Transportation Resume Tips

1. Job Description Details to add

Trains, Trucks, Planes, Ships, and Automobiles form the basis of the transportation industry. Explain to recruiters the primary purpose of each job held for the last decade and whether you were employed by shipping, warehousing, manufacturing, fleet, cargo, or freight companies.

Select up to five duties for each role and present your working history in reverse chronological order (most recent job first) with correct periods of employment.

2. Position Specifics

Due to the transportation industry encompassing such a variety of positions be sure to include job specifics in your resume, for example as a Truck Driver you would mention the gross capacity weight of the vehicles you can drive, or if you are a fleet manager describing the size of the fleet under your responsibility would be a good idea.

3. Education & Training

Transportation Managers are of the highest-paid individuals without degrees in the USA, earning around $87k. If you want a job in Transport Economics, a completed Bachelor's Degree is required.

Long Haul Truck Drivers need to have a Commercial Drivers License and also attend a Truck Driving School for 10 weeks. List your credentials, by title, name of institution and date completed.

4. Skills to Highlight

Mathematics, GPS Systems, Navigation Tools, Route Charting, Truck Maintenance, Map Reading, Defensive Driving, Traffic Laws, Driving Safety Practices, Fleet Management, Logistics, Route Planning, Delivery Schedules, Driver Management, Transport Economics, Carrier Management, Distribution Analytics, Transportation Management Software, Storage Management, Distribution Planning, Import & Export Coordination, Service Level Agreements, Supplier Liaison, Purchasing, Third-Party Collaboration

5. Why do I need SEO Keywords?

Artificial Intelligence practices are extensively used in response handling, screening and shortlisting in industries subject to large volumes of applications, such as the transport industry. These bots and applicant tracking systems are programmed to ‘’search’’ for specific words and terms and only select resumes containing these terminologies.

That is why Resume SEO is so important. Your application should contain the keywords and phrases from the vacancy advertisement to be visible to these bots and ATS’mechanisms. The golden rule of Resume SEO-optimization is customization.

This means that you may need to tweak your resume for each role that you apply for. Your ultimate aim with resume keywords is to get noticed.

6. Earning Potential in Transportation

The average salaries for transportation vary significantly and are dependent on job title, experience, and qualifications. On the lower end, remuneration commences at about $25k per year and may go as high as $300k for CEO’s of transportation companies.

Be realistic regarding salary expectations when moving jobs. At the moment, the average salary increase in transportation is between 10% and 15%.