How to Make a Video Resume

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To stand out from the thousands of people who are in this market for the job you are after, your resume needs to stand out and be as unique as possible.

Though, these days many may come up already with a slick resume format..

Not an easy task at all to be different! One of the best ways to stand out and catch the attention of your potential employee is to create a video resume.

A video resume allows you to display your personality and gives potential employers the opportunity to size you up when they see the person behind the resume.

Coming across as approachable and full of confidence will up your chances of getting the job, as it effectively complements a flat and generic resume.

Video resumes are excellent for applying for career starters and jobs where personal appearance or where teamwork is a significant part of the job. Take for example sales and marketing positions, where a video resume gives you the chance to showcase your communication skills or show how conversant you are with the latest trends in your industry, all while promoting yourself for the job, in a way you control and how you want to show yourself.

Although video resumes may not be suitable for every job position out there, you will be noticed almost immediately in whatever sector you choose to create.

How to make a Video Resume video

A few Tips to master your Video Resume:

  1. Be as brief as possible
    The perfect length of a video resume is around one to two minutes. Therefore, you need to utilize these minutes by getting straight to the point and communicating as much as possible within these few minutes. Long video CVs are boring and can be a turn-off.
  2. Who is your audience?
    It is highly vital for you to know your target audience, as this will enable you to get the right information across to them. Video CVs are best for selling your skills, experience, and knowledge and you must be able to sway your audience in your favor.
  3. Wear appropriate clothes
    Okay, you don’t need to wear designer clothing just because you want to write a video CV. A trick that works is for you to imagine an interview scenario. What you wear to an interview helps (to some extent) to score you high with prospective employers. Therefore, you should dress neatly and appropriately based on the culture within your industry or organization.
  4. Communicate clearly
    Clear communication is vital when making a video resume. Talk loudly, slowly, and clearly so that viewers can understand whatever you are saying.

    You can begin the video by introducing yourself. Tell them why you are the right person for that position, as well as what you can do to move their organization forward. At the end, mention your contact details.

    Make the record in a quiet and brightly lit room, devoid of posters and away from noise and distractions. Switch off your cell phone, television, etc. Make sure to cancel any echos!

How to write the script for your video resume

A video resume has some guidelines, just as there are when writing traditional CVs. Your text should follow this format:

  1. Introduction This will include your name, your location/where you are from and your academic background.
  2. What are you doing presently?
    You can say something along these lines, “I am about to write my final papers for my undergraduate degree” or “I am working as an intern with an insurance company and intend to seek full-time employment.”
  3. Your accomplishments
    This is where you mention your accomplishments, especially if it is relevant to the position you are vying for.
  4. Where are you heading to in the nearest future?
    This is where you let them know about your aspirations in the industry and where you hope to see yourself in the next ten to twenty years.
  5. Your uniqueness
    This is where you mention what makes you different from other individuals.
  6. How can you add value to the organization that you want to be a part of
    How do you intend to move that organization to the next level by using your skill set?

In conclusion, you need to practice as much as possible before you create your video CV. It will not be good for you to be caught reading off your CV. When you practice hard, you will appear natural, confident and smart. Don’t try to memorize all the details on your CV and then attempt to recite it word-for-word. It won’t make you look good before prospective employers. Create the video CV during the day using sunlight as your light. Videos with natural light are always unique.

Some Inspiring Video Resume Examples

The following examples are from jobseekers, just like you, that dare to try to make a video resume. You might not share the same career, but these are interesting examples of what you could make and convey.

What is your impression of the following candidates? Who would for example be a fun personality to work with? Who will be the next manager you are looking for?

A resume is about your work history, while a video resume can help you convey your attitude, which is what you need going into the future. An employer looks for talent that's a valuable addition today and also tomorrow. Hence, an employer or recruiter will go for someone with a personality and creative approach to challenges. So, what's a better way to present yourself than a video resume?

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