Resume Tips for Maintenance & Repair Workers

1. Creating Job Descriptions for Maintenance & Repair Resumes

Your resume should highlight your areas of responsibility, explaining how you go about maintaining and repairing all equipment and machines, and ensuring all production and manufacturing systems are correctly functioning and appropriately utilized in their designed environment. Keywords you should include in your job description include reliability management, predictive maintenance, and preventative maintenance.

Also, mention the industries that you have worked in before. Maintenance and repair jobs are available in automotive, automation, computers and electronics, manufacturing, consumer goods, power generation, medical devices, mining, gas and exploration, infrastructure, transport aerospace, and energy conservation to name but a few.

Recruiters would be interested to know about your daily duties in preventing breakdowns and engaging in appropriate ‘’housekeeping’’ activities, ensuring the safety of workers and uninterrupted production at the facility.

2. Explain your working conditions

Divulge information on the working conditions you are comfortable with. Many jobs in maintenance and repair require employees to work shifts, which could be anything from 6, 8, or 12 hours. Some roles will also involve working night shifts, and lots of overtime work during specific times of the year. Mention, whether you are prepared to work during weekends and holidays or be on standby at certain periods during the week, are involved in shift work, which could be anything from 6 hours to 12 hours in duration.

Often workers are expected to wear uncomfortable gear, for example, hazmat suits, masks, and headsets or operate in adverse conditions with chemical fumes, freezing temperatures, extremely hot working areas, or subject to extensive noise and vibration. You need to show that you are up for these conditions.

3. Resume Essentials

The average resume length should be no more than two pages. Include your full name and last name with your nickname in brackets. Do a proper proofread and spell check before submitting your resume. Check the digits of your contact numbers properly. Use only a professional email address. There is no need for a picture, but make sure that your social media profiles are updated with a professional image. List employment history in reverse chronological order. Dedicate a separate section to the tools and machinery that you are comfortable with. Add a career summary at the top of the first page just below your personal particulars and make it stand out by using a larger font type.

4. Maintenance & Repair Resume Skills to Highlight

Production, Processing, Machine Calibration, Replacing Parts, Welding, Soldering, Brazing, Maintaining Equipment, Basic Coding, Machine Set-up, Power Tools, Manual Tools, Shutdowns, Scheduling, Sanitation, Safety Protocols, Emergency Procedures, Wiring, Manufacturing Principles

5. Salary Range

Maintenance and Repair jobs are typically paid by the hour. Low Margin: $ 9.74 p/h, Median Margin: $ 13.45 p/h High Margin: $ 19.85 p/h