How to Write a Customer Service Resume

Customer Service workers liaise with clients and customers day in and day out via telephone, online messaging portals, email correspondence, face-to-face or live chat. Provide details regarding the methods of customer interaction you have the most experience in and the communication tools you used to facilitate those engagements.

Another point of importance would be your experience with CRM applications. Typically, customer service representatives would use software such as Austin Logistics CallTech, Blackbaud, The Raiser's Edge, Salesforce, Telemation Sage, Oracle, and e-CRM.

Cool Tip for a Stellar Customer Service Resume

Quantify your main duties by linking them to the production metrics you achieve on a weekly basis vs the target metrics you have to attain. Recruiters would be interested to know how many inbound calls you take in a day, or the number of walk-in clients you have to assist during the week.

Customer retention is a crucial aspect of the customer services environment, and if you work in a cancellations department, a call center hiring manager would be impressed by the percentage of subscriptions you can retain. Query resolution is another vital part of customer service, and providing your query resolution rate will also increase your chances of being shortlisted.

Be specific about Industry Tenure

Clearly state your employment history by listing details regarding the last decade of experience up until your current position. Keep explanations short and punchy, using bullet points to display your primary activities in a professional format.

The industries that you have experience in are also of paramount importance because Customer Services roles are found in every industry imaginable and someone with product experience, for example, would have different experiences than a person you are in a services and solutions field.

Also include the industry sector for example manufacturing, banking, insurance, electronics, consumer goods, information technology, or telecommunications.

Education & Training Requirements

A university or college degree is not typically required to land a Customer Services job. However certain certificates, licensing, or diplomas may be needed for technically oriented sectors such as Engineering or Information Technology.

Furthermore, customer service credentials like a CSP (Customer Service Professional) may come in handy to elevate your application from the rest.

Most Customer Services Professionals also embark on Continuous Professional Development programs to better their technical skills and IT Skills. These may include short courses in Conflict Resolution or becoming a super-user in the CRM system that your company has.

Skills to Highlight

Fast Typing Speed, Complaint Resolution, Query Resolution, Verbal Communication Skills, Service-based Selling, Online Quotation Generators, Excellent Writing Skills, Cloud-Based Collaboration Platforms, CRM Systems, Conflict Resolution, Quality Control, Report Writing, Feedback Mechanisms, Quality Control

Salary Range

The average remuneration varies quite considerably in the Customer Services Environment and would be dependent on the type of company that you work for and also how many years you have been in the industry. Entry-level salaries start at $20 000 per annum with senior candidates earning up to $60 000 per year.