrative, beginning with your most recent professional experience and working backward from there. Talking design, the safes and still, the most professional, is to go with a traditional design. That's without colors, photos, and more than minimal design. From the google resume's, we recommend “Serif”.

What is the best program to do a resume?

To take a leap start, you can either fire up Google Docs Resume templates or Microsoft's and pick one of their resume templates and be editing in the next minute!

If you look for more Microsoft Word templates to start with, we have 77 of them here, for free.

Resume Builders

Looking for a neat design for your resume, then online resume builders can be a great solution. They are unique in their resume designs and the fact that with one resume you can switch designs with a click, and download them all. Usually, they come with a subscription and trial period, in which you can download all designs without a limit.

We promote's resume builder for its ease of use and stellar designs. Its access for a week costs $2,96, which you can cancel immediately, but you can continue freely making resumes, for that steel of a price.

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