Resume Advice for Information Technology Candidates

1. Job Description Must-Haves for Information Technology Resumes

Roles in the IT sector may be loosely categorized into development, support, programming, and database management. As positions are often project-based, a smart idea would be to use a project table matrix, where you indicate industry, project purpose, time to complete, and project value under each position you have held. Use the keywords from the job advertisement in your resume to improve Resume SEO and get your application past the screening ‘’bots’’ and applicant tracking systems designed to ‘’screen out’’ your resume, instead of ‘’shortlisting in’’ your application

2. Salaries in the IT Sector

Remuneration is highly dependent on industry experience, years of work tenure and certifications but the average salary for an IT professional in the USA is $100k per annum. On the high-end, some developers and machine learning professionals may earn in the range of $180k to $200k per annum

3. Achievements, Accomplishments, Accolades

In information technology, the proof of competence lies within your accomplishment section. Carefully consider WHICH accomplishments to list, WHERE to include them in the resume, and then HOW to present these accolades. Choose the projects that you are most proud of by ranking them in accordance with difficulty rating, dollar value, and time to completion. List up to seven accomplishments, taking care to emphasize the value you added to the organization or client.

4. Skills to Highlight on Information Technology Resumes

Aim for impact by summarizing your technical competencies as follows: Databases: Oracle, Access, SAP, MySQL Software: Microsoft Office, DBArtisan, Remedy, Microsoft SQL Server, Eclipse, Visual Studio.NET, FrontPage Languages: Java, C#, ASP, Visual Basic, XML, XSL, JWS, SQL, and T-SQL JavaScript, C++, Smalltalk, Visual Basic, Oracle, UML, Linux, Python, Perl, and Ruby. Understanding of system standards: XML, HTTP Object-oriented design (OOD).

5. Following up on your application

Expect that feedback on your application may take some time keeping in mind that feedback and replies are done after the closing date has expired, therefore getting a response during the advertising period is highly unlikely. However, it is well within your rights as a candidate to ask for feedback timeously. Time plus 1 week – Email the recruiter/ hiring manager and confirm that they have received your resume, also reiterating your interest in the role. Please don't hesitate to inquire about the timeline of the shortlisting process. Time plus 3 weeks – If no news, search for the recruiter/hiring manager profile on LinkedIn and send them a message inquiring about the status of your application Time plus 4 weeks – Make a phone call to the company’s HR department and be as straightforward as possible by asking for a Yes or No answer.