Education Resume Guidelines

1. Listing relevant Teaching and Education Experience

Whether you choose a functional or reverse chronological resume format is up to you. List relevant working history regarding teaching, lecturing, or instructing should be listed for the last ten years by date, employer, job title, and five bulleted job duties. For career history exceeding ten years, use a table format stating the duration of employment, position, and company to avoid gaps in your resume.

2. Explaining the scope of your Education Roles

Education jobs can be academic, corporate, or researched based. Define the scope of your role by indicating the type of educator you are, for example, a High School Teacher, University Professor, or Corporate/Industry Lecturer. Next, give details about your subject matter expertise and the level of students you teach, such as elementary learners, master's students, management professionals, or blue-collar workers.

3. Education for Educators

The education section counts heavily towards your chances of being shortlisted and employers, would be interested to know which degrees you have completed, your GPA academic performance, subject matter curriculums, and also the CPD (Continuous Professional Development) courses and accreditations you have attained. For High School, Elementary School, and Kindergarten teaching roles, the minimum requirement is a Bachelor’s Degree and Educator’s license. Lecturers and professors can only apply for such roles with a completed Masters's or Ph.D. qualification, respectively. Corporate Lecturers that work for companies and enterprises do not require a teaching license, but a Master’s Degree is typically the minimum requirement to apply for jobs.

4. Skills to Highlight on Educator Resumes

Curriculum Design, Digital Education Trends, Educational Copyright Knowledge, Lesson Planning, Subject Expertise, Video Conferencing, Target Setting, Electronic Presentation Skills, Cybersecurity Knowledge, Remedial Work, Electronic File Management, Database Maintenance, Classroom Management, Grants, Faculty Evaluation, Monitoring and Progress Evaluation, Research Papers, Instructional Design, Grading Papers, Quality Assurance Educational Assessments, Setting Exams, Teaching Strategies, Virtual Education

5. Salary Bands in Education

High School Teachers are in the range of $50,000 per year, whilst University Professors may expect to earn up to $80 000 a year.

6. The Pro’s of Resume Pics

A professional headshot snap on your resume can be beneficial to raise your chances of securing an interview, as it promotes your personal brand. Create synergy in your digital footprint by using the same headshot for all your business social media profiles (LinkedIn, Zoom info) to create a professional image. When applying for roles outside the USA, placing a profile pic on your resume is a requirement, not merely an optional add-on. Visual allure is much more important these days to prove authenticity, confirming that you are indeed a real person and not a bot.