Legal professionals are employed by the government, private and public companies. This is important to mention in your resume because the protocols and structures followed for each sector are different. You may have a better chance of moving from a corporate law firm to a private law firm, as both works with business enterprises and the legal structures are similar. Legal experience in the military could make you more suitable for federal or governmental roles in the legal fraternity.

Relevant legal experience should be listed in short concise sentences, separated by bullet points. Aim for a maximum of five duties for each of the roles you have held, and list employment company information and duration of employment in reverse chronological order.

The job duties you pick should highlight your industry focus, for example, conveyancing or patent law and also describe the sectors that you work in such as pharmaceutical, medical or banking, and finance.

Weave the responsibilities from the job advertisement through your experience section (if you have done them, of course) to amplify your credibility and suitability.

Associate Attorneys have to complete a Bachelor's Degree in Law, but also be in process of completing a Juris Doctor Degree from a Law School that is accredited by the American Bar Association, if they want to become fully-fledged Attorneys. For other legal professionals such as Paralegals or Legal Secretaries, Associates Degrees and/or Industry Licenses and Certifications would suffice.

Present your academic credentials per institution, qualification, dates completed and GPA Score attained if applicable. The legal profession requires professionals to accumulate a certain number of CPD points per year by attending short courses, workshops, and training programs, therefore these should be added to your education section too.

Business Acumen, Law Knowledge, Conveyancing, Research Methodology, Trial Preparation Litigation, Depositions, Antitrust Law, Client Service, Case Strategies, Client Management, Draft Legal Documentation Wills, Estates, Trusts Product Liability Law, Power of Attorney, Settlement Meetings, Tort Law, Mediation, Court Procedures, Cross Examinations, Client Advocacy, Project Management, Corporate Law, Legal Advice, Reference Literature, Interrogation Skills

5. Salary Range

The average Lawyer in the USA earns $150k per year, an Associate Attorney earns approximately $110k per annum and a Legal Secretary makes around $50k in a year.

6. Social Media Consciousness

Be careful of the content that you decide to share or post if you work in the legal profession. Your public profiles are like online testimonies about you as a professional, and recruiters and hiring managers will be influenced by what they see about you on these platforms. Make sure that what they find about you online impresses them. Your career depends on it.