Resume Guidelines for the Sports & Fitness Sector

1. Job Description creation for Sports & Fitness Professionals

Sports & Fitness is a multi-billion dollar global industry. People can earn a living by jumping into dams to retrieve golf balls, standing on a sports field refereeing matches, monetize their magic touch as massage therapists or push out exercise-related content on Youtube to support themselves. Whatever your job title, there are a few basics pertaining to job duties in your resume that you need to adhere to.

Pick the top five functions that you are tasked with daily (use the vacancy advertisement as a guideline on which tasks to add), going back for the last ten years. Indicate the duration of employment, job title and company worked at, for each job description added. Opt for short punchy sentences bringing out the essence of each task performed.

2. Enforce your Personal Brand

If you are actively seeking job opportunities, rest assured that recruiters and hiring managers will be stalking you in the public domain. Brand Innovation: Be creative with your professional social media profiles and use platforms such as. LinkedIn, Myspace, Branchout, Opportunity, and Zerply to provide written and visual content about your experience. Do not underestimate the advantage of having a business profile, over 95% of candidates are hired by using these sites.

Inspiring Profile Pics: Personalization and authenticity are vital to success in the Sports & Fitness Industry. Also, remember to include background pics on your profiles that relate to your job or the sector that you are working in. Influential Following: Recruiters will seek you out on Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook and the more followers you have, the better your chances of landing the job.

3. Education & Training Requirements

Provide accurate details about the certifications and qualifications you have completed with the institution, qualification name, and dates. Don’t forget to include qualifications you are currently completing too. For some roles, a degree at Bachelors's or Associates's level is required. For others, just a High School Diploma is needed. As you progress in your career, however, be sure to boost your academic credentials with additional courses, training programs, and certifications to increase the credibility of your application.

4. How to get shortlisted

Gyms, recreational facilities, resorts, fitness centers, wellness facilities, healthcare companies, advertising agencies, and news & media companies use applicant tracking systems (ATS) to screen through the tons of resumes they receive daily. Be sure to mimic the key skills and core competencies listed in the vacancy advertisement on your resume for you to get matched to the job. No match, no shortlist.

5. Acceptable Resume Standards

Pay attention to grammar, punctuation and sentence construction using perfect English only. Do not write your resume in a first-person narrative, or third-person narrative style, apart from perhaps your career synopsis. Use a spell checker to proofread your resume documents. Be sure to check for uniformity in your resume formatting, for example, paragraph spacing should be the same throughout, font types and sizes must be consistent and every section should have its own unique heading.